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Nurse Julie's Patient - Discharge

Post #1

This is a continuation of "Nurse Julie's Patient" in which Dr Paul is hospitalized under the care of Nurse Julie who teams up with Dr Emily and Dr Paul's wife, Nancy, to aid in his recovery.

Setting: A university teaching hospital in the 1980's, where Dr Paul works as a medical intern. These events and characters are mostly fictional.


Nurse Julie's Patient: Discharge

Ejaculation. Emission. Release. Cum. Semen. Jism. Discharge.

Choose whichever word you prefer, Dr Paul would need to give his man-seed to Nurse Julie and Dr Emily at least one more time today, until the blood cleared. Only then would they allow him to be discharged from the hospital.

Dr Paul was still recovering from this morning's procedure with Dr Emily, Nurse Julie, and his wife, Nancy, during which they drained his prostate and balls of a large volume of cum.

Unexpectedly, his first load of semen was quite bloody, so Dr Emily had given orders for Dr Paul's discharge to be collected until the blood cleared. Nurse Julie and Nancy promised to carry out Dr Emily's orders.

It was after a late morning nap when Dr Paul awakened to find Nurse Julie and Dr Emily speaking softly with Nancy, at his bedside. Nancy reached out her hand to touch Dr Paul's arm, "You had quite a deep nap after your procedure this morning! It gave us three ladies a chance to plan your next cum collection!"

Nancy glanced at the two medical professionals and winked at her husband, "This will be fun and memorable!"

Nurse Julie spoke up next, "Dr Paul, you woke up just in time." Glancing at her watch, "We are due in the special procedure room shortly."

"I will meet you all in the procedure room. I need to get ready." Dr Emily chimed in as she drank the last drops from a bottle of water, then left the room.

Looking at Dr Paul, "Time for you to use the bathroom and get into the wheelchair so we can head down to the special procedure room," Nurse Julie said, then added with a laugh, "and no playing with yourself in there!"

Dr Paul went to empty his bladder and rinse his face, then wrapped his hospital gown around himself and returned to Nancy and Nurse Julie. They were whispering and giggling like school girls each time they looked at him.

"No underwear, Dr Paul. Just your gown!" Nurse Julie held out her hand to take the briefs from him, handing them to Nancy.

"Time to go honey! Get into the wheelchair and we'll go get you drained again!" Nancy looked too eager; he knew her well enough to recognize that these women had conspired in some crazy way!

The special procedure room was only a few minutes away, just a short elevator ride from his room.

He had never seen this room despite working at the hospital for over 6 months. It was a relic of the 1950's, with an institutional green tile covering the 12 foot high walls. The floor was shiny black tile with a central drain; you could hose down this room to clean it, flushing eveything down the drain. Lots of old wheelchairs and stretchers collected in the room; obviously now more a storage space than a procedure room.

The examination table was wider than most modern exam tables, and had elaborate metal stirrups that supported the full length of the thigh, knee, calf, and foot. Leather straps with brass buckles hung from the stainlees steel supports. To be honest, they scared him!

"Okay, Dr Paul, up you go!" And Nurse Julie helped him onto the table; she held out her hand for his hospital gown. "You won't be needing this." she smirked dikmen escort as she balled it up and tossed it into the dirty linen cart.

His penis was now thickening and rising in anticipation as he lay naked on the table. Images of torture raced through his head as Nurse Julie and Nancy each strapped one of his legs to the metal stirrups, using the heavy leather belts to bind him from his thighs to his feet.

An erotic shiver shot through his balls and cock as Nancy caressed his inner thighs then cupped his balls, letting her sharp nails dig into his sensitive scrotum.

"Oh, Nancy, what have you three planned?" He asked her.

Ignoring his question, Nancy squeezed more tightly, "Mmmm, nice! Honey, I really do adore having you in this position!". Pushing his knees as wide apart as possible, "You become so...vulnerable! And so...accessible!"

"Just be careful that he doesn't get overexcited too soon, Nancy!" Nurse Julie spoke up while gathering the equipment needed for the procedure. "We need to make sure we collect everything he releases, so we know if the blood has completely cleared from his semen!"

"Of course, Nurse Julie! I will do things exactly as we planned. But I am eager to get started!"

Just then, Dr Emily entered the room and locked the door behind her. The other two women and Dr Paul immediately turned their attention to her.

"Looks like our patient is well-positioned and ready," as she stood next to Dr Paul and grasped his blood-filled shaft in her soft warm hand. "Yes, he is exactly where we want him!" Nodding her approval to Nurse Juile and Nancy.

His cock was delighted to have Dr Emily's direct manual assessment, but he now began to worry that he might cum too soon and ruin everything.

While gently pulsing her hand on his cock and making direct eye contact with him, "Dr Paul, to make this procedure a success for you...and we three women...your wife has shared with us that you enjoy some particular...shall we say...perversions?...fetishes?"

Dr Paul looked scared. His mind silently raced, "Oh shit, what did Nancy tell them?"

Nancy spoke up first. "Paul, the three of us agreed that we are going to give you an amazing orgasm! But you need to trust us, just like you did this morning."

"Here's a little treat to start the fun!" At which point, Nancy lifted the hem of her sweater, removing it over her head, to expose her adorable 32C breasts! How could he have not noticed that his wife had been braless?

Already erect, her dainty pink nipples protruded stiffly from their dark brown areolae. Cupping both tits with her hands, she brushed her nips along his inner thighs.

Dr Paul was stunned! His cock twitched and began to throb. He could feel his balls tighten. He softly groaned and took a deep breath, trying to keep his composure.

"My turn, now!" Was all Nurse Julie needed to say, and she had his attention. She kicked off her sneakers and untied her scrub pants. Pushing them down past her hips and onto the floor, Dr Paul was drawn to her long athletic legs.

To his surprise, she was unshaven, with a soft 1/2 inch of light brown fur shrouding her powerful muscles. His eyes followed her thighs upward, and he was pleased to see her wearing high cut cotton panties, in a kelly green that matched her sweater. A thicket of pubic curls formed a gentle mound under the fabric, and a spray of wild untamed hairs escaped from the edges.

He darted his eyes at Nancy, who had obviously dislcosed his "fur fetish" to Nurse Julie; emek escort he felt simultaneously violated and aroused,,,,and the arousal was winning out...he moaned as Nancy chuckled at his discomforted pleaure.

Nurse Julie moved to the head of the exam table where Dr Paul could no longer see her, while Nancy remained between his widely spread thighs.

Dr Emily approached and stood next to him, slowly putting on a pair of latex gloves. Placing her hand on his chest, she began to play with his nipples; teasing them and tugging gently so that the latex stroked the delicate flesh. They began to stiffen...his latex lust revealed!

Nancy had also slipped on a pair of latex gloves, and had warmed some lubricating jelly which she now applied to her fingers.

"Paul, you will feel something wet, then some pressure.". And before Dr Paul could decipher what she was telling him, he felt the wet jelly on his anal sphincter and her petite finger probing his puckered muscle. She rhythmically pressed and released her finger, training the entry to relax...and it did!

Nancy had done this to him many times in the past; with her fingers or a dildo. it always made him humble and obedient...and very hard!

With no warning, Nancy had her gloved middle finger effortlessly inserted fully up his butt. "Paul, dear, there's more for you, since my fingers are small!" And with just one brief sharp sting of pain, she had unceremoniously slid a second finger into his rectum!

With her free hand lifting his heavy balls out of the way, she rotated her penetrating fingers to sweep around inside his rectum, then grasped his prostate to give it an affirming squeeze. As she increased the pressure on his man gland, they locked eyes, knowing that this was an intense fetish that made him crazy horny!

Dr Paul had been so distracted by Nancy's pelvic probing, that he did not notice that Nurse Julie had climbed onto the very large exam table just behind his head. She now had settled into a squat with his head locked between her knees, so when he tilted his head back to see her, he was staring directly at her furry thighs and green panties shrouding her dampening pussy.

She lifted herself up onto her knees so that her hips hovered over his face. Her musky scent filled him with arousal and his heart raced! Slipping her hand into the moistened furry patch, he could hear the wetness of her labia as she stroked herself just inches in front of him.

Reflexively, he extended his tongue and tried to eagerly lift his head toward her womanhood. She anticipated his sexual hunger and lowered herself down, pushing her soaked panties and pubic fur into his mouth. His lips and tongue danced on the thin cotton, pushing it aside so he could consume her velvety vulva.

Dr Emily was so pleased with Nurse Julie's skill that she also got onto the exam table, straddling Dr Paul's chest, so that she and Nurse Julie could kiss each other. Together, the two of them smothered Dr Paul under their athletic bodies while Nancy retained full control of his anus and cock.

Knowing these three women were using him as their play table, Dr Paul's throbbing penis was heavily leaking precum with each pulsation. Nancy couldn't control her own desires, and used the precum to stroke his elongated thickness as well as to pleaure herself. Gathering up his clear silky drainage on her fingers, she was now rubbing her nipples with the glaze, enhancing their prominence and sensitivity.

The room was filled with the scents and sounds of eryaman escort libidinous excess as Nurse Julie was approaching her climax from facesitting Dr Paul and locking lips with Dr Emily, while Nancy's self pleaure escalated.

Dr Emily noticed Nancy's increased sensual moaning and Dr Paul's rhythmic gyrations on the table. She looked over her shoulder to see Nancy clasping Dr Paul's cock in preparation for an orgasm. Acting quickly and skillfully, she turned around to face Nancy and Dr Paul's penis. She reached for the extra large collection condom and slipped it onto the engorged purple crown of Dr Paul shaft.

Dr Emily leaned forward, bringing her mouth to Nancy's ear, "We have him right where we want is the time...use your whole hand...fist him!" And with that, Nancy forced her entire latex-gloved hand across his anal sphincter! Violating his last taboo and fulfilling one of his most extreme fantaies!

Dr Paul lurched at the assault, practically throwing both Nurse Julie and Dr Emily off of him! His mouth clenched deep imto Nurse Julie! His anus clamped tight onto Nancy's wrist!

And then...

And then...

...He erupted with a spectular ejaculation!

Dr Emily was perfectly positioned to assure that spurt upon spurt of his thick cream was captured in the condom! As Nancy pistoned her fist in his rectum, Dr Emily milked his cock from the base to the tip as if it was a cow udder! Nurse Julie reached her climactic peak and was squirting heavily onto Dr Paul's face!

Dr Paul's sensorium was overwhelmed by the gushing elixir drowning his mouth and nose and the full expansion in his anus! His cock felt bigger than the universe as it released his vital seed! He lost all control of his body and all sense of time, letting the three women use him as they pleased.

Only after his balls felt empty and his dick was limp, did he realize that he could breathe freely and that Nurse Julie had again nestled his head between her thighs. Dr Emily was still astride his torso, catching his last drops of cum. However, she and Nancy were tenderly kissing each other, their eyes locked together is adoration.

Dr Paul's brain knew this sapphic moment was intensely erotic, but his manhood was limp. Empty. Incapable of any further stimulation. He sighed. Then cleared his throat to catch their attention.

Startled by the attention from Dr Paul, Dr Emily and Nancy parted, and giggled. Gathering up the filled condom, Dr Emily securely sealed the specimen and gave it to Nurse Julie. Now raising her hips over Dr Paul's deflated and shriveled dick, she opened her thighs and bore down, allowing a heavy warm stream of golden piss to splash over his pelvis! Dr Paul was speechless, as this final act was the filthy fulfillment of one of his deepest fantasies!

Dr Emily laughed at him! "I think we've had enough fun with you!" And she climbed off the table.

Turning to Nancy, Dr Emily hugged her and kissed her intimately. "Mmm, Nancy, you taste so sweet! And you knew exactly what to do, to make your husband give us a voluminous release! That was quite a forceful fisting you gave him!"

Taking the fresh warm semen to the microscope on the other side of the room, Dr Emily mixed it well then studied it carefully.

"Congratulations, Dr Paul! There's no blood here! You can go home this evening, knowing that all your man parts are back to normal function!"

"Wow! That's great news!" Dr Paul replied. "But surely, you will need to check another specimen after some period of time?". He smirked and glanced around the room, questioning the three women.

Nancy spoke up, "Well Paul, I think I can complete all the at-home testing you will need, but I think I will need to have a more thorough evaluation with Dr Emily and Nurse Nancy ... without you!"
08-06-2022, at 10:10 PM

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