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Teenage Cuckold ? Catching My Cheating Girlfriend

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Teenage Cuckold ? Catching My Cheating GirlfriendLet me start by saying I?m a white Jewish man in a cuckold marriage. I?m in my mid 40?s and I?ve been sexless for the last six years, while my wife has had many sexual partners and boyfriends over the last 16 years, most of them hung black men. Even though this is not how I expected my life to turn out, I?m content being a sexless cuckold and get turned on by the humiliation of my wife fucking other men, but it?s definitely something I?m not proud to admit to people I know! As I analyze my past and the decisions and circumstances that brought me to this point, I can trace back my origins as a cuckold to my ex-girlfriend Christine, whom I started dating when we were both eighteen. Christine was a beautiful girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. She had small curvy hips with a round little ass, thin waist and round firm c-cup tits with pink nipples! She also had a very nice blonde bush, back before all girls shaved their pussies! Many people said she was ?Playboy material? and she was without a doubt the hottest girl I?ve ever dated! I was a good looking guy, in excellent shape though on the thin side back then, a decent athlete and very confident?none of the typically traits associated with a cuckold. The one common cuckold trait I did have was a small penis. It?s under 6 inches when fully hard and its thickness was also below average too. I knew it wasn?t big even back then, so I was self-conscience about it, but I didn?t realize how small my penis really was compared to some other guys. Christine and I knew each other from high school. She was a cheerleader and very popular. I definitely didn?t run in her crowd, but I was on the fringes of it and I was generally liked by the popular k**s. We didn?t really hang out much in high school and our big connection was that I helped her pass the math regents in our junior year. She was always very nice to me and I had a big crush on her as she dated guys from the football team or upper classmen starting when she was a freshman. In the four years of high school she dated or hung out with quite a few guys and there were stories about how she was easy and a slut! I don?t know if I believed everything I heard about her, but I will say we had sex on our second date, so I wondered how many guys had fucked her before me and which of those rumors about her were true. When we started dating she admitted, after I persistently asked, that she had sex with 5 guys before me and even though I thought that was a lot, my friend said I should probably double whatever number she admitted to! That blew my mind thinking that my girlfriend could have possibly had that many cocks! I wouldn?t admit it back then, but it kind of turned me on too and I was always a bit fascinated talking about her past sexual experiences with her, though she would never tell me much, or speculating about it with my friends and asking them what they have heard about her. I loved hearing my friends talk about her in a sexual way even though I realized most guys wouldn?t like that. We started dating after high school when we both started working at the same job while going to college. She was going to a community college and I was going to a very good university, both were local so we each still lived at home. I was much more confident now in college and she seemed very attracted to my confidence and intelligence. We really connected and soon started dating! I treated her like a queen. She use to say I was very different from the past guys she dated and I took that as I wasn?t the alpha male studs she typically dated, but I truly felt she loved dating me anyway. We dated for almost a year and we were both nineteen when I found out she was cheating on me. It was a summer day in early August and I was working when my friend and coworker, who was dating Christine?s best friend Pam, told me something shocking. He said that Pam told him that a few weeks ago while Christine was buying a car stereo she flirted with the well-built black sales guy in his twenties to get his employee discount. Christine agreed to go on a date with him that night and they have gone out on a few dates since. Christine had told Pam they have had sex! I was speechless! My friend told me this wasn?t the first guy she cheated on me with, but the other times were one-time fucks. He told me since this was continuing I deserved to know! My head was spinning! He told me today the guy was going to pick up Christine soon to spend the day with her at the beach. I couldn?t believe she would cheat on me and my buddy told me to go to her house before they left and he?d cover my shift. I was hesitant and still in disbelief by everything just told to me! I didn?t think Christine would even like black guys! It was kind of funny, one thought I had was I didn?t want this guy seeing Christine in one of her little bikinis and how hot her body looked wearing them. I thought how often I got hard on the beach seeing her in a bikini. Then my friend told me sternly ?Why are you still here? This black guy is fucking your girlfriend! Go there and kick his ass before they leave for the beach!? The reality that Christine could be fucking another guy hit me like a ton of bricks! I?m was never much of a fighter, but that was the man thing to do, so raced over to her house. When I arrived I saw a strange car parked in the front of her house. I was hoping my friend was wrong, but now I had this sick feeling in my stomach and had no choice but to go inside and confront my cheating girlfriend and this asshole that had fucked her.When I would go to to her house during the day while her parents were working she always left the back door open for me so I decided not to go to the front door and knock or ring the doorbell. I figured she left the back door open for him and sure enough she did, so I decided go inside slowly. I heard noise coming from her family room. As I walked further into the house I quickly realized that noise was a guy moaning, not loudly but definitely moaning! I got very nervous, not mad, as I walked toward the family room. Then I looked in to see this well-built black guy with a very big cock sitting naked on the couch with his legs spread and Christine, who was also naked, on her knees sucking his cock! I froze, I just stood there almost hypnotized watching as Christine?s head bobbed up n down on his long thick cock! I couldn?t get over how thick and long his cock was and the cock head was huge, rounded and very pronounced! I still remember every detail about his huge black cock! His cock was sticking straight up and she wasn?t even holding it, she was just using her mouth to control it as her hands were holding his hips. He had one hand running his fingers through her blonde hair as the other hand was feeling up her tits. My cock started to grow and it got fully hard very quickly! This reaction was shocking and uncontrollable?I was turned on seeing me girlfriend sucking another guy?s cock, not pissed she was cheating on me! I couldn?t stop watching either, even though I felt weird and felt like I shouldn?t be watching. It was almost like I was invading her privacy and I was doing something wrong, even though she was the one cheating on me! I started rubbing my cock through my jeans as he told her ?don?t forget about my balls?. She started to stroke his cock slowly as she began licking his big balls. He ordered her to go lower and she started licking the area between his balls and his asshole. He began to moan much louder and gave her praise. He slide down on the couch to reposition himself and ordered her to go lower, then pushed her head down so her tongue was on his asshole. He said ?Yeah lick my asshole like that!? and just like that my sweet girlfriend was rimming this black guy?s asshole for him! He was jerking off his own cock saying what a good job she was doing as she had her face buried in his ass! I couldn?t believe Christine was doing this!Then when he had enough and his cock head looked swollen and ready to explode he pulled her head up from his ass. She begged him ?Please fuck me!? but he shoved his huge cock back in her mouth. This time the blowjob was more forceful and he pushed her to take it deeper. His cock was around 9 inches long and she was almost taking it all down her throat! She gagged on it a few times and looked a little overwhelmed by it, but he didn?t let up on her as he fucked her mouth and she never complained! He then started to growl as he was cumming in Christine?s mouth! I could tell she tried to pull her head off his cock when the first stream of cum shot into her mouth, but he held it there as he was cumming until she used her hands to push her head away. He then finally let her come up for air and take it out of her mouth. She immediately coughed as cum came out of her mouth and onto her chin and tits! He pulled her closer and began tit fucking her as he was still cumming! She didn?t resist or yell at him for blowing a load of cum down her throat! She just held her big round tits together for him as he was pumping more cum out of his fat cock and onto her tits. His black cock looked so good sliding up and down between her white teenage tits! She said to him ?Your cock is so big?I want it now?. As he continued tit fucking her he asked her where she wanted it and she replied ?I want it in my pussy! I want you to fuck my pussy all day with it!? I was watching the whole thing and not saying a word. Christine never talked dirty like that during sex with me! I hand my hand inside my jeans at this point and was rubbing my cock almost without thinking and I was about to cum in my jeans!The guy finished cumming, but he was still hard. Christine let go of her tits and freed his big cock and stood up while holding his cock with one hand. I could see her amazing tits, chest and neck were covered in cum, some cum was running down between her tits unto her flat belly! She told him "I want you to fuck me with this big cock" as she straddled him. I couldn?t believe it, I was about to see my girlfriend get fucked and I still didn?t say a word! At that moment I wanted to see him fuck Christine! She lowered herself onto his massive cock and I could see my girlfriend?s pussy stretching out around his thick shaft as he sank his cock inside of her! She let out a deep moan as he penetrated her and she said to him ?your cock is so fucking big!? I was amazed how much her pussy was being stretched open to take him in. With that he immediately began fucking her hard thrusting his cock up and slamming it into Christine?s tight teenage pussy! As he was impaling her with his big black cock he grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her arms behind her back with one hand. He grunted ?Damn I love fucking your tight pussy!? He was manhandling her, pounding away at her pussy and exclaimed ?This is my pussy!? Christine was moaning uncontrollable and very loud, but she immediately replied ?Yes it?s all yours! He continued to pump her pussy hard for ten minutes and after about five minutes she begged ?Please don?t stop I?m gonna cum!? I then witnessed my girlfriend cum for the first time. In all the times I fucked her I never saw or made her have an orgasm like this! Her body tightened as her head ached back and she moaned over and over so loud! I kind of felt guilty and ashamed that I wasn?t able to give her this kind of pleasure. It would be something that I would never get over. I think at that moment, without knowing it I was destined to be a cuckold! After ten minutes of fucking Christine without mercy he began to pump cum into her pussy. He wasn?t wearing a condom and was seeding my girlfriend! He then told her to get on the floor on her hands and knees. He said ?I?m not done with you let! I want that hot ass in the air! I?m gonna finish fucking you like a dog!? I could never imagine speaking to Christine like that, but she was totally fine with it! Then all of a sudden as Christine was turning and about to go on all fours she looked over toward my direction. I froze like a deer in headlights?I was in her house spying on my girlfriend having sex with another guy! My hand was still in my jeans and covered in precum when she caught me! She yelled ?OH MY GOD ERIC!? My first reaction was to leave fast, but it was too late for that! She was very startled and embarrassed. I immediately pretended to be mad and yelled ?what the fuck is going on!? She ignored that question and asked how long I was standing there and how much I saw. I just yelled ?I saw enough!?Then guy stood up, his cock still hard, and said ?is this the little boyfriend? I wasn?t sure if he was saying that cause he was 6?1?? and muscular while I was 5?9?? and thinner or did she tell him I have a small cock and that?s what he was referencing? I got the feeling he knew I had a small cock. Either way, he didn?t care I caught them and definitely was not intimidated by me. He told me to leave...he said that even though I probably wanted to watch him fuck my girlfriend I needed to get the fuck out of the house! He called me a little pervert white boy. When I didn?t leave on my own he walked up to me and throw the first punch without warning, which knocked me back onto an end table knocking over a lamp. I was caught off guard by his aggression and strength! He then grabbed me punch me again while holding my shirt n ripping it before tossing me across the room. With those two punches I was done!Christine then got between us and yelled at him while I was laying on the floor. If it wasn?t for her I would?ve gotten my ass kicked a lot worse. She told him to leave a couple of times. When she finally told him she?d call him later he agreed to leave. I felt like a loser for getting my ass kicked by the guy that just got his cocked sucked, asshole licked and fucked my girlfriend! I also felt like a loser because I needed my girlfriend to protect me! After he left she came right over to me and asked if I was okay and I said I was fine even though I had blood in my mouth and a fat lip. She apologized over and over as she whipped blood from my lip. She was still naked with his cum all over her tits and she noticed me looking at them. She then asked how long I was watching and why I was watching them. She said she noticed I was rubbing my cock when she first saw me watching. I got very embarrassed, almost wanting to cry embarrassed and she saw it on my face. She said ?It?s okay if you were turned on? and she touch my cock and asked if I was still hard. I wasn?t but my cock immediately started to grow again and she felt it getting hard and smiled! My jeans were still unbuttoned, so she pulled out my hard cock and stroked it. She said "It's so wet, did you cum?" She gave me a naughty grin and told me I?m glad I'm turned on! I couldn?t believe this was happening, but I was so horny! With that I just started to kiss her?fat lip and all! As my tongue was in her mouth I couldn?t help but think she was just sucking a black cock and he cum in her mouth, but that thought turned me on even more! She pulled my jeans down to my ankles as I took off my shirt. I felt a new sense of embarrassment because I knew how much smaller my cock was to the one she just had, but she didn?t comment on that instead she just dropped to her knees and started sucking on my cock now! I stood there with my eyes closed picturing what I just witnessed, my girlfriend being a slut for another guy! I was enjoying that moment so much when she stopped after only a minute and asked if I wanted to fuck her. Christine was still horny and she seemed fine settling for my little cock. I almost felt uncomfortable fucking her. I was sure she was only going to fuck me because she felt guilty cheating on me.Before she stood up she removed my boots and jeans so that we were both naked. She started to lead me to the couch and I asked her if she really wanted me to fuck her. She said yes of course and that?s when I asked if my cock was too small. It was the first time I asked a girl if she thought I had a small cock. I guess I wanted to ask Christine that for a long time, so it felt good to finally ask her! She just pushed me down onto the couch and got on top of me and insert my hard little cock into her used pussy and didn?t answer my question. I asked her again as she began to bounce on my cock. She told me to just fuck her hard. It wasn?t lost on me that she didn?t answer my question, but I just grabbed her by her hips and listened to her. I slammed my cock up into her cum filled pussy with all my might as she was riding me! My upward thrusts met her downward movement as she bounced on top of me. It was intense?for me at least, I had never fucked her this hard before! I could feel all of his cum still in her pussy as my cock squished in it! I couldn?t believe I was getting sloppy seconds with my girlfriend! She was moaning and her perfect tits were bouncing in my face. Her tits were still covered in cum, but I wanted them so bad! I put my hands around the sides of both of them and squeezed them together. When I did that she knew what I wanted and told me to suck on her nipples. I was so incredibly turned on in that very moment I just did it! I put my mouth on her nipple and began sucking it. I immediately tasted that asshole?s cum, it was a very weird taste, not a taste I liked but it wasn?t disgusting either. I sucked all of the cum that was on that nipple and swallowed it. She started to bounce on my cock even harder and she was clearly turned on that I was sucking on her nipple and cleaning off his cum. I was so close to cumming at this point, so when she told me to ?suck on the other one now? I did! She told me to ?lick her tits clean?! I couldn?t believe Christine was telling me to do that, but I liked this more dominant side to her so I licked her nipples and tits! I even licked all of his cum that was between her cleavage and on her neck before I began sucking on her nipples again. I was taking big globs of his cum onto my tongue and into my mouth at once and the taste was much stronger! I struggled to swallow it all, but I scanned her body licking up every drop of his cum off her. I even used my hand to scoop up his cum on her belly and licked it off my fingers! She called me a ?good boy? and I loved I was making her happy and I loved her approval even though I was eating a black guy?s cum! I did feel I was going too far, this wasn?t like I was accidently getting a little cum in my mouth I was blatantly eating all of his cum off her and there was a lot! Christine absolutely loved I was doing it though as she rode my cock so hard! With that I began to cum, I pumped stream after stream of cum into her used pussy. I was the most intense orgasm I?d ever had by light years! I hammered her pussy so hard as I was cumming, but she kept telling me to fuck her harder like it wasn?t hard enough! When I finished she clasped onto my sweaty body and we just stayed like that silently, even awkwardly, for a few minutes. I don?t think either of us knew what to say now that it was all over. I was especially embarrassed for what I just did! I felt this sense of humiliation that my girlfriend was cheating on me with another guy, clearly older (24 years old), more sexually experienced and definitely more endowed than me! The fact that I got caught watching them and Christine knew it turned me on made it much more humiliating. But the worse part of all was I ate another guy?s cum off her tits! I regretted that the moment we were finished so much! I was in disbelief I would do something like that! Christine wanted to discuss everything as we both got dressed, but I was too embarrassed. Days later she would later even question if I was gay for eating all of his cum, so I'm sure she was thinking that at the moment. I also thought back to how good he fucked Christine and how hard she orgasmed with him. I thought how she told him she wanted him to fuck her and that she would call him later, so round two was going to be tonight and he?d fuck her like a dog as he was about to! Feeling very insecure on so many levels I just figured I had no chance, so I told her we should take a break and she should figure things out with him. She was puzzled and said ?what does that mean? Do you want to break up?? I told her she should call him like she promised. I told her I wasn?t going to compete for her and she obviously wanted him or she wouldn?t have cheated on me in the first place. She seemed a bit insulted and surprised I said I wouldn?t compete for her. I didn?t mean that way, I more felt I couldn?t complete. I wish I had said it that way. She asked me if I was afraid of him since he kicked my ass. I said no, but I was afraid of him. She asked is it because he has a big cock, are you intimidated by that? That hit a nerve and I abruptly ended the conversation and I told her she should just date him now.With that I left her house, but even though I didn?t want to lose her I gave her up because I knew I deep down I couldn?t compete with him and I?d never make her feel as good as he just did. She began dating him right away and blamed me for breaking up with her and pushing her to him. Christine was mad at me right after we broke up and she would rub it in my face that that sex was incredible and would question my sexuality. One day at work she finally answered my question I asked her that afternoon and said that I have the smallest cock of all the guys she had been with! That wasn?t surprising to hear, but it was still extremely humiliating and forever destroyed my ego! Following us breaking up I wasn?t dating and every time I masturbated I thought of Christine fucking! I thought of my now ex-girlfriend fucking a hung black stud. When I went my local video store I always ended up in the porn room and began renting only the interracial porn videos. I was hooked on porn videos of black guys fucking white girls, the nastier the better! I was watching interracial porn videos almost every night in my room. I didn?t realize it then, but watching so much porn made me pursue girls less and made me content even though I was sexless for over a year after we broke up.I had to see Christine and her new black boyfriend together when we he picked her up after work or when everyone hung out after work as a group, she'd bring him along. He?d remind me he took my girlfriend away from me because I wasn?t man enough and that he is fucking her way better than I ever did! He?d say stuff to humiliate me and put me down. He?d challenge me to a fight and always called me faggot for eating his cum if he got me alone, but I would take whatever he said to me because I knew he wanted to kick my ass again and was trying to bait me into a fight! A couple people questioned why I?d hang out when I knew they?d be there, especially knowing Christine just brought him around to embarrass me and make me jealous, but the truth was I liked seeing her with him. I?d pay attention to every little thing they did, like when he would slide his hand from her lower back down to her ass or how if they kissed he wasn?t shy about feeling up her tits in front of people. I craved to see every little interaction and displays of affection between them, but honestly it wasn?t enough. I?d always jerkoff so hard when I got home after seeing her with him! Christine and I had agreed we would keep what happened that day between us, but little by little the details got out at work because Christine let it out. First it got out that I got cheated on and that I caught them, that I understood because I did show up to work the next day all beat up. Then it got out that I got my ass kicked while he was still naked right after fucking Christine and that she saved me from a worse beating. Then some people started to find out we had sex afterwards and I licked the guy?s cum off her tits! Once that got out it spread pretty fast throughout the store. I became the laughing stock of the store and even the store manager brought me in to check on me because he heard the rumors and the jokes! I quit soon after that! Even people that I thought were my friends, were laughing about me behind my back or making jokes to my face. I denied I did those things, but no one believed me. I ran into Christine a year late, I was still not dating anyone and still hadn't had sex since her. She apologized to me, not for cheating on me, but for the humiliation and jokes I endured that forced me to quit my job and she also apologized how she treated me afterwards and for knowingly letting her big black boyfriend intimidate me and try to fight. She then told me something that I still remember fondly, she told me in some respects I was the best boyfriend she ever had and that she hopes I don?t hate her over everything that happened. The funny thing was I still loved her, so I told her I accepted her apology and I could be able to hate her and that I wasn?t even mad at her. I told her I?m glad she is happy that they are still together (I probably didn't mean that last part). I also got a chance to tell her that I never meant that she wasn?t worth fighting for and I regretted saying that! I told her the truth was I didn?t think I could compete with him so it was about me not her! She seemed very happy I said all that and gave me one last kiss. It was a great talk and I was very happy I got that closure even if I?d still regret losing her. I didn?t tell her I was probably addicted to interracial porn now and that I still masturbated thinking of him fucking her. I wonder what she would have thought if I told her that? I always regretted one thing more than anything, more than catching her cheating on me, more than being caught peeping on them like a pervert, more than getting turned on as my girlfriend sucked, fucked and rimmed a black guy, more than getting my ass kicked by him and even more than eating the black guy?s cum?I regretted leaving the house and giving her up to him! I mean I probably was going to lose her anyway, but I just let the hottest girl I ever dated, the girl I loved go without trying. Years later when my wife would cheat on me I didn?t make that mistake and I let her continue fucking other men and became a cuckold! That was all because of Christine!
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