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The Business Trip Ch. 02

Post #1

By the time our plane landed, text messages were in our cell phones: we'd gotten the account, and Bob and I were headed out west again the following week, this time for a full month, to install the new system and train their people.
I hadn't told Bob I knew Mark and Becky had slept together. I also managed not to let on to Mark that I knew. I wasn't sure what I was going to do next.
For that matter, I still wasn't 100% certain: after all, I might have been hearing somebody else's phone ring in the background, somebody with the same ring tone as Becky's. At exactly the same time Bob was calling Becky.
Okay, I was 99% certain.
I envied Bob his ignorance: I'd been so looking forward to enjoying a good, hard fuck tonight, especially after having accidentally exposed myself to Bob the last couple of nights... but knowing what I knew? And for all I knew Mark and Becky had been fucking in my own bed? Not tonight. It was all I could do not to stiffen up when Mark held me.
I was almost asleep when he said "Can I ask you a question?"
"I guess so."
"Promise not to get mad?"
"Let's hear the question first."
"Okay. Well, when you were in Colorado, did you and Bob... you know..."
"Did me and Bob what?"
"You know."
"I don't know."
"Did you... um... have sex?"
"Did we what?"
"I mean, being alone at the hotel together three nights..."
"You think we can't be at the same hotel together for three nights without cheating on our spouses? What the fuck...?"
"I'm sorry."
"Fucking right you should be."
"The thing is... with you and Bob going back there for a full month..."
"What about it?"
"Well, Becky and I were talking..."
I could just imagine when they were doing this talking. And where."Yes?"
He hesitated.
"Out with it," I said.
"Since we're going to be apart for a whole month, you with Mark and me back in town with Becky... well... what would you think about... well, I guess you'd call it swapping."
"You mean having sex with our neighbors?" I asked, trying to sound shocked but trying not to overplay it."
"Um... It just that I was thinking, we were thinking, they're our best friends, and a month is a pretty long time..."
"And what, your dick can't be alone for that long?"
"Just forget it, okay?"
"You know what," I said, turning my back to him,"I think your dick's going to have to go without for a month and a week."
He shut up at that point, probably in part because he didn't want me to get angrier, and in part because he couldn't believe his luck that I hadn't asked whether he and Becky had already done it.
When we got to the hotel, Bob was surprised that there was only one room reserved for the two of us. "It's okay," I told him. "We have two queen beds."
"I don't get it," he said as we walked into the elevator. "The company wouldn't pay for two rooms?"
"It's something I worked out with travel services. See, our bonuses will just barely cover the Aruba trip, but not on any grand style. So I told them we were good friends and we can split a room, and we get to keep half the savings, and the company's travel budget gets to hold onto the other half. Win-win"
"I guess that's okay," he said. "But I didn't bring, you know, anything really to sleep in."
"Bob, for a good cause like this, I can survive seeing you sleep in your underwear. And as far as you seeing me... well, that ship's already sailed, hasn't it? Listen, we'll give it a try, and we always have the option of going back to having separate rooms. The hotel's never booked solid this time of the year, I checked."
"Okay. But why didn't you tell me about this sooner?"
"Because it's probably better that Mark and Becky don't know. They might get weird about it. And it's easier for one person to keep a secret than for two."
He nodded his head, "You are the devious one."
"You have no idea..."
I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and such and came out wearing a pretty, though non-revealing, nightgown. When it was Bob's turn, he came out wearing a pair of jockey shorts, and sprinted to his bed and slid under the blanket. No wonder he'd seemed nervous: Mark has work boxer shorts at least for as long as I've known him, so it didn't occur to me that Bob might be wearing the more-revealing tighty-whiteys. I felt a little guilty now for not having told him about the revised plans, so he could pack accordingly.
I slept fitfully, wondering whether Mark and Becky were in bed together. And wondering exactly what I was going to do about it.
And I was getting aroused. Was it the thought of Mark and Becky fucking? Or the fact that there was a very attractive man in the bed next to mine, wearing nothing but a tight pair of underpants, who would etiler escort almost certainly come over here and fuck my brains out if I asked him to?
My panties were so wet, I had to slip them off. Well, I could have left them on I guess, but I wanted to give my pussy a little touch. Just swipe my finger between my pussy lips for a moment, to feel the wetness. Nothing more than that. I wasn't going to rub myself off or anything: not with Bob in the next bed, even if he was fast asleep.
Ohh. I was wetter than I thought.
I imagined Bob getting out of bed while I was fast asleep, pulling back my blanket and seeing my wet pussy, because I'd fallen asleep with my panties still off and my nightgown hiked up. He puts a finger-- no, he puts his mouth to my wet pussy and begins to lick.
I realized I'd begun stroking my pussy as my mind was wandering. I could hear the faint sound of my finger "slurping" through my pussy juices. I hoped Bob couldn't hear from his bed. Well, he was asleep, anyway.
I wasn't sure I could stop now even if I wanted to.
I let my finger dig deeper into my pussy, and my thumb brush lightly against my clit. I thought about Bob standing alongside my bed, his cock straining against his briefs. I'd run my finger along the length of his shaft, feeling it grow, and feeling it grow harder.
I was finger-fucking myself in earnest by now, my only concession to stealth being keeping everything under the blanket and making sure the blanket wasn't moving enough to make it obvious what I was doing.
It still seemed like the sounds of my fingers working their way through my pussy juices were loud enough to be heard a mile away, but I knew that couldn't be the case.
I was biting down on my lower lip to keep from moaning.
Then I heard a rustling sound coming from Bob's bed, as if something were moving under his blanket. Just for a second or two, then it stopped. Then a few seconds later, there it was again. And then again. It could have been him moving around in his sleep, but then it became slightly more rhythmic. Very slow, easy to miss, but... he was jerking off, in the bed right next to me. He'd probably pushed his underwear down his legs, leaving him naked under the blanket, and he had hand his hand around his cock, stroking it so very slowly.
Oh God, I thought, thrusting one finger deep inside my pussy.
Did I groan a little? I froze. If nothing else, I knew that Bob was awake.
Did he think I'd made that noise in my sleep? Or did he know that I was awake?
The room was silent and still for... a minute? Five? I had no idea, and I certainly didn't want to turn to the side to look at the night-stand clock. We were both done for the night, I guessed.
And then suddenly, that rustling sound again. And thirty seconds later, another. He was jerking off again. He must think I've fallen back asleep. Or else he's so hard he can't get back to sleep, and he decided to just risk it.
I understood the feeling.
Slowly, I reached back under my nightgown, still hiked up to my upper thighs, and let my finger sink back into my pussy. Another squeak from the other bed.
I wondered how big Bob's erect cock was, and thought about how his hand must be wrapped around it. Each rustle of his bed must mean he was stroking it.
My pussy felt even wetter than it was earlier. I was sure Bob couldn't really hear the noises I was making moving my finger through my juices.
Rustle. Another stroke. They were coming more frequently now. He was convinced he no longer needed to be quiet about it.
I slid a second finger into my pussy.
Another stroke. It couldn't be comfortable for him doing this under the blanket. Maybe he'll throw back the blanket, and expose his hard cock. Stroke. There was just enough light for me to see it if he did. I didn't know what I'd do if he did.
I pushed my fingers in and out of my pussy a little faster now.
Maybe I'd stop pretending I didn't know what he was doing, and suddenly switch on the light.
Or I'd step over to his bed and take his cock in my mouth. I groaned softly at the thought.
Did he hear me? Does he know I'm awake? Does he know I know what he's doing?
Does he know what I'm doing?
I thrust my fingers harder into my wet pussy, and I knew my bed shook a bit.
Stroke. Stroke. I could hear his heavy breathing now. He was close.
He was stroking himself furiously now.
I threw back my blanket and was finger-fucking myself the way I wished Bob's cock were doing it. I know I must have moaned.
Then I heard a gasp and a sigh, and all movement on the other bed stopped, and I knew Bob had cum.
I imagined his hot cum spraying all over my breasts and with one halkalı escort final thrust of my fingers, I came too, trying but failing to suppress a moan. My body shook for at least ten seconds before I settled down.
Then I drew the blanket back over my body, turned my back to Bob, and, surprisingly, fell quickly asleep.
We would never discuss that night, or the fact that we'd heard one another pleasure ourselves and cum. I tell myself to this day that Bob had no idea what I was doing, and presumably Bob chooses to believe the same.
I woke up first, half an hour before our wake-up call, and as I was climbing out of bed to use the bathroom I became aware I'd never put my panties back on. This nightgown was a lot more opaque than the one I'd worn the last time I was at this hotel, but it was also a lot shorter, and I wasn't planning to offer up another accidental beaver shot.
Bob the other hand... I looked over at his bed, and saw that he'd fallen asleep before putting his underwear back on as well. This was apparent because his blanket was almost entirely off his body, leaving his cock completely exposed. It was flaccid, of course, but still interesting: the first one I'd seen other than Mark's in many years.
I bet it would get hard fast enough if I stroked it. Or took it into my mouth and sucked it. That would so hot. Imagine if Bob woke up and found me sucking his cock. Mmmm...
I was good, though: I covered the lower half of his body with the blanket, so he wouldn't feel embarrassed when he woke up, gathered up a blouse and skirt and underthings, and went into the bathroom. When I came out again after showering and taking care of my other business, fully dressed, Bob was sitting on the side of his bed, his underwear back on,waiting to take his turn.
Our first day working here was a long one. We were separated most of the time, he working on the installation itself and me on the training, but he did enter my thoughts at odd times: I thought about our stealth mutual masturbation session the night before, and seeing him essentially naked this morning. I wondered what would have happened if it had been the other way around, if he'd woken up first and seen me naked with my blankets off (though in fact I'd never taken off my nightgown). Would he have been gentlemanly and covered me up, or would he have taken his time looking at my naked body?Maybe risked a quick touch?
I could find out easily enough, if I had the nerve: take off my nightgown and panties in the middle of the night, throw off my blanket, and pretend to be asleep when he woke up.
If he touched my breast, would I still pretend to be asleep? He wouldn't dare touch my pussy while I was asleep, would he?
Well... I was tempted to touch his cock, wasn't I?
Okay, I had to stop thinking these thoughts: I could feel my panties getting damp under my skirt, and it would be embarrassing as hell if somebody could smell my arousal.
But the decision was made: tonight, the nightgown comes off.
That was the plan, anyway.
"Ugh," I said, falling face-first onto my bed sixteen hours later. It turned out to be a long day: we'd had to go back to the office for a bit after dinner, and it was almost 11 when we got back to our room. "I'm a wreck. And I got a lousy night's sleep last night. Hey," I said, before he could respond to that, "remember that backrub I gave you last week?"
"So you owe me one." I raised myself up just enough to unbutton my blouse, slip it off, and toss it onto his bed, then I lay back down. "How about it?"
"Never let it be said I don't pay my debts," he said, climbing onto the bed. He began massaging my shoulders, then moved very slowly down to my upper back. The boy had moves.
"God," I said, "this feels so good. Oh, yeah... oh, this is better than sex."
"Then you must be doing it wrong," he said.
He kept going. When he reached my bra strap, he took one side of the clasp in each hand and asked "Is this okay?"
He unclasped me, leaving my back completely bare (which of course he'd seen before), and the bra cups were still covering my breasts. Which were pressed into the bed, of course, so the bra wasn't really hiding anything.
In a quick motion, barely lifting my body from the bed, I pulled the bra out from under me and tossed it onto Bob's bed (or meant to, anyway: it actually landed on the floor between the beds). This was a lot more comfortable -- but of course it also meant I'd crossed a point of no return, because there was no way I could get off the bed now without exposing myself.
Bob moved his hands soothingly over the area where my bra had been cutting into my back. It felt so good, so relaxing, that it was a struggle innovia escort not fall asleep, as he had the week before.
He worked his way down to my lower back, until he reached the waistband of my skirt. "Keep going," I said softly. He unzipped my skirt and eased it off my body. He'd seen me from behind in much skimpier panties last week.
I jumped a little when I felt his hands on my ass. Well, what had I expected?
He pulled his hands away. "Should I stop?"
"No," I said dreamily. "It feels good."
He massaged my ass cheeks, probably spending more time on them than technically necessary, and then moved to the becks of my legs. I had no idea whether he'd first rub my inner thighs, and how far up my legs he's go if he did, and I wasn't sure whether I wanted him to or not.
I'm sure he at least thought about it, and I could feel my panties getting damp just thinking about it.
Oh god, I hope he can't see that.
When he reached my ankles, he removed his hands and said "Anywhere I missed?"
Well, it was now or never. I gave it a few moments thought, and decided "now." "My front," quickly flipping over."
"Wow," he said softly. "Are you sure?"
"You've been staring at them for the past week and a half," I told him. "Don't let me down now." He nodded. "But first," I added, "you're way overdressed."
He got off the bed, quickly stripped down to his jockeys, and climbed back on next to me.
He began his massage, once again, at my shoulders, and I had to admire his self-control at how he took his time working his way downward.
Of course, the wait was driving me crazy as well.
Of course, once he reached my breasts, we'd really have hit the point of no return.
And then he was there, the firm shoulder rub suddenly replaced by a soft caress of my breasts. "That's so nice," I whispered.
He smiled, and I could see a growing bulge in his jockey shorts.
I'd have been happy with him spending more time on my breasts, but he worked his way down to the waistband of my panties pretty quickly. I wondered whether he'd be bold enough to massage my panty-covered pussy, but he did me one better: he hooked his fingers inside he waistband, and began pulling them down. I lifted my ass from the bed enough for him to ease them off my body.
I was completely naked in front of my friend, neighbor and co-worker -- and it had been way too long since the last time a man had looked at me the way he was looking at me.
"You're overdressed again," I said softly.
He almost fell over backward in his rush to pull off his jockeys, and the cock that sprang free was very different from the limp organ I'd seen this morning.
I spread my legs, leaving no doubt what I wanted him to do next. There was no point in waiting: we'd already had more an half an hour of foreplay (or a week and a half worth, depending on how you wanted to count).
He thrust his hard cock into me. Damn, I did realize how much I'd needed that.
He started fucking me with long, slow strokes. He was as good at this as he was at giving massages. "Please," I said, "we have a whole month to go slowly. Right now I need you to just fuck the hell out of me." He started pumping faster. "Yeah, oh god yeah, just like that, give me that hard cock." He started fucking me harder, and I heard myself whimpering, it was so good.. "Come on, fuck your neighbor, you're so naughty, oh, don't wait, I'm on the Pill, fill my pussy with your hot cum, make me -- eeeeeee!"
I came, bucking under him, and I was moving around so much, I'm surprised he was able to stay inside me. Groaning, making the same noises I'd heard from him last night, he came, filling my pussy with his hot cum.
He hugged me after he slid out of me, something I always like post-sex; and then, since I don't like to sleep naked, I put on his button-down shirt and left it unbuttoned halfway down, and he held me until we both fell asleep.
We both woke up and the same time -- that can happen when you're spooning -- and without a word spoken between us, I climbed on top of him, hiked up his shirt, and lowered my wet pussy onto his already-hard cock. It was a lovely, slow, not-yet-fully-awake fuck; and when it was finally done, and we looked at the clock, Bob suggested we shower together to save time. I sort of doubted a joint shower would be much of a time-saver, but I was glad to go along with the plan.
As he was soaping up my breasts (men showering with women always seem very concerned with the cleanliness of our breasts), he said "Not that I'm complaining, God knows, but you surprised me last night. I thought you didn't want to do... you know... this."
"Bob, I always wanted to. I just thought I'd feel guilty about it."
"Then what changed?"
"I found out Mark and Becky are sleeping together."
"You what? They what? Why didn't you tell me? How do you know?"
"Last Friday, the morning we went home, when we called them? While I was talking to Mark, I heard Becky's phone in the background. They obviously woke up together Friday morning."
Then he said the five words that would haunt me for the rest of the day: "Miri, so did we, remember?"
03-19-2023, at 05:25 PM

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