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Sucking man!!!!!

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Sucking man!!!!!So... My wife an I decided to split for awile.... So I was not happy about it... But I have a friend thats I was talking to him about it.... An he asked if I was trying to do something new?? An i said what the helll....... Im into something new... So my friend picked me up from my house...... He took me to an old abandon house!... We walked into the house.... He said why dont we explore this place naked..... So after a few mins of fighting being naked... I said okay buddy..... As soon as his pants came off he was hard as a rock!!! I walked up to him with my semi hard cock!! I grabbed his hard dick an said hmmmm im hoping your glad to see me... He said maybe.... So i bent down on my knees an swallowed his cock!! He moaned vety loudly!! As i kept his cock lodged deep in my throat!!... I let his cock go an he said WTF!! Was that i said letting me take control.... He then said have all the control you want... So I happily obliged... I grabbed his semi hard cock in my mouth an started sucking unconditionally.... He told me he wasnt gonna cum with me just sucking his big fucking cock!!! I kept licking an sucking the head of his cock as i asked him please what would make him cum!!! For me!!! He said please play with my asshole.... So while i had his whole cock down my throat... I started playing with his very tight asshole.... I pulled his cock out of my mouth.... I pulled his ass and hips down!!! I gently slid my long tongue deep into his ass!! As I started tongue fucking His ass all you could hear from him was "ooooohhh's and Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh'ssss" I pulled him up, Grabbed his super hard pre cumming cock and swallowed the whole thing!!! He started face fucking me!! He face fucked my open mouth for a good 5-10 minutes!!! He pulled his cock out of my mouth an i Told him its my turn!!!.... He opened his mouth as i slid my ass into his open mouth!!!!! He then pushed his tongue deep into my Hole!!! Therefore he continued to lick an tongue fuck my asshole!!!!... I lifted up as he decided to tongue fuck my asshole a couple more times!!! My cock was as hard as it could ever be as he grabbed it.... Shoved his tongue deep inside me one last time on the way out of my ass he put my dick he was holding into his mouth!! I swallowed as much of that cock as I could!! I put it deep into His mouth an continued to face fuck this man!!!!... I then pulled my throbbing cock out of his mouth....He kept gagging as he tried to take the whole thing!!! I pulled him off of my cock an told him please go easy an I Will take all of your cock!!! So he fucked my mouth real good and hard for a few strokes then he told me to make sure he came Hard!!! So i grabbed his cock an started sucking harder and started stroking his pulsing cock!! He also had his friends fingering my ass.... As i pulled his cock out of my mouth.. I told him your gonna cum Hard baby!!! (He said dont worry about me))) so i grabbed his cock an swallowed hard!!! His friends asked what about them??? "I told them to wait their turn" he was gonna CUM First!!!! So i had him stand up!!! He Asked what i was doing i told him i am gonna suck fuck your cock until you Cum!!! He said ok!! I got into position and took every inch of my friends cock down my throat until i heard him start moaning!!!! He told he me he was gonna cum as he held my face in place and pounded my throat hard!!!! An finally!!!! After alot of pounding and moaning!!! I feel him cum HARD!!! HE COLLAPESES AT HIS KNEES!!!! He says thanks!! I say your welcome!!! But i gotta go finish your friends off!!! While he was face pounding methe other 2 were playing with my cock and my ass!!! I ask them "what would it take for you to get off my ass and fuck a knowable.... "They said for us to fuck you" i said ok!!! So #1 steps up i grab his shove it in my mouth!!! Out of the corner of my eye i see #2 looking at my ass" so i pull #1 his cock out of my mouth spit on my hand an get my ass wett with my spit .... #2 grabs his nice cock an guides it into my ass!!! "As i moan out with pain i also feel the amazing feel of anal" which makes me want more "slower more but definitely more" I am sucking on His cock while another mans cock is in my ass!!! #1 says if i keep sucking like this he is gonna cum down my throat!!! So i grab his bare ass an pull him into my face!! He Moans loudly!! Like he has never had someone pull his pulsing cock down their throat before. He keeps fucking my face!!! I feel him!!! He is enjoying having his cock swallowed!!! While the other man enjoys pounding my ass!!! I feel my cock Pulsing!!! Having a cock enjoy my throat and having a very very nice cock enjoy my ass. Feel my ORGASM happening!!! Both of them pump me one more time an I cum!!! I cum fucking hatd i.cum all over everything!!! Im not done though i mive my mouth and turn over and have him pound my ass!! Feells amazing i can hear him pounding me harder and harder!!! I can feel.him.bursting inside of me... As he tries to pull out i pull deeper an wrap my legs around him!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm I SAY as i grab my cock an play witb it a little just to rub the pre cum everywhere!!!
04-06-2021, at 10:16 PM

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