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Target Heart Rate

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Target Heart RateOne morning I was at my usual gym at the time. The owner had stepped out and it was just me and one of my usual workout partners. She was a few years older than I was and was married to a much older man who was a Dr. She stated several times she new her place as a trophy wife. I just show up to events and smile, or I host dinner parties/events for his office and stand by his side.Beautifully fit woman is the only way to describe her.One morning she kept checking her watch/heart rate monitor. Is it not linking up I ask her? No she says, the connection is there, I just cant get my heart rate in its target zone for some reason. Her and I usually tore up the WoD routines with no problem. Are you ok I ask? She says yes she will figure it out and continues to play with her monitor. I chuckle and mutter under my breath I could spike your heart rate as I walk to the next circuit.What was that she asks? Hmmmm???? I reply. She says you said you could spike my HR didn't you as you walked away. I told her I was sorry, and it was just an inappropriate joke. Well that is a shame she says as she turns and squats to pick up a dumbbell. I imagine you could do wonders from this angle she says as she looks around her shoulder at me smiling. You have no idea I tell her. She stands up and walks right in front of me. Her head is right at my neckline. She leans her head back, leans forward, and licks my neck.Salty... I like that she says with a smile. I grab her by the waist and spin her around. Pressing my rapidly growing cock against her. I slide my hand down her waist to her ass and squeeze it. You better be careful I tell her, you might get what you ask for. Her watch starts beeping and she laughs. What is so funny I ask her. My heart rate is rising she giggles here feel. She takes my other hand and pulls it around her body and places it on her breast.I squeeze her breast and pull her hair back and kiss her. We should probably get out of the main workout area... others should be coming in soon and we are right in front of the windows. We head into a side room that has spare workout equipment in it. I pull her top of and slide her sports bra over her head. She has the chest strap on for her HR monitor and I start to reach for it. No she says, leave it on. I want to chart this workout! We both chuckle and that and she slides my gym shorts down. She takes my cock in her hand and straddles it. She rubs my cock against her pussy and she is soaked. She squats down with her face in front of my cock and says how she has thought about this since I joined the gym and we started working out together.She starts to suck my cock awkwardly. I lean her head up and tell her we do not have to do this if she does not want to. It's not that she says. I simply havent given a bj to a cock like this in over 8yrs. When the dr is hard he still fits fully in my mouth. I am not sure what to do with you to be honest! We can save that for another time I tell her. Right now who knows how long we have!There are work out bands hanging up beside us and I tell her to rig them up to the spare pull up bar. She wraps them around the bar and steps in them just like she would for pull up assistance. Let your body weight rest on them I tell her. Just lean back and get ready for your work out.With the bands supporting some of her weight I am able to quickly and easily position her over my cock. I slide her down onto me and I am able to push and pull her up and down with the bands in a very odd but amazing feeling floating doggy style. The bands want to pull her away but I keep pulling her back. OMG she moans you are so deep. I cant believe I was that wet that you slid in so easily. I pull her hair back and tell her she hasnt felt anything yet. I tell her to get off the bands and kneel over the spare weight bench. She eagerly does and spreads her pussy open for me. Please she begs I need more. I slam into her and she yells oh shit! She jerks her head up and braces herself on the bench. Her HR monitor alerts her she is almost at her target rate. I grab her by the hips and thrust as fast and hard as I can into her. She buries her head down, oh shit... oh shit she screams as her monitor continues its alert.It felt like a very soft car door slamming on my cock the way her pussy clenched onto me. I to this day have never felt anything like that again. It was almost painful but her orgasm was simply amazing to hear and feel. As she clenched me I told her to put her arms behind her back and lay her head on the bench. She does and I pull her up by her arms and continue to fuck her. I can see her HR monitor now. She is coming time and time again one right after the other. Her HR is everywhere. The numbers jump from 125-160 and everywhere in between. She can only raise and lower her head as I hold her up by her arms and continue to bury my cock in her up to my balls. Dont cum in me she begs. Please tell me before you cum. It wont be long now I tell her, where do you want it. Let go of my arms and I will turn around. I want you in my mouth she says.I let her arms go and she whips around. There is no more of the awkward bj from before. She knows what to do with it now. She slams it down her throat and gags a bit. She pulls back and with her hand scoops up that drool pouring out of her mouth and uses it to jerk me into her mouth. Down her hand goes to my stomach as her mouth almost reaches my base. As she backs off her hand all slimy with spit regains its grip on my cock. As I look down she is furiously fingering herself at the same time. Now she says... please now...She strokes my cock all the way to its head now. Her head is leaned back begging me to cum. Mouth open, tongue out, eyes wide. I shoot right into her mouth string after string of hot cum. She chokes a bit but maintains enough to finish me off properly. She milks every drop out of me and licks each one off the tip of my cock.We look at each other both probably thinking the same thing... holy shit that just happened. I hand her a spare towel and she wipes herself down. We get dressed and peak around the door. No one has entered since we became "occupied." We both give a small sigh of relief for that. I give her a pat on the ass and a quick kiss on the neck. She turns, smiles and thanks me. I do not regret that at all she says. I havent cum like that in ages, but this cant be thing you know. I fully understand I tell her. At least we were able to fuck like that once. She grins and says oh there will be more, just I cant promise when. Oh you are up for another workout I joke. She looks at her HR monitor and laughs. Yep she says, that is the highest my HR has been in years! I cant wait to chart this at home and show the Dr. how hard I worked out today.You do that I tell her, you do that.
04-06-2021, at 07:11 PM

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