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Christmas with sister in-law...and her panties ?

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Christmas with sister in-law...and her panties ?Christmas story with a twist.Names have been changed to protect identity, As well all persons mentioned in this story at the time are over the age of consent.Chapter 1Christmas weekend was coming up and my wife, Cheryl (I call her my wife but really she is my girlfriend of 5 years and mother of my c***d) had invited her sister, Jessica over to our house to spend a few days before driving up north to meet their parents (the in-laws, que in dramatic music). Jessica (22 year old blonde bombshell) did not like me at all when I started dating her Cheryl (Jessica was 2 years older then her sister but 5 years younger then me). I could not figure for the life of me as to why she hated me, but me being the civil one thought not to question it and let it be. It wasn't until recently that we have bonded more and became a lot closer.We were eager for Jess' arrival and waiting in anticipation, I for one was really excited as I had not seen her in a while and when we had last parted ways, we were on really good terms (she had actually been very very flirtatious, to the point where you could see little steam clouds from Cheryl's head.)Her train was set to arrive for 1:30AM and last we spoke she had texted us "hey Jim, train is gonna be early they said, but my phone is going to die soon," I texted her back but no reply, I figured her phone died. Midnight rolls around and we hear a knock at the door, dog barking her silly head off and we go to answer it wondering who that could be. We get to the door and low and behold it was Jessica, dressed conservatively but still sexier then hell. The sisters exchanged quick hugs and of course giving her niece (my daughter), a hug and a cheek pinch. She then turned to me and gives me a nice full rounded hug in which it may have lingered on for a bit too long but the smell on her was amazing and that's when she whispered "I missed you.....guys very much". I could feel the front of my jeans tighten and questioning myself "who that comment was that intended for?". I quickly regathered myself as I could see a deep fire boiling in my wife's eyes.We finally get settled in and seeing as how it was late we parted ways to our beds but not before Jess asked if she could take a shower before she went to bed. "of course ! why not?" I said and showed her our linen closet, the bathroom and the guest room where she would be staying.I went to bed only to find my wife was fast asleep. "Damnit!", I thought out loud (yes you can think out works). I went to go onto xHamster to see if I could go rub a quick one out before heading to bed, however I was way beyond the point of horny, thoughts of Jessica were running around in my head and that sweet smell of hers that makes my loins stir. I couldn't concentrate long enough to rub one out, I had to pee instead. Going to the bathroom I was confronted by Jessica that was just coming out of the bathroom in her pj's. They weren't sexy by any means, they were just regular long pj's, but the way she wore it could just as well be something from victoria secret. My sister in-law had a great body, from the years of running and marathon training I suspected. She stood about 5'6", had beautiful platinum blonde hair that stood a touch below her shoulders. She had a smaller chest (B im assuming?), eyes that were a light blue and the nicest firmest looking ass I have ever seen. I, being a breast type of guy have always loved big breasts, but Jessica was making me have second thoughts.She looked down to the bulge in my pants gave me a wink and said "im done now, bathrooms all yours" in response i had said "thanks lady, just need to let the waterfall flow and i'll be good". not too long after that i thought to myself, again it was out loud "waterfall flow? what the hell is wrong with you."I get into the bathroom and of course it was filled with steam and mirror fogged up. I close the door behind me and turn on the exhaust fan to ventilate the bathroom out, yank my pants down only to find my raging hard on and had to wrestle with it a bit to get it to point downwards and aim at the bowl.I finally manage to get it down enough to not make a mess when that sweet smell of Jessica hits me and I notice she left her suitcase in the bathroom and her clothes were on top of it. As I stepped closer the smell got stronger and stronger until i noticed right on top, a pair of baby blue panties with lace around the top. Mind you i have never been a panty fetish guy, but the smell of her was so arousing I picked them up and the smell was so great i looked down at my cock and I was leaking precum. I held the panties up to my nose and took a deep wiff and the smell was so intoxicating I let a small low moan escape my mouth. I could see her damp spot on the underwear and touched it. To my surprise it was damp, i mean really damp !. it was so sticky from her wetness, i stuck my tongue out and gave it a lick. The taste and smell was like nothing else and I wrapped those panties around my cock and smeared her wetness all over my cock. It took only a few short strokes and I came onto her panties like no tomorrow, i soaked them with my cum. As i was coming out of my nirvana i heard a click noise and i immediately look at the door. "SHIT!" i thought, i went to the door and opened it but no one was there. With my heart still racing a million miles a second, I was relieved no one was on the other side. I swear i closed that door, I should have locked it. I went to bed figuring i probably didn't close the door fully. I climbed into bed very weary about the door still but exhausted (from dumping a record amount of cum onto Jess' panty's.) About 2 minutes later I feel Cheryl's hands down my pants playing with my member and tugging at my pants wanting to give me a blowjob. Who was i to disagree? "Oh shit" i thought to myself "i didnt have time to wipe off Jessica's juices that i had smeared all over my cock earlier"I was praying to anyone that was listening hoping she didnt smell it. All my worries set aside when Cheryl started bobbing up and down my cock and licking and sucking my balls like it was the last thing she was going to do on earth. Needless to say the thought of this as all too arousing as the thought of Jessica's juices were on my cock and her sister was licking it all up. This was too much and I grabbed the back of her head and felt the cum (whatever was left) boil in my balls and shoot to the back of her throat.After I was done I heard a low "thump" and the cries of my daughter in the baby monitor. I got up and went to check up on her only to find my door to my bedroom was slightly open..."I swear definitely closed it this time..."I hope you guys liked my first story, leave comments and rate let me know how you guys like it so farAs for suggestions, I will probably take suggestions for story lines later, as for now this story will remain..real ?
04-07-2021, at 11:01 AM

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