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My ex becomes my slave Pt. 01

Post #1

Hi, my name is Mitchell. I'm 24 years old. I'm about to tell you about my first relationship, and my first break up too. But don't worry, it's not going to be a sad story, because my ex is now my obedient sex slave. So, let me take you back to where it all began.


It's 10:00 PM and I'm sitting on the couch, watching TV. I got my phone and saw that I got a message from a girl on Facebook. Immediately I watched her profile pictures and she looked cute as hell. At that moment I opened her message.

She said, "Hi, I saw you at the party last weekend and I thought you were cute."

Since I thought she was cute to I replied, "Hey Kelly, I definitely remember you. I thought you were super cute too. I definitely want to know you better. Do you want to go on a date, maybe tomorrow? Dinner?"

At that moment I was waiting and dying for her to respond. I've always been a super shy person, and I don't go that well with girls. So this was a big step. About 5 minutes later I heard my phone zooming.

"That sounds great, pick me up tomorrow at 5," she said.

I couldn't wait so I texted her that I'll be there, and she sends me her address.

The next day I went through my day normally and prepared me for my date. It turned out she lived just a couple blocks away from me, so it was only a five-minute drive. I picked her up and we drove to the restaurant. In there, we talked a lot, not knowing it turned out to be a relationship for three years.

Throughout our relationship, we had seen each other quite often and when we saw each other we had sex. Unfortunately, it was only the "normal couple" sex. Since I loved her I'd go with the sex I got but the problem was, that I had some fetishes I wanted to explore. The urges for the fetishes became larger and larger. I have two fetishes. The first one being Feet and the second one being dominated, or dominate others. Kelly was such a sweet girl, but something holds me back to tell her my kinks. After a year and a half, I told her about my foot fetish, and my fantasies how she would dominate me into being her foot slave. At first, ankara yeni escort she was a bit grossed out, but after a while, she told me that she loved me and wanted to explore my foot fetish.

So that night Kelly sat down on our bed. I kneeled in front of her and took her shoes off.

"I thought you were going to use your mouth!"

Then I took her sweaty socks off with my teeth. And there I was, kneeling in front of my beautiful girlfriend watching her gorgeous feet in my hands. I knew she had beautiful feet since I secretly took pictures of them to jerk off. But this rushed me to arousal of a whole new level. I started massaging her feet, touching every inch of her feet.

"I thought you were going to use your mouth!"

So I started to lick every inch of her left foot. Licking from heel to toe in a slow motion. Then I saw her delicious toes. Her toe-nails were painted in different colors, making them look like tiny smarties. I started to suck on her toes, taking every toe in my mouth and licking in between them. Then I switched to her right foot and did the same. As I was licking and sucking her toes I looked at her and saw she was enjoying herself. After I licked both feet, she told me to get a towel. It was quite humiliating since she lived with her parents and I was suffering from an extremely hard cock. So hoping I wouldn't run into her parents, or little brother I went to get a towel.

When I got back into her room, Kelly sat on her bed waiting for me to return. When I got in she told me she did a lot of research on my foot fetish and she wanted to give me a footjob. I already had an extremely hard cock, but with this added I was ready to explode like I never had. I got on the bed with her and she immediately wrapped her soles around my rock hard cock. She started to give me an amazing footjob as if she had done in before. In no time I told her I was going to cum, but before I could finish my sentence I shoot my load way up in the air. My cum was everywhere. Over my stomach, kelly's feet, her bed. My cum was literally everywhere. So I got the yenimahalle escort towel, cleaned it all up and lay back next to her.

Kelly said, "That was amazing! It literally shows the devotion you have for me. I truly felt how much you actually love me. How did you feel?"

I said, "Babe, I love you very much. It felt amazing, I've never been hornier than this! Us talking about our adventure makes me hard again."

At that moment Kelly looked at me and we kissed passionately. I immediately got down on her, eating her delicious pussy. I was licking her pussy while fingering her.


After that, her body started shaking and she came. But it was too soon, so I decided to keep going. When she had come three times, I'd reach out for her feet. She was laying on her back and I lifted her feet so I could kiss, lick and suck them. Then I pushed my rock hard cock deep inside of her while sucking on her toes.

I kept fucking her till she came, and came again, and again, and again, and again. I knew at this point that during our sex life I was able to hold off my ejaculation quite well, so I could pleasure her for as long as possible. So when I eventually came and mu cum reached the walls of her pussy, she screamed as she came a final time. I felt beside her and we fell asleep in each other arms.

The two weeks after our amazing evening we, unfortunately, didn't reach out to any foot fetish in our sex life. The amazing evening gave me quite a fun experience to jerk off to, but I most certainly missed her feet during the sex. Three weeks after our lovely evening together, she came to sleep at my place. We were spooning and I slowly touched her beautiful breasts. Then I reached out and put my hand in her panties and started fingering her. Then I rolled her on her back and started eating her pussy. What she didn't know was that I had a plan for the evening. I would make her super tired by giving her multiple orgasms. If I did this I knew that she would be falling in such a deep sleep that I could do anything to her. And when I say yozgat escort anything, I most certainly mean ANYTHING.

So I was eating her pussy and she came five times. Then I put her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style. I pushed my fully erect cock roughly inside of her and fucked her hard. She came six times before I busted my load deep inside of her. At that point, we were laying sideways on my bed and her feet were hanging off the edge. But she wouldn't move and she fell asleep like that. My plan turned out perfectly, and after I had been waiting for 15 minutes I tested if she was sleeping deeply enough. I was shaking her arm, touching her boobs, touching her pussy, touching her asshole. She didn't wake up!

So I dropped next to the bed and sniffed her gorgeous feet. I started softly rubbing her feet, watching her reaction. When I didn't get any reaction from Kelly, I started to kiss every inch of her feet. Then I took her left foot and licked her beautiful feet from heel to toe. Then I started taking her delicious toes in my mouth, sucking and licking in between her toes. After I did that to her left foot, I did the same thing to her right foot. Then I got back to her left foot and opened my mouth so wide as I could. I took all her toes in my mouth while jerking off. Then I wanted to turn her around, but the only way to do that was if she was really asleep. So I lifted the left side of Kelly slowly, and put some pillows underneath her. Then I would wait a minute and repeat until she fully turned to her stomach. Then I got behind her and started fucking her feet slowly. The problem was that I was so horny, I didn't know I was pumping faster and faster. The second before I exploded, Kelly woke up. Then I came all over her delicious soles. My body was shaking as I shoot the biggest load of cum, that I've ever shot. As I opened my eyes, I saw Kelly looking at me sleepily. I shocked and wanted to explain myself, but I didn't need to.

She looked at me and said, "It's okay, I know you like my feet. From now on you need to tell me if you want to fuck my feet, because you always may fuck my feet! My feet are yours."

When I wanted to get a towel to clean her feet.

She said, "You can leave your cum on my feet, I heard they get soft from cum! Now come lay next to me."

Her words were making me hornier than I already was. So I left my cum on her feet and laid next to her.
08-06-2022, at 09:10 PM

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