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A bus stopped at the Kushiwa Street. The driver, mechanically, opened the door and let out two teenagers. He didn't care of the boy at all when he passed, but when the girl passed, he couldn't help himself smile as she skimmed his shoulder and moved her pinkie hand at him, thanking the driver for the ride.

He waited for her to get out of the bus, nor without looking at her butt rumbling. This girl was like an angel, and the driver was so happy that we assigned him to her street. He sighed, content, closed the bus door and continued on his road.

Nikko walked on the street, his house within sight. Nikko was sixteen years old. He had his hair short and his beard, always shaved. Nikko wore a slightly jacket, with a black and white t-shirt under. His jeans, dark, were covering his laces on top of his shoes, which were black with some fine red striped. He was holding his backpack with only one shoulder. He was about to open the little fence that bounded his house when he noticed her.

Marissa was also walking towards her house. At sixteen years old, she was very beautiful and looked like a girl of eighteen. She wore a dark blue shirt without sleeves over another shirt, this one white. She had rolled up the sleeves of her white shirt at the high of her elbows to give some fresh hair to her slender arms. She also wore a tiny skirt, as high as her knees, dark blue too. Her calves, as the rest of her body, were not too much tanned, but enough to be remarked by everyone. Her shoes were black, with a little heel.

Marissa's long hair was brown clear, some in front of her two shoulders, but the most part behind her back. They had a spiky finish. She was about to open the little fence that bounded her house when she noticed him.

Nikko and Marissa were neighbours since their childhood. It's Nikko's parent that forced the little boy to go knock at their neighbour's house to go meet a possible friend. Shy and all red, Nikko finally accepted to go knock at their neighbour's house in exchange of a chocolate bar. When Nikko knocked, he asked them if a certain "Marissa" was there and if she could play with him.

They told him to wait there, which seemed to be a hundred years for Nikko. Then, Marissa appeared, a doll in her hand. She had a little doll in her hand and she had two little quilt on each side of her head. She was also very shy. Still, she talked first and asked him if he wanted to play doll with her. He accepted, thinking that when she said "doll" it would be like his doll.

He grimaced when he saw that her bedroom was all pink everywhere and that it was all girl stuffs, doll included.

Then he randomly looked through her window and noticed that the other window on the other side lead to his home. He told her to wait for him and, courageously, went to his house from her window to his. He found it easier that he had thought. The space between their houses was only of 50 centimetres and less.

When he came back, they both played doll, where Nikko's G.I. Joe killed every enemies and fall in love with Marissa's doll. They had great fun and it's how their friendship began. Few weeks later, Nikko had even moved his bedroom to the room connecting to her window, which pleased each other.

Through years, they passed over many things. But, few years ago, it seemed that the connection they had had just disappeared. A cold settled between the two friends and they stopped talking to each other, stopped seeing each other. Their curtains, formerly always raised, were now down.

And now, they were both looking at each other since a long time. Marissa, not impressed at all, gave him a weird look and asked:

"What're you staring at?"

Nikko, surprised, lost his balance. But quickly recovered it as he answered her on the same ton "Nothing...not like I'm interested in your flat chest"

Marissa felt insulted. She looked away and replied dryly "Hmph, not interested in midgets"

Nikko's eyes widened "What?"

She looked at him with playful eyes and said "Nino Nino"

This time, it was Nikko that felt insulted "It's not Nino, it's Nikko!"

"Do I look like I care, Nino?" she smirked.

Nikko's eyes were filled with anger. It was so sad that his mom told him to never hit a girl. Plus, at the moment, he had nothing to say. So he just looked away like she did few seconds ago and simply let out a "Hmph".

He opened his fence and walked at his door. Marissa did not care at all and also went to her door. They opened their door at the same time and, without looking at each other, entered in their respective house and smashed their door behind them.

Immediately, Nikko climbed the stairs and went to his bedroom, lying on his bed. He crossed his fingers behind his head and thought about the little meet he just had with Marissa. He looked at the window and sighed as he saw her sight walking in her own room. Before, it would be exactly at this time that she would open her window and talk to him about the day she just had, Nikko doing the same with her. beşevler escort But since their relationship had failed, they were just staying in their room.

The supper had been short and dry for Nikko. He quickly went to his bedroom again, did his homework, took a hot shower and went to his bed, dreaming about his ancient friend.


Next morning...


Nikko slowly woke up. He had a normal night. Nothing perturbed his sleep. Still, sadly, he couldn't remember what he had dreamed of. It has always frustrated him. He extended his arm to turn off his alarm, his eyes closed. He never reached it.

Surprised, Nikko opened his eyes and noticed he was naked. "What the..." he looked at his alarm and let out a little scream. His alarm was three times his high! "Holy shit...What happened!? What am I sitting on? Is"

Indeed, Nikko was sitting on the collar of his pyjama. "AAA!" he yelled. Everything has grown up so big! Or...maybe that..."I SHRANK! DAMMIT!"

'How the hell it happened! I done nothing wrong and ate nothing doubtful...' he thought.

He didn't had more time to think about his new shrank position has he heard his mother climbing the stairs "Nikko...come on wake up. Breakfast"

He yelled in panic. What if his mother would see him like that? She'll maybe have a heart-attack! "Damn damn damn" he let out. He looked at where he could go. "Quick quick quick!" The handle slightly swung and Nikko's mother entered in her son's bedroom. He wasn't there.

"Nikko?" she called. No response. "Aaah Nikko. Already at school..." She looked on his bed and noticed he had left his pyjama. She sighed and took the pyjama with her. She looked in his bedroom for a last time and went downstairs.

Her husband had already left for his job. She decided she would go hang some clothes before eating. She went where her washer was and took out every piece of clothes it contained. She put all in a tank and went outside.

She whistled a merry little tune. She shook Nikko's pyjama and hung it on the clothesline, as she did for the rest of what she had in her tank.

When she had finished, she went outside and took some toasts and a coffee, reading the journal.


Nikko has been in complete panic when his mom entered in his bedroom. Then, instinctively, he slipped inside his pyjama, waiting for what will happen. When his mom took his pyjama, he clutched himself at the last moment at a thread of his pyjama. He hoped he wouldn't remind there too long. He felt more at ease when his mother put his pyjama in her tank. It gave him some time to catch his breath. But, when he felt she again grabbed his pyjama, he panicked. But this time he had no chance. When his mother shook his pyjama, he had been ejected of it high in the air. While in the air, he was sure his body would crash on the ground. By miracle, he landed in some bushes, which only rend slightly his little body.

He found his way out of the bushes and looked at where he was. It wasn't his house garden. He looked behind him and noticed a very high fence. He was now in his neighbour field.

He heard something growling behind him. A shiver passed through his spine. He slowly turned around and looked directly into the eyes of the biggest cat he ever seen. It was curiously looking at him. 'Oh god...'

He raised his hand in a pacific position and slowly back warded "Calm down kitty...I'm your friend...No need to hurt me...I was just about to leave eh eh eh..."

The cat raised his paw and growled as his face became a face of a predator. Nikko stood still and whispered "No good..."

The cat jumped and Nikko screamed as he ran in the opposite direction "No good no good no good!!!"

The cat would certainly eat him for his breakfast. 'I don't want to die!!!' he screamed inwardly. He closed his eyes and tried to increase his speed. Suddenly, he crashed into something. It wasn't a wall.

Nikko opened his eyes and looked at what he had crashed in. It was "..a shoe?" he said. He tilted his head and looked at who had put his feet there. His member hardened as he noticed the most beautiful thing on earth: a tight pair of panties surrounded by two magnificent tanned legs. "Woah..." What a chance it was a girl that wore a skirt this day.

"Coco" the girl said "Don't tell me you are chasing some poor birds again?"

Nikko turned himself, his body still on the girl shoe, and noticed the cat was looking at his master with angry eyes.

"Go away! Shou!" she moved her arms. The cat growled again and went away, leaving Nikko safe.

The little boy felt concerned as he recognized the voice of the girl. He walked back a bit and clearly noticed her visage: it was Marissa!

"Hey! Hey Marissa! Here!" he screamed the loudest he could.

Marissa looked around her, noticing nobody "Yes? Who called me?"

"Down here!"

Marissa frowned her eyebrows and looked down. When she noticed what she thought was an büyükesat escort ugly rat, she screamed of terror "AAAAA!!" she raised her feet and tried to kick Nikko. He dodged it by little.

"Wow wow wow! It's me Marissa! It's Nikko!" he put his hand to protect him from an eventual attack from Marissa.

"Mmmh? N...Nikko? Is that you?" Marissa calmed herself and kneeled on the ground, looking at Nikko closely.

"Yes it's me! God damn you almost killed me!"

"B-b-but why are you so small?" she put a hand over her mouth.

"If only I would know it..." he sighed.

Marissa pointed a finger at him "And w-why are you naked!"

"I'm n..." Nikko stopped himself and looked at his body. He immediately blushed and put his two hands over his sex. "I euh...euh...euh...D-Don't look at me like that and do something!" he yelled at her.

She didn't had time to answer him as her own mom said something from inside the house "Marissa, has something happened in the garden?"

Marissa looked at Nikko, then back at her home "N-no mom! Everything is fine!"

Nikko and Marissa waited for a response, which didn't come. "Th-thank you." Nikko said to Marissa.

"No need to thank me." She replied with a little smile."Alright good luck! Bye!" she walked away hopping.

"Hey! HEY! Don't abandon me! Marissa!!!" Nikko screamed and ran at her.

Marissa turned away and laughed. She grabbed him and brought him with her "Shhh I was just kidding"

"Not funny!" reproached Nikko.

"There there, you're safe with me...until I crush you with my feet!"


"Just teasing! Oh my god...don't you have fun in life?" she looked at him.

Nikko blushed again and covered his sex "Yeah let's just go in..."


"So!" said Marissa as she put a naked and unhappy Nikko on a desk filled with flowers and cute letters she wrote. "What are we gonna do?" she put her elbows on the table and rested her chin within her hand, looking at him with her deep shiny green eyes.

Nikko, uncomfortable: "Stop looking at me like that..."

"What's the matter?" she asked with a little smile.

"I don't know...I don't like it when you look at me this way..."

"What way?" she asked, lowering her head a bit.

"THAT WAY!" he hurled. He sighed and took his breath "Can't you just...find something for me to wear?"

"Annnnnnd?" she asked him with a big smile.

"And what? Just find me some clothes damn it!"

"Magic word" she giggled and poked his chest.

"Please Marissa..." he sighed.

She winked at him and rolled her chair at a shelf filled with cute cuddy toys. She moved her hand in front of them, looking for one that would fit Nikko "Let's see..." She leaned forward, which gave Nikko a great sight of her shaped back. The little man blushed and looked away, not wanting to erect in front of a girl, moreover naked.

"AH! Found one!" she cheered, victorious. She rolled back at Nikko and showed him her find. It was a pink dress, just long enough to hide his male part. Nikko looked at Marissa, then at the dress, then at Marissa.

"You got to be kidding..." he said.

"Nop!" she giggled.

"Marissa...I WILL NOT WEAR A STUPID PINK DRESS!" Nikko yelled at her.

"Shish, don't be so rude! I'm only trying to help! Plus, it's the only thing that suits you. Deal with it or stay naked." She put her hand in front of him and moved the dress over his face, urging him to take it.

Nikko sighed again and grabbed the dress 'Not like I have the choice...' he excused himself. He got up and put the dress in front of him, looking if it will indeed suits him. Not really satisfied, he was about to wear it when he looked at her "Ahem Ahem" he coughed.

"Mmh? What are you waiting for? Wear it, go!"

"Turn around" he said by doing what she was suppose to do with his finger.

"Aaah! Oh my god, jeez!" She turned around, annoyed.

Nikko also turned around, not trusting her, and put the dress on him. He almost tear the fine tissue, but finally passed his hand through the sleeves.

"Are you finished?" Marissa asked, innocent.


She cheerfully turned back, looking at him with her eyes filled with delight. She couldn't help herself laugh and put a hand over her mouth.

"Stop laughing...It's already embarrassing enough" he pouted.

"Sorry" she calmed herself "It's just...well you are so cute with this little dress hee hee hee!" She put her elbows on the desk and rested her chin in her hands again. "Now what?" she re-asked.

Nikko's tummy answered in his place. It growled.

"Mmh...Hungry, aye?" she smiled

"I think so..."

Marissa rose on her feet and walked at the door. Before leaving, she said to him "Won't be long!"

Nikko passed a hand over his face and let out a deep sigh again. He looked around him and noticed a puffy teddy bear. He slowly walked towards him and sat on its knees, just like he used to sit in Santa Claus çankaya escort knees when he was young.

He then deeply looked at Marissa's bedroom. It was still painted in pink. But she added a stripe with pink teddy bears within it. Her bed, made of two mattresses, was resting along the wall further ahead in front of him. More at his right was a TV with the brand new PS5, along with two joysticks.

Closer to him, hanged on the left wall was a big mirror which allowed Marissa to completely look at her body.

And, on the desk Nikko was sitting on, it was filled with makeup. Lipsticks, curling tongs, straightening iron, hair dryer, scissors, hair spray, gloss, mascara: the whole cosmetic kit a girl needed to keep herself beautiful. Plus, there was another big mirror resting on the desk.

Still, most of the room was empty. Trying to make it look more beautiful, there was a huge carpet on the floor, made of some flashy colors.

And, of course, there was her window, where they had so much fun each other before. Not wanting to become nostalgic, Nikko just looked at the teddy bear, which was smiling, looking at nowhere.

"Hey, teddy bear, what's your name dude?" Nikko asked the teddy bear. He laughed at himself and noticed the name of the bear on his chest.

"GUMMY. Well, nice to meet you Gummy. How's going your life? You do exercises?"

No response came from Gummy.

"I should have guessed..."

Nikko stood there, on Gummy knees, waiting for Marissa to come back. When she came back, she was playfully walking with a plate with a sandwich on it. A sandwich, let's precise, that looked enormous for Nikko.

"There Nikko!" she said by putting the plate in front of him "A yummy sandwich just for you!" She sat on the chair again, looking at him.

Nikko felt uncomfortable "Ehm...Marissa?"


"It's...way too big for me!" he said.

"Aaah" she sighed "Stop being a baby and eat what you can!"

"Al-alright..." He touched the smooth texture of the bread and tore a piece. He bit in it. It was actually pretty good, even if it was only two breads, a tomato, a salad and a cheese with some mayonnaise. "It's...excellent" he told her.

She gave him a warm smile and rolled away "Glad you like it!" she said. And, at his disappointment, she undressed herself. Nikko choked on. He slapped his chest and asked her "Wh-what you doing!"

"I'm changing to some more comfortable clothes..." she said, as it if was so natural for her.

"B-b-but....y-you fool! Don't undress in front of me!"

"Aah stop crying. Don't look if you don't like the view" She retired her skirt and her shirt, showing her panties and bra to an astonished Nikko. She walked at her wardrobe, singing a little song happily. She took a very little pair of short made of jeans and a tight t-shirt. She walked in front of her mirror and put the two pieces of clothes in front of her. She took different poses before turning at Nikko "What you think?"

" eh... It-it-it's..." Nikko stammered. He couldn't help himself looking at her bare legs. They were too attractive for him.

Noticing he wasn't able to give her a real answer, Marissa sighed and returned back at her mirror "I think it's beautiful!"

She quickly dressed herself with the tiny jeans. But, for an unknown reason, turned around when she was passing the sleeves of her t-shirt and Nikko had now a great view of her back. What attracted the most his eyes was, first of all, the slight curve her hips were giving and, secondly, a so obvious line descending all along her back. "Her spine...Wow she's so in shape..." Nikko whispered as did a quick exam of her whole female body.

"You saying?" Marissa said, having heard a whisper.

"Eh..." 'Find something to say, you dumb!' he thought. "I said you should do some fitness, you look fat" he said meanly.

"Aw..." she gave him a pitiful look and went on her bed, practically throwing herself on it. She re-positioned herself and laid on her back, crossing her legs.

They stood like that, silent. A silent that was sometime disturbed by Nikko having a bite in his mega-sandwich.

"What're we going to do?" Marissa asked, a ton filled with incertitude.

"What you mean?" Nikko replied.

Marissa turned on her side and looked at him, resting her head in her hand "I mean that I don't know how we could hide you."

"Hide me? Foolish idea! Imma just stay here till noon and I'll go straight at my house!"

"Puh!" Marissa giggled "And what you will do when you'll be in your house? "Hello mum, I'm three inches tall now, help me!"" Marissa said, taking a stupid ton, and then becoming serious again "She'll probably have a heart-attack!" she sat on the edge of her bed, slowly re-walking at him.

"I...I... never thought about it...Maybe the police then?" he risked.

Marissa sat on the chair and looked at him with a playful smile "Police? Ha ha! They'll give you to a labo research and you'll probably gonna be dissected" She said as she poked his tummy.

Nikko pushed away her finger "Then what!?" he let out, despaired.

Marissa grinned and leaned her head, showing her teeth a bit. Her eyes looked more sensuous than anything else.

"I don't like the way you're watching me...again"
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