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co-workers tights (pantyhose)

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co-workers tights (pantyhose)this is my first story based on some true events and then the foot fetish stuff is fantasy and fiction. so when i was 18 i started working at a small local firm as an office junior doing filing, faxing, photocopying stuff like that. it was a small business mostly males but a few females worked there mainly on reception and accounts. i worked upstairs but downstairs was where the reception area was and the accounts and wages department where one female in particular worked called Lorraine. She was married and in her late twenties and tall and slim with long brown hair and nearly always wore skirts/dresses and sheer tights and heels. she was very pretty and she knew it but she was not arrogant about it and was very friendly. as i had to do a lot of photocopying it was great because her desk was near the photocopier so i would always see her a good few times a day and would love to look at her legs and see what colour of tights she wore each day (she usually wore sheer black and sometimes a nice shade of dark grey tights and occasionally sheer natural nude tights) and i'd always have a chat with her. one day in particular we were joking about if i was taller than her and she said i wasn't so i said lets stand next to each other to see. she was slightly taller than me but i told her that was because she had her heels on so i said if you took your heels off i'd be taller than you! so she slipped her heels off and i saw her pretty nylon covered feet in her black tights then we stood next to each other and i was slightly taller this time! she then bent down to slip her heels on again as i stared and her feet and legs and as she put them on and looked up she caught me looking and just smiled as i quickly looked away. the next day we were chatting and as we were paid weekly and it was pay day she asked what i was doing for lunch. there were food shops nearby so i mostly went to them but she asked me if i would like to go for a bar lunch with her for a change to a nearby pub. as she had a car this was handy and we wouldn't be late back as we usually had an hour for lunch. i said that would be nice. on this day she had a nice dress on with sheer grey tights and black heels. when we got to the pub and ordered lunch and a drink we made small talk then suddenly she asked me if i liked her legs. i was a bit shy and asked why she asked this and she said she'd noticed me a few times looking at her legs and then saw me looking at her feet the day before when she had her heels off. i admitted to her that i thought she had very nice legs and pretty feet and she smiled and said thank you then asked if there was anything in particular i liked about them. i said ok if i tell you do you promise to keep it to yourself and not tell anyone? she said ok and i said i love tights and have a passion for them and love seeing women's legs and feet in tights. she seemed intrigued and said i always wear tights and i said i know and thats why i love to look at your legs and feet when i see you as you have amazing legs. she smiled and said thanks i appreciate that. what she said next totally took me by surprise. she said "as i'm married i don't want to cheat on my husband and have sex but if you like i'll let you have some fun with my feet as i'd like that". i was stunned but didn't want to pass up an opportunity like that with a beautiful female so i told her i'd love to worship her feet and lick them and suck her toes through her tights. she said "mmhh that sounds like fun well okay then you can do that". after lunch we got back in her car and she drove to a nearby area where it was really quiet then she put her legs up over mine and said "take my shoes off". i slowly took them off and saw her lovely toes and painted toenails through her sheer tights. i rubbed her feet for a bit loving the feel of her nylon tights then i gently started to lick one foot all over then licked her soles. she was smiling and enjoying the attention. i then started to suck her toes and then put her whole foot in my mouth then done the same with her other foot. it was amazing. i then rested her foot on my crotch so she could feel how hard my cock was through my trousers and i told her i was really turned on. she said i can tell your cock is throbbing. do my feet really make you that hard? i said totally. she said well we'll have to do something about that. she was rubbing her foot on my hard cock and i said i can't take this anymore and i undid my zip and pulled my hard cock out and asked her if she would give me a footjob. she didn't even answer she just put both her nylon covered foot around my cock and started wanking it slowly at first then picking up the pace and going faster. she was smiling and watching me as she done it then i didn't even tell her i was going to cum i just shot a huge load of cum all over her sexy feet and tights. she let out a gasp as she wasn't expecting it then said wow that was amazing. i said it was amazing for me too and she then started to wipe the cum off her feet and tights with a tissue. i asked her to leave some of the cum on one of her feet to dry in as that would be a turn on and she smiled and said ok then told me to put her heels back on her feet for her then we drove back to the office. so for the rest of the day she was walking around with some of my cum on her foot in her shoe. she told me how much she had enjoyed me worshipping her feet and how she liked giving me a footjob so she said we could make it a regular thing as long as we were careful and kept it to ourselves. so each day she would tease me when i was at the photocopier and dangle her nylon feet from her heels and drop the heels so i could see her feet then every few days at lunchtime we'd drive to the same quiet area for some more foot worship fun. one day as i hadn't told her that i liked to wear tights also i thought i'd surprise her so i wore a pair of sheer natural tan tights under my trousers. we were in the back seat of the car this time and after i had spent some time sucking her toes and licking her feet as usual (this day she was wearing sheer black tights) i told her i had a surprise and i hoped she wouldn't freak out and that she'd be ok with it. as i slowly pulled down my trousers she gasped as she saw i was wearing tights. she seemed impressed and saw how hard my cock was through my tights. she said is this the first time you've wore tights and it is just for me? i said no and then told her about how i had started wearing tights and stockings a few years ago and how i'd never told anyone about it and how i loved the feel of them. she then started to rub my cock with her feet through my tights and it felt amazing. this time she didn't give me a proper footjob she just kept rubbing my cock through my tights with her feet till she made me cum through my tights which felt awesome! i then asked her if i could get a pair of her worn tights sometime as i'd love to wear her tights and think of her while i wore them. she smiled and said how about this pair i'm wearing right now? she then took them off and handed them to me and said i hope you enjoy wearing them and i want you to wear them next time in a few days when we have our next foot session so i can see you in them. i said sure thats fine with me! i said what about when we go back to the office though will people not be wondering why you don't have your tights on? so we went to a local supermarket on the way back and it was a turn on being with her and watching her buy a new packet of black tights and then when we got back to car i watched as took the new tights out the packet and slowly put them on and pulled them up her sexy legs. a few days later i kept my promise and wore her sheer black tights that she gave me under my trousers and she said it turned her on seeing me in them. so we made an arrangement that once a week after work she'd take off her freshly worn tights in the toilet that she'd worn to work that day and then give them to me so i could take them home to wear and enjoy and she'd always have a spare pair in her handbag to put on. one day as we were in her car she lifted up her skirt to show me that she had no knickers on under her tights and she asked me to lick her pussy through the tights so i did and it tasted great and she loved it then she another day she told me she wanted to suck my cock but she had an idea. as she lifted her skirt up she wasn't wear tights but was wearing sheer black hold up stockings. she slowly peeled one stocking down her leg then told me take my cock out of my tights and then she put the stocking over my cock and started to suck it! it felt amazing. as she was sucking my cock through her stocking she was looking up at me and watching me as i was loving it. i told her i was going to cum and she just kept sucking my cock as i shot a huge load of cum into the stocking and through the stocking and some of it into her mouth. it was amazing. she licked her lips then pulled the cum covered stocking off my cock and put it back on her foot and leg again and wore them back to work the rest of the day! then at the end of the day she took the stockings off and gave me them also for me to wear and enjoy. we carried on with our tights and foot worship sessions for a while until she ended up getting another job with a different company but on her last day she gave me a bag full of her worn tights and a fresh pair of sheer black tights that she'd worn that day and rubbed her pussy in and had her pussy juice and scent on the gusset for me as a final reminder of our fun times together
09-16-2022, at 10:48 AM

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