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First time with my sister in-law

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First time with my sister in-lawIt was a big night out, our k**s were with the grandparents, and my sister in-law Steph and her husband Paul had turned up at our house for pre-night out drinks.After after a couple of drinks we jumped into a taxi and headed out to the charity dinner dance, I was sat in the back between my wife and Steph, it was a twenty minute ride as as I sat there I could feel Steph's nylon clad legs rubbing against mine, this of course made me feel a little bit horny and I start to get semi-erect.We arrived at the venue and I stayed inside the taxi, to pay the driver and also to let the semi subside enough not to get caught.We had a few more drinks and sat down for the meal, I was sat next to my wife and opposite sister in-law.As the light dimmed a little and the main stage was lit for the post meal entertainer I took the opportunity to drop my napkin on the floor.I bent down to pick the napkin up, and as I did my sister in-law opened her legs, I could see the tops of her nylons, along with the white lace fronted undies, I came back up after a few seconds, trying not to raise suspension, but I looked across the table, and Steph just smiled at me.Had she noticed I had been under the table and looked up her dress?The night went on and the dancing started, not being a great dancer I propped up the bar with my brother in-law whilst the girls danced.As the drink too effect I gained the courage to hit the dance floor, at some point my wife excused herself to visit the ladies, as so I dance with Steph, as it was the end of the night a slow came on, I took the lead and put my hands on her hips, she pulled me in close, she placed her hands round my neck, it was so close, I could feel her breath on side of my neck.As we dance I could feel her 36D breasts pressing against my body, by now I was semi erect again, I tried to pull away, but it was no good, she must have felt me, but did not say a word.At the end of the dance my wife had returned to the dance floor, Steph felt it only right that my wife should have the last dance, to me it was the most awkward dance in the world, semi erect and trying hard not to show it.As the light came up at the end of the night, Steph went in search of Paul, he was well to say the least WELL drunk and just about able to stand up!! I helped Steph to the waiting taxi to take us home, we place him in the front seat and got into the back for the journey home.When we finally got home my wife and sister in-law took my brother in-law into the house and put him straight to bed in the spare room, I paid the taxi driver and was heading into the house when my sister in-law appeared at the door saying she had left her phone on the seat in the taxi. I promptly phone the taxi firm and they said the driver would be back in about 15 minutes as he already had another fare on-board.I said I would wait up with her until the taxi turned up, so I called up to my wife and told her to go to bed.The driver appeared after 10 minutes, and we headed out to the parking lot to collect the phone, as he leave the parking lot Steph turns round to thank me, she gave me a peck on the checked, she looks into my eyes and she starts to kiss me, like a sister in-law, our tongues darting in and out of each other mouths, I pulled Steph towards me, I was more than semi erect and Steph knew it.She reached and rubbed my erection through my pants, it hitched dress, and run my hands around the tops of her nylons and place them of her rear.She rubs me harder and harder, I am about to cum, she stops and drops to her knees, as quick as a flash she has my fly of my pants open, and pulls out my average length penis, it bobs around in the cold night are, I feel her warm mouth envelope my cock, her head starts moving up and down at slow steady pace. Her saliva runs down my cock and over my balls, the chilly night air flowing over by wet ball sack makes my cock even tighten even harder, I am moaning and starting to grunt, trying not to wake the neighbor who over looks the parking lot.Steph stops as quickly and she started, my turn she say, we walk over to her car, I carefully raise her dress and lift her onto the bonnet.I see her white lace thong, I place a finger and thumb between her legs rubbing her moist mound through her thong, she moans. I drop to my knees and bring my face to her soaked lace thong, the scent is out of this world, I gently push her thong to the side and start licking her clit hod, gently with a slightest of pressure, her moans are in pace with the grinding of mound into my face, my tounge not moving from her clit hood.Steph starts to have a big 'O', wave after wave of pleasure pulses through her body, she has to put her hand over her mouth just to keep the noise down.She tells me to stand up and fuck her, right there on her car bonnet, with out a word and lift her legs onto my shoulders, once again pull her lace thong to the side and rub my erect cock along her warm moist slit.Just "FUCK ME" she says, and force my cock into cunt, with strong powerful stokes I pump away, her purring changes moaning as another O builds up, I feel her orgasm, squeezing my cock, trying to get me to surrender to cum.I pull out and turn her around, I pull her thong down to just above the knee and enter her from behind. I continue pumping my cock in and out, in and out, I reach round and start the squeeze her tits together, its clear to me she is not wearing a bra, I start to tweak her nipples, whilst I am still pumping away, not ever missing a stroke.As she starts to orgasm once again she demands I fill her with my seed, she says she wants my baby, the thought of this pushes me over the edge and we both cum together, I fill her as request with my seed, 1,2,3,4,5 powerful ropes fill her warm insides, never have I cum so much.We stop to catch our breath, my erection finally subsiding which slips out of her warm love hole, before as my seed starts to leak out she pulls back up her thong, lower her dress and turns to me and say thank you once again.As we make our way back inside, I see the outline of women in my neighbors front room which over looks the parking lot, had she been there for long, had she seen what had just happened?I said goodnight to Steph and slipped into my dark bedroom, I took off all my clothes and got into bed next to my wife, as I lay there thinking about what had just happened I felt a warm mouth take hold of my limp cock, and then a "mmmmmmmmm you taste so good tonight for under the covers."This is my first ever story, if you would like more please let me know.
04-06-2021, at 10:16 PM

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