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Being Vicky for the first time

Post #1

Being Vicky for the first time(November , rain storms releases the opportunity to go and take a lonely car ride .... what can possibly go wrong?Damn it?.the car engine stops ,typical my bad luck , the torrential rain I am now soaked , who will stop at this hour to pick up a man in a terrible state wet sad mad?at his luck my thoughts take an abrupt end simultaneously with the car passing before me and slowly stops a few meters away from me)E: I guess you didn?t see that coming? shouts the girl running with an umbrella towards meMe: Thank you, I saw the weather I couldn?t ?see? the car abandoning me on my own though(I answer with a scary and hesitant look) I am looking for a cab (how come they speak English in Greece?)Q: At this time of night with this rain I can?t see it happen honey let us give you a ride ...sorry for the English my husband and I have been living in Athens for 5 years now but speaking and learning your language has proved more than we can handle Me: It?s ok Greek can be very hard to learn we all know that?thank you for your kind offer but I?ll have to pass I don?t want to cause you any trouble and excuse my English it?s been awhile since I last practice it ...Q: Don?t be stubborn we will get you there besides we were going for a ride in the rain as well and your English is just fineMe:mmm maybe getting me to the nearest bus station probably would be fine ( well I guess there is no harm here I might as well accept the noble gesture )J: Good evening my name is John and the girl who ?persuaded? you is my wife Elli she can be very persuasive (he smiles) .Me: Nice to meet you guys I am Vassilis J: Where you going out for a drink at this time? God only in Greece?(he laughs) Me: Nah ?.loneliness ?..just driving around ... but my car decided otherwiseJ: Come on , man we can all go back to our place if you feel like besides we always look for new faces to hang out to watch a movie at least until your clothes get dry so what do you say? ;E: Yes We the best collection of wines come we will have some good laughs ...Me: guys I don?t want to cause you any more troubles than I already a ride back to my place or bus station would be more than enough besides you do not know me very well J: we don?t know you so what? here is the opportunity to know you better besides we are obviously older we ?ve been in similar situation as yours you will have some fun?E: Older come on John, we are not that old, not that Vassilis doesn?t look very young and attractive ?but we are ok aren?t we?Me: thanks for the compliment I am 34 now but you really don?t look that much older maybe in your late 30s (was that a move on me by Ellie nah my idea )Q: nice after that compliment we have toy at least get you a drink wither you like it or not (smiles unless you feel ashamed or scared or you have some other better plansMe: Nah maybe a little scared of the unknown but what can you do **** me? (why on earth did I say that shit I need a glass of wine the rain soaked my brain as well hope they didn?t take offence of my bad joke)J, E : haha no of course not that is the spirit .... hahaha lovely lets go home then ...... (wow they must be loaded the house is a large beautiful detached villa bravo guys nice going )E: well what do you think of our little place ;Me: you call that little wow .... haha it is very beautifulE: John start the ? movie? playing ... and put some wine while I give a change of clothes to Vassilis you are soaking ,come with me ....( Was there a hint in " the movie " ? again I must be losing it where will she finds clothes on my size? after all John is twice my size worked out taller well I probably will look ridiculous but I at least will feel dry again : P)E: hm how can I put it now ....what size are you ,How tall are you ;Me: e 179 cm and ... John would be around 190 right ;E: Yeah, but do not worry no offence you seem to have a rather female ass rather large right? sorry I like to be bold but take no offence I meant it only as a compliment ?Me: oh its ok the story of my life female ass and body if I was a woman men would beg but as a man women almost seem to ignore me ... hahaha just k**dingE: I don?t know how to put it so here goes on your size I have only some dresses of me when I worked as a secretary do you want to put them on just enough to feel dry ;Me: No Elli its ok I ll stay in my jeans besides fun I wouldn?t be comfortable in female clothes passed the time of experimenting with my sexuality, not that I ever, hahaha its ok I?ll keep my ....E:let me stop you there what kind of insecurity is this ? you are a man ok let?s put you into something dry .... I'll leave here the dress and underwear and going to turn my back come on now hurry we want to catch the movie .. and don?t be afraid it?s just the three of us here ....Me: Underwear Suspenders what is this all about ;E: Well it's cold tights are necessary to keep you warm and suspenders to keep them tight aw they are supposed to be the only underwear in your size is that G-string and besides that they make your ass sexier trust me ... Me: I think we just passed the point of weird E: Do not be stupid ...Me: But ...E: Come on do not make me feel bad that I have nothing else to offer you ...Me: I do not even know how to wear this ...E: let me help you ....Me: Hey Look I am embarrassed I blushed ....E: stupid girl ... sorry I meant stupid guy ...Me: ups here is the female pronounce ....E: Come on it slept my tongue .... hahaha legs shaved hairless body hahaha you must have seen this coming ...Me: Everyone tells me about my female feet, hands unfortunately the hairless body is natural E: perfect who woman wouldn?t enjoy that?Me: well i can?t fit into the dress maybe we should leave it ... Whew ...E: let me hmmm .. I ll bring my corsets , wow yes that?s it Come see how your body is completely feminine especially now ... oh yes ....Me: hey is my chest bigger with the corset a little.... and is this a super mini dress or are all in my head?E: you will see the result in the end in the mirror because now I'm afraid you are going to chicken ... hahahaMe: ( I've a wood the feeling of female clothes is smooth and amazing What a beautiful feeling .... oh shit Ellie will certainly see that )E: well somebody seems to enjoy the dress and underwear besides me hahaha ;( I knew it fuck how can I save it ? ) ... Me: too cold ,and ....E: The cold has the opposite effect hahaha don?t be ashamed its normal .... do not hide that besides i must confess I am getting more wet watching suck a sexy feminine figure in front of me with a sexy outfit WaitMe: What are you doing ;E : make up, earrings bracelets I have everything stand stillMe: no no its too much what started like a game ?I simply can?t ... I do not want to?E : take it easy Since you enjoy it don?t be silly we will just see how you look like with my make up on and wash it away ...Me: well for fun and just to see ( isn?t John worried what are we doing so long ; wondering how I'm going to look though am I beautiful as a girl?)E: okay perfect ... incredible ... unrecognizable .... you are so sexy and cute ... I have a wig too do you mind?Me: since we got this far the wig will not hurt us ....Q: haha that?s the spirit relax .... Wait what shoe size are you wearing ..Me: 44EU , ok that I am sure you won?t have ( oh fuck is that pump heels they look like they could fit me .... )E: haha come on my Cinderella let me put you on your shoe ... wow ... I'm sorry but you make me horny ... look in the mirror your legs your ass look even greater and sexier with the pumps on I wish I had a sexy secretary like you?.xmmmm.Me: Unbelievable ... well ... I am looking for a girl like me so sexy I can?t believe it?s me I am looking in the mirror ( Wow I'm really unrecognizable wow .... Whew eh I feel so horny I should calm down I will be ridiculed .... )E: Aren?t we all looking for such a beautiful creature?wait John now has to see you he will be speechlessMe: look I think he will misunderstand me ....E: don?t you think by now I know my husband better and his tastes besides he knows I dressed you with my clothes and my taste as well ? Hahaha moreover don?t you want to see how you will appear in a guy and what he thinks of you as a female image.... ;Me: (not only I want to by now I can?t stop thinking cock blowjobs fuck what 's wrong with me .... I am losing it slowly .. relax .... ) haha ok let?s go to make him laugh , as well with this mess of mineE: yes yes ... " Laugh "( here it is again why the ?laugh? sounded strange to me? , nay I'm just anxious pfff let it go relax you will dry and you will go home to jerk off everyone will forget ... relax )E: John we are ready surpriseJ: .... well Elli you outdone yourself sorry but she is unrecognizable ... wow flawless figure the movie is ready ... here are your glasses of wine ....E: Thank you baby I know : P ha-ha I 'm going to change into something more comfortable play nice while I am gone ok? hahahaE: hahaha silly go quickly we will start the movie meanwhile(awkward don?t speak don?t say anything... oh my god excuse me ... is that..?is it playing porn ... ; But these women do not have .. oh gosh they are not women they have cocks huge cocks they appear like me wait did he say she before for me ... ?she? is unrecognizable ? what is happening how did I let it go this far ?I better hurry up drinking the wine make a small talk and leave? leave NOW )ME: what movie are we watching? .... (as if I do not see what this is .... oh my god ... these dicks making me more horny why do I want them?... fuck I thing I am sexier and sluttier than the in this porn ... I want to be like them better than them ?I can shuck more dicks than them i?can?t understand why is my mind so off but I have never felt this horny )J: Vicky this is one of my favorite movies whenever I put it on my dick goes to stone in no time ....Me: Vicky ; are you calling me Vicky ; ( I love Vicky yew it fits me perfectly ) .... what are you doing John? Come on dress up put it back in your pants man we make a little joke with Ellie nothing more ( is he nuts did he just like that put out his dick ?he is so hot I am feeling dizzy wet hot horny aroused I can?t control myself I want to suck his cock )J: Vicky i am going to speak to you frankly , if I thought you would not dig I will never even bothered showing you , but I can see you are looking at it with lust you want to grab it . touch it don?t be afraid it won?t bite you ....Me: ... but ....J: Vicky it?s just between us now Elli doesn?t have to find out .... let alone someone else?.it is reasonable after all seeing that it has the same effects to you too. Just grab it is firm as stone ....Me: Look John I do not .... ( it makes me hornier calling me Vicky I can?t take my eyes of his cock I want to suck him like a slut ...?I started thinking as Vicky and as the slut Vicky .... let's just chill out .... )J: Come on girl touch me here bring me your hand ....Me: I did not .... oh it?s so hard really..... oufff what 's wrong with me ... ; I?m grabbing your dick ....J: Come on my little girl you are just letting go of your real self , the female that was hidden the beautiful VickyMe: .... ( whatever I say I will sound stupid ... Look how much harder he gets now that I am slowly going my hands around it its better than touching myself .... I love this it is incredible I am only feeling more and more horny how much more can I get?....... )J: Vicky are you sure you have never done this before .... ; mmmm my little sexy horny girl ... I can see you know how much you want to put it in your mouth .... which by the way is very feminineMe: ( yes I want you to suck your dick and your balls) John we said no. we won?t do things like this and maybe I should be .... leave.... ( I cannot get my hand off ) ( oh my god do I feel lusty for his dick in my mouth why now why me why do i want to feel suck a slut)?J: Come closer sweaty .... I ll be gentle .... Come ...Me: .... ( ah I want it so much resist Vicky,-eh vassilis?eh fuck that -Vicky resist girl? ) .... well I stretched for so long maybe i should come closer like your knew or something.... it is very hard and quite huge ... mmmmJ:you are getting your little pussy wet Vicky I can see that under your sexy mini dress Come put in your mouth I want to feel your sexy tongue licking me and I can see how much you want it too ... Come give a little kiss for start ... if you do not like it or want you can stop.Me: just one kiss one for the experience ? ... ( How do you stay in one my god .... Oooohh yes it is hot hard it smells cock and I like what 's wrong with me , I feel like the biggest whore and I want to feel even bigger .... What the hell live the experience his huge cock is tastes great fits great I like hearing him moaning yes I have to lick it with my tongue ) mmmm ...C: mmmmmm I did see that coming you are even better than Elli in this and she has been my experienced slut for years .... MmmmmE: better;( scare me .... oh fuck why am I not stopping she just caught us in the act I simply cannot stop him I want avidly his cock)E: I live you two alone for a while and this the thanks I get shame on you (she smiles and laughs warm but why her husband is cheating on her )I Knew she was born an natural sexy little girl?how are we calling her John ; I see .... mmmm indeed she is doing it well ... even without my help suck him Vicky as he sucks my nipples oh fuck now i am very wet with you two as well.( Wow I can see her wet pussy just above my blowjob and licking her nipples I live a dream )J: We call our girl Vicky and every time I call her that she becomes more and more horny so she simply loves it....E: Vicky you are soaking my dress .... mmm nice cock let?s try it .....Me: Elli your mouth is .... ooooooJ: And you Vicky can certainly handle a stick... maybe we should go to bed to get more comfortable ? ....Me: MmmmmE: Show how strong you are get her in your hands ....Me: You Picked up with no problem ... unbelievable kiss me now and my strong fuckerC: fucker not just yet but soon ....E: hey I found her first I take her virgin ass first besides I know how important it is that for a girl right Vicky? The strap on is ready and oiled what do you thing I was doing all tie along while my little girl tasted your cock? I ?ve put more lubricant on are you ready my sweaty?Me: Fuck me both of you alternately but please don?t make me hurt ok ?you are right Ellie it is important for me my first time. us girls understand each otherE: But you're my lovely sweet little whore why would I hurt you ... I want your first time to be perfect for usJ: Vicky don?t get distracted resume your blowjob come on I need your mouth ....Me: mmmm .... yeah both of you I want you both I am choking but I like it ..... ah .... Elli what is this ?E: sssss my baby just my finger , slowly in I will open your little pussyass with SALIVA lubricant .... mmm I do not see great resistance are more than ready do you want it?Me: mmmmmmm ( I want to scream but John?s cock is my permanent pacifier I do not change it .... )E: two fingers wow ... ready I'll make my own ..... slowly ...... John give her a French kiss to enjoy her last moments as a virgin girlJ: always romantic my little Ellie kiss me VickyMe: .... oh my god incredible sense yes deeper .....your lips are awesome JohnE: look who is no longer a virgin and things straight 're forever mine .... ah yes .... I fuck your tight little pussyMe: yes i am yours fuck me with no mercy yes you are my first Fucker Ellie John I can?t without your cock give ti to my mouth I want to suck it6 all the time ?.J: no no it?s my turn to take you now Vicky ... to feel the true cock inside you to make you mine and ours BABY ....E: Yes , and I want dick too so Vicky Come give me your cock .... my pussy is extremely wet .... I can?t control it Me: Yes Ellie your pussy is so tight and smooth wow I can?t believe how much more horny I can get ?.ouch John your dick xmmm is simply magnificent.J: From the first moment I saw you in the rain I knew you would be a great fuck for both of us was i right Ellie is she the best slut we ever had? E: she is the greatest and sexiest piece of ass I fucked and our little girl can fuck well too oh yes Vicky don?t stopJ: I am going to cum Vicky ....E: hey don?t take all the load for you Vicky leave something for me as wellMe: It's my first please Let him cum in my mouth ! Pleaseeee .....E: yes but only if you French kiss me passionately afterwards ;J: I am cummminnnggggg oh Vickyyyyyyyyy oh EllieeeeeeeeeeeeeMe: ( my god it is as alive it has strange taste but not nice but taste like cock I love it .... )E: how about you my girl will give me a taste of your load are you cumming?Me: ahhh I'm ready ......E: frenchkiss john and I?ll suck you I want you in my mouth now Vicky and I expect the hot load from you .....Me: aaaaahhh I am cumming ( what a shame what I've done I ?ve got fucked ....i took blowjob who am I) ;E: mmmm tasty Come on both of you suck me .... i am about to cum too ....( I am trying to suck his dick again I can?t stop myself even now?)E: VICKY me not john again xaxaxaMe: Sorry ... well .... I love licking your pussy as wellJ: hahaha it doesn?t matter my baby we will have opportunities for many pleasure moments from here and on. maybe i will get to know you a friend of mine Peter so we could be two couples you'll love himMe: ( yeah ... I will I am whore all this time i didn?t know but it?s time to move on thanks to Ellie and John , but let me just pretend that I didn?t hear it..i like to be a shy sexy girl? ) .... um yes we should all get a coffeeQ: ohhhhhhhhhhhh I am cuming hearing Vicky being my whore partner and make a relationship between two couples made me so cum so hard?.we will get to fuck with more than one man Vicky I feel like I met my soul slut sister thank you The story is purely fictional but I'd like to live with the right pair of horny people hope you enjoy it and please excuse my bad englishkisses everywhere
04-06-2021, at 07:11 PM

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