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The College Life Ch. 02

Post #1

It was the hair that everyone talked about.
Lisa had the most beautiful, luxurious, shiny, thick brown hair that most of the college had ever seen. She wore it just past her shoulders, occasionally pulled back with a silver clasp, but always looking great. Her hair was so thick and so full that it made her face look a little small and her green eyes even larger.
She was a nursing student who was at the top of her nursing class. She was always in the library or in the lab, working hard, a white lab coat around her shoulders. Lab coat or no, it was the hair that you noticed but then you took in the rest of the body. She had a great chest ? I would guess 36D ? that it was hard not to stare at once you got over the beauty of the hair.
We had English together during my freshman year while I was still dating Marcy but we chatted. She was nice enough but always turned down offers for coffee or anything outside of class. I saw her now and then walking to or from the library. When we were playing football out front of the library I saw here go by and give us a glance.
About two weeks into my semester, just as I was getting used to my sophomore life, my seminar professor got pissed and assigned us a bitch of a research paper. I spent too much time in the library, had to give up football and sleep for a few days, and worked my ass off. The last night as I sat upstairs in a stuffy room typing the paper on my laptop, I tossed my favorite Grand Teton sweatshirt behind my chair and then forgot it. I completely forgot about it until I woke up late the next evening after turning the paper in, smoking some killer weed and falling asleep after a quickie with Janice over at her dorm.
Janice was gone, and I grabbed my clothes yenibosna escort and was walking back across campus to my dorm when I remembered the sweatshirt. Maybe that Hurricane Ivan wind and rain had something to do with it but I was freezing. I turned and headed up the library steps then jogged up to the 4th floor to the study room.
I looked in the window and saw her hair, as beautiful as ever, shining on the shoulders of her lab coat. I paused, taking in the picture as she turned the pages of the book in front of her. She shifted in her chair and I realized that the book she was looking through was not a nursing book but a book of great photographs of the Grand Teton Mountains. ?Strange,? I thought, ?ironic.?
I knocked and opened the door. She turned and started giggling, then laughing our loud as she picked my sweatshirt up off the chair next to her and held it out. I started laughing as well, and had to close the door quickly, slumped up against it. We couldn?t look at each other, laughing out loud, and I finally asked her, ?What are you doing with this??
We calmed down finally, and she told me she had found it in the corner, recognized my name on the label and, on a whim, went out and got a book on the park and the mountains. I know a little about women, and it seemed a little evasive so I sat down next to her, my leg against hers. ?Wanna ask me any questions about the park?? After a few silly questions, she asked me where we camped and I showed her the map of camp on the shore of Lake Jenny. As I showed her, my hand brushed her arm and she shivered slightly.
?Were you alone?? she asked.
?You know, was that girl, zeytinburnu escort Marcy, with you??
I laughed, ?No, no way, she was gone. You know, I caught her one night in bed with her old high school boyfriend. I went alone.?
She looked at me with those big green eyes and said, ?I?m sorry. I know you guys were pretty close.? Her hand reached out a came to rest on my arm and she smiled slightly.
I smiled back at her, and her eyes closed slightly as she leaned in towards me, her hand caressing my arm, lips slightly parted. I kissed her softly, then harder, then grabbed her neck and pulled her into a deep, tongue-twisted kiss. ?Block the window,? she murmured.
I hung the sweatshirt from the nail just above the window (?was this planned??) and when I turned she was on the edge of the table with her lab coat, shirt and skirt off, legs spread, fingers caressing her slit.
I stripped as she watched, her green eyes flashing as my thick nine-inch cock sprung from my shorts. As I stepped towards her, she slipped her bra over her shoulders and those great tits with their hard nipples jumped out at me. I gasped as she arched her back and slipped her panties to the side, spreading her shaved pussy lips. ?Lick me?.?
I dropped to my knees and licked her slowly, pushing her panties aside with my tongue, my eyes watching her lean back on her elbows, one hand spreading her pussy lips and one hand caressing a nipple. I quickly captured her clit, circling it with my tongue, listening to her quickening breath. My tongue darting, I orally fucked her, then slowed down and began to tease her clit, tasting her juices, listening her moans and gasps. Finally, acıbadem escort ?Now baby, now! Make me cum!?
As she arched her back and came, I stood, quickly thrusting my hard cock inside her quivering pussy, the fabric of her panties rough against my rod, and she screamed and I sank deep inside her, ?Oh fuck YES, fuck me hard.?
I grabbed her ankles and pressed them up and out, holding them wide above her shoulders, her green eyes flashing up at me as she moan. She grabbed my ass, pulling me deep and then thrusting me away as I pulled out. ?Oh fuckme, fuckme, fuckme harder, harder, harder!?
I felt her cumming again, her hair flying from side-to-side around her head, her mouth open, sweat shining on her skin as I fucked her harder and faster. ?Ooh godshit, cumming, cumming again, fuck, shit!? I slid my hands down to her knees, bending her legs up around my hips and fucking her deeper, listening to her words turn to nonsense syllables, driving deeper and harder inside her.
She gasped as I suddenly slowed, pulling my cock until the tip was just barely inside her, then thrusting hard inside her. I lowered my head, sucking a hard nipple into my mouth and she gasped in my ear, ?Fuck my tits baby. Fuck ?em and cum on ?em.?
I pulled out, wet with her juices, as she grabbed her tits and held them tight, surrounding my hard cock, dribbling spit onto my cock as I began to thrust between her tits. I groaned, grabbing at her shoulders, watching as her tongue licked at the head of my cock, then I arched my back, screaming as I heard her call out, ?Give it to me, give me your cum baby!?
I shot several hot thick ropes of cum across her tits and neck, my cock quivering in her hand. Then she pointed my dick at her face, taking the next two ropes across her lips, my white cum glistening, and squeezing my cock she took the last rope in her mouth, then sunk my cock between her lips and sucked me dry.
?Ooh my freakin? God!? I screamed as she drained me. I collapsed on top of her, our hot slippery bodies against each other, feeling her heartbeat underneath me. ?Damn??..?
03-19-2023, at 05:25 PM

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