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Outdoor adventure with Master

Post #1

Outdoor adventure with MasterFriday evening 10 p.m.I receive an SMS from my master.'Slave,At 22:30 your pussy smooth, black plug in, your leather body and crotchless tights on,Get in the car .No questions.Your Master. "Tension builds up in my body, what will it do to me?Fortunately, I had shaved earlier that evening, I am ready at 22:30.With the plug in my pussy and my leather body under my long coat, I get in the car.He looks at me sternly and says: did what I said? ""Yes master" I answer and meanwhile I feel my pussy getting wetter.I see a bag in the back seat and know that he has brought some attributes.We drive to a remote place, park the car and he orders me to get out.The place is remote, but there is a picnic table."Slave" says my master, "turn your back to me, take off your coat and close your eyes"I turn around and feel that he is standing behind me, I feel that he is excited, his cock touches my buttocks.I close my eyes and feel that he puts on the mask so that I can no longer see.Then he brings my hands to my back and says, "fold your hands together"I feel the rope go round and I can no longer move my hands and arms when he is finished.Slowly he pushes me forward, my heart beats, where is he taking me now, suddenly I feel something against my legs, I can't go on.Then he turns me over with the command: on your knees.On my knees I feel his cock in my mouth, without saying anything I know I have to suck. His cock feels great in my mouth when I start sucking.Moments later he takes my head and starts to fuck me in my mouth. My thoughts go to the moment when he will fuck me in my pussy later.Suddenly he stops and pulls me up, turns me around and bends forward, loosens my body and I feel that he puts a plug in my ass instead of his cock in my cunt. My master walks away, Suddenly I hear a click and I know that he has taken a picture, then I feel that he is re-attaching the body.pulls me up and tells me to sit down, suddenly I know I'm at the picnic bench.I sit down, "lie down and spread your legs," says my Master. I do everything he says obediently. And again I hear a click.'Ass up' and I feel him loosen my body again and take a picture.When I feel his tongue on my clit I moan with horniness, the times he uses his tongue are rare, but oh so blissful."don't come until I say it," says my Master. oh no I can't, it's too good.Moaning with pleasure, I feel my body vibrate gently to cum, suddenly my Master bites my clit softly, not very painful, but enough not to let me come.Then he stops and I hear him growl, he stands next to me and presses his cock in my mouth again, squeezing my nipples, which are very sensitive because of my horniness, he himself is now very hard and swollen, his own actions have made him not left untouched.Suddenly he withdraws and says "You would like you to cum in your mouth huh" and slaps my tits and swollen clit a few times.I moan with pleasure with every blow. then I suddenly feel something on my clit and suddenly feel it vibrate. "Now you may cum" says my Master while he holds the vibrator on my clit and fucks my pussy with the plug.I do not need a long time to come and soon moan with pleasure.'Good slave' I hear him say and I feel that he fastens the body again with still plug in the pussy and ass.Slowly he pulls me up and kisses me as he pushes his cock against me and loosens my hands and arms.The mask goes off and he looks at me with horny fun eyes. "We're going," he says.Where do I think, but a little later I see that it is home.He looks at me and says, "you go upstairs at home, you pick up more ropes and toys," then put your mask back on and wait for me to come.At home I go upstairs, take everything he said and wait anxiously when he enters the bedroom.Then I hear the door open and close, and feel his hands on my body towards my tits, which he molds wonderfully.He loosens my body and takes out the plugs.The body goes out and the tights too and then I feel him putting a rope around my tits.Oh lovely he is going to make teenage tits, so that they stick firmly and forward. "arms bent up and keep there," says my Master, my arms are also provided with rope.Then I have to lie on my back on the bed and pull my legs up, and instead of feeling him between my legs, I suddenly feel that he is putting on other tights, the Velcro tights, I moan with pleasure when he grabs my labia and attach the clips. What a horny feeling it is that he dresses me, never thought it could be sexy, until the first time he brought them to me. As I think this, I suddenly feel his cock bumping into me, I moan loudly with pleasure and shock. His cock is so nice and hard and thick, it fills me completely. He hits hard a few times, I don't have to worry about being dry, I never am when we're busy.then my Master withdraws as suddenly as he entered me, I think, fuck, it felt so good.He turns me on my stomach and pulls my upper body back so that I lean on my knees with my body forward on the bed and my ass slightly in the air, slowly he starts to finger me from behind until I come again, this time it was there is no command of it.While I still enjoy the orgasm, I feel his cock in my pussy again, oh nice, he takes me from behind. Suddenly I hear a few more clicks and I realize that he has pictures of how he fucks me. That thought makes me even hotter. I feel that he puts the camera away and suddenly he grabs my hair and gently pulls my head back and fucks me hard. I cum one after the other, moaning with pleasure.Then I feel him accelerate and know that my Master will also come and will fill me with his sperm.When he is ready and takes his cock out of my cunt, I hear him chuckle, 'I have filled you well, it is already going well, stay put like this' he says and I hear that click again a little later, and know that my pussy with the flowing sperm is also captured forever.
04-06-2021, at 07:12 PM

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