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The Couch

Post #1

George stepped into his apartment. He heard the sounds of TV from the living room. He entered, and saw his girlfriend lying down on the couch, ass up wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and a loose t-shirt.
"Hey babe. Watcha watchi- wait"
This was not their couch.
The previous coach was gray, around 20 years old, and had been dragged through college hell and back. This couch was a dark black, and significantly smaller. And there was a new mat on the ground, made of a soft, black material.
"What's with the new couch?"
"I figured we were long do for an upgrade." Eve replied.
"Well, I agree but I would've liked to help you pick it out. How much was it?"
Eve hesitated. "Around six... grand?"
Her ass cheeks tightened as she winced.
"I-I-I just thought th-that you would."
"You know we can't afford that! What were you thinking????"
"Babe. I can make it up to you."
"And how do you plan to do that."
Eve stopped. Her cheeks turned dark red. "Um... How about I have to give you a blowjob everytime you sit on this couch?"
George froze.
Eve didn't give blowjobs. She made that pretty clear gebze escort in the relationship early on. This was a huge offer.
"Deal. But you better not go back on this."
"I promise."
George stood there for a couple of seconds, processing what happened. He sat down on the couch next to her head.
She shyly crawled forward to his lap, and pulled his dick out of his pants.
She licked his cock slowly, and then put him in her mouth. George moaned in delight. She bobbed up and down on his cock, covering his waist with her long, red hair. He pulled it into a ponytail, and sighed as she sucked him off.
"Holy shit~"
He moaned as she slobbered over him.
"Baby... I'm gonna cum soon, are you gonna swallow?" She looked up and let his cock slide out of her mouth.
"Your couch, your rules."
"OH SHIITTTTT" exclaimed George as his cock plunged down her throat.
He bucked and pumped round after round of hot semen down her throat. Eve's eyes grew as she struggled to gulp down his Ogygian semen tsunami.
She gasped, and coughed as she pulled off his cock.
George stuttered, göztepe escort "I think we can keep the couch." She smiled.
The next day George came home Eve was working on her laptop. She didn't seem to notice he was home until he sat down next to her on the couch.
"Hey Eve. How's work?"
"This coworker won't stop emailing me about this pointless shit. I wish I could block his ass."
"That sucks."
They sat and watched some late night show. George hesitated, wondering if Eve was going to keep her deal. Eve seemed to be fidgeting in her seat.
"Um, is that deal we made last night still in effect?" She blushed profusely.
"To be honest I sorta-maybe-thought that was a wet dream..." She smiled shyly. George grinned.
Eve knelt on the floor in front of him and pulled out his cock. George played with her hair as she got her comfortable on her knees.
She smiled, pulled out a hairband, and put her hair into a ponytail.
George chuckled. "I see you prepared." She winked.
She wasted no time with formalities, and slammed his cock as far down her throat as possible.
George haramidere escort swore under his breath, and bucked forward. He groaned as she spat all over his dick.
"Suck it baby." She moaned, and fingered her clit as she sucked him off.
Her D cup tits bounced up and down beneath her tight button up work shirt, and her bubble-butt ass quivered in her tight black skirt.
George opened his mouth to warn her, but decided not to. He shivered forward, cumming deep down her throat.
She swallowed it all.
"God damn."
She wiped off her chin with her lips and swallowed the runaway cum.
"I knew this would be a good investment."
Blowjobs became a regular occurrence. Eve began keeping hare-ties next to the couch, and George came home to see her putting her hair up and grinning.
She would suck his dick as he played video games, watched movies, caught up on television.
Eve was became more and more confident with her blowjob skills. So naturally, George challenged her to suck his dick for the entire duration of the movie Titanic.
She agreed- before she realized it was three and a quarter hours long.
By the end of the movie, his lap was a sticky mess of saliva and cum, and Eve was defeated, lying half-asleep with her lips still gently massaging his balls.
Pure bliss.
The couch was never returned. It also didn't cost $6000. Eve bought it for $200 from a closing sale. George found the receipt, but neither of them was going to correct the other.
03-19-2023, at 05:24 PM

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