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The Ghost of Elvis Serenades Cindy

Post #1

When I was much younger I, like most of my contemporaries, was a fan of Elvis Presley. Not so much of Elvis, actually, because we were all envious of his wealth and fame and, most of all, how so many girls had the hots for him. We did like to listen to him, though, and I liked to lip synch to his music and play the air guitar. This was just something I did fooling around during my youth, especially when I was drunk, but I was never really an Elvis impersonator.
Cindy is one of my lady friends and she used to be one of those girls who had the hots for Elvis, until she became a woman with the hots for him. The first time I made love to Cindy, I made the mistake of mentioning what I used to do during my youth and she insisted that I demonstrate. When I did, she became so turned on, with her pussy so wet, that our love-making was some of the best ever for both of us. She had three ecstatic orgasms and told me they were the best she had ever had. There may have been some exaggeration about that but I know that all three of them were huge, and extremely pleasurable for both of us.
Now, however, she is requiring a fairly involved role-playing routine as a prelude to making love. I don't object; it's fun for me also, and the sex is always terrific.
The last time I went to her apartment was a few days ago. The day was the anniversary of some kind of an occasion in Elvis's life. Cindy refuses to believe The King is dead but she was agreeable to my calling myself "The Ghost of Elvis Presley". We had agreed also that I would do the best of the young Elvis and almost nothing of the older, so I wore a blue sequined jump suit and an Elvis wig with long sideburns that I had bought from a costume shop. We agreed that a real guitar would just get in the way and I wouldn't even know how to hold it anyhow, so an air guitar would do. Elvis didn't have a mustache and I do, and refuse to shave it off so Cindy ignores that discrepancy. She likes the way it feels on her pussy anyhow.
In her living room, she has a long, deep sofa. Behind it stands a pole lamp, which serves as a spotlight, training the lights on a place in front of the sofa. Next to the circle of light that is formed is a CD player and it contained a special CD of some of the best-known songs of Elvis. Wearing saddle shoes, bobby sox, a poodle skirt and a white peasant blouse, Cindy sat in the middle of the sofa, her hair, which is long and brown with blonde accents, in a pony tail. I stood in the hallway and when we were satisfied that all was ready, I announced, in my most dramatic voice "Ladeeze and gennelmen, presenting The Late King: The Ghost of Elvisss Presssleee". Having said that, I danced, more or less, into the room, strumming the air guitar, while Cindy applauded wildly, until I stood in front of her and bowed.
"Thenkya vurra mush", I mumbled in possibly the worst impersonation of Elvis that has ever been heard.
The quality of the impersonation didn't bother Cindy. "Oooo, Elvis", she squealed, rocking sideways on her pretty ass, with her hands clasped in front of her very nice breasts.
While she was doing that, I turned on the CD player. The sounds of "Hound Dog" burst forth and I began lip synching and jumping around in an inept impersonation of Elvis, strumming the imaginary guitar. Cindy continued squealing "Oh, Elvis", and removed her shoes and tossed them onto the floor in front of me. While I continued my bad impersonation, the CD player boomed out "Don't Be Cruel", Jailhouse Rock", and "All Shook Up", and Cindy removed her bobby sox, blouse, poodle skirt and bra and tossed them in my direction. I avoided being hit and continued my performance.
The last song was "Love Me Tender", and by the time that one started, Cindy was wearing only her panties and, even from several feet away, I could smell how wet they were from her delectable pussy juices. When it began playing, she slid down to the edge of her sofa, removed the panties and threw them at me. I caught them and, while "dancing" toward her, breathed deeply of their delightful aroma. When I reached the sofa, I dropped to my knees, Cindy slung her legs over my shoulders, and I leaned forward and buried my face in one of the juiciest pussies I have ever eaten. Neither of us noticed when the CD ended.
Normally, when I eat a pussy, I like to start by sucking or licking out the juices, and then Escort Bayan Esenyurt I like to lick the less sensitive areas and work my way toward the woman's clit. By the time I'm licking her there, she and I have enjoyed the maximum pleasure, and her climax is better for both of us when she has built up to it slowly. With Cindy on that night, though, I had just started sucking out the delicious fresh juices when she grabbed my head and yanked it so my mouth was on her clit. Knowing that I would eat her pussy again and the next time would be slower, I started sucking her love button and caressing its sides with my tongue.
After a few minutes of the sucking and licking, Cindy trilled "Oh, yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Eat me, Elvis. Eat my pussy." Her hands kept their grip on my head and her legs squeezed my temples while her ass bounced up and down on the sofa. "Eat me, Elvis. Eat my pussy. Suck my clit", she demanded. I didn't really need any encouragement, and I sucked and licked for as long as Cindy continued cumming.
When she climaxed, her back arched and her pussy thrust into my face while her hands pressed on the back of my head, driving me into the wet, fragrant place where my face loves to be. After she was through cumming, her legs relaxed their grip and her hands moved to my shoulders. I happily devoured all the fresh juices all around her pussy and looked up at Cindy. She was completely relaxed and there was a big smile on her face.
"Ooo, Elvis. I love it when you eat my pussy. I love it when you suck my clit and make me cum. But I hope you don't mind doing it just a little more." The only thing I would have minded would have been eating her pussy just a little more. I wanted to eat it a WHOLE LOT more.
"Why, shur, ma'am. Whutever you want. Thenkya vurra mush." I knew that Elvis was always very polite with the ladies, and I wanted to stay in character. Before I did anything else, though, I had to remove my jump suit and the rest of my clothing, first taking a condom from my pocket and setting it on the corner of the sofa. My wig had been pulled askew when my head was grabbed but it was easy to straighten and I left it on to help with Cindy's visualization. When I was otherwise just as naked as she was, I started eating her pussy for the second time.
This time it would last much longer so I started licking between one of her inner and outer pussy lips where they begin below her wet love hole. I relished the feel of the soft smooth flesh on my tongue and by the time I reached the point where the lips are close together, Cindy was already cooing and murmuring "Oh, Elvis, that feels so good."
It felt even better for both of us when I licked my way along the pair of pussy lips, my tongue probing the seam between them. After reaching the place where the inner lip ends by joining with the other inner lip to form Cindy's clit hood, my tongue continued on up to her mons. After caressing her there, relishing the feel of her sparse pubic hair, I returned to lightly stroke the top of the hood and the reaction was immediate.
"Oooo, yes. Yes, Elvis. Like that. Suck my clit. Make me cum again." Cindy's pussy was humping into my face and her ass was squirming on the sofa under me. "I wanna cum, Elvis," she begged. "Make me cum again."
That was my intention but I wanted it to take a long time so both of us would get as much pleasure as we could. Starting in the same place as I had before, I licked the other pair of pussy lips the same way. By the time I reached the end of the second outer lip, Cindy's whole body was writhing on the sofa.
As always, the thought of making love with The King was a great turn-on for her. When she looked at the top of my head, she saw Elvis and reacted accordingly. Although it was my tongue that stroked her clit hood and curled underneath to fondle her sweetest of sweet spots, to her it was her idol making sweet love to her eager pussy.
"I love that, Elvis. I love it when you lick my clit," she encouraged my persona.
"Thenkya vurra mush. Ah love it too," I responded and my tongue fondled the place where she loves so much to be licked and fondled.
Although Elvis was being credited for sending pleasure reverberating through Cindy's body, it was my nose and taste buds that were relishing the delectable aroma and flavor of her juices. Escort Bayan Avcılar It was my eyes that were looking on her beautiful pussy, with the engorged lips and clit, surrounded by the soft, brown hair. It was my ears that were pleased by her ecstatic moans and, best of all, it was my tongue that was enjoying the delightful spongy feel of her labia.
Cindy was begging for me, as Elvis to make her cum and I could tell it was time. Her hips were swiveling under me, thrusting her legs out over my shoulder like pistons while her pussy fucked so strongly into my face that her ass was almost raising off the sofa. After devouring all the fresh juices, I clamped my mouth around her clit and started sucking. While I sucked, my lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. All this attention where she most wanted it made Cindy's movements even wilder and I had to press my shoulders against her thighs to keep her from falling off the sofa.
"Yes! Yes!" she cried out joyously. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Suck my clit, Elvis. Yes!" Once again her legs squeezed the sides of my head and her hands disarranged my wig as she pressed down, holding my face against her pussy while her whole body bucked up and down on the sofa. That was exactly what I wanted her to do and I kept my arms tightly around her thighs and my mouth on her clit and sucked for as long as she was cumming.
Once again, her back arched as she climaxed, thrusting her pussy for a final time against my face. After her orgasm, Cindy happily relaxed on the sofa, her hands and legs releasing my head. I licked up all the juices that she had produced except for leaving a pool where they would perform their natural lubricating function. Her legs were still draped over my shoulders so I eased her feet onto the floor when I crawled out from under them to pick up my condom and roll it onto my cock.
It would take Cindy a few minutes to rest up from her orgasm so I went to the bathroom to wash the rest of her pussy juices from my face and straighten out my wig again. When I returned, she was lying on her back on the sofa, a smile on her face. It grew wider when she saw my cock, all hard and ready for fucking.
"Oh, Elvis, that was just wonderful what you did for little ol' me. Your tongue was sooo good on my pussy. I hope your cock will be as good."
"Thenkya vurra mush, Ma'am. Ah hope so too." I never claimed my imitation was good; I just said I did it.
As she spoke, she was placing one foot on the floor and hooking the other behind the back of the sofa. Cindy's pussy was ready for me, all pink and shiny and inviting. I knelt on the sofa between her legs, one hand on the back of the sofa and the other guiding my cock to where we both wanted it.
"Ooooo," Cindy murmured happily when she felt me rubbing the tip of my cock against the wet entrance to her pussy, getting it lubricated. "Ahhhh," she sighed when I wedged the head into her.
"Oh, Elvis," Cindy exclaimed, looking up at me with her shiny blue eyes. "Your cock feels sooo good. Really give it to me now."
"Why shur, ma'am. Anythin' ya want." Still on my knees, I eased in two inches of what she had asked for. Cindy trilled her happiness at having her idol fucking her or, at least, somebody pretending to be her idol. She was so hot and wet from that thought that I easily slid the rest of my cock into her pussy. Leaning forward, I curled my arms under hers so my weight was supported by my knees and forearms. Murmuring her feelings of bliss into my ear, Cindy wrapped her legs around my hips and her arms around my shoulders.
"Ooooo, Elvis, your cock is just wonderful. I love it, Elvis. I love you. I love the way you're fucking me."
"Why, thenk ya Ma'am. Ah love you too." I was telling the truth; I do love Cindy, just like I love all my lady friends.
As we were professing our love, I drew my cock back until just the head was still inside Cindy's pussy. I paused for a second and slowly drove it all the way back in, until I was pressing my dark pubic hair against hers. Cindy again expressed her delight at being fucked by the King.
As we continued with our coupling, she repeatedly expressed her appreciation, both vocally and by slamming her pussy back to meet me. Since hardly any of my weight was on her, Cindy Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü was free to move under me in ways that would enhance her pleasure and she used that freedom. Beginning with the second long, deep stroke of my cock into her pussy, she flexed her thigh muscles against my hips and pulled herself up against me, giving an extra thrust at the end, making sure my cock was buried in her as deep as it could get. Besides fucking back to meet me, her whole body was thrashing under me and her head was tossing from side to side. I was very glad her sofa was wide enough to contain her and let us both get the most pleasure out of our fucking.
We continued making love on the sofa for a long time, both of us moaning from the intense pleasure we were sharing with each other. As Cindy's bliss mounted, her hips swiveled under me as they had while I was eating her, but her legs kept their grip on my hips. With every thrust back to meet my strokes into her, the motion of her hips ground her pussy against me, taking the most pleasure she could from my cock inside her, and giving me the most she could. With the new movement, I knew she would soon be ready to cum.
"Oh, Elvis, your cock is just wonderful. It keeps getting better and better. I need you to fuck my clit now, though."
Until then, my cock had been surging straight into her pussy and she had been moving back to meet me, with minimal contact between my cock and her clit. By minimizing that contact, we had been able to slowly build up our respective levels of pleasure until they were as high as we could get them. The time had arrived for both of us to cum, so I pulled myself farther up on her body. With the change in position, I was driving my cock down into her, scraping it against her clit as I thrust in and again when I backed out.
"Yes! Yes! Fuck my clit," Cindy urged me. "Fuck me faster, Elvis! Fuck me harder!"
I did as she wanted, or as she wanted Elvis to do. As I increased the speed of the thrusts of my cock into her, Cindy matched my speed in fucking her pussy back to meet me. She was on the verge of cumming and so was I but I wanted her to climax first because it is so much better for both of us when that happens. Even so, I didn't hold anything back, reveling in the feel of her pussy, which was still squeezing and releasing my cock and in the way her body was frantically moving under me.
"Yes! Yes! Elvis, I'm cumming," Cindy cried out, squeezing my hips with her legs and my neck with her arms. "Fuck me harder, Elvis, I'm cumming."
I continued ramming my cock into her, not any harder but not any softer either. Cindy's legs held me so tightly that her pussy was plastered against me and every time I filled it again, I squashed her against the sofa and scraped my cock against the underside of her clit. Her hips were still swiveling but she was holding herself so tightly against me that she was just grinding her pussy against me.
When she climaxed, Cindy arched her back, digging her fingernails into my shoulders and ramming her pussy extra hard against me. After her climax, she completely relaxed on the sofa, the biggest smile on her face, just inches from mine. Impulsively, I kissed her, just as I rammed my cock extr4a hard into her and started cumming.
The pleasure that had been building up in me ever since I had started my lip synching seemed to converge in my groin and explode out my cock. Just as I thrust into her pussy and kissed her, I ejaculated the first time. Twice more, I rammed my cock into the wet, warm place that had been so good, another burst of semen spurting into my condom. After the third thrust, I also collapsed, sprawling on top of Cindy, both of us happy and tired.
We lay like that for a few minutes until Cindy whispered into my ear "Oh, Elvis, that was just wonderful, what you did for my pussy. I'm so glad you could spare the time for little old me."
"Thenk ya vurra mush, Ma'am. A'm glad ya liked it. So did Ah." Although I was once envious of Elvis Presley, he has been dead for a long time and I just got done pretending to be him and making love with one of the prettiest and hottest women I know. I felt good to be alive.
Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Cindy and I did. I like writing stories on this site but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. That's why I always appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most other writers on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such comments help me to write more and better stories, and I respond to them whenever I can.
03-19-2023, at 06:38 PM

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