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The Confession Ch. 04

Post #1

Mandy and Jenny stayed together, holding each other in the big bed until they heard the kids waking. Then they sighed, kissed softly and re-arranged their clothing. They left the loft, holding hands and smiling. They had the days pretty well choreographed now. As the kids woke from naps, one mom took them to the bathroom while the other prepared snacks for everyone. Today, Jenny was in the kitchen getting the snacks ready when Mandy and the crowd returned. Jenny felt her breath catch as Mandy entered the room. All the events of the afternoon came rushing back and Jenny found herself blushing at her eager participation. They all sat around the table, eating and laughing, a most congenial group. After snacks, Jenny and Mandy sat on the couch while the kids watched a movie. They held hands and smiled happily at each other, both content from today and already anticipating tomorrow. All too soon, Mandy packed up her kids and headed home to make dinner.
Jenny's mom called. "I am out shopping and would like to come by and get the kids for the night. Your dad misses them and wants them to visit." Jenny was thrilled. She felt she should tell Anthony what was happening, hoping he would be excited for her and remain as supportive as he had been. She quickly packed bags for the kids and got them ready for the visit. After her mom left, Jenny considered her options. She could stay here and tell Anthony, or take him out for a wonderful evening and tell him later. She voted for the latter, kind of hoping later would never come.
She ran a hot bath, tossing in a few handfuls of her favorite vanilla salts. She lit candles and lowered the lights. Removing her clothes, Jenny settled chin-deep in the warm water, allowing herself to relax and let her mind drift. She thought about Mandy, and Mandy's touch, how much it excited her. She could feel her pussy lips swelling just at the thought of Mandy and her delicious breasts. She wondered what it would be like when they went further, then felt amazed she was thinking about this, yet knowing she would go further in the coming days. Jenny ran her small fingers over her nipples, enjoying the way they hardened to her slightest touch. As she touched herself, she thought of Anthony, her wonderful husband, her best friend and her only lover, until now. She knew she had to tell him all of it, starting with the phone calls and everything she was sharing with Mandy now. She owed him that. She prayed he would understand and accept what was happening to her.
She stepped from the tub and wrapped in a towel. She wanted tonight to be special and planned to dress the way Anthony liked. Jenny sprayed her vanilla scent on her still warm body, adding lotion to further soften her skin. She selected a black lace and satin demi-bra, that just cupped her breasts and pushed them up and out, with the nipples pretty much free to respond to any stimuli. The matching black satin panties were tiny, barely covering her curlies. She carefully pulled on the sheer black hosiery, admiring the way they looked against her creamy thighs. Jenny had recently purchased a little black dress, very elegant and very revealing. Anthony had not seen it yet, and she was going to surprise him tonight. The square neckline was cut low, allowing a generous amount of her breasts to be seen and admired. It was form-fitting, flattering her tight little body. The skirt was short, barely covering the lacey tops of her hosiery. She added high, black, strappy sandals that made her short shapely legs look tantalizing. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a sexy knot with tendrils framing her flushed face. She was just checking the mirror when she heard Anthony coming up the stairs. She turned in time to see his reaction, both on his face and in his crotch. anadolu yakası escort It amazed her that they had been sleeping together for over 6 years and he still reacted to her like that. She blushed even more as he stammered his appreciation of her outfit.
He listened to her plan for the evening and happily agreed. While he showered, Jenny placed his clothes on the bed, thinking tenderly about her wonderful husband. She was waiting with a huge, fluffy towel as he stepped from the shower, wrapping him and drying his body with her small, loving hands. As he dressed for the evening, they talked about his day and the projects he and Bill were overseeing. He really liked Bill and was so happy she and Mandy were becoming so close. Jenny winced a little when he said that, but Anthony didn't notice.
They walked downstairs together, holding hands. Anthony held her coat out for her, kissing Jenny's neck when she turned. He inhaled her soft vanilla fragrance and whispered "I love you".
Jenny had the evening all planned. She asked to be dropped at the entrance to the Omni Hotel, while Anthony parked the car. She was already at the bar, sitting on a high stool, when he came in. The men had already started to flock around her. Anthony took a stool at the end of the bar, ordering a scotch and watching his Jenny. He never tired of this game, pretending to be the stranger Jenny left with at the end of the evening. He loved the looks of envy he got from the other guys. And he loved ending the evening with such a lovely woman. She sat there, looking tiny and defenseless and so captivating. There was a man on either side of her, offering her a drink, asking her to dance, just vying for attention. Jenny was smiling quietly, refusing offers sweetly, but firmly. Finally, one man caught her interest. She smiled at him, dazzling him with her warmth. He came to the bar and took the seat on her left, introducing himself as Alan. He offered her a drink, which she gladly accepted. They sat together, sipping their drinks and chatting. When he asked her to dance, Jenny happily agreed. He assisted her down from the stool and guided her to the dance floor. At first, he held her politely at a distance, but as the music continued, Alan pulled her closer and closer to his body. Anthony watched as they danced, watched Alan become more and more entranced with his lovely wife. He was waiting to make his move. Alan was growing bolder, his hand moving down Jenny's back, lightly cupping her ass. Jenny pulled away and slapped his face, her features tight and angry. Anthony took his cue and came to Jenny's defense. He escorted her politely back to the bar and helped her onto the stool and then sat a respectable distance and just listened to her.
They talked quietly, smiling and softly laughing. He moved closer to her, leaning in to hear her speak, laughing and touching her arm. Jenny didn't seem to notice him becoming more familiar.
Now the next phase of the game started. Most of the men were watching Jenny and Anthony. They were waiting to see what would happen with him, if he would get any further than Alan. Anthony sat beside Jenny, listening attentatively, lightly touching her arm. His finger moved to her face, gently tracing her jaw. He nodded and laughed at something she said, slipping his hand around her waist. Each move he made was chronicled by the other men, the jealous men. Jenny seemed to be drinking a lot. She was resting her head on Anthony's shoulder, smiling up at him. Anthony's fingers traced her neckline, touching that creamy exposed skin. He whispered to her and she nodded, allowing him to help her down and guide her to a dark, secluded booth. Even there, they were atalar escort the center of attention. All the men, who had tried to get Jenny's attention earlier, now watched as she gave it to the newcomer. As she leaned toward him, her milky breasts nearly spilled from her dress, a sight not lost on Anthony. He bent to Jenny, kissing her mouth, moving his hand over her soft skin. Sometimes, like tonight, he forgot it was a game and it seemed real to him, like he had actually won the Belle of the ball.
He was excited and hard. Jenny was so damn lovely, so desirable, so....his! They sat in the booth, close together, kissing and touching, and it seemed as if he had won this woman from all the others, that he had a chance to seduce her and take her home. Her small hand rested on his upper thigh, nearly burning through his slacks. Her beautiful breasts were being offered to him. He bent his head and kissed the exposed flesh, moving his mouth over the incredibly soft skin, feeling her nipples hardening as he approached them. His cock had come to life when the game started, now it was throbbing with need and desire. Her hand reached his cock, wrapped around it and gently massaged it to even greater lengths.
When Jenny said they needed to talk, Anthony happily agreed. He would have agreed to anything right now, just to keep her warm hand wrapped around him, her breasts pressed against him. She took a deep breath and ssid, "Anthony, remember all the talking we have done about women and me? My curiousity, my need to know"?
He nodded. God, yes, he remembered. The idea of his Jenny touching another woman was a fantasy come true for him. He would never feel threatened by another woman, but it was a sexual pleasure he would love. His fingers were moving up Jenny's thighs now, slowly pushing her legs apart, searching for her sweet spot. He was listening to Jenny, but his mind was racing with all the possibilities the evening presented.
Jenny was talking, but Anthony was having trouble understanding. His cock had pretty much taken over and his mind had disengaged. All he could think about was Jenny, naked and willing and all his. Then he heard her say Mandy's name, and something in the way she said it made him tune in. Forcing himself to focus on her words, he began to hear the story of Jenny and Mandy. The kisses, the touches, finally, the events of today. Now he heard that Jenny and Mandy were becoming lovers, exploring the new world of sensuality they had created. Jenny was confessing to him, reassuring him that he was still her love, her life. Images of naked Jenny and Mandy, together, raced through his mind. Instead of being upset or jealous, Anthony found himself more excited than he thought possible. His cock had hardened beyond imagination. He had never wanted his wife as he wanted her now. He took her hand and pulled her out of the booth, out of the bar and to the front desk. He registered for a room, wondering if he could wait even that long. In the elevator, he lifted Jenny to his mouth, feeling her tight little body pressed against his engorged cock, while he kissed her deeply. He had not said a word, just moved with the determination of a man in need, taking his wife to a private place so he could make love to her.
He impatiently used his key card to open the door and rushed inside. Jenny was still holding his hand, still being pulled along in his desperate wake. As the door closed, Anthony wrapped his arms around Jenny and began kissing her, rubbing his aching body against hers and making love to her delicious mouth. They stood kissing until Anthony had to have more. He moved to the bed, standing in front of Jenny and admiring her beauty. He turned her then ataşehir escort and unzipped her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. They stood before a full-length mirror, her back against him as he admired her image. Her breasts were barely supported by the demi-bra, the panties nearly non-existent, her thighs white and glowing above the black lacy hosiery tops. He watched his hands reach the bra clasp between her breasts and release it, allowing her breasts that final freedom. Her dark nipples came into view, already hard and bumply. Jenny arched her back to place her aching nipples into Anthony's hands. He held them, massaging them and pinching the nipples, making Jenny moan. He lowered one hand across her flat tummy, sliding his fingers into the panties and her curlies, finding her slit already swollen and wet. Now both of Anthony's hands reached down and caught on the tiny strings over her hips, pulling the panties down and letting them fall at her feet. Jenny stood there, in her high heels and stockings, naked and ready for anything Anthony wanted to do.
Behind her, Anthony removed his clothes and sat on the bed. Looking into the mirror, Jenny could see his lower body between her legs. His hands reached out and caught her hips, pulling her back to him. She spread her legs on either side of his, and could see his straining cock between her legs, aimed at her hot pussy, ready to fill her. His hands circled her hips and reached into her curlies, spreading her lips and exposing her pinkness for the mirror. She watched his fingers invading her, touching and stroking along her slit. Then she watched as he thrust one long finger deep into her. It felt so good, she needed that. She lowered her lids, still watching, as that finger moved in and out of her, fucking her. She felt her hips moving to meet his finger. Jenny could hear that wonderful wet sound of a pussy getting fucked, of her pussy being fucked. Soon, Anthony added another finger, then a third, moving them in and out, as Jenny watched. The sight of his shiny fingers thrusting into her were taking her to the edge. She felt the haze descending as she started to moan from deep in her throat, feeling the orgasm overtaking her as she cried out. Even as she throbbed around his fingers, Anthony removed them and pulled her pulsing pussy down over his needy cock. In the mirror, Jenny watched it all. She saw the unbelievable size of Anthony's cock, saw it poised in her curlies and saw it disappear inside her. She felt the heat as his dick slid deep into her pink, felt the need as he pulsed inside her. Then Anthony held her hips and began moving her up and down on his hardness, moving her swollen pinkness along his cock, feeling so incredibly tight and good. Anthony and Jenny both watched in the mirror, both wrapped in the absolute haze of lust and desire. Anthony moved his hand to between Jenny's legs, finding her hardened clit and stroking it. He felt her stiffen, heard her holding her breath and knew she was about to come again. He continued stroking with more pressure. Jenny stopped moving for a second and then gave herself to the massive orgasm coursing through her body. Even as she spasmed, Anthony exploded deep inside her, filling her pinkness with his come. He held her tightly against his body, watching his balls as they tightened and then emptied their load.
As the throbbing stopped, Jenny leaned back against Anthony, turning her head to kiss him. In the mirror, she saw two exhausted lovers, still joined. As his cock started slipping from her, Jenny could see Anthony's creamy come on her thighs. Holding her like a fragile doll, Anthony moved back on the bed and pulled the covers over them, his arms tightly around Jenny.
"I thought you might be mad," said Jenny, in a soft voice. "I was afraid to tell you. I would never want to hurt you, Anthony!"
Anthony smiled and held Jenny even tighter. "I love you so very much, Jenny. I told you before I would do anything to make you happy. I meant it."
Jenny sighed happily and snuggled against her wonderful husband. Everything was going to be all right now.
03-19-2023, at 05:24 PM

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