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It Started with a Kiss Ch. 05

Post #1

Author's Note: A somewhat fictional series recounting a time in the late 1970's into the 80's also known as the Golden Age of Porn.

All actors are adults!

Events immediately follow the previous chapter.

Things are going to get kinkier so be forewarned -- if watersports and especially golden showers isn't your thing go to the next chapter!

Looking back this was the turning point. It wasn't intentional on my part; I was just a young horny guy. Sue was a good girl. And she still is outside of the bedroom. But in?

Sue sat up, saying "I gotta go pee." She grinned then and looking at me said "And I meant it. You're going to get it now. So, come on."

Sue had been on again, off again with the watersports stuff. She had to be in the right mood for it, and right then she clearly was. I eagerly got out of bed and followed her into the bathroom.

Her hand was pressed against her pussy as I entered and her legs crossed tightly as she pointed to the shower with her other. "I need to go bad! Lay down in the shower."

Fuck! Since that first time at most Sue would allow me to lick her pussy after she pissed. I grabbed a towel and tossed it on the floor tiles in the shower stall then laid down on it. The shower took the place of a full-size tub so there was plenty of room for me to stretch out.

Sue quickly stepped over the tiled sill, the first uncontrolled spurt of her pee splattering on me, wetting the inside of her thighs. She quickly straddled my head as that hot stream gushed from her pussy, landing on my chest. Sue was facing my feet and squatted, moving to ensure her solid stream of pee hit my neck and face.

"This is so dirty" she said breathlessly. She gasped, hissed out "Can you pee when you're hard?"

I was almost drowning in her piss. I was constantly swallowing, trying hard to keep up with the torrent of my girlfriends fresh pee pouring into my mouth. I was loosing the battle, more of it was flowing on me than in when I heard her ask if I could piss while erect. I opened up my mouth for more -- Sue had moved so her pussy was just mere inches from my face. I did have to go, I was horny as hell, and was really in the moment.

Instead of replying I relaxed, wallowed in her hot pee, feeling the piss in my bladder slowly, so slowly start to the root of my shaft. I swallowed more and after a few seconds a stream of piss shot from the tip of my hard cock. I heard a happy grunt from Sue, and as the last of her pee dribbled into my mouth, I heard her excitedly say "On me, aim it on me."

I grabbed my dick and brought it towards my belly -- I had to guess on the angle as my full attention was on that furry delightfully wet pussy which was splayed open right above me. I must have guessed right as my piss hit Sue's torso. She squealed then giggled, and seconds later I had my pee dripping from her labia and thighs onto my face and into my mouth.

"Oh my god" I heard Sue from above me. "This is filthy... this is... so so perverted!" She ground her pussy into my mouth and damn, I was in heaven. She wasn't just wet, good gosh no. Her entire crotch was swampy with juices. Her pussy hair dripped fluids; it lay like a thick sweet viscous oil along her folds and inner thighs. Mixed in that goo was her recent piss, and topping it was mine. I lapped like a thirsty dog on a hot day, my cock throbbing in my hand.

I had no idea where my piss stream was landing. If it reached her tits? Who knew. I had my girlfriend's pussy rubbing along my face and I had still more hot wet piss raining off of her onto me. All too soon I was finished, one last weak spurt onto my belly and I was done. With pissing. But fuck my balls were loaded with cum!

For that pre-internet age, what we were doing was as deviant as hell; at least as far as I knew! Later on, we'd find smut books on the topic but our knowledge of such matters was still relatively innocent. What was important at that moment was Sue grinding her pussy hard into my mouth - and with a choked cry came like she'd never cum before. She ended up collapsing on top of me, shivering and twitching as her orgasm coursed through her body.

I held her as best I could, considering. Sue's face ended up on my thigh, the damp mat of fur that surrounded her pussy along my face, and how the hell I hadn't blown my load on her tits as they rested along my aching cock I still can't explain.

We stayed like that for several long moments, after which Sue pushed herself to a semi-reclining position along me, grinning embarrassedly. "Wow" she said softly, shaking her head. "That was... different."

She rose up and looked at the both us, then she stared grinning at my groin. Fuck, she looked sexy as hell. My pee dripping down from her tits -- I did reach that high! And not just her pretty tits, I could see her hair had taken some as well. I grinned back at her.

"And you didn't cum? Oh good..." she smiled and continued. "We got to get cleaned ankara eve gelen escort up -- and yuchh. You need to do something with that towel."

So, another shower and we cleaned the pee off of each other. Luckily, I had shampoo Sue liked to use as we both had gotten drenched head to toe. The urine-soaked towel ended up in the wastebasket while we were in the shower, and when finished and toweled off Sue told me to take care of it otherwise the room would be stinking by the morning.

Look, at that point my cock was doing all my thinking. All I wanted to do was cum so I threw on a robe, ran into the kitchen and got a plastic trash bag. Ran back and bagged the towel, knotting the bag tight. Then got back into my bedroom.

Sue was finishing toweling her hair dry as I got in. "Sit" she said pointing to the end of the bed. I had almost groaned; a modeling session? My balls felt like they were going to explode! On the other hand, I did enjoy watching and was bewildered as to how far things were going to go. So, I did.

Satisfied Sue ran a quick brush through her medium length hair then went to our pleasure chest. It was a plastic trunk thing I'd picked up at a discount store, I'd guessed it was something a kid would use at a summer camp or whatever. It did have latches and a place for a padlock -- a concern when living at home and not wanting embarrassing questions from parents. Or one's older sister!

She opened it up and began rummaging. A black PVC garter belt got laid next to me along with some matching sheer stockings. My cock oozed pre-cum at the thought of my girlfriend wearing those! Lube next, a smaller anatomically correct dildo and a medium sized butt plug. With that Sue had my complete attention -- I had gotten two sets of small and medium plugs. The one she pulled out was mine. I couldn't help myself -- my bottom clenched as I saw her fondle it.

Sue kept it in her hand as she got in front of me, lifted her leg and placed her foot between my thighs. "Go on" she said, my attention wandering from her bush to her tits to the plug to... "Pick up a stocking and put it on me."

I knew I had to have looked totally confused. Sue rolled her eyes and said "Men. Never mind, hold this." And she handed me the plug. It really never dawned on me until I had it in my hand, knowing I'd be getting it inserted, just how large a 'medium' sized butt plug was.

Up to then we'd only used the smallest of the dildoes Sue had decided were 'mine' as well as the smaller of the plugs. In me. I'd come to enjoy them, well as long as it was Sue who was inserting them into me! They weren't something I'd use in solo sessions.

She picked up the stockings then turned to grab a chair. I used an old table and chair as a desk for studying, it gave a bit more room to lay out papers and stuff. Sue moved the chair so it was right in front of me then sat down. Putting her foot back onto the edge of the bed between my thighs she rolled the stocking up her leg. Oh fuck, that was one hell of a sexy sight!

Smoothing it out she did the same with her other leg. Then picked up the garter belt that was right next to me -- her small pretty tits hanging right in my face. How I didn't just erupt in a fountain of semen right then and there...

The garter belt was an impulse buy at a mall Fredericks of Hollywood. That was a mail order outfit back in those days and they'd expanded into small local franchises as shopping malls began taking over. Sue thought it too kinky and so it had sat in the trunk, until that night. It fit over her hips, had only four large elastic straps and it tied in the back.

Sue stood up and with my eyes glued to her waist wrapped it around her hips. Turning she said "Tie it up, would you?" and moved back a bit so her full ass almost brushed into my chest. I wanted to grab her hips and sit her down right onto my aching cock -- but instead after setting the butt plug onto the bedspread I carefully ran the lace through the four small eyelets and tied it with a bow knot. Then kissed the soft skin of her back.

Sue wiggled right in front of me then moved, pushing the chair back. "If I'm going to be a bad girl -- staying overnight with my boyfriend, wanting him inside my bottom" she turned and looked at me, hands on her hips. "I want to look like a bad girl. Do I?"

My cock twitched and another gob of pre-cum oozed from out of my cum slit. "Oh hell yeah" I said huskily. Sue looked like she was ready for a porno shoot. She'd had auburn hair then, and with her long legs and torso -- fuck. She was built to be dressed like a dominatrix. With the black shiny garter belt on, and those stockings - she was. All she needed were spiked heels and opera gloves and my sweet Sue would look as if she'd stepped out of a Bill Ward comic.

"Just remember that Sunday I turn back into a good girl" Sue said as she went back to the trunk. "And if you're really good during the week, we'll see what happens gaziosmanpaşa escort next Friday night."

I'd had ropes in that trunk of varying length. I made darn sure they were all soft nylon; Sue picked a couple up and said "Lay on your back. Time to be really dirty."

I did and then my fuck dream looking girlfriend pulled my right leg up so my ankle was by my wrist. "Hold it right there" she said then tied them together. Then she did the same with my left wrist and ankle. Talk about feeling vulnerable! Yet my cock just bobbed up and down as I laid there.

Sue picked up the small dildo from the bed next. Now I'd gotten it with the idea of it being used on Sue, I had it in my male mind it would be easier to convince her to try it. I'd been ecstatic if she used it in either orifice!

My good girl Sue had other thoughts it seemed. "I know how much you like those girl-on-girl scenes in those movies we watch" she said to me smiling. "It's so unfair. I think about what it'd look like you know." She was bringing the toy next to my face and I was thinking what the hell?

"Open wide and you'll get a surprise!" I could have protested, and thinking back I almost did. But as I had said before my dick was doing all my thinking. So, I opened my mouth. And grinning my sexy as hell girlfriend inserted the fake cock between my lips. "Oh yeah, I'm liking that!"

I laid there trying to remember if I'd washed the damn thing before putting it into our toy chest. It tasted, well. Tasted tangy like plastics did in those days. But that thought got swept away as Sue's hand moved to caress my balls. I felt a shock of pleasure go through me as she moved, getting between my splayed open thighs. Then sank to her knees in front of me.

I felt the warmth of her breath on my balls next and I squirmed. Her tongue on them sent shivery jolts of electricity through my body. She took one into her mouth and I felt a spike of anxiety, and then I felt a finger run along my exposed anal ring. I moaned around the head of the fake cock in my mouth, felt my sphincter clench.

Sue opened her mouth and the testicle she'd sucked in slid from her lips. "So filthy, so bad" I heard her murmur, then felt those lips brush along my perineum. My lower body shook, twitched from the stimulation. My mouth closed around the dildo my erstwhile good girl girlfriend had inserted. Her tongue licked from my butthole to the base of my balls and I felt as if I was going to explode.

"Shhhh...." I heard, then realized I had twisted my eyes closed and was probably moaning around the head of the fake dick in my mouth. "Don't you dare cum" I heard next, my lovely Sues face framing my engorged cock.

My eyes went wide as I saw that face slowly move down... her tongue tip barely touching my butt hole. Oh my fucking god that felt so good! No wonder Sue melted into the bed when I had been doing the same to her. But, her touches had been furtive, tentative. I felt a stab of fear - Sue was backing out, finding the act repugnant, dirtier then she could take.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh......" Sue's tongue laved and licked first around my butthole, then lapped around the muscular ring to my anus. Oh my god that felt good. She wasn't in any hurry and gave my bung hole a thorough tonguing. One second it would be just her tongue tip, then the flat of her tongue wiped along my entire crack. A probing would come, causing me to clench down on that entire area.

"So perverted, so filthy" I felt as well as heard my girlfriend say. Another light lick. A kiss on my perineum. Then her tongue thrust hard into me! I jumped, not expecting it. A spurt of clear pre-cum spat out of my cock head, dripped down to the bottom of my shaft.

My high school sweetheart, my adored good girl suburbanite all American young lady was tongue fucking my ass like she was the dirtiest fucked up slut picked up at some beer, cheap booze and who knew what else party.

Looking back though I think it was something else entirely. I laid there trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sue was totally in charge, a persona she became more comfortable with as time went on. A budding dominatrix, one whom would come to be, sexually speaking, the one wearing the pants -- er, garter belt and stockings - in our relationship. A persona that would lead us on a never ending journey of carnal delights.

Sue tongue fucked my asshole with a passion I now find hard to reconcile with the good girl she'd been. The latent capability had obviously been there, and looking back fear I'd created a monster because of my desires. Still! Then I was a callow, horny, depraved youth in my not quite middle twenties. What the hell did I know! My dick and balls were in charge.

Does it, in the end, matter? My sweetheart had her tongue deep into my ass, my cock was twitching as if it suffered from Saint Vitus' dance and I was totally fine with what was going on. I can't remember how long things went; all gölbaşı escort I remember is a protracted blur of delirious pleasure.

I do recall my ass was opened as it had never been. My darling sweet Sue finally stopped tonguing my hole, coated the butt plug she had selected earlier with KY, and slid it in as easily as if it belonged. I still remember how shiveringly good it felt as it glided into me.

Sue rose up and kissed my balls, planting a row of kisses from the base of my cock to the tip. She leaned over and rubbed her small pretty tits along my testicle sack. With my legs spread as they were, I was able to press the butt plug against my prostate by just clenching my butt. I looked, I'm sure, desperate, and likely a tad deranged.

"I'm liking being a bad girl" Sue said conversationally, her fingers lightly stroking my cock. "Tomorrow? I'm going to let you put one of those plugs into my bottom." My cock jerked as I heard that. "The smaller one first. We'll work up to the other one." I had wanted to respond, but the head of that dildo was still in my mouth.

I had thought about letting it drop out, let go of it. But I was afraid Sue would tease me more, or worse not bring me to orgasm. So, there it was. Veined shaft between my lips, the glans in my mouth. The fake balls on the thing making it harder to hold onto it without biting.

"And tomorrow night?" Sue smiled dreamily as her fingers clasped around my shaft. "I want you inside me. In my butt. I want you cumming in me. But you have to promise something." Her eyes looked into mine. "When we're done, you'll eat up every drop of sperm you shoot inside me."

Shit! That was one of hotter fantasies I had used at that point when jerking off. Cumming on Sue's ass was one of my all-time favorite things to do. Eating it out of her? The whipped cream on top of the ice cream sundae!

Budding dominatrix indeed! My dick, as I said before, was doing all of my thinking at that point. I recall nodding my agreement quite vigorously. Sue smiled, continued. "Now, I'm going to get you off but I'm not using my mouth. And then, when we're done, I'm going to serve you every little bit of your sperm. Would you like that?"

Like that? My balls were throbbing and I was leaking gobs of clear pre-cum. I kept going "Uh huh!" around that stupid fake dick in my mouth. Sue smiled at me and started stroking my cock faster. I moaned my appreciation.

"I'm glad honey" Sue said. "Now then, what should we talk about while I use my hand on you? I know. Threesomes."

That one came out of left field, but I wasn't in the frame of mind to care. Every once in a while, Sue'd ask if I ever wanted to participate in one. Being young and unsure of why she'd ever bring the topic up I'd typically answer something like yeah -- if she'd had a twin sister. Looking back, I've realized that Sue must have been thinking about having other people join us sexually. And liking the idea.

"I know you'd love it if there was a second girl. But what about me? What if I wanted two guys?" To be honest I had never thought about that one at all. And I was interested in where she was going with the conversation.

"It's just not fair in those movies we go to. The adult ones." Sue had started to use her second hand on me and I wasn't really paying too much attention to what was getting said. "You like watching the girls... do each other." I nodded my head in agreement. "Well, what about me? Why can't there be guys doing guys?"

My eyes went wide. Ewwww. I knew there was gay porno -- seen it in the adult stores I'd found and bought our toys at. Go see it?

Sue caught the drift of my thoughts, because she shrugged. "Honey, if we ever do threesomes, just remember it won't always be with another girl." Her strokes got longer and I was on the edge of orgasm.

"I mean, I think I'd like to... be with another girl. If that's something you'd like." Oh fuck. That was not fair. I began to tremble and my orgasm was just seconds away. "So... think about it. Just for me."

Sue bent over and licked just under the head of my cock. She left her lips there as jet after jet of hot white semen blasted from my cock. I moaned and clenched my butt muscles, feeling the butt plug in my ass push against my prostate, pumping even more sperm through my cock.

As my orgasm peaked Sue ran her tongue down my shaft, pressing against that vein running along the bottom of it. "See" she breathed against my spasming cock. "That got you going honey, didn't it?" She kissed each of my balls, then rose up again. "Now let's take that thing out of your mouth and use it."

I had just entered that warm period of post orgasmic haze and didn't really understand what Sue was talking about. Looking back, I think that was the point when she knew exactly where she wanted our sexual life to head. The plastic cock was pulled from my mouth and I was grateful, my jaw stiff and aching. I blankly watched as Sue pushed the head of it into some of the larger cum puddles I'd created on my chest, not comprehending what was next in store.

"Open wide" I heard. I'd had some vague notion Sue was going to lick my cum from the dildo then share it with me. Instead she had the head of it by my face, a glob of my cum coating the plastic surface.
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