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My Toy Nancy Ch. 01

Post #1

Don't ask me how it works, I haven't a clue. All I know is since I can remember I had the 'ability' ? curse really ? to get a read and be able to interpret other people's emotions. Empathy I guess, as a kid I thought it was normal, that everyone could do it.

Then come the teen years, and the folks notice that when I'm in a bad mood I carry the proverbial black cloud around, making everyone else feel crappy. Things get to the point where it gets mentioned to the doctor during a visit ? and I begin to realize this may not be a good thing. At the same time the amount of ? noise is the best way to describe it ? I'm picking up from people is increasing. So I work on controlling it. Get pretty good at it too. I figure out how to tune into a single person at a time, then be able to get what I called snapshots of people as they would pass by.

At the same time I get a handle on projecting my emotions out, stop doing it unless I want to. That led to me working on trying to deliberately change other people's emotions ? starting with kid stuff really. Tell crappy jokes, get other kids ? especially girls ? to laugh by projecting happiness while talking. By this time there's no more mention by the folks of having a 'specialist' take a look at me. It gets shrugged off as one of those teenage phases.

This is when it dawns on me that I better get real careful about this. I start to imagine all sorts of bad things happening if I get caught ? helped no doubt by all the crappy sci-fi-ish books, movies and TV shows I was watching at the time. So no more fooling around with this 'talent' in school. Being scared of having others find out probably saved me from being sent to the mental hospital or worse. I got cagey about it, not doing anything to take advantage like get picked for a team, or get a date or job or better grades.

I saved it for trips to the mall and other places where kids would hang out, and there were lots of strangers. I started out with simple stuff. Usually picking someone walking by and learn to tune in, then get them to feel happy. Once I was able to master that I went for other emotions. One poor guy ended up puking in a food court when I was working on disgust. A few couples almost had some nasty fights due to me, but I'd make sure to knock it off before it got bad. Once I figured out how to get their sex thang going I made sure the fight would end in a happy evening for them.

Anyway off to college and I met Nancy in our junior year. We hung out, then went on a couple dates. After a while we started having sex, then living together. This felt good for me as I didn't have to do anything to get her to like me beyond just being myself. And I felt, I don't know, dirty or at least crummy when I did catch her feelings. So I worked on tuning her out, relying on the same things everyone else does. Life was good.

Even better Nancy is the kind of girl I like. Tall ? actually just a little taller than me and with great legs. Not thin, kind of meaty with soft thighs and shapely calves as well as attractively defined ankles. Nice large well shaped ass and a thin waist. Her breasts were and are just right, not too big and not too small with nice nipples and lovely pink areolas. Long auburn hair and very fair skin. She's pretty but not beautiful. And she's very enthusiastic about sex as long as it's conventional. Example, I can play with her ass ? which I absolutely love to do ? but don't even think of anal. Stuff like that. I was fine with most of it, come on the kind of girl I really liked and she was eager to do 90% of the kind of sex I wanted? Who would argue with that!

And so we graduated and stayed together, found jobs and then got married. Life was fantastic.

It's a couple of years down the road and I notice Nancy is acting ? oh I don't know, suspicious. She's always busy at work, and talks a lot about a fellow worker of hers named Mark. I notice a bit more makeup and the clothes she wears to work are a little sexier than before. After this Nancy tells me she's assisting Mark on a special project, and the hours get longer and irregular. They begin carpooling, with Mark picking up Nancy every other week. I get to meet him and I note that he's a few years older than Nancy, wears nice suits and drives an expensive car.

I begin to catch weird emotions from Nancy. Yeah, I figure if she's having an affair I need to get over not wanting to peek into her feelings. Amazing what happens when you start to think you're getting betrayed. I'm catching feelings of anxiety and guilt when she's around me, but when she's by herself or talking about Mark feelings of sexual excitement.

So naturally I set a trap ? sneaky and underhanded, sure. Tell me about it. That's been my whole life to this point. I tried to walk the straight and narrow and what did it get me? I mention to Nancy that I was thinking about going on a little fishing trip, out of town of course. She nibbles the bait, tells me it would be good for me to get out of the apartment, clear bahçelievler escort my head in the great outdoors, blah blah.

In the meantime I'm catching flashes of excitement, anxiety and sexual tension from her. I decide to make the bait a bit more enticing by working on her emotions. I amp her feelings of sexual excitement just a tad. It works because she gets sloppy, mentions that I shouldn't worry about a thing as she and Mark could use the time to work on their project.

So I spend a couple of evenings getting out my meager collection of camping and fishing gear. Get it loaded into the car and take off on Friday after work. I head out of town to a mall, get some dinner and take in a movie. Then a couple of beers in a sports bar.

It's just early morning when I cruise back home. And yep, I see Mark's car parked on another block away from where Nancy and I live. Luckily for me there's a restaurant on the corner of our street, so I park in their lot and walk to the apartment.

Nancy and I live in the back half of a duplex. No lights on so it's dark, and over those evenings when I had been making a show of packing my gear I made sure to oil the hinges and the lock to the door. Before I open it I check and yes I 'sense' two people in the apartment, from what I'm catching they must be asleep. I get the door open and quietly head to the bedroom.

At this point my emotions are getting into a turmoil. It was one thing to think Nancy was having an affair, but the closer I'm getting to the actual evidence of it ? well it's causing a real mix of feelings. I notice a glow coming from the bedroom ? they must have been using candles and forgot to blow them out. I enter the room and see both Mark and Nancy in my bed.

I'm still not clear what happened next. No, I didn't kill them or anything physical like that. I'm not that stupid. But I'm sure I said something as they woke up - shocked and surprised of course ? and then ? they slump back into bed and they are out. I stop in my tracks at that point as I'm more afraid of what I might have done than anything else.

I walk around the bed and check Nancy's vitals, good pulse and she's breathing. I'm catching ? quiet? Odd, very neutral emotions from both of them. I tell her to get up, and she opens her eyes. But she's still out ? it dawns on me they are in some kind of trance, sort of like hypnosis. Too much to digest at this point.

I get a chair from the kitchen and set it down in the bedroom, sit and try to figure out my next steps. All I wanted to do originally was confront them, but I didn't have any plan beyond that. Dumb in a lot of ways, but I had been naïve in my relationship to this point with Nancy.

I'm pissed at the two of them, not to mention feeling hurt and betrayed by Nancy. Kind of classic in a way ? her falling for a slightly older guy who dresses better and drives a nice car. I figure out what I'm going to do and start to grin. Probably not a nice looking one I'd wager.

I get up out of the chair and turn on the light sitting atop the nightstand closest to me, then blow out the last of the candles. I head into the bathroom and get the jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet along with Nancy's hair brush. It has a nice big round handle plus it's a bright fire engine red. I head back to the bedroom and sit in the chair. "Mark, you can open your eyes now. Good. Tell me, were you aware that Nancy and I were married before you came over here tonight?"

Marks eyes are open, and I'm still catching that curious neutral feeling from both of them. "Yes, Nancy had told me she was married to you."

Mark, you just gave me the OK to put at least half of my plan into motion, you dumb shit. "Okay Mark, I want you to do some things for both Nancy and me. I want you to get up out of bed, and then get down on your hands and knees."

Mark gets out of bed ? he's naked which will come in handy. He gets on his hands and knees next to the bed. "Good, now spread your legs just a bit ? that's it. Nancy, I want you out of bed and over here next to Mark." Nancy gets up, walks around and stands next to Mark. She's also naked and her pubic hair looks wet and matted, plus her pussy lips look slick and shiny. I look around, see a fancy bottle of lube on the opposite nightstand, next to which are some expensive looking condoms. "Nancy, did you tell Mark that we were married? And how did this start up between you two?"

"Not at first. But I think he knew. When he asked me out for a drink the first time I told him ? he said he was just inviting me as a friend. We took his car and he bought some beers, at the bar he started getting closer to me, touching my hair, complementing me and stuff like that. I liked it. We left the place and he kissed me, I liked it so I didn't stop him." I'm still catching that same neutral read from both of you. "The next time we went out for drinks I responded more to him. When we left the bar he drove me back to my car, and balgat escort we made out for a while. That's when I gave him the first blow job. We've been having sex for a couple of months now, usually in his car. Once in a hotel. A couple of times at his place. This was the first time we could meet here though."

Nancy dear, you just sealed the deal. Things are going to get a lot more interesting for you too. "Thank you for finally telling me Nancy. Now there are some things I want you to do for both Mark and myself. First thing though, it looks like Mark used a condom when he fucked you, is that true?" Nancy nods her head in agreement. "That's some relief. Do you know where he put it when he was finished?" Nancy starts looking around where Mark had been laying. I watch as she bends down and first looks, then reaches under the bed and pulls out an obviously used condom, tied on the one end.

"Good, now if you would please get behind Mark and drop to your knees. Good girl, you can put the condom down next to you. Now take your hands and open his ass cheeks nice and wide. That's it, very nice. I want you to lick and tongue his asshole. Very nice. Be sure to see if you can push your tongue in ? yes that's it exactly." As I let Nancy get to it I pull out my cell phone and take some pictures of the two of them.

I notice that while Mark's cock is responding by getting hard, I'm still catching that same neutral read in terms of their emotions. I think that will be changing soon.

"You're doing a great job on Mark's ass Nancy. Now I want you to stop and sit up." I bring the jar of Vaseline over to her, tell her to get a big glob of it on the forefinger of her right hand. I put the hairbrush down on the floor next to her. "Nancy, next I want you to work your finger into Mark's ass. Yes, the finger with the grease on it. Get it in but don't hurt him. Good, now work it in and out a few times until it becomes easy." I watch as Nancy fucks Mark in the ass with her finger, and wait for it to get easier to push in. That's when I give Mark's emotions a little jolt, and I finally catch a read from him. I amp up his level of sexual excitement. I do the same for Nancy, after which I take a few more pictures.

"Isn't this fun Nancy? Now try and get a second finger into Mark's ass. There you go. Keep fucking him with your fingers because I think Mark likes it. Give me a pretty smile because I'm going to take a couple more pictures. Now Mark, I want you to listen to me carefully. Your life is about to change my friend."

I sit back in my chair, get comfortable. I catch a reading of Mark's level of excitement, decide to turn it up some more. "Mark as I said there are going to be some changes in your life. When we are done here tonight you are going to fall into a deep sleep. You are going to wake up later this morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. It's after you wake up that these changes are going to take place. First, you will have this need to wear women's clothing. In fact, you won't be able to sexually function unless you are wearing some item of women's clothing. You will learn to dress and act as a woman with the goal of going out in public as one. Next I have a question for you. Are you bi-sexual?"

"No, I only like women." But even while saying that it's obvious he's enjoying Nancy's fingers in his ass. I decide to give him another little jolt. Now I hear Mark groaning while Nancy fucks him with her fingers.

"That's okay Mark, you meant you used to only like women because from now on you are bi-sexual. And you'd rather catch than pitch if you get my meaning. This is going to work well with your new role as a sissy boy. Oh, and what Nancy is doing to your ass is only a taste of things to come. You are going to yearn for fingers as well as hands, cocks, dildos or whatever in your ass."

"In fact Nancy is going to help you along that road tonight. Nancy dear, do you see that hairbrush of yours I put next to you?" Nancy looks down and sees it next to her leg. "Now that Marks ass is opened up, I think you should be the one to help him with his next step. Well, I shouldn't assume. Mark have you ever had your ass used in any way for sex before?"

Mark turns to look at me, I catch that emotionally he's responding to Nancy's violation of his ass.

"No, I always thought it was too gay or weird." Nancy must have found his prostate as Mark's cock starts to drool a little pre-cum. I get up and look around the room, finding where the two of them had thrown their clothes. I rummage thru Nancy's pile and pull out her panties. I bring them back with me and place them under Marks dribbling cock.

Sitting down I reply to Mark. "Well in your case yes, it is going to be gay and get very weird. Nancy would you pick up the hairbrush with your free hand? That's the girl. Now please remove your fingers from Mark's ass. Excellent, now be sure to coat the handle of the brush with the Vaseline already on your fingers. Is it nice and slick? batıkent escort Smile for the camera, we may want to make a photo album after tonight. And we wouldn't want to get Mark hurt so early on in his new career as butt boy. Looks good Nancy, I think after tonight you are going to be getting a new hairbrush. Push it into Mark's ass."

Nancy inserts the bright red hairbrush handle into Mark's ass and I take more pictures. The guy must be liking it because he's pushing back and moaning so I give him another small jolt as a reward. The handle of the brush is tapered, thicker towards the end then a lot thinner as it meets the bristles. Nancy gets about half way and then it just slides right in. Little piggy Mark now has a tail.

"Nancy I think Mark will enjoy this more if you continue to fuck his ass using the brush handle. Now Mark, more things for you. You will have this new passion. Each time you orgasm you have this compulsion to eat your cum. And the nastier the place you have shot your man snot the better you like it."

I turn to look at Nancy. "Nancy dear, I'm just double checking - the two of you did fuck earlier this evening? And I'm guessing its Mark's semen in the condom?"

Nancy turns her head to look at me. "Yes, Mark came in me. And he insisted on wearing a condom. We had finished just before you came in."

"Good, good. Nancy, I want you to pick up that used condom next to you. Yeah, you are going to have to stop fucking Mark's butt hole ? but it's only for a few minutes. Can you untie it? You might have to use your teeth ? there you go I think you got it. Pop it into Mark's mouth because I think he looks hungry." Nancy did have to use her teeth to untie the condom, her one hand was too slick with the Vaseline. She offers it to Mark and he opens his mouth and sucks it in.

"See Mark, a taste of things to come. Now start chewing, think of it as a nice piece of candy with a gooey center. Yeah all those little swimmers of yours looking for a new home. When it's empty just swallow the whole thing down. Nancy, you can go back to fucking Mark's ass with your brush."

"Now Mark, your choice in women is also changing drastically - you are only going to be attracted to big women, the bigger and the fatter the better. Regular sized women aren't going to do a thing for you sexually speaking. And you will find yourself compelled to be submissive and worshipful to these big women. You are going to find you need to serve them; you will crave humiliation and degradation at the hands of these women ? you know let's make it easy on everyone. You crave humiliation and degradation from all women."

"And to make things more interesting you are going to find pain to be enjoyable, you will be happy to offer your cock and balls to women for them to abuse, belittle and subjugate. You will seek out getting spanked, flogged and all other sorts of corporal punishment. However ? and this is extremely important. You do not want to be damaged."

This time I give Nancy a little jolt, and am rewarded with catching her feeling more sexual excitement. "Nancy, be a dear and give Mark a taste of what I just said to him. Use your left hand and start squeezing his balls. You can twist and pull on his sack, get inventive. Don't cause any damage to him, just have some fun with his junk."

Nancy wraps her left hand around Mark's balls and starts to squeeze, then twist his sack. Mark is breathing heavy, really moaning now ? these are going to be some awesome photos.

"Mark, you certainly need to pay attention. You will also take great delight in serving as a woman's toilet. You know, let's just say you are going to crave being used as a toilet as gender isn't going to matter to you. And not just drinking pee or being pissed on Mark, we are talking enemas and scat. In short you are going to wake up as a sissy boy pain, cum, piss scat and panty slut. Once you wake up later this morning all these things will take hold."

"Nancy will go shopping with you today to help you get your new clothes and makeup, the sluttier the better. Nancy is also going with you to get the new toys both of you will be needing. Your penance to Nancy for getting her into trouble will be this ? from now on you will purchase whatever she tells you to. And more, much more. Your screwing my wife is going to be an expensive mistake my friend, it's time to talk business."

I settle back into my chair. "None of these new hobbies of yours are to carry over into your professional life Mark. I have a future partner in mind for you, and you will need to provide for her. And you will need to pay for your fun with Nancy."

"Mark, if Nancy and I had a kid, and if we were to get divorced because you had to have an affair with my wife ? I think we all realize she would get the child and I would be paying support. All because you couldn't keep your dick in your pants. And of course then you would be free to drop in when you felt like it and play Uncle Mark, have a good time with the ex-wife. Well my friend, I am going to make sure that doesn't happen. Nancy said the two of you have been screwing around for at least the last two months. She might be pregnant - or worse she might have caught some nasty disease from you. So here is what is going to happen."
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