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My sister makes me and my brother her bitch (part

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My sister makes me and my brother her bitch (partMy parents would go out of town all the time. They both worked a lot and most times when they could each get some time off they'd go on vacation together. I didn't mind at all, it allowed us k**s to have a week off from any chores or any of that kind of stuff. They would always leave my 17 year old sister Chelsea in charge. Chelsea was five and a half feet tall and athletic on account of her being a volleyball player for the school. The had long brown hair and some soft brown eyes to match. Me, being two years younger and getting into girls couldn't help but notice her transformation into a pretty hot chick. She was nice enough but had a bit of arrogance about her that she knew she was good looking and could get her way. We weren't terribly close but could get along just fine. I didn't really have a "thing" for her but my cock would always stiffen a little when she walked around in her volleyball shorts. I couldn't help but look, and this got me more interested to look at her. Her boobs were on the small end but she made up for it by wearing sports bras and tight shirts around when the parents were out of town. I had to stop wearing basketball shorts around her because my dick would get too hard to be able to hide.I didn't have a huge cock but I thought it was okay. Maybe 6 inches long and fairly thick. I "discovered" it the year before and had masturbated most nights before bed ever since. It was hard though, because my brother Andy shared a room with me. We were twins and so my parents didn't think we really needed our own rooms because we were so close growing up. Except now we were teenage boys who wanted to masturbate as much as possible. I'd usually wait a while until I thought he was asleep then I'd go to work on myself. A few times though I'd stay up and before I started I'd here the shuffle of sheets on the bed across from me and I could tell he was masturbating. I didn't mind really, I understood, but I realized he probably had heard me at some point then too. Then one night when the parents were away we finally talked about it. It was pretty casual, we had talked about sex and stuff before but nothing so personal. I just brought it up to him, asking if he masturbated at night and he sheepishly said yes. I said I didn't have a problem with it cause I did it too. We laughed a little and came to the understanding that it wasn't a big deal. From there on we talked about it more and even got a hold of a porn magazine from one of our friends. We'd switch off nights with it and went through socks at an unreal rate. Eventually though we saw it so much that we needed something new. Our parents left the day before and we had the next six days to ourselves so we thought we could dig something up to get off too. We asked our friend from school but he didn't have anything else. We were getting mildly desperate because now that we had seen naked girls we couldn't really go back to our imagination. We were quietly talking about this in the kitchen when Chelsea came down the stairs. She was on her phone talking to someone and wearing her volleyball shorts and her sports bra. Andy and I looked over and started to stare a little. She was looking in the fridge and bent over a little to look in the middle shelves. I started to feel my cock harden more and more with every heartbeat. Her shorts were tight enough to give a fairly revealing look at the shape of her ass. It was perfect. I could tell Andy was thinking similar things because he crossed his legs and I knew that was boner hiding position. She grabbed some carrots and went back up the stairs.We started at the stairs for a second then Andy said "Damn! That was uhh... not terrible"."I know right? I'm not going to be able to get up from the table for a little." I replied."I think her ass was better then the girls in that magazine""Yeah no k**ding, wow."Later that night we were in our room playing some video games when Chelsea came into our room, "Hey Andy, Josh, I'm going over to Morgann's for a little k? Make yourself some dinner.""Okay Chels" I said looking over. She had on a small shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and a short skirt. I tried to fight looking her up and down and then looked back and heard her go down the stairs. I turned to Andy and said, "Did you see her there?""Yeah man, I never really realized her body was so.... good I guess.""I liked the volleyball shorts though, too bad she took those off" I said. We laughed a little bit then it began to dawn on me. Those shorts were probably on her bedroom floor right now, fresh off her sexy butt. I tried to let it go and finish beating Andy at the game but I couldn't shake it off. "Hey uhh Andy...""What?""So those volleyball shorts are probably on her floor right now, you wanna uhhh go check them out?" I suggested slowly."Yeah sure, I've been thinking about them too haha"So we got up and left our room and entered hers across the hall. As we entered there were clothes strewn all around; jeans, jackets, shirts, and even some bras. Then we saw them. The little blue volleyball shorts she was wearing earlier. I walked over and picked them up.They were so short and soft. I rubbed the area where her ass was and my cock started getting hard. As I continued feeling it I felt a wet spot in the crotch of it. "Whats this?" I asked handing him the shorts."Oh shit, I think thats her juices!""No way! Daaaammnnn..."Andy lifted the shorts to his face and smelled. His eyes rolled up into his head and handed them back to me. I did the same and lifted it to my face and inhaled. I opened my eyes and opened my mouth to say something to Andy when I heard, "What the fuck!?! Oh my god you fucking pervs what are you doing?"Chelsea yelled from the doorway.I dropped the panties and Andy stammered out, "Ch..Ch... Chelsea... nothing...""It doesn't look like nothing, what the hell you guys!""I'm sorry!" Andy replied"Bullshit, what the fuck. I'm so telling mom and dad.""No please!" I said, "anything but that."Chelsea stood there glaring at us for a few moments and then finally said, "Fine, you two will be my slaves whenever they go out of town from now on. Anything and everything I tell you, okay?"Andy and I exchanged looks then told her yes as long as she didn't tell. "Okay fine well go make dinner then."We left her room towards the kitchen in stunned silence."Dude.... we're so fucked" Andy said."Fuck I can't believe that happened. Lets just do everything she says alright?""Well no shit we can't let mom and dad find out."We finished cooking and Chelsea came down. We stayed silent and she didn't seem to keen to talk either. Eventually I asked if the food was okay."Yeah I guess. What the hell were you doing up there?" Seemed kind of upset but mostly mystified."Well we saw you in that earlier and... and" I stammered."Whoa so you guys were checking me out? Oh my god did you guys get boners over my shorts?" Neither of us said anything. "Wow that's... that's weird... pervs"."We're sorry s*s! We just couldn't help ourselves.""Jesus... well Morgann is coming over tonight so just don't be...weird or whatever. You're still my slave though.""Ok Chels".Morgann eventually came over with a bottle of vodka and her and Chelsea spent a few hours watching movies and drinking with Chelsea occasionally ordering us to go get her more food or ice or whatever she wanted. Eventually they started to get fairly drunk and she became more demanding of us. She had Andy sing a song and me massage her feet. We went along with it but weren't pleased at all. After that she wanted Andy to write all over my face in permanent marker. I didn't want this at all so I said, "Come on Chels don't make me""WHAT?!" she yelled, "YOU CAN'T TELL ME NO! YOU WANT ME TO TELL MOM AND DAD ABOUT YOU!?!". I grew silent."Whoa damn Chelsea, what was that about?" Morgann asked"I caught these two in my room sniffing the crotch on my shorts today"Morgann laughed loud and me and Andy blushed hard. "Really?" Morgann asked us."...Yeah..." I slowly replied."Wow you guys are pervs huh?""Fuck yeah they are" said Chelsea, "so now they're my slaves and he just told me no. Fucker.""Well punish them" Morgann said with a laugh."Ohhhh you're right, like what?""I don't know, if they like your shorts so much make them wear them." Morgann suggested.Chelsea laughed and agreed, "Josh go put those shorts on." I wanted to protest but I just did a moment ago and it didn't help at all. I looked at Andy who had his eye brows raised and I slowly headed up to the room.I found the shorts on her floor and looked at them. God what have I gotten myself into. i took off my pants and started shimmying my way into her shorts. After a struggle I had them on and I went and looked in her mirror. To my horror my cock was more that clearly visible against the super tight fabric. Then to even greater horror I felt myself getting a little hard."Josh hurry the fuck up!" Chelsea yelled from the bottom of the stairs.I sighed and started to head back down. I just kept my eyes on the floor as I got to bottom and walked over. The laughs were deafening. They were both pointing and laughing, "I can see his dick!" Morgann managed to say in between laughs."Oh my god that is gross!" Chelsea said in the same way. The laughs died down a little but there were still chuckles going on."So how does that feel little b*o?" Chelsea asked smiling."Not great" I mumbled."Oh my god, I think he's kind of hard" Morgann said"No I'm not!" I said loudly trying to hide my penis."Are you really?" asked Chelsea, "stop blocking yourself, I'm ordering you."Slowly I moved my hand and felt my cock start to grow from the attention."Oh my god, you are!!" Chelsea said with surprise, "you're so gross.""It's from the attention okay, no ones ever seen it before..." I retorted"Whatever you're like rock hard" Chelsea said, "you love wearing my shorts."I couldn't think of anything else to say, I just looked down and say my cock poking hard against the constraining fabric. "It's actually not that bad" said Morgann."Eww Morgann!" Chelsea said looking at her."No really! Look!"Chelsea looked back looking straight at my crotch."Yeah I guess..." she said slowly. This boosted my spirits a little. I stood straight up and tried to make it extend a little more."Get your other brother in a pair of those" Morgann said"That's my only pair" Chelsea replied."Well just make him wear that pair then""Good idea, Josh take those off and give them to Andy""Okay let me go change" I said turning around"Why?" Morgann said, "it's not like we don't know what your dick looks like". they both laughed."Yeah Josh just take em off."My self-conscientiousness was dropping off and my boner made me a little narrow minded so i did as I told. I took them off and my rock hard cock swung back and forth a little as I stood back up. it was pointing right at the girls. They looked at it for a second and then Chelsea told Andy to put them on. He stripped and started putting them on. It was the first time I saw his dick. It was soft as he put on the shorts and was crumpled against him when he get them on."Oh so you're not as big of a perv as your brother huh?" Chelsea asked"I don't know..." Andy said, clearly embarrassed. "Come on! Get hard!" Morgann said taking another shot. Andy blushed deeply. "Here" she said and then raised her shirt exposing her boobs for a second."Morgann!" Chelsea said surprised"What? Look it's working"Sure enough as I looked over I saw Andy's dick growing. Soon he was almost as hard as me. I was kind of pleased it wasn't as big as mine but it was close."Your brothers have nice dicks" Morgann said looking between Andy and I.""Ewww Morgann" she said but not as adamantly as before. They just took a moment looking back and forth."Well what now?" Morgann asked"I dunno" replied Chelsea."Just have them strip and wrestle or something""Awesome! You heard her boys do it. Andy takes those shorts off.""WHAT!? NO!..." I began"YOU KNOW THE DEAL!" she said, "now do it."Andy and I looked at each other and knew we had to. "Okay go!" Chelsea said.I moved towards Andy, both our dicks swinging freely as we walked. We tried to keep them away from each other but Chelsea told us the first one to pin the other would be exempt from the next order. This was enough incentive to get us to start battling.I grabbed him by the arm but he immediately swept my leg. The girls started cheering as I fell to the ground. He jumped on me and I felt his balls and cock rub on me. It was one of the weirdest moments of my life. I couldn't think about it now though, I had to fight back. I pushed him up hard and grabbed his arm and forced him onto his stomach. I climbed on top and realized what the scene must look like. My hard cock pressed against his butt cheek as he squirmed. The girls let out a loud cheer and started laughing.I looked over at them and that was my mistake. Andy slammed an elbow into my rib cage and knocked the wind out of me. I couldn't breath and couldn't defend myself. He climbed on top of me and pinned me despite my futile attempts to kick out of it."Ding ding!" Morgann said, "the winner is Andy!"I caught my breath and slowly got to my feet breathing hard."Well too bad Josh looks like you lose" Chelsea said. "So Morgann what is the next task?""Come here" she said and started whispering into her ear. After a second they both started laughing and Chelsea agreed. They each took another shot and then turned to us."Ready Josh?" Chelsea said"ummm I guess..." I replied"Okay. Touch Andy's dick.""What!?!?""You heard me. Do it."I looked at Andy and he didn't' seem much more stoked then I was. I walked over and poked it real quick."No you know what I mean", Chelsea said, "grab it in your hand". I sighed and did what I was told. It felt soft and very warm. I could feel his pulse in it. I though I even heard a little moan from him too."You like that Andy?" Morgann said."Not really..." he replied"That means you like it a little!" she said laughing. Andy just blushedChelsea took another shot, "Fuck it let's get this party started! Andy suck Josh's cock!""Oh my god Chels!" Morgann said laughing.Andy dropped down to his knees and opened his mouth but couldn't bring himself to do it."Come on you have to" Chelsea said taunting him. They each got close, maybe two feet at most away from us. "Come on b*o, do it"Morgann reached out her arm and pushed Andy's head forward onto my dick. It was the most incredible feeling ever. The soft warmth of lips closing around it. i let out a loud moan which the girls laughed at. I instinctively pushed forward and he gagged a little. He started going up and down on it though and it felt amazing. I was about to cum when the girls stopped it."I think that's enough pleasure for you Josh." Chelsea said "Andy's turn."I slowly got to my knees and looked at his cock. I decided I was just gonna do it and get it over with. I opened my mouth and moved forward..."No no no Josh, not like that" Chelsea said. "Turn around..."I was confused for a second then it dawned on me."I'm going to go grab my lube real quick." Chelsea said and ran up stairs. I began to tremble thinking of my ass about to be penetrated.She came back down with the bottle. She put a ton out and to both our surprises rubbed it on my asshole and on his dick. "Ooops" she said "didn't mean to touch his dick" she said to Morgann laughing. "Now go on, put it in..."more later
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