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You like that slave?

Post #1

You like that slave?As I pin her against the wall she mutters a slight no. I keep my mouth shut as she begs me to not hurt her...I blindfold her as she tries getting away from me. I grab her wrist and throw her back into the wall...telling her to keep still or she will get punished. She doesn?t like that idea so she becomes still...but as I handcuff her hands together and she squirms and I push her down onto her knees...asking her if I told her to move...she mumbles a no. and I slap her across the face asking once more...did I tell you to move...she clearly said yes and I pulled her to her feet...once she was on her feet I told her to walk. and being she couldn?t see she starts off slow...every time she would stop I would whip her ass...with the new whip I bought before she came to see me...she would scream and I would whip her one more time telling her to be quiet...when she got to the edge of the bed she stopped and I pushed her onto the bed hard...telling her to be quiet once again as I quickly handcuffed her legs and hands to either side of the bed and I quickly shoved a 8 inch dildo in her ass and a 6 inch vibrator into her pussy and turned it on low. She squirmed but kept her orders and remained she squirmed I sat and watched her waiting for her to scream from the pleasure she was receiving. I wanted to see if she would moan, or if she would be quiet like she was commanded to be. As I walked over to her she let a soft moan escape her lips. Since I commanded her to be quiet I made it worse for her and turned the vibrator on high. She asked why I was doing this and I explained that I told her to be quiet and she didn?t obey me therefore her torture would slowly become more intense. She whimpered as I said this and as she whimpered I walked over to the "wall of pleasure" and pulled off duck tape and nipple clamps. I slowly walked back over to the bed and told her that because she hadn?t obeyed me she wouldn?t be able to make sound. I quickly put a thick strip of duck tape over her mouth and smiled. As she squirmed I slowly took the bullet vibrator and rubbed it around and over her nipples. She tried screaming through the tape and I laughed. My pet there is no way you can make sound now, there is no way you can beg me to stop, and I would have to say that this is the way I like it. I heard her breathing increase and I knew she was close to cumming from excitement. So to keep her cumming I quickly took the vibrator out of her pussy. I heard a low growl come from her throat and I laughed again. I also pulled the dildo out of her ass. I then got above her and straddled her face telling her to smell me. I felt her try to put her duck taped mouth against my pussy. She wanted to taste me but I wouldn?t let her not until much later. I bent down grinding my pussy against her face and began grinding my waist across the nipple clamps making her have more pain in that area instead of pleasure. I slowly lowered my head to her pussy and started playing with her clit. She quickly came close to cumming. So to torture her I stopped my tongue. I heard that low growl in her throat again and I could tell she was becoming frustrated and I was happy. I started grinding against her face again. After I had enough of that I got off of her and un-blindfolded her. I wanted her to watch me. To anticipate what I was going to do, I went back over to the "wall of pleasure" and chose my favorite toy. A 7 inch flesh colored vibrator with a slight curve in it to hit my g-spot. As I walked to the wall she was watching my every move. Probably hoping I would use the toy on her. As I walked back over to her I leaned over and moaned directly into her ear. Telling her I was going to torture her until I was ready to let her come. I sat in a chair right next to her bed and opened my legs as far as they would go to reveal a freshly shaven pussy. I hear her growl again and I smiled at her. I slowly entered the vibrator into my pussy and turned it on the highest setting and started moving it in and out of me as fast as possible. I wanted to come. I wanted her to see me have pleasure. I wanted her to want it. Every time the vibrator would hit my g-spot I would scream her name. I could tell she was enjoying this. As I pumped it in and out faster I started to come. I tilted my head back and screamed until I finally came down from my orgasm. I slowly got up, went back to the wall and put the toy back. I slowly turned around and looked at her. I take it you liked that my slave? She shook her head yes and I smiled. I walked over to the bed and un-handcuffed her hands and feet and barked at her to stand up. She quickly obeyed and stood up. I slowly walked and stood in front of her. Quickly inserting two of my fingers deep into her dripping pussy. She growled again. I kept my fingers inside of her and looked at her. I could tell she wanted to come but I wasn?t going to let her. Not until she begged for it. I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of her a few times before pulling them out all together and sticking them in my mouth. I licked all of her juices off my fingers and I smiled at her. You taste sweet my pet, I like that. As I stood there looking at her. I could tell she wanted more. I kissed her on top of the duck tape and I could tell she was disappointed.
04-15-2021, at 09:49 AM

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