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The First Meeting

Post #1

I'm going to tell you a story about two friends. They spoke with passion, a longing even, but it was just flirtation.
One day they happened to meet at a convention where he spoke and she yearned to learn. His speech was compelling, he made sure that his point was made and the world would change. He had a list of people fighting for his cause, she listened and waiting for an introduction. He was free of adoring fans and political kiss asses, he stood tall and domineering which made her heart race even faster.
"Hello," she spoke touching him on the arm gently.
"Well, hello to you," he said with a big grin.
Whatever he said didn't matter next she had to get him the room next door or to her fucking car. He saw her biting her lip, flushed skin, her breathing was fast...
"Do you want to see the notes for my next book, they are in that room." He pointed to the closed door attached to the giant ballroom they were.
"I'd love too," she finished while following him.
The door closed behind her...she stood frozen. Fuck he was tall, his skin was glistening, those sexy lips that needed to be bit...
"So, need to ask you a question?" eskort bakırköy She demanded.
"Feel free, I'm an open book." He answered.
She walked up very close to him almost touching looked up into his eyes.
"Lord empty me of me, so I can be filled with you." She smirked.
His eyes widened, he stood as she did a moment ago.
"Did I cause you to become, speechless?" She asked.
He bent down and kissed her hard, without a thought, not a worry, just lust. She kissed back biting his bottom lip pulling him closer to her.
She started to take off his expensive suit one piece at a time. Taking her time to feel the fabric pull off his long arms, his tie slip off around his neck. The sound of this zipper and belt buckle crash to the floor. Finally, his boxers taunt around his strong ass and beautiful cock.
She was only wearing a short black dress, pearls and stilettos. He slipped off the dress, she proceeded to take off the shoes.
"No, keep them on," he whispered.
"Anything you say." She said under his kisses.
She stood there in nothing but pearls and black Jimmy Choos, he wore nothing at eskort ataköy all. He scanned the room, seeing a table in the far corner covered in a red table cloth. He picked her up wrapping her legs around him, began to kiss her again walked over to the table and laid her down on her back. Stood back up to evaluate his prize, started kissing her foot, ankle, calf, knee, staying close to her inner thigh, he started to lick.
Finding her wet and waiting for him, he kept licking, finding her clit. She moaned softly at first then louder as he got faster, she tasted so good he couldn't wait to feel it for himself. She had a final release, her cum covered his chin. He moved up to kiss her belly then on to her sweet pink tits. He repeated the flicking and moved up to her neck, biting softly at the nap than the ears moving finally back to her lips. He pressed his weight softly down on her small frame. She couldn't wait for the next step, she started to wiggle.
"I will give it to you when I want you to have it," He demanded pressing his weight down to show he was in control.
This just made her want it more. He finally entered her he gasped escort and whimpered a bit. He pushed in and out. He shut his eyes hard, she took his breath away too.
"Fuck me harder!" She insisted.
He pulled out flipping her over on her belly and, still against the table. Worshiping the soft plump ass in front of him he squeezed, smacked slightly.
"Please baby, put it in," She begged.
"When I am ready." He answered while smacking her a little harder on the cheek with the small colorful tattoo.
He put his cock back in lifting her up a bit and took a hold of her long blonde locks and he pushed harder. In and out until her moans got too loud he covered her mouth.
He could feel her clench and she was finished biting his hand arching her ass up, she relaxed. He pushed one last time letting his even harder, moaning himself.
Lying down on top of her, letting all of his essence go inside her. They both breathed heavily, just lying there.
"Oh lord, is my penance served?" She huffed, lying face down smiling.
She got up and dressed, he watched her slide the little black dress back on and slip into her Jimmy Choos.
"When will I see you next? I need something to look forward to." He smirked and bit his lip.
"Soon, very soon...I won't be able to stay away from you for too long. You know I love you my hippie soul man." she said kissing his beautiful lips one last time before she walked away.
03-19-2023, at 05:49 PM

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