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The Close Pt. 01

Post #1

I live in the UK. I am a tall male 6 2 mid 40's bald. I have been married for a long time my wife being a nice kind person and great mother, but sex is not a big thing in her life. This was never an issue until our two children flew the nest to leave for university.
Our home is in small close with 4 other houses. At number one a couple live the man Martin is nearly 70 but has a much younger wife from Nigeria called Margret she is in her late 30's pretty and small around 5 foot with great curves and hips. It is obvious this is a marriage based on finance not love and desire. They also have a friend of Margret's living there Lucy who is 5 7 slim with a great figure and dark brown skin.
The second house is mine my Wife Ana is about 5 7 mid 40's with blond hair and is a size 14 she is still attractive.
At number 3 we have Trevor a police officer and also a high profile member of the local church he is very prim and proper and around 6 foot everything is by the book and he never has a crease in any of his clothes he is house and car proud. It is a picture perfect home with many CTV cameras around his first wife left him and now he has a Thai wife called Vanessa she is 5 2 and pretty nice long hair polite and submissive.
The last house number 4 is the talk about family. Dave the husband is all flash and around 5 5 you know the type trying to make up for his lack of size and stature. His wife is also very flash smartly dressed with her hair and make up always well done wearing designer clothes. She is 5 3 brunette and is very pretty. Here things get interesting her mother lives with them Tina she must about 60 but walks around like a dolly bird and is very much her daughters mother. Lastly they have a son and daughter luckily for the son he takes aft the mother in looks and is around 5 11 where did he get that height? and the daughter is again like the mum and grandmother in looks but much younger.
My life changed one day when coming home from work. I parked on the drive and was met with a wave from Margret. She wanted some advice. She explained that she was looking to create a cake making business and knowing I am an accountant wanted some help with the finances. I said sure knowing her cake making was well known locally. She had made a great cake last year for instance for my daughters leaving for University.
I said yes of course come over Saturday morning the house will be free and we can lay out everything on the living room table. I thought nothing off my comment as she smiled and said see you then.
Saturday came I was tidying up the house in a pair of jeans and brown cotton T shirt with my boxer briefs on below. The doorbell rang and I answered it. Margret looked up at me smiling holding some cakes in a box which I took off her and her records information.
She looked stunning I had never noticed this before, her face was fully made up it made her look a lot younger, her lips had bright red lipstick on. She had a blouse on white with a few floral flowers taksim escort and you could see the white bra through the fabric her skirt was short and tight showing off her curvy nice ass. We sat down to eat a cake with a bottle of water each the hot day was no good for coffee.
We went through the equipment needed and costs. In fact time was flying we joked and laughed a bit she was good company. We were working on costings and this was not obviously her strong point but I was slowly explaining things.
I held her hand as she struggled to understand the figures, it was just a natural reaction our first touch, she looked at me. Her eyes bright and she smiled thank you for helping me not worried in fact she liked the touch and even stroked my hand as we sat there.
She looked me in the eyes and turned towards me smiling her legs crossed over to get my glance and I looked down, she uncrossed them and with her short skirt she was telling me without words she had no panties on. Speaking softly Margret said I watch you come home and wish you were coming to me you know my husband is old and no longer has the desires I do.
The admission had my heart race and being bold now I asked what do you do about it. She smiled and said stroke my pussy imaging we were making love. I just let it out knowing she had no panties on show me. Her eyes sparkled like she had imagined this moment a thousand times. Sitting back in the chair she faced me her hands lifting her skirt up showing her dark brown thighs as her legs parted feet on the end of the chair. Her pussy was already very wet taking her right middle finger she slowly ran it along her lips slowly rubbing as they parted her wetness glistening as she gently found her clit rubbing it softly as I watched. Loving the sight before me, looking up into her smiling eyes, full of desire. Teasing me she pulled up her finger glistening with her juices and sucked on it deeply licking her lips rolling her tongue. She looked so hot and sexy.
I could feel my cock getting hard. So I stood up as she played her moans getting louder as her pussy got wetter her fingers inside. I looked at her hungry eyes, and dropped my trousers she could see the bulge in my boxers and moaned the thought forcing her to fuck her wet pussy with her fingers even harder as her tongue ran around her red lips. I leaned in and kissed her lips she was full of desire as we let our tongues dance all the while I could tell she was working her wet juicy pussy harder. Moaning it feels so good my pussy is so wet I want to explode.
I looked at Margret and told her to lie on the table, she did laying back rubbing her clit fingering her soaking pussy moaning her juices flowing as she worked herself towards climax. I pulled down my boxers sitting right in front of her watching her soaking pussy it was so hot her legs on my shoulders, my hand rubbing my cock.
She looked at me moaning with pleasure her body starting to shake topkapı escort this is so hot, you are going to make me cum, I want you to watch me cum as you stroke your hard cock, do you like my wet juicy pussy she was moaning spitting out words as her body was reaching its peak. Lick my clit and with that I l started to taste her soaking clit as her fingers twisted inside, she screamed oh yes this is so good, I am going to cum...and cum she did her body shaking as her orgasm hit. Her body letting out hot thick juice as she shook her climax intense my lips sucking on her clit tasting her sweet juice.
She started to take deep breaths that was so good, looking up at me my mouth covered glistening in her wet cum. We kissed it felt so good as her hand reached and grabbed my shaft. She breathed let me taste it. I was so hard and loved those words. Margret stood up her body a glow I laid back on the table as she started to lick my shaft moaning running her tongue up and down loving the taste. I know this must be the first time she had tasted cock in the 10 years she had lived next door and she was desperate for it. Licking teasing the head moaning and slowly letting her lips suck it. Gently swirling my head as she took it up and down. My hips gently thrusting into her mouth as she took more and more inside of her lips, her sucking was a joy, myself not knowing how good a women full of desire and wanting can be.
I could feel my cock twitching as she sucked me deeper and deeper teasing touching running her fingers over my balls. Loving her new toy as she worked her wonders. As I lay there trying not to think of how great this felt my mind realised something. I had just watched my married neighbour cum and tasted her sweet juices but she was still basically dressed. As a delaying tactic I spoke out, Margret I want to see you naked. She looked up with her eyes, into mine still sucking on my cock. Slowly pulling of it smiling. As she pulled up saliva and pre cum stayed like a line of bubble gum between her lips and my cock it looked so hot. Slowly she undid her blouse dancing around letting it fall to the floor her 34b breasts swaying as she undid her small white bra, they looked so good when released, her nipples rock hard large and black. Margret had a killer body and with that she let her skirt fall wow did she have beautiful hips. I smiled and she could see I liked it, you look amazing Margret. She smiled and said thank you dear the words came out without thought and what do you like about me most. I replied everything but I want to feel my cock inside of you.
She smiled and came over kissing me, pulling at my t shirt I want to see you naked and pulled it off. My reply was what do you like about me most then, she smiled everything but I really want to ride that 8 inch cock. She kissed me softly as she sat on me rubbing it against her wet pussy. She looked me in the eyes, you know we have to be careful as I am not on birth control. tüyap escort I kissed her and she knew everything was fine, her lips spreading as she lowered onto my cock. She gasped as it went inside her and she started to ride it moaning with pleasure, it is so big her small frame not used to it but loving the feeling as she thrust faster on my cock as I pushed deeper inside feeling her wet juices flowing out it felt so good.
Her tits bouncing up and down her nipples so hard as she rested her hands on my chest moaning grinding hard. My hands reaching around squeezing her butt cheeks, that feels so good she moaned her hips moving fast as she lent in and kissed me. Oh yes this is so good you are going to make me cum again as my fingers squeezed he bum running over her ass. running my index finger along her butt crack reaching and running over her anus. Margret gasped and moaned nobody has done that to me before it feels so good and sexy make me feel like a naughty cheating wife gosh the thought is making me wild this is so bad and feels so good. She was right it was both of those things... my fingers rubbing her anus as she rode my cock her juices so wet flowing out of her as she moaned with pleasure, my own cock hard and throbbing I felt like a teenager again...
Some sense was still inside Margret and she blurted out do not forget not to cum inside of me but i want to cum with your cock inside of me...I slide my finger inside her anus she gasped and moaned screaming with pleasure as she climaxed juddering and shaking spasms as her orgasm hit. Oh yes she screamed sweat pouring down off her head and over her hard black nipples she looked so good and sexy. I could feel my cock throbbing wanting more wanting to explode. She held me shaking I breathed in her ear I need to cum Margret. She breathed I so want you to cum inside of me you feel so good as she kissed me. Sliding off my cock falling to her knees opening her lips looking up at me pushing her tongue out. I took her head pulling it onto my throbbing cock, she teased my head with her tongue before opening wider to take me sucking on my cock deeply looking up at me wanting to watch as I came close to climax.
She could sense it and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked at me cum all over me I want to feel your hot cum on my naked body. My load exploded spraying over her 3 4 5 shots of cum over her breasts, tummy, face and thighs. It looks so hot I said she smiled and said I want to see, use my phone to take a picture I did this and she was looking up at me that was great she said. Taking my still hard cock and sucking it clean before running her fingers over her body and taking them sucking the cum off letting me know she loved it. We looked at each other and smiled, Margret smiling saying you know I will use the picture to look at when I am pleasing myself now thinking of this moment think of that when you feel horny to dear.
We both smiled and kissed you know we have a lot to do on the planning for the business, we both laughed see you Thursday to carry on with the task I asked? Yes of course at my place this time my husband goes to the social club senior citizen even, yes and my wife goes to weight watchers so works fine. As Margret left I noticed Trevor looking across he had been out doing his lawn and the front windows had been wide open. did he see us?
03-19-2023, at 05:21 PM

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