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KissA kiss is just a kiss, goes the song, but don't you believe it.I have been a lucky guy. I have been married to the same beautiful woman for ten years. We still have an active love life and she's no prude. Right now, she's giving me a fantastic blowjob.My wife doesn't close her eyes when she's giving head. Instead, she maintains full eye contact with me through most of the act. It is hot to see those cat-like eyes staring back at me as I watch her blow me. Her mouth is fully engaged on my cock, but it's like her whole face is smiling.Her technique is splendid. Her tongue swirls in patterns over the head of my dick while her suction on the shaft hollows her cheeks, and all the while she bobs up and down on my lap. She maintains just the right tempo to keep you getting closer, not so slow you're bored, not so fast you come right away.All the same, it isn't long before I feel the semen charge through my cock into her waiting mouth. She hasn't made me come in a week and I'm not allowed to masturbate outside of her presence, so a lot of sperm has been saved up; it takes a while to ejaculate it all. I convulse with an extreme and undeniable pleasure as spurt after spurt of cum shoots out of the head of my cock. My eyes roll back in my head and I exhale a long groan of delight.She is careful not to let the contents of her mouth spill out of her mischievous smile. Every precious drop has another destination. Even as she continues jacking me with her right hand, she extends her left arm and beckons me forward with a curled finger. I rise to meet her but I'm too slow for her. She closes her hand in a fist on the front of my shirt and roughly pulls me up so that we're face to face. She studies me for a moment, looking for eagerness and hunger. Finding both, she is satisfied. She leans in and locks her lips on mine in a deep, open-mouthed kiss.She twists her tongue in mine and quickly pushes my own semen into my mouth. She may as well be spoon-feeding me. She's like a mother bird who chews the food for her chicks in preparation for the day when they will be able to eat on their own. I am the young chick being adjusted to a new diet. My new sustenance is salty and sweet, it is still warm and its presence in my mouth and belly gives me pleasure. I enjoy it.And I know this is all part of her plan. I have failed completely to counter it.She has steadily worked to addict me to the texture and flavour of my own cum. Even now as she transfers the viscous semen from her mouth to mine, her talented right hand pleasures me. She makes certain to prolong my orgasm so that supreme ecstasy is associated in my mind with having cum in my mouth. It's been working better than I would have believed. I can hardly cum now without licking the cloudy pale elixir; in just a few months I have been conditioned to link my orgasms to the taste of cum.It seemed innocent when first she started me down this path, but I know now she proceeded with clear intent. She began by kissing me with a drop of my pre-cum on her tongue. She did this a few times and when I didn't balk, she started to collect my pre-seminal fluid on her fingers and making me lick it off. She talked to me about her fantasies, how she wished I would eat her out after coming inside her, how sexy that would be. Soon her fantasy was a regular reality as time and again I lapped her pussy clean of my seed, triggering powerful orgasms in her and a strange new hunger in me. For the past few months I have been eating my sperm mixed with her feminine juices straight out of her pussy.The cum-sharing kiss is her latest innovation. Like Judas, my wife betrays me with a kiss.She stimulates me until I blow my load in her mouth. There the cum is adulterated only by saliva, purer and more whole than it is when served out of the vessel of a woman. She is adjusting me to larger, ever more potent loads.I'm not at all surprised. You see, she has begun to drop hints about her latest sexual fantasy. She suggested that we might try swinging or an open marriage. I unequivocally refused to consider it, but she is a determined and cunning woman. She is already conditioning me to eat the seed of her future lovers. It is her intention that I will not just agree to the open marriage, but actually beg her to take lovers to feed my debauched appetite. I will become an eager cuckold.It's an insane plan that should never work... so why am I so hungry for cum all the time?Even when the mind-blowing orgasm has passed and I am left in a haze of afterglow, she doesn't relent. My wife has been jacking my cock in her right hand since she took her mouth off it. Now, she lets go of my cock and extends the sticky, webbed, cum-mired fingers toward my mouth. Obediently, I suck the cum off of each finger in turn before I lick her hand like a dog. I swish the silky, sudsy blobs of cum around my mouth before I swallow the whole goopy load. I savour the substance like a connoisseur of cum. If my wife has her way, I actually may soon be a jizz junkie.The creamy load lopes down my throat, warming me, satisfying my hunger. For now.A kiss is more than just a kiss. For me, it has become a surrender to my wife's superior will and a future of submission while my wife takes a succession of lovers. Strangely, even that humiliating thought gives me wood...
04-06-2021, at 07:12 PM

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