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Oh, Behave!

Post #1

I ride up to you on my red V-Star 1100...the engine hot, you hotter. You don the helmet I give you and as soon as you are settled we are off.

You have no idea where this wild ride will end. Though the rumbling engine starts to warm you up in a way that was not expected. You are excited further, when my hand slides along your leg, starting at your knee and moving up. My hand is large enough to reach from side to side, with my thumb trailing along your inner thigh and my fingers on your outer. I get about 3/4 of the way up your leg before my arm is twisted backward and I just squeeze your leg. Even through the leather of my gloves and your pants...this touch excites you. Perhaps it's the roar of the engine, the feel of the motorcycle engine vibrating you in a most pleasant way, or the feeling of the wind, or the combination of all three. Regardless, you find you are quickly becoming very hungry.

Then we are there, and as you look around, you try to figure out where there is. It would seem we are stopping out in the woods. You try to ask me where we are going.

As soon as the first sound escapes from your lips, I place my fingers against them saying " talking." You are caught off guard and try to utter something else.

You see my eyes flash and are totally surprised to find a gag going around your head. Not in a harsh way, it doesn't hurt, yet it sends a most definitive signal. With someone else, you might be frightened; however, you know you are safe, though you still feel a quake go through you as my lips touch your ear.

I whisper "no talking, unless I give you permission. Actually you may do nothing, unless I give you permission. Do you understand?" I ask in a continued breathy whisper.

You shake your head in agreement and feel your legs get just a bit weak as a flash of heat pulses throughout you body. I take your hand and lead you into the trees. In a very short time, we come through the trees and into a field that has a small copse of trees in the very middle. You spy some blankets and realize I had everything all set. You chuckle to yourself realizing I didn't stop here by accident. I lead you to the trees and quick as a flash you find one arm being hoisted upward and toward one tree. You start to move and I pull you back to me forcibly.

I again whisper, "I give the commands, get over here NOW."

These words have a huge impact upon you because they are whispered. They cut right through you. You hang your head for a second in shame for not obeying the rules of the day. Your other arm is hoisted upward toward the adjacent tree.

You are suspended...and I sit down in front of you..."you've been misbehaving...what should I do with you?"

I pick up a thin green stick about a yard long and tap it against my other hand. I watch you eyes as they alternatively get large watching and hearing the stick whir through the air and smack my hand, then hood over as you think about the stick against your skin. You feel yourself becoming aroused.

I stand up in one smooth movement, unfolding in a vertical motion and move up to you. I stand right in front of you, looking deeply into your beautiful eyes and find I am becoming quite aroused as well. I hold the stick in my left hand and pull from my pocket a sharp knife with my right. In one smooth movement I open the knife. Your eyes are huge now, not knowing if the rules of the game have changed.

I see the real fear and quickly say in a very breathy voice, "we must remove your outer shell. Hold esat escort this and be very still."

I place the switch into your mouth and place the knife against the bottom of your tee shirt and in a smooth motion that displays the extreme sharpness of the knife, slice open your shirt, exposing your belly and lace bra. You let out a little whimper. I'm not sure if it is because of the loss of your shirt of the feeling of the knife-back against your skin as it traveled up your body. I push your shirt open, lightly caressing your belly, then slide my hands lightly over your lace encased breasts, using just fluttery touches, teasing and soft. I watch your eyes as they close partially in response to my hands upon you.

You are still trapped in the shirt, and your eyes open at the feeling of the knife traveling up your arms. Finally, you are exposed to the beautiful fresh air. It is a glorious day, low humidity, about 80 degrees and slow moving soft clouds dotting the sky. Then you feel the fabric slide off your other arm and you have shed part of your shell. Your legs are untied, so I kneel down before you and slide my hands into your pants, partially, teasingly and open the button in the front. I slowly open them, observing the small patch of black lace as it is slowly revealed. Without looking down I take your feet one at a time and pull your tall boots off and place them aside. I then pull off your socks. Your pants slide down your legs with the boots gone and one at a time you lift your feet allowing the fabric to fall to the ground. With the loss of the two inches your boots gave you your arms are stretched even further over head, not painfully, yet you no longer have any slack.

I stand up again, my hands sliding over your exposed flesh, reveling in the silkiness, in the way your body jumps when my fingers find a particularly sensitive spot. My hands travel over your body until they are at your neck and then cupping your head, one hand on each side. I put my lips over yours and you transfer the switch to my mouth with a throaty chuckle.

I smile and take it out of my mouth, and then my smile disappears. "You again overstep your bounds, assuming you can act without permission."

My right hand moves from your cheek to the other cheek, cupping your sweet ass. I spank you fairly lightly. "Behave!" I say, punctuating it with another spank.

You let out a soft moan as your ass cheek becomes a bit red. I move to your side and with a deft movement you hear that distinctive sound of the switch moving through the air. You try to anticipate the strike, yet still yelp when you feel it hit your tender skin. I notice your nipple have immediately become fully erect. I want to see them in all their splendor, so I open your bra, and by unhitching the shoulder straps let the bra fall to the ground with your tattered shirt and pants. Now the wind further excites your nipples and I see them straining with excitement. I lay my tongue along one and slowly lick it.

When your nipple has traversed my tongue I say "mmmm. Remember you may not cum until allowed other wise the consequences may be dire!"

You reply "Oh Yes Sir, I'll wait for your command!"

"Finally, some sign of improving behavior."

Then you slide your foot along the inside of my calf. Smack goes the switch and your leg immediately resumes its proper place on the ground.

"Did I give you permission to touch me? NO, I did not!"

Whack goes the switch again. Now your bottom is totally red etimesgut escort and you find you are becoming quite wet. I slide one finger along the bottom of your thong, noting that the fabric is unable to hold even one more drop of your liquid. I slide my wet finger along the insides of your arms, from the pit up toward your elbow. I continue to wet my finger as it becomes dry from making a wet over and over again, drawing a wet line along both arms. Seeing that you are not pressing yourself against my hands trying to get anything extra, I decide to grant you a boon. I kiss your lips lightly and turn to my knapsack sitting on the blanket under us. You can't see what I've brought out until I turn around again. You whimper again in reaction to what you see and are rewarded with another smack on the bottom.

"Maybe you don't deserve this treat." I say.

Your eyes are begging, even your body stance is begging for my treat.

"Well, I suppose you still deserve it." I relent.

I put a spring loaded nipple clamp upon each nipple and you cry out in reaction. The eroticism in your voice makes me throb. I can feel your pleasure flowing out from you. You know these are specially modified clamps and wonder if I'll give you the full pleasure. You try to be extra good to be allowed it. I can barely stand to not just take you right then. The look in your eyes, the flush of your skin was incredible. I could actually see drips of your cum slowly moving down your inner thigh on the left side and marveled at your ability to hold back. I knew you wanted to grab the ropes and lift your legs up and put them around my shoulders, as you've done in the past. Though, today that's not allowed in the rules. You can only act when given permission.

I put my finger to your inner thigh, looking sternly at you, slide my hand up capturing your moistness. I place my now quite wet finger in front of your eyes, then under your nose.

"You had better not cum without permission." I said, and then I slid my wet finger into my mouth sucking you from my finger.

I love the taste of you and look forward to when I can fully sate that desire. "mmmm, Have you cum yet, even a small orgasm?"

Your eyes tear up because you know you must tell the truth and I can tell from your body language that you've actually had a couple small orgasms, the most recent when I put the second nipple clamp on.

"Yes, I have, I'm sorry, please forgive me. I was unable to stop them. I tried." You said in the most small, apologetic voice I've ever heard from you.

"I'm sorry, I am bound to punish you most thoroughly now." I replied with a genuinely sad face.

You then feel the switch again hit your ass. It had started to recover, yet this new assault quickly brought back the heat and redness. After about three hits, I watched more cum drool down your leg. Our eyes met and you were terrified. We both knew that you just had another orgasm. It was a wonderfully vicious circle. I also noted that you were having trouble standing up and that your arms were looking more strained. So far your legs have been unshackled. Until now. I had two ropes staked out for just this time and placed the padded cuffs around your ankles. Then I released your arms. They fell to your sides, virtually unusable from blood loss. I sat you down, then laid you down and retied your arms along the ground. Now you are laying on the blanket spread eagled, totally open to me, and yet still unable to move. The only now I am no longer etlik escort able to spank you.

I want so much to just crawl over you and eat you from head to foot. I know the time is almost up?you've almost completed your punishment. Though not quite. I took out the knife again and this time cut off your little thong. You barely notice as I cut the strap, until I start sliding it off you. Then you definitely notice as the fabric slides through your pussy. You cry out as another much stronger orgasm courses through you.

Then, you cry out again "Oh please, no, I didn't mean to, I didn't know, oh please?oh please?"

You watch me turn back to the backpack and take out another tool. This time it is a leather flail.

I show it to you and you continue to beg your voice so soft "oh please?.oh please."

In reality, from your tone of voice it was impossible to tell if you were begging me to not use it or to please use it. I slid the leather teasingly over your open inner thighs then with a quick flick hit you. It left a number of light marks, mostly the skin just started to redden. Your eyes opened wide as you tried to not cum immediately as your skin heated up. Then whack on the other inner thigh. Now your eyes were screwed tightly closed as you tried to concentrate on something else to control the orgasm you felt mounting with each subsequent slap. One hit was a bit higher and on strop almost touched your pussy. Your eyes flew open and pinned me with daggers. I apologized quickly because that was against the rules for me. I can not touch your either your now openly flowing pussy or your straining nipples. Not yet.

I couldn't stand it any more. I wanted to watch your orgasm fly through your body and I knew just the way to guarantee it. You looked at me as the flailing stopped; wanting to see what was next. When you saw me picking up the long thin chain attached to the nipple clamp you almost cheered, you knew what was coming, in every sense of the word. I placed a small hood over your thumb then crawled around you and placed the second hood over your other thumb. The length was just perfect. Now if you moved your thumbs, you'd pull the nipple clamp, providing a most interesting new sensation.

I crawled to your head and whispered to you "almost time, can you wait just a second more?"

You nodded, though your eyes were so deeply colored with lust and desire, I knew I now had to move quickly. So I did. I quickly crawled so that I was poised right between your legs, my mouth mere inches away from your very very wet and open core.

You could feel my breath on you, and when I said "Okay, I want you to cum now!"

You went absolutely wild. You actually had started to move your thumbs as soon as you heard and felt me say okay. The feeling of my breath against your engorged clit and the strain on your nipples drove you to one of the most intense orgasms of our relationship. I was waiting, yet was still surprised when the cum actually gushed out of you. I laid my tongue out and caught what I could, all the while watching you, watching your core pulse, your body writhe, your nipple move, your face express the intense pleasure you were feeling. It was awe inspiring. I swallowed your tasty treat, and then just for fun blew a stream of air across you and watched your body spasm in another intense release.

Finally the game was over and I started moving around your body, first releasing your legs, then your arms. You didn't notice at first. Though, as I snuggled up to you and held your lovely body against me you knew you were free. You cried out and then covered my lips with yours, tasting yourself on my tongue.

Now, you had a choice to make?is it time for turn about, or time for a free for all?.I do sooo enjoy our outings together?
08-06-2022, at 10:24 PM

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