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Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 06

Post #1

Another week in school

Sunday was quiet for both of them. Rose didn't want to admit to her daughter that she had slept with a neighbour's twins. Janice didn't want to admit she had a good time on a night out with friends.

Rose was used to being called by her daughter's name, Janice. After a deception went wrong, Rose was forced into going to school, in place of her daughter. Rose would have faced prosecution if it was revealed who she was in a classroom, and her daughter might have ended up in care of social services.

Having to be Janice, an eighteen year old for a week caused problems and frustrations for Rose. Especially when Janice took control of her in the apartment. Playing at being a schoolgirl all the time, was meant to help keep her in role in school.

Rose was thinking about the twins, and why she had got into bed with them. They had tickled and teased her. With hands all over her body they had worked her up, and aroused her to boiling point. The three of them had fallen on the bed panting, and excited.

One kissed her lips, and gently massaged her breasts. The other twin moved between her thighs, kissing and licking, and tickling them. They held her legs open, not that there was much fight in her. As soon as she felt a cock touch her thighs, she spread her legs, like a wonton hussy.

He rode her until she cum, then spurted into her. She hardly noticed the brother take his place. Still high as a kite, she felt a hardness enter her, as though it were a repeat performance. Of course the brothers had swapped over, and she had been ridden by both of them.

Damn! It was so good! The third orgasm went on and on forever.

Janice stopped working on an advertising campaign, with a dreamy look on her face. A slow dance with a handsome guy came to mind, and she cleared her throat to cover a sigh. Charley was nice, very nice. All her friends said so.

Of course, the guy thought she was older, and treated her like one of the adults. Dancing close gave him an excuse to kiss her neck. Not knowing what to do, she let him. So he took advantage. She ended up kissing him back, fervently, almost feverishly. Unused to drinking wine, she was well away. Already feeling passionate, he aroused her.

He kissed well, too well. Not like a boyfriend in school had. He was a sophisticated man, and knew how to treat a lady. Not pushy, or touchy feely, yet letting her know he liked what he saw. He told her that. She was the most attractive woman in the club. She hadn't meant to tease him, or flirt, it just happened that way.

Not realising what going outside for air meant, it was too late to run back in. Not that she could in such high heels. Damn! He was a good kisser, and she felt so good in his arms. He hadn't grabbed at her body like the last boyfriend she had. He made her feel good, important, and safe.

Warning bells rang out when he offered a ride home. The girls told her to stick with them, and she did. Of course there was a regret, even a yearning to go with him, even if it ended up being his place instead. Janice again found it difficult being a responsible adult.

They both had a quiet afternoon, preparing for work and school. It was unusual for a twenty-six-year-old step-mother to be getting ready for school, and her eighteen-year-old daughter preparing for a significant job at the office. The two of them had settled into their new roles, having worked out what needed to be done, and getting on with it.


Monday morning quickly came around to quickly. Rose hadn't tried on her new uniform as Janice had asked her to.

'Look at my new uniform, mom!' Rose moaned at her daughter.

'Okay,' Janice sighed. 'What's wrong, oops, yes I see,' Janice said.

Pulling at the collar of the blouse, Janice checked the size.

'I told you to try it on! The blouse should be alright. Have you checked the bra? Maybe they are just a smaller size in that store. I can see the bra is too small, and obviously the blouse is. Take them off, and I'll change them tonight,' Janice told her mother.

Rose didn't like wearing the other uniform. It had been her daughter's school uniform, and it was too small. The new larger bra and blouse didn't fit, and they were supposed to be the same size as her own clothes. Wearing her daughters uniform meant trouble is school.

'Come on get a move on, or you'll miss the bus,' Janice told her mother.

'Alright I'm hurrying,' Rose shouted. Eventually she declared, 'I'm ready!'

Rose and Janice stood by the front door inspecting each other.

Janice gave her a hug, and advised, 'Be a good girl in school today. I don't want you getting into trouble. Did the teacher really stand you up against the wall, for being a naughty girl?' Janice laughed.

'Yes! Thank you for reminding me, mom!' Rose half-heartedly complained.

'I wish I'd been there to see it. Were you wearing that skirt? Oh! Hell! Everyone would have seen your panties!' Janice giggled.

'It was the first day, and I was wearing a thong!' ankara türbanlı escort she complained.

'Oh! God! How embarrassing. What are you wearing now, you naughty girl?' Janice laughed, and lifted the short skirt.

'Don't do that, mom! Put it down, the door is open! Everyone can see! I'm wearing sensible school panties, alright. It was only that first day when I was unprepared. I was wearing my mom underwear. Now I try to wear decent school clothes, if my mom can be bothered to buy them!' Rose laughed.

'So I'm a bad mom now, am I?' she teased.

'No, you're doing alright as a mom. Pretty good really,' Rose congratulated her daughter.

'You're turning out to be a great daughter, someone to be proud of,' Janice said, and grabbed her for a hug.

The front door was open, which bothered Rose. If her friends saw her mom hugging and kissing her, it would be embarrassing.

About to leave, she turned to her daughter looking wistful. Janice was wearing her gold earrings, and her makeup, as well as her skirt suit. The girl looked sophisticated, as a young twenty something should, ready for a day at the office. Her daughter was only eighteen, but she was making a good job of taking her place.

On the other hand, Rose wasn't allowed to wear makeup, or jewellery, to school. Rose felt tied by rules and regulations at school, compounded by teenage rules of behaviour, as well as fashion statements. At first she felt free of the shackles of adulthood. All that had been replaced by conformity to the strict teenage rules.


'You look miserable,' Paul told her.

'Thanks, that's because I am,' she announced.

He knew her well enough to keep quiet. It wouldn't last long. By the time they got to school, she would happy again, and that made him happy too.

It was Monday of the second week for Rose, and she settled into the school routine. She sank deeper into the schoolgirl role, and felt happier about it. After all, she was doing well with lessons, she liked the teacher, the other girls liked her, and she had a wonderful, caring, boyfriend.

He was looking at her with a smile on his face. Oh! Hell! Quickly looking away, she wondered what she would tell him when they got together. Over the weekend she had betrayed him with the twins. It had been a mad moment, without thought, just a submission to desire.

It was also very wrong. Even when her husband had taken up with another woman, she hadn't felt the need to cheat on him. Had she let it happen, because he was just a boy from school? Maybe it was because she was an irresponsible schoolgirl, and no longer an adult. Whatever it was, she couldn't hurt him by blurting out the truth.

Rose gave him a smile, and mouthed back that she loved him. Damn! The sentiment seemed so hollow now. What had she done?


Janice was working away in an office, concentrating on creating an image for a client. Later the artists would meet to combine ideas. These independent moments were the most enjoyable. Having time to draw, and having so much space and materials available was a wonderful luxury. It would be difficult to give up when they swapped places again.

'Oh!' Janice jumped.

'Sorry, Rose, didn't mean to startle you,' Charley said.

'It's you! Where did you spring from?' she asked.

'I work upstairs in the buying department. I thought it was you, but wasn't sure,' he smiled. 'You were well away into our work, it was nice just watching you,' he added.

They spent a moment talking about their jobs, then went for a cup of coffee.

'Good choice, the tea is awful,' he said.

'I only trust my tea making,' she told him.

'Well, this is nice, meeting you like this,' he smiled.

'Yes, I enjoyed our dance,' she flushed from embarrassment.

'We could go out again sometime, next Saturday?' he asked.

'Sure, that would be nice,' she carefully spoke.

'Good, that's a date then. I'd better get back, we'll swap numbers later,' Charley smoothly said.

'Yea, alright,' she said, feeling a little taken aback by his breezy attitude.

He hadn't assumed she would go out with him, or been self-absorbed. He was nice, but he was in his early twenties, and not much older than her. Looking around the office she wondered who could fill her in about him. Was he safe, or a risk taker. What would Rose say if an older man turned up at the house, to take her out. No! She must think of her as Janice, her daughter, or she would slip up.

It was also a convenience. As the mother, she could decide who she went out with. Her daughter could hardly tell her who to avoid and who to date. Janice smiled to herself. This was all turning out so brilliantly.


Rose was trusted now, even though she was in the rehabilitation class. Miss Darby let her go to lunch whereas they usually sat eating at their desks. So now she could meet up with Feebie and sit in the sun amiably chatting. Feebie had complete her two weeks, and rejoined her tuzla escort normal class.

Her blouse was straining to hold onto her breasts, when a button came loose. She had better quickly fasten it, as the bra hardly held them in. Before school she tried on one of her usual bra's and confirmed her breasts were bigger. They had filled out a size or two, though why on earth that was, she had no idea.

Putting her bag down to use both hands to secure it, the button dropped off.

'What are you doing, girl!' a teacher demanded.

'Sorry, sir!' Rose exclaimed, and grabbed the gapping blouse.

All he saw, was her standing in front of the boys, showing off her breasts. The blouse had given up the onerous task of hiding her chest. It hadn't been doing much of a job before. Being short with a thin waist, her breasts looked exaggerated in size.

'Why are you showing yourself off to these boys?' he asked.

'I'm not, sir!' she objected. 'A button popped off. I need a pin,' she explained.

'I thought your mother was buying you a new uniform,' he stated.

'She did, sir. It's too small, she got the wrong size, sir, sorry, sir,' she said.

'Well, alright, go see the nurse, she'll have something to help,' he said, while trying not to stare at her plump breasts.

'You boys stop sniggering, and get to lunch,' he heavily said, and they got the point.

Rose was pleased not to have received some kind of punishment. No longer an adult, she had lost the automatic respect due to her. Other adults expected her to respect them and defer to them. A teacher could punish her, treat her like a kid, and embarrass her in front of other students. This one seemed more embarrassed over seeing her deep cleavage than she was.

Gripping the blouse in one hand, and her schoolbag in the other, Rose made her way to the first aid room. The nurse was bound to be elsewhere, probably watching the football training, just in case there was an injury. Her favourite occupation was massaging the guys thighs. Everyone knew how much she loved football!

Making her way through a crowd of fellow students, she ignored the guys rude remarks. Inadvertently letting go of the blouse, a hand came out of the crowd to maul a breast. The boy held her there by gripping it tight.

'I wouldn't if I was you,' she dared.

'She belongs to Paul,' a guy warned his friend.

'Yea, like, right, I belong to Paul, yea!' Rose confirmed.

The hand left her breast, and she casually walked away. No longer receiving the respect of a mature woman, she resorted to the protection of a boyfriend. For this she had to be his girl, so that is how she thought of herself, and the way she behaved. Having lost the status of an adult, she was open to abuse by teenagers, and had to earn their respect.


Rose walked into the first aid room not bothering to knock.

'Oh! Sorry,' Rose murmured.

Brian was there with a naked girl! She was on hands and knees, with her head turned away. It didn't take much to figure out what she had been doing.

Rose had a flash of memory, when she had been sucking on her boyfriend's cock. It was still a mystery why she had, as she never considered it before. It had been alright, but it did nothing for her. The look of ecstasy on his face meant it had been worth it.

In a fit of rebellion she told her daughter what happened, and had been spanked for the outrageous behaviour. That is when her daughter took over in their apartment, and Rose became the daughter full time. From then on, Rose had to be a schoolgirl every minute of the day.

Rose smiled at Brian, and said, 'Don't worry, I know how to keep my mouth shut. I just need a safety pin, or a needle and cotton. There's a spare button here somewhere,' Rose said, while rummaging around in the blouse.

With his girlfriend there, it didn't worry her that she was showing of her bra, and a deep cleavage. He didn't show the slightest interest in her. She wondered what he would think if he realised she was a mature woman, and not just a schoolgirl.

'Found it,' she said. 'There'll be a needle and thread somewhere,' Rose said.

It was amusing seeing the girl trying so hard not to be recognised. Brian's face was a picture of guilt.

'Don't worry, Brian, your secret is safe with me,' she smiled and touched his hand.

There was a lot of sympathy for them, from having done the same thing with Paul. It was her own stupidity that got her punished for blowing him. Why was it called blowing when she sucked?

'Yea, thanks, Janice. I know I can rely on you. How's Paul?' he said.

His body slumped as he physically relaxed, revealing he'd been anxious.

'He's alright, we saw each other Friday, his parents were out,' she said, sharing a knowing smile.

'I'm glad you two are together, he's a nice guy,' he commented.

'Who's the girl?' Rose cheekily asked, expecting to be introduced.

'My pet you mean,' he laughed.

The girl avrupa yakası ucuz escort groaned and moaned something. She just realised, the girl had a collar around her neck, and Brian held a leash. Rose was fascinated. The girl hadn't moved from off the floor, or looked up.

'I can't help it, I need to tell someone,' Brian seriously spoke. 'Don't say a word about this! Promise!' he demanded.

'Sure, I promise, won't tell a soul,' Rose sincerely spoke.

He slapped the girls bottom with the leash, and said, 'Look at me, pet. Do as you're told, do it!'

He slapped her bottom with his hand this time. She looked up at Brian, with a face full of fright and self pity.

'Oh! My! God!' Rose spluttered.

It was Miss Derby! Their teacher was on her hands and knees, held close to Brian by a leash. Oh! Fuck! There was a gob of cum on her chin!

'She's my pet-girl. Aren't you, pet!' he demanded, with a tug on the leash.

'Yes, master,' his teacher whimpered with shame.

It was obvious she was in distress from Rose discovering their sordid secret. On the other hand, Brian was pleased to share that he had conquered their teacher.

'Sit up and beg, pet,' he ordered.

He flicked the leash against her bare bottom again, stirring her into action. Reluctantly she sat up on her haunches, with her hands folded down, like a pup begging.

'Stroke her, she likes that,' he said, while stroking her tummy.

Rose did as she was told. Being obedient seemed catching. She stroked their teachers hair, while Brian petted her more intimately. Watching his big hands playing with a teacher's breasts, and pinching her nipples, was fascinating.

The look of fright on Miss Derby's face was making Rose uncomfortable.

'It's alright, err, pet. No one will find out your secret, I promise,' Rose sincerely promised.

Of course, it wasn't just that she was having sex with a student. It was being a pet-girl that was so humiliating. Being this eighteen-year-old boy's pet-girl, was degrading. As a teacher, she should have been in charge of them both, but the authority of her position had vanished, never to return.

Miss Derby murmured her thanks. Rose reassuringly smiled at her, while continuing to stroke the teacher's long hair.

'She likes her tummy rubbed,' Brian hinted.

'You have a nice obedient pet, Brian,' Rose couldn't help saying.

Wanting to laugh from shock, and the unusual situation, she only just held back. Telling him he had a nice pet, sounded sarcastic to her, but they both seemed to take it well. She continued to stroke their teacher's tummy, and the woman started to relax.

'My pet is well trained. Pet does as she is told, as a good pet-girl should. If not it gets a spanking, or a whipping, if the errant behaviour continues. Isn't that right, pet-girl?' Brian asked for confirmation.

Miss Derby nodded her head, obviously too emotional to speak.

'Answer me,' he heavily demanded.

'Sorry, master. Your pet-girl tries hard to be obedient master,' Miss Derby answered.

'What's her name?' Rose asked.

'Err, haven't been able to decide yet,' he prevaricated.

'She's a cute pet-girl, aren't you pet?' Rose said, with a condescending voice.

Realising this was a teacher she was talking to, not a cute puppy, she bit her lip.

'I, I'm, a c-cute pet-girl,' their teacher responded, after a sharp pull on her leash.

Rose couldn't help it. Her hand was drawn to a breast as though it were magnetised. She cupped it, then squeezed it. A gentle massage found their teacher closing her eyes and humming.

Brian had a hand between her legs, so maybe that was what enthralled the teacher so much. Doing something so decedent to a teacher was exhilarating. Rose hoped that by joining in, showed she would keep their secret. Just knowing it gave her a buzz.

Rose pinched an engorged nipple, and cupped her teacher's face in the other hand. Miss Derby's eyes flickered open, from feeling the pain. Rose stared into her eyes and smiled.

'It's alright, don't worry, your secret is safe with me,' Rose whispered.

Rose smiled at Brian, sharing an understanding. She rummaged through a set of draws, found a needle and thread and quickly sewed on the button. She again reassured the two of them, and quietly left.

Oh! Hell! She dare not tell anyone, otherwise the secret would be out. Telling one person in confidence was no good, as it wouldn't mean so much to them, so the secret would be passed on in whispers.

Rose didn't know whether to feel sorry for Miss Derby, or simply laugh at her. So this is what had happened in class last week, when Brian was teasing her. Thinking about how the woman reacted, she realised he must have discovered her dark secret.

A schoolboy would enjoy enormously playing around with a teacher. Having her pander to his sexual whims must be heaven for him. No wonder he was bursting to tell someone.


In class, Miss Derby sat at her desk with her head in a text book. Of course she was suspicious and frightened. Rose felt sorry for her, but decided to forget all about it, as her own position was also fragile. An adult pretending to be a student in class, and with an eighteen-year-old boyfriend, it would be investigated at the very least. She might be charged with something by the police.
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