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The Halloween Party

Post #1

Mischa was impossibly turned on. She stared at her reflection in the mirror; flushed cheeks, bright eyes, smeared lipstick. She didn't need to reach down to know she was dripping wet; she felt it every time she squeezed her legs together, and she knew she had the look of a woman who had either just gotten some or was about to. In her case, both were true.
Noises from Daphne's Halloween party drifted in the bathroom as she carefully touched up her makeup. In the three years since graduating college, Daphne had moved back into her parents mansion in the Hollywood Hills, though they were never there. The situation worked out to everyone's satisfaction; her parents felt comforted that Daphne was secure in the family home, and Daphne had all the freedom she wanted to throw parties like these.
Daphne's parties were legendary in their circle of friends. The only requirements her old college roommate ever stipulated was to bring an open mind, be polite, and wear a sexy outfit. Everything else, condoms included, would be provided. And with somewhere around fifty rooms and nooks, it was never a problem to find a private area, if privacy was important or you were a shy sort of person.
Mischa, or anyone else that knew her, would never describe herself as shy, so it was privacy that sent her to her favorite bathroom away from the center of the party. Tucked against the library, it took effort to find it and Mischa needed to get herself together and quick.
This party would surpass all the others, Mischa knew that much. With low, moody lighting all over the house, silky red and black material covering the walls of all the major party areas, candles flickering, and hot music pumping out of unseen speakers, Daphne had outdone herself. Add in barely dressed and completely naked people enjoying themselves everywhere, Mischa had experienced a sensory overload.
She reached up to fix her horns. Though not as original as she would have liked, Mischa had to admit she made one hot devil. With all of her black hair piled on the top of her head, horns peeking through the curls, skimpy red dress, and red stilettos, she liked what she saw in the mirror. The dress draped very low in the front, exposing a good portion of her breasts, flat stomach, and the flame charm dangling from her belly button ring. It hit mere inches below her crotch, was held up by two thin straps that tied around her neck, and was completely backless. In fact, the dress dipped so low in the back that at times while she was dancing, her thong would be visible.
Mischa turned so her bare back was facing the mirror and adjusted that thong. Ordinarily, she would have foregone any underwear at all, but a visit to her favorite lingerie boutique in Santa Monica quickly changed her mind. It was frivolous, she knew, to buy a crotch-less thong, much less wear it, but it definitely made her feel sexy. A line of white crystals circled the top, and another line went right down between her ass cheeks. It split off into two strands right above her asshole and framed her pussy lips before moving up and connecting with a soft mesh material covered with more crystals. It was proving to be a great night, and Mischa was glad she indulged.
A quick check of her watch and she headed out. Butterflies danced in her stomach and with surprise, Mischa realized she was nervous. But she had a good reason.
The minute she had entered the party, Avcılar Escort one man had stood out. Where everyone else was in various states of undress or nakedness, he wore a dark brown monk's robe. His face wasn't visible, but Mischa could have sworn he felt familiar to her. His eyes never moved from her as she greeted all the people she knew and she found the attention extremely stimulating. She looked for him as she moved through the different rooms, but he was never nearby. She waited for him to approach, but he didn't move towards the dancing throb of people till she did.
The dancing was wild enough; it was bodies rubbing up against each other. People grabbing and caressing, sucking and licking anyone next to them. But it wasn't until big hands cupped her breasts from behind that a jolt went through her system. She knew it was him; though the lighting was dim, she could make out the sleeves of his robe and the wide palmed, long fingered hands of his that he slipped right under her dress as if he had a right to be so forward without even giving her his name.
Mischa knew she should have felt at least a flicker of indignation, but all she felt was thrilled. Those fingers gripped her, flicking over her hard nipples, as his mouth descended on her neck, sucking the skin, biting it, then kissing the area oh so lightly. He had pulled her back against him, but wouldn't let her turn her head. All she could feel was a hard chest and steely arms... and one of the hardest, longest, thickest erections she could ever remember pressed against her ass. One hand moved to lift her skirt, push aside her thong. Mischa waited, her breath coming faster as she felt him part her cheeks and rest his cock between them.
She may have whimpered, or moaned, who knew? With the noise of the party around her, no one would have heard her anyway, nor were they paying any attention as they were involved in their own games. Yet, she couldn't help feeling a little exposed and a lot desperate. He moved in time with the music, his mouth, as hot and wet as she was becoming, trailing all over her shoulders, kissing any skin he could reach without breaking their embrace.
He lifted one hand, pressing his fingers against her mouth, letting her suck on them as his other hand drifted lower, teasing her with its slowness. It traced her belly button, grazing the dangling flame charm, then slipped lower. Finally, finally, his fingers moved over her thong, over her slit.
"What's this?" he asked, finally speaking. His voice was low and husky, and highly amused at the surprise he found. "What a naughty girl. But I should have expected no less from a devil."
His index finger traced the opening; down one side, up the other, just barely brushing against her. He repeated this several times before purposefully touching her clit.
"Oh, God," she whispered, arching her hips against his hand, trying to rub herself against his palm.
"Indeed," he murmured against her ear, two fingers finally parting her lips and slipping inside her wet pussy. "You have no idea how blessed I feel right now. Or how hot it is to see you pressed against me, sucking my fingers like they were my dick. Your breasts hanging out for everyone to see as I finger you to an orgasm."
He gave her no time to object, setting a swift pace with his fingers that left her breathless. Mischa could only Beylikdüzü Escort reach back and grip his thighs as she tried to absorb the amazing sensations he was giving her, tried to make it last as long as possible, but it was no use. She was too aroused, and he felt too good, to hold off her mind-blowing orgasm.
Limp, Mischa rested back against him as his arm came around her and held her close. Eyes half-open, she saw him lift his hand up and turned her head enough to see his chin and mouth, watched as he slipped his fingers into his mouth and tasted her. She moved to see him more fully, as the hood still kept most of his face hidden, but he turned her head around and kissed her temple. Removing himself and lowering her dress, he paused only to say:
"Be at the back porch in fifteen minutes. I'm not through with you just yet." And he was gone.
Having used her time to freshen up and collect herself, Mischa hurried down the corridor and barely managed not to break the French doors as she burst out onto the back porch. 'Porch' was misleading; rather, it was a large, grand marble terrace that had a great view of LA, and little chairs and tables were set up here and there to take advantage of the view. But other than her, it was empty.
He wasn't there.
Fighting disappointment, still completely aroused, Mischa wandered over to the stone railing. He barely whet her appetite and now, nothing. She didn't get to feel that cock in her, or taste it, and try as she might, she was definitely let down.
"What a sad face."
Mischa jumped, both from his voice and his arms coming around her. From out of nowhere, he had appeared, and was once again, pressed up against her back.
"Holy crap! You shouldn't sneak around like that!" Mischa shifted to look at him, but his hips only pressed more firmly against her ass, keeping her pinned. "How did you know what face I had on, anyway? You couldn't see it. And speaking of faces, are you going to let me see yours?" She could feel him shrug.
"Why? I plan on fucking you in this position right here."
It was like he threw a switch. All her nervous babbling stopped, the fear slipped away, and anticipation came flooding in. His mouth pressed a kiss to her shoulder, her neck. His hands untied her dress, then rested against the railing as he trailed kisses down her back.
"First," he said as he moved away, "I want to taste your pussy." Mischa heard scraping sounds as he brought a chair right up behind her. "I want to lick you all over. So, be a good little girl and bend over."
Mischa felt paralyzed, her arousal beyond anything she had ever known. She hesitated, and he smacked her ass, causing them both to laugh a little.
"Don't think I won't enjoy spanking the hell out of this firm ass, but that's not on my agenda right now. So. Bend. Over."
She did as he asked, closing her eyes as she rested against the flat top of the railing. He seated himself in the chair, his legs moving in between hers, pushing them further and further apart. His hands caressed her ass, her thighs, the back of her knees, as he tugged the dress that had pooled around her waist off, leaving her almost naked. Between her shoes and her position, she knew he could see every inch of her and her thong.
And he could. He took his time admiring each crystal, each fold, making sure to touch and Esenyurt Escort stroke her everywhere. His hands lifted her up just a little, so she was on tiptoe, as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her slit. Slowly, to tease her, he pushed his way into her depths, enjoying the slick skin he found, enjoying her moans. He pulled back to give the same attention to her clit, rubbing it first with just the tip of his tongue, then dragging the flat of it against her sensitive spot.
Mischa was burning up. What he was doing was torture, she was sure, but the sweetest, cruelest kind. She no longer heard herself crying out her pleasure, but he did, and he loved it. She barely felt him tug her thong down and off, as he quickly leaned in to tongue her asshole and finger her pussy.
Now, he was wild, moving his tongue and clever fingers over her, in her, frantically, as if he couldn't get enough. Over and over, his mouth traveled across her heated flesh, so much so that had she been a shy sort of person, Mischa was sure he would have long cured her of her hesitancy. At last, he settled on sucking her clit, his hands coming up to pinch and twist her nipples. And again, he brought her to a fantastic orgasm that buckled her knees, the pleasure swamping her.
But he still wasn't through with her. With her body still quaking, he turned her to face him, his mouth catching hers in a blinding kiss. His tongue pushed its way into her mouth, invading it just as he invaded her pussy. She tasted herself there, and she, too, became frenzied.
His hands rested on her shoulders, but she needed no urging. He was already seated at the edge of a lounge chair, so she lowered herself onto her knees in between his legs. There, she saw his robe parted and her thong draped over the erection she had felt. Taking hold of his hardened dick, rubbing the thong against him gently, she sucked the head into her mouth. Looking up at him, she saw nothing but his mouth clenched as she licked his length. It was as exciting for her as it was him, and she focused on taking him in deep into her throat, one of her hands tugging on his balls lightly.
Mischa barely had time to reciprocate the pleasure he had given her when he lifted her off of him and back onto her feet. As willing as he, she eagerly bent over the railing in anticipation, and gasped as he pierced into her with one thrust.
"I'm sorry," he murmured, "I just can't wait."
And he didn't. With his hands gripping her hips, he pounded into her steadily, and Mischa delighted in the onslaught. His cock was as long and thick as it felt earlier, and he completely filled her, stretching her with each shove. After two intense orgasms within the hour, her pussy was so wet and sensitive that Mischa felt as if she could feel each glorious ridge in his cock. It was as close to heaven as the little devil had felt in quite some that she could barely hold on till he came. And when he did... she had no words to describe how good the feeling of him pulsing in her was.
Exhausted, they both settled onto the lounge chair without breaking their embrace. Mischa cuddled back against him, her head on his chest as his hands slid over her body.
"Well, you just gave me a great treat. Are you going to keep up this trick of not telling me who you are? I swear I feel like I know you."
"You know me. And now in the biblical sense, too." He chuckled as he pushed back the hood and a male version of Daphne smiled at her.
"Craig!" Mischa twisted slightly to kiss him fully on the mouth. "Daphne said you might be here, but she wasn't sure." Daphne's twin brother nuzzled her neck and tweaked her nipples with a big smile.
"Wouldn't have missed trick-or-treating for the world."
03-19-2023, at 06:38 PM

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