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She Takes Control

Post #1

It is early evening. The light has faded and we are sitting on the sofa. I gently rub your feet and eventually you shift and look up at me. I adore the look on our face. You glance down at your phone, tap something brief, then say: "I know what you want."
I smile and ask: "What do I want?"
You move closer to me and say: "You want me to tell you to take off your clothes." You can see the excitement in my eyes so you reply: "But you haven't earned it yet, take off your socks and your sweater."
You begin to slide your hands up under my clothes and warm me up. After a few blissful minutes you say: "Go to the bedroom." I sit and wait.
You go to the bathroom and shower; as you get out of the water you add: "Take your jeans off and stand in the corner."
Of course, I comply.
You return wearing your best underwear and look at me, I am feeling indulged; my mind wanders on what you might do for me. I'd simply love you to slowly pull down your knickers and escort london bend over in front of me. Instead, you tell me to turn around and face the wall. I turn, and you slowly remove my t-shirt and clasp my hands behind my back and bind them. I didn't see what you used, but it feels like I am cuffed, and then my eyes are covered with a scarf.
My ankles are bound very loosely so it is impossible to move, but I won't fall. You gently turn me around with your hands, kiss me on the lips, say nothing and move away.
I try to sense the room with my hearing. You have gone to the bed and straightened the duvet, then I think you lie down. I hear you gently sigh and your toy start to go. I can hear you moving, I'd love to touch myself, but my hands are literally tied. You sigh again a little louder, I can't tell if you are really close or just feeling the moment.
You sigh again, then you move from the bed and gently let my, fully aroused dick out of shorts, and stroke dubai escorts me firmly for a short time, and move away again. You're keeping me close to the edge and I am still imagining the moment you drop your panties and expose your pussy to me, but you know exactly when to stop. My eyes still covered I think you might be taking a photo. I feel exposed even though I still have my shorts on.
The bell rings.
The door is opened and you talk to someone, keeping your voice very low. I can hear you walk back into the room, and sounds of movement near the door. Suddenly you sigh again and I can hear the bed starting to ruffle and the toy sound starts again. My blindfold is removed - but not you; by a stranger? No; a lady I know! She stands naked in front of me. She looks me up and down, and smiles, and then moves back to the bed with you. This lets my eyes grasp the scene. You are using your toy beneath your underwear. Then she slowly removes your bra and you knickers, Escort Dubai as you roll your head back and continue to play.
She starts to kiss your neck in exactly the way that I want to, but I can only look on. My dick is an exposed sign of my excitement. She goes to work down your body. Massaging and kissing your breasts and then on to your vagina. I can only imagine how wet it is by now. I think you come as she licks you, but I'm not sure, and you lay back and you start to kiss her legs, gently at first, but excitement starts to overcome you too and you press your tongue into her wet pussy.
I watch as you both take things further. I watch as she touches you in ways I would love to. You pass her your toy and use the dildo on yourself. She comes and you look into her eyes as it happens, except for one moment you turn your eyes briefly to me, just a flash. You lie exposed on the bed as she returns to lick every part of you she can. She looks up to me very briefly and throws me a quick kiss as she dresses. Touches my penis as a goodbye while she walks out the door.
You untie my legs, and go back to the bed, leaving me cuffed but able to walk. I make my way to you.
My tongue has to go to work.
08-06-2022, at 03:07 AM

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