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The Camp Out Ch. 02

Post #1

Panting heavily, I realize my own little game had been turned around on me. This was the first time you ever teased me to such an extreme and didn't follow through, and I didn't like it at all. Standing up, my knees a little weak, I slowly make my way to the bedroom. I stop in the doorway, watching you, sexual frustration increasing a hundred-fold when I catch sight of your denim-covered ass.
Leaning against the doorframe, crossing my arms over my chest, I scowl at you, asking, "What the hell were you trying to prove out there?" You glanced at me over your shoulder, then turned back to what you were doing.
Nothing irritates me more than being ignored. Being as thoroughly frustrated as I am now, you steadily push me to my breaking point by continuing to ignore me. I come up behind you, grabbing your arm, my grip surprisingly strong. "Will you stop ignoring me, damn you?!"
You quickly turn on my, picking me up and tossing me onto the king-sized bed. I try to get up, but you pin me down before I'm able to fully sit up. Your knees trap my thighs together, your hands clamped on my wrists on either side of my head. Your face looms menacingly above mine as you growl down at me, "I will silivri escort talk to you when I damn well FEEL like it."
I make a rather pathetic attempt to squirm out from under you, thoughts refusing to come through clearly. In my foolishness, I brought one of my legs up, my knee pressing against your crotch. Panting, I gave up the fight for the moment, glaring up at you, the lust just barely hidden in my eyes.
Standing up on your knees, I rub my leg roughly against your hardened cock. You growl down at me as you spread your fingers over my stomach, sending rippling shivers through me. The sound of ripping cotton shakes me out of my daze as a cool breeze dances across my tummy. I watch distractedly as you toss away my torn t-shirt, hardly recognizing my bra following its path.
My body felt as numb as my mind as you slowly removed my hiking boots. It wasn't quite registering to me what you were doing. Our argument wasn't over yet, and I wasn't going to let it rest with your last statement. Your fingers at the button and zipper of my shorts bring me completely back to reality.
I struggle to get away, only succeeding merter escort in freeing myself of the confining denim. I realize you were just as naked as I now was, and I am determined to not let it get to me. I turn to climb off the other side of the bed, but your strong hands grab my hips, pulling them towards you.
I claw at the sheets, trying to get away, every movement as feeble as the last. Then in one swift move, the breath was completely knocked from my lungs as your cock slid hard and deep into my aching, hungry pussy, then stopped all movement. Your fingers bite into the sensitive skin of my hips and ass, but in that moment it's not the least bit painful.
Testing you, I leaned forward, pulling my hips away from you, your cock slowly sliding out. Before I go any farther, you pull me back roughly, sinking yourself as deep into me as possible. My back arches as I throw my head back, crying out in pleasure. I pull forward again, my ass high in the air as every inch of you slides out, leaving just the head.
Growling, you pull me back, thrusting your hips forward, causing me to scream. My whole body feels like it's on mecidiyeköy escort fire for you. This time, you push my hips away. I push myself back forcefully onto your cock, loving the feel of you so deep inside me. Panting heavily, I look back at you over my shoulder, growling, "I don't know how much more of this I can stand, baby. Fuck me!"
This was all the prompting you needed. Slapping my ass, you thrust into me harder and faster, tangling the fingers of your other hand in my hair, pulling hard with every thrust. I feel the tension rise in the pit of my stomach. My orgasm hits me faster and harder than I expected it to, my pussy clamping tightly on your cock, triggering your own release. I cry out your name as your fingers tighten painfully on my hips, cumming deep inside me, dragging my orgasm on longer.
I feel your chest and stomach press against my back as you wrap your arms around me and turn onto your side. You gently kiss my neck and shoulder, caressing my head where you had pulled my hair, concern evident in your voice. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" I snuggle closer, purring as I can still feel you inside me. "Not at all, baby. A good ol' fashioned grudge fuck never hurt anyone," I say as I wrap your arm tighter around me.
Looking up at the window, daylight was slowly fading to black. We both decided it would be best to take a nap. The long drive exhausted us both, and neither one of us expected the toll our last session of sex would have on us. I fell blissfully asleep, snuggled up against you, your hand on my hip.
03-19-2023, at 05:24 PM

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