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The Girl Next Door

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All rights reserved.
Warning 18
This book contains mature content, explicit erotic scenes and language.
This is a work of fiction. Names, places, incidents and characters are the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.
No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means including photocopying recording or any other methods without the permission of the author.
My name is Neeraj.
This is a true story of my first sex experience. It happened years back when I was twenty.
I hail from a remote village. My father was a wealthy man. I had the privileges of being born in a wealthy family.
My father was always on tour as he had a business especially exports. I see him hardly two or three days in a month.
My next door girl, Sruthi was a year elder to me. We were friends since childhood.
Her mom was a tailor and her father worked in our paddy fields.
She was always in our house doing household works. We already had an old lady who worked in the kitchen. Sruthi used to help her in her free time. But mostly she came to watch TV.
At that time TV was a luxury and that luxury only had in my house.
Sruthi got married two years back with a guy in our next village.
She has come now for the harvest festival.
I didn't have any experience in sex that time. My only knowledge came from a few books lend from some of my college friends.
When we grew up I had a soft corner for her. I don't know whether it was love. Maybe she was my first crush.
I really felt bad when she was married off. After her marriage only I realized that I missed her so much.
When she came to the village, she visited my house. She has become chubbier, I noticed. Her tits became big. Her body had more curves, her butt jumped out. She was a real sex bomb now.
She came to my room to inform that she is back in the village.
She was wearing a sari. I saw her belly and the curves on the sides. Her blouse was too tight for her boobs and I thought its hooks will break and her tits will be exposed.
She must have noticed my stare. She gave a luscious smile and walked away. I saw the ripples produced on her butt while she walked. I felt pressure between my legs and I saw my rod was hard.
Damn, she is hot.
That evening, my mom went to her mother's place.
"I will be coming back in the morning only. I will tell Sruthi to serve dinner tonight."
I Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir nod absentmindedly.
None of our servants stayed at night. They all go to their respective homes.
After my mom left, Sruthi came home.
She wore a short knee length skirt and a loose top. As she walked her tits bounced inside her top.
There was no one else in the house, just the two of us.
She sat on the chair and started watching TV. I was sitting next to her on the couch.
She lifted her leg and kept the feet on the seat. Her skirt was forced down revealing her thigh.
I am sure she didn't do that on purpose. But I lost my concentration on the program running in the TV.
I was heated up by the sight of her thighs. My cock was hard inside my shorts. It twitched and I kept my hand over the shorts.
I crossed my legs so that she won't see the tent in between my legs. I tried to concentrate on TV but the scene was a steaming bedroom love between the hero and the heroine.
Oh fuck, I was losing all my control.
I wanted to touch her things.
I wanted to kiss her thighs.
She was this close to me. She looked at the bedroom scene in TV. I saw her biting her lips.
I raised my hands and purposely polished her thighs and scratched my hair. She didn't respond. She was all absorbed in the scene.
I put my hands down and kept on her knee cap. Still she didn't move or she pushed my hand away.
There was a steamy lip lock in the movie. I heard her gasping.
I twirled and nibbled very softly on her knees. She seemed unaware.
Seeing her unresponsive stance, I felt bold enough to trail my fingers down her thighs. My fingers were now in the inner side of her thighs gradually moving downwards targeting her precious private sector.
She moaned in a very low voice. Was it the scene in the movie or my fingers, I didn't know. My fingers were almost reaching her cunt; she turned her head and looked at me.
My hand braked there. I was in no position to take my hands off or keep it there.
I couldn't read what was on her face, what emotion she wore, but it wasn't pleasant.
I felt her heat, I saw her breasts raising up and going down fast. I can feel my heart also pumping fast.
What to do, I thought. Should I take off my hand or keep it there as long as she won't say anything or I proceed further.
My throat was dry. It was my first time.
Finally I decided to proceed. I will apologize later. I was desperate to touch her cunt. I was so fucking İstanbul Escort desperate.
My hand slid down too slowly like a snail.
Her eyes were affixed on me.
I touched her cunt lips. She was wearing nothing inside! No panties!
My little finger touched her slit. I felt her wetness, a slimy feeling that spread goose flesh all over my body.
"Are you going to fuck me?"
Was that a request or a question, I didn't know.
I didn't reply. Instead I took my hands off and leaned towards her. I kissed her on her lips.
When I returned to my original position she asked me to kiss again, this time more passionate and wild like the lip lock we just saw in the movie.
I couldn't deny her.
Our licks were joined in a hot union, we sucked each other's lips, and we opened our mouths and let our tongues twirl together. Our breaths were becoming heavy.
Sruthi held my head closer to her as she never wanted the kiss to end.
I cupped her big tits and started playing with the twin spheres.
She doesn't have a bra either!
She knew this would happen when I stared at her tits while she came to my room to inform that she was back in the village.
I was more aroused at the thought. I squeezed her tits harder. She moaned aloud and I knew it pained her a bit. Our lips were free for a moment.
I pulled her towards me. She alighted from the chair and fell on my body on the couch. Her big breasts squashed against my chest. My cock throbbed under her thigh. She held my face tight and against started to kiss and chew my lips. She was wild now. She greedily sucked my lips and tongue. Her steamy breaths were all over my face. She panted like a wild dog.
She is mine now. My Sruthi.
I am going to fuck her.
My hands ran over her back, down on her ass, caressing and squeezing at will. I lifted her skirt and moved my fingers between her butt cheeks rubbing her ass hole with high torque. She pressed me down with her big tits into the touch.
Her weight was pulling me down into the softness of the couch. She was all fired up with wild passion. Her rapid breaths exhaled hot air. She didn't give a rest to my mouth and lips.
She was so hungry and thirsty for sex. Or was it for me?
For a split second when our lips were parted I said. "I want to see you, complete."
She lifted off from me and quickly threw away her clothes.
"See me Neeraj." Her voice twitched with lust. I looked at her with desire. She parted her legs to let me see her cunt.
Fuck, Escort İstanbul I never had seen a cunt before.
She cupped her breasts in front of me and rubbed her clit. She put her finger through her slit and moved it inwards and outwards. She did it to teach me. I now knew what to do. I knew a little from the books I read.
I went towards her and kissed her tits. I nibbled her nipples and circled around them.
Her nipples were hard and aroused.
My mouth trailed down her body through her curves. I licked her belly button and kissed down till I reached her clit.
I kissed and sucked her clit and then tongued her slit. She moaned continuously encouraging me to go deeper.
She was wet now. I licked her cunt honey. She forced her cunt into my mouth. She was panting. The pleasure was taking over her.
I slowly raised and kissed her again and made her taste her cunt honey from my tongue.
She grasped my cock and stroked it. She started slowly but soon she did fast. She was so uncontrollable now.
I removed my clothes.
She pushed me onto the couch and climbed on top of me.
"I want you cock Neeraj. I badly want it."
She helped my cock into her wet cunt and stroked her ass up and down in rhythm.
She moaned and groaned aloud.
Nothing mattered to her now other than my cock.
Her strokes were faster now. Her ass thud harshly on my groin.
I grabbed her tits and squeezed as hard as I could.
She wasn't stopping until I come.
I was worried what if I make her pregnant.
But I was unvoiced. I didn't want her to stop. The pleasure was mounting. Her wild moans filled the house.
I never knew a girl would be so wild while having sex.
I squeezed her tits harder as I was nearing the climax. My face twitched while the cream spurted out of my cock and filled her cunt.
Her strokes were now slow, her breaths were shallow now and I poured out my last drop inside her.
She continued for some more time until she had an orgasm. Her cunt honey watering between my legs and around my balls.
Tired, she leaned above me. Her lips gently kissed my cheeks and lips. She whispered. "I love you Neeraj."
How long we stayed that way we didn't know. But when conscience struck us, we jumped up. She has to go now.
But we didn't want to part. We wanted more.
"I will ask your parents to let you stay here all night. They won't reject my request."
I know she also wanted that.
We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. We dressed up and walked towards her house hand in hand as lovers.
I asked her parents' permission to allow her stay at my house. I saw they were reluctant but they couldn't say no to me.
We walked back to my house, our hearts thumping with joy.
"I will fuck you all night." I whispered in her ears.
03-19-2023, at 06:38 PM

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