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A day of dreams - Part 4

Post #1

A day of dreams - Part 4The dream turns into a nightmareI was crying. Quietly crying and sobbing. Tears were streaming down my face. This was a nightmare to say the least.He had his cock shoved into my mouth and he was fucking my mouth. ?Suck, bitch. We both know you want it. I know you're a dirty little whore who lives for sucking cock!?The previous guy was firm and he did abuse me. But at the same time he had been gentle. Not exactly charming or loving, but gentle nonetheless. This guy was rough and aggressive. He was using and abusing my mouth. This was almost more awful than I could ever have imagined!I sucked. I gagged and choked on his big cock every time he shoved it deep down into my throat. I was nothing but an object to him; a wet mouth to receive his cock. He fucked. I sucked. He called me dirty names, loudly, as he continued to fuck my mouth.?Oh fuck, yes slut. Suck my cock. Submit like the good little slut you are! Look up. Look into my eyes as you suck me, whore!?And then he grunted. He was holding onto my head. He had been holding and guiding my head right from the beginning. As he gave another grunt and then a loud moan, he pulled my head right down on his cock and then I felt his cock swell and start to pulse. His cum started squirting into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat in hot thick squirts. I swallowed. Not that I had any option. My throat went into reflex swallowing as the thick liquid hit it. It was disgusting! Thick pungent cream pumping into my mouth and down my throat as I swallowed load after load. It felt as if he was never going to stop. How much cum could there be in one man's balls!Finally his grunting and groaning stopped and I felt his cock start to lose its hardness in my mouth. He still held my head firmly with his cock planted in my mouth.?Oh yeah, that's it baby. Now I feel better. You are such a good cocksucker. Dirty little slut aren't you!? It wasn't a question. That's what I was to him. Sitting in a cubicle in the men's toilet, my lips covered in cum with my lipstick smeared, I guess that's what I now was. A dirty cocksucking slut!?Suck my cock clean, baby. I don't want cum on my suit.? Suddenly I was ?baby?. Now that he'd shot his load and had his way with me, now he was using terms if endearment! Not that he meant it as endearment. To him, no doubt, ?baby? was what you called a submissive compliant woman!He patted my cheek in a patronising way and then tucked his limo cock into his pants and zipped up his fly.I started to get up, wanting to...needing to get out of there as fast as possible.?Sit down!? He roughly pushed me back onto the toilet seat and then took out his mobile phone. He was texting. What the fuck! What was he texting?!?No, he wasn't texting! He'd taken a photo of me. Me, sitting on the toilet seat, my panties exposed as my short dress had moved up to my hips. My lipstick wasn't smeared! I couldn't see it, but I know it was. Had to be after the abuse of two cocks between my lips.Now he was texting! Sending the photo with a text?!?! Oh shit, no please. Not that!?You stay here! I've sent a message to a few of my friends and I know they'd love to fuck you as well. You'll get more of what you want, baby. Lots more hard cocks on their way!??In fact, come out of the cubicle. I want you kneeling here next to the urinals. More space.? He was laughing. ?Mmmm, yes more space for you to take several cocks at once and these urinals are going to make just the perfect backdrop to to video I'm going to take on my phone. You on your knees, cocks in your mouth and hands and the urinals in the background! Perfect!?This was getting worse and worse. The nightmare was turning into a horror movie!?Don't worry. I'll send you a copy of the video. Or you can just look at it on xhamster once I've posted it. Wannabe model shows what she really is...a bukakke cocksucking slut. A dirty little cock whore! That's what we'll call the video! Because that's what you are. No more airs and graces and no more miss hoighty toighty. You'll know what we all know. You're a slut and whore for men!? He was laughing. A nasty evil laugh. The laugh of a man who sees women as submissive and as nothing more than pieces of fuck meat!I was humiliated, scared, distraught and so many other emotions were running through me. But I was also powerless. I couldn't fight this man. I should have. I should have had the strength of character to fight this nasty filthy abuser...but this was also so unexpected and I didn't know how to deal with it. This was not a scenario or circumstances I'd ever thought about of considered. It simply wasn't in my point of reference.I felt dirty. I felt disgusted and humiliated. My psyche was destroyed, broken down and submissive in its deep humiliation. Something in my mind was telling me that I deserved this. That this was what I was and that I had to submit to my role as a slut for men. I was a mess! My mind was a mess!Obediently and compliantly I let him lead me out of the cubicle and onto my knees in the open space next to the urinals.?Now that looks perfect. The perfect position for you. On your knees, mouth open and ready for cocks! In the men's toilet! Fuck, this can't get much better!? And then they arrived. Four more guys. Laughing, slapping each other on the back. Laughing at me. Smacking my cheeks with their cocks. Big cocks, growing harder as they took turns to slap my face with their cocks. They were calling me dirty names. It was all a blur. My mind was spinning, I couldn't think straight. I couldn't focus on anything. I couldn't even hear their words anymore. My mind and psyche had shutdown. It was all just too horrible for my mind to deal with.I was vaguely aware of cocks in my mouth, one at a time, but it felt as if I had multiple cocks fucking my mouth. I sucked. At least I assume I sucked. I really have very little recollection of what happened. Cum was squirting into my mouth, over my face, over my body and dress. Finally it was over. I became aware of a of quietness, the only sound being my sobs. They'd used me and then left me lying there on the floor. Used and now discarded. I was lying on the tiles. Wet sticky cum covered my face. I was a mess! In every imaginable way, I was a mess!I was destroyed! My will was gone. All I could do was lie there and sob. There was no one else there, but it wouldn't even have mattered if there were another twenty men in there using and abusing me. I was a shattered person. Empty. Finished. Fucked and used into total submission. I felt and was completely degraded.The men's toilet door creaked and footsteps came inside. It didn't matter. It didn't matter anymore. I was finished and in pieces. If another man used me now, it would make no difference. I just lay there. I didn't even look up. I didn't care anymore. My self respect was non existent. My humiliation was complete.To be continued
04-06-2021, at 07:11 PM

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