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The Most Persistent Salesperson

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The Most Persistent SalespersonTeenage girl has sex with a customerDan answered the door, and there stood the neighborhoods most persistent salesperson. Opening it wide, he invited her inside, "Well hello, come in." The 18 year old did as asked, "And to what do I owe this pleasant visit?"Carolyn knew that Dan would insist on her giving the entire sales pitch, but she also knew he would buy whatever it was. The two had been doing this since she was old enough to go door to door. "Good morning sir, I represent Taylor High School. I'm trying to raise funds by selling a magazine subscription to one of these magazines," she proudly held out several magazines.Dan felt himself blush and looked at the floor; she had grown into a pretty woman and he had just been caught staring. "And what are you selling these magazines for? Why are you trying to raise money, miss?"Carolyn flipped her long blonde hair and gave her favorite customer a huge grin. She was surprised at herself that she had caught him staring at her and didn't feel uncomfortable. "I'm raising money so I can go to cheerleading camp." Dan smiled from ear to ear, "You made the squad! That's great." He leafed through the magazines, "Ugh." He gave her a pleading look, "Carolyn, I've known you all of your life. I bought your lemonade, brownies, candy bars and popcorn. All of it was overpriced, but I never once said no, have I?""No, I've always been able to count on you." She felt funny, he had stopped his staring as soon as she noticed him doing it and now she was sort of disappointed that he had stopped."And I'll help this time, but can't you at least sell a magazine a guy might be interested in, a sporting magazine or something?""Oh no, I have a catalog of the other magazines I'm selling but I left it at home. These are just the samples they gave me.""How much money do you need?""I get a percentage of the sales and I need $70 to go to camp." Carolyn saw him sneak a quick glance at her shirt front and she puffed her chest out even before she realized she was doing anything."Why don't you go get the catalog and bring it back?"Her whole body was tingling. What was going on? Why was she teasing him? "Okay, I need to go and get it anyway, but I want to hit up the women of the neighborhood first.""I'll be here."Carolyn left, but she couldn't help but feel odd about him, and perplexed at herself. He was right, she had known him all of her life. It was her and her mom that had brought food over to him when his wife died. It was Dan that her family always relied on to feed the dog and take in their mail when they were on vacation. As she walked back home to get her catalog, she could still feel his eyes on her even though his door was closed. Getting the forgotten catalog, she went back out to sell. After canvasing the entire neighborhood, her magazine sales experience had been lousy. On top of the miserable results, she had kept thinking all day of the way Dan had looked at her. It was sexual or course, as an 18 year old girl she was used to that look, but there had been more. When she had caught him at it, he had looked as surprised as she was. He didn't even realize that he was doing it and immediately looked away the first time, but his eyes kept going back to her as if he couldn't help himself. Her boyfriend looked at her that way, sort of. His look was sexual but never guilty. Thinking of her boyfriend, she decided to call him."Hey babe.""What are you doing Brian?""It's the summer before our senior year, what do you think I'm doing -- not a fucking thing.""I wish you wouldn't use language like that.""I talk the way I talk, fucking get over it. Why don't you come over?""All right," Carolyn figured she might as well get him to buy a magazine. She went back home and got her car and drove over to his house. When he answered the door, she asked, "Where's your mom and dad?" Her heart started beating faster as she anticipated his answer, they had never been alone and totally nude before."There out, want to fuck?"Carolyn frowned, "How romantic." She sat down in a chair in his living room, "I need you to buy a magazine from me." It was hard for her to hide her disappointment at his crude behavior."I don't want a fucking magazine. Let's go to my bedroom and get it on."She had an unpleasant thought, "Buy a magazine and I'll have sex with you.""Sure, no problem, let's go have sex first."Carolyn felt like she had been kicked in the stomach, "You would let me prostitute myself? I thought you loved me.""It's just a simple business transaction. People do it all of the time."Carolyn stood up, "Not this people." "Where are you going?""You have to ask? I think you should get a new girlfriend.""You're acting stupid.""One of us is." With a slam of his front door, she left, got in her car and drove off." Carolyn was still fuming when she got home. She remembered the look Dan had given her and wondered if he would buy magazines if she offered to have sex with him?Parking her car in front of her home, she got her magazine stuff and walked to his house. Still mad at her ex-boyfriend, Carolyn knocked on Dan's door. Watching very closely everything that he did, she saw Dan greeted her with a huge smile and he looked her in the eyes where Brian had his eyes glued to her chest. "Well if it isn't my favorite sales person back with her catalog, come on in." Dan figured she was there for the magazines thing but he couldn't help notice that something was wrong with her. He sat on the sofa next to her and took the offered catalog from her. "Are you all right?""I'm fine."He chuckled, "And I'm rich.""Is it that obvious?""It is if I noticed it. What's up?""I just broke up with my boyfriend." She saw him going to say something, and just continued before he could, "I didn't do very well today. I need to sell another $100 worth of magazines to have enough money for cheer leading camp. Carolyn took a deep breath, "Buy the magazines and I'll have sex with you." Feeling her face burning, she immediately looked at the floor.Dan put his hand under her chin and raised her face so she was looking at him. "I have several emotions right now. I am honored that you would think of me for that. I'm sorry that you have been put in such a situation to even consider it." He started laughing, "And I'm terrified at the thought of us actually doing anything."Carolyn giggled, "Thanks, I needed that. My ex-boyfriend and I just broke up because he suggested that very thing.""I should go kick his butt.""I intend on telling my dad, he might just join you." Then it sunk in just what Dan had said. "Why would you be terrified of us doing anything?""You're joking right? Come on Carolyn, you're 18 and I'm 40. I could never satisfy you. Besides, you deserve better than an old plow horse." They sat in silence for a few minutes, "I'll order as many magazines as I can," he looked at her in the eyes, "No strings attached."Even though she had seen him almost every day, Carolyn was really seeing Dan for the first time. He was a genuinely nice guy. She was pleasantly surprised because she had expected him to jump at the chance of having sex with her and he didn't. Brian would have jumped all over it, not that she would have done anything with either one of them; she would never have sex in order to get something. She kept staring at him as he looked through the catalog -- and felt strange. Her breathing felt odd and she was light headed. It wasn't like a sensation of dizziness or even unpleasant but it was definitely a feeling she'd never had before."Are you all right?" She looked into the concerned face of a man she had known all of her life. "Can I have some water?" Seeing him disappear into the kitchen, Carolyn knew she was wrong, she hadn't really known him. His making a joke of not being able to satisfy her made Carolyn realize just how fragile and vulnerable he was. He needed someone and she found it irresistible.Accepting the glass of water, she took a few sips. "Thank you, could you rub my neck?" She softly moaned as his fingers gently touched her neck and shoulders. The odd feeling had moved to her stomach and was slowly spreading through her. She was having trouble thinking clearly because his fingers against her skin sent shivers down her back. Leaning her head back her arms wrapped around him. Using her hands, she brought his head lower and pressed his lips to hers. Dan knew that this was a bad idea. He knew he should just order the magazines and get Carolyn to leave. As he felt her soft lips part he instinctively slipped his tongue between them. When her tongue began a dance with his own he knew couldn't stop. "Carolyn...I," whatever he was going to say was stopped by another kiss."You are not an old plow horse," she kept pressing her lips to his. Breathing in deeply, Carolyn captured his essence, Dan didn't wear a lot of cologne, she couldn't help but compare him to her ex-boyfriend who always smelled like he had taken a bath in the stuff, a lot of the boys did. For that matter, a lot of the girls did the same thing with perfume. She was surprised when he stopped kissing her. Her eyes never left his as he sat down beside her and took her hand in his. "Carolyn, I know this isn't romantic, but I just want you to be sure about this. We can still stop. You can just leave and I will always think you are a wonderful person." He squeezed her hand, "You just broke up with your boyfriend and you aren't thinking straight."A smile spread across her face, "And what makes you think that knowing that you care about me isn't romantic?" Carolyn saw that he was nervous and her heart skipped a beat. Her being the one initiating sex was new to her. She was usually on the receiving end of her ex-boyfriends advances. Standing up, she held her hand out to him. "And I know exactly what I'm doing." When he took her hand, she pulled him to his feet, wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself against him. Dan felt the passion of her kiss, and sensations started stirring he hadn't felt for a long time. After his wife had died he had felt dead himself. That had slowly faded, but then every time he would get himself hard he would feel a sense of guilt and his erection would disappear. The two walked down the hallway to his bedroom. Carolyn took her shirt off over her head and placed it on the chair next to the bed. She saw him watching her, "I don't want to have to explain to my mom why my shirt is all wrinkled." Kicking her shoes off, she lay back on the bed and just smiled at him.The look on his face said that he wanted her and Carolyn couldn't help wondering what it was going to be like doing stuff with him. A little voice kept nagging at her, telling her not to expect too much because he was so much older. Her only experience had been with Brian, and that was only a few times. She was mostly used to being pawed until they got to the fucking part. The thing most men missed with a woman was that women didn't always get off during sex, but that didn't mean they didn't enjoy it. She was determined to not hurt Dan's feelings if she didn't.Her arms wrapped around him again as his lips pressed to her. This time she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Being the aggressor had its appeal. She put her hands behind her back to undo her bra when he stopped her."Please let me do it."Her heart was in her throat and all she could do was nod. Sitting up, she felt his lips gently nibbling her earlobe which sent chills down her spine. Carolyn thought she would pass out as she felt his tongue licking down her neck and across her shoulders. When he used his teeth to move her bra strap off of her shoulders, she got goose bumps.Her very skin was reacting as he continued with his lips and tongue down her back, Carolyn was getting sensations she hadn't even known existed. She and her girlfriends had talked about sex and not once had anything like what he was doing occurred to them. His hands slid around her to her stomach. When he cupped her bra and gently squeezed her breasts through the material her nipples tingled in anticipation. She was amazed as her bra simply fell away from her. His hands had moved to her back and she had barely felt his fingers before he had her bra open. Brian had actually given her bruises from it. Dan breathed in the scent of her, the smoothness of her young skin felt wonderful against his cheek. He kissed her back over and over, licking all around, stopping only when he reached her jeans.What he was doing was intoxicating and she was having trouble breathing. Brian hadn't had any more experience than she had, they were each other's first. Carolyn felt Dan pushing her to lay back.Dan saw her breasts and they were begging to be touched. Her nipples and aureoles were puffy pink mounds against tanned breasts that rose and fell with her breathing. He resisted as best he could, building up to that area would make it much more enjoyable for them both.Carolyn closed her eyes when his lips gently touched her forehead. It was indescribable as he slid down her face, his tongue traveling across her closed eyes, barely brushing her eyelashes. His lips and tongue made wet trails down her face finally pulling her lips down. It tickled when he flicked his tongue over her lips and she couldn't resist sticking her tongue out so she could play with his.She had to admit, his slow playfulness was getting her turned on more and more. As he kept going down her neck, kissing her throat it created a prickly feeling under her skin. Her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped as his lips nibbled at her ear again. Feeling him move down, she figured he would head for her nipples, and was surprised when he licked the sides and underneath of both of her breasts, everywhere but her nipples. It was driving her crazy. Brian would have started sucking her nipples as soon as he saw them and sometimes it didn't even feel good, especially when he sucked too hard. She liked the way Dan was being gentle and unhurried. Dan was hypnotized by her young toned body and felt like he could spend hours discovering every inch of her. He figured that Carolyn didn't have a lot of experience and he had wanted to try to give her something other than a young guy only interested in his own pleasure. As much as he wanted to feel his lips around her nipple, reacting, getting hard against his tongue, he had restrained himself to prolong her anticipation of the pleasure to come.The skin on her chest itched, her nipples needed to be touched. She couldn't take anymore. Placing her hands on either side of his face she pulled his mouth to her nipple. "Ah," she felt his lips close and he started to suck, "Mm."Dan felt her nipples getting hard and it had definitely been worth the wait. He licked, sucked and nibbled with his lips. He would never use his teeth, this was meant to give her pleasure as much as him. He kept switching back and forth and her nipples stood out from her hard and proud. He smiled as he looked her right in the eyes and gently blew his hot breath across her hard wet nipples. When she closed her eyes and bit her lip, he figured that she liked it. Carolyn was getting hotter and hotter. He knew how to bring pleasure with no pain other than a teasing anticipation. This was a whole new world for her and something she wanted to be a part of. She reached for the front of his pants and could feel his erection through his jeans. "I want to play too."Feeling him move, Carolyn watched as he got up. Her breathing grew quicker as she stared. She had never seen a guy with no clothes on, she and Brian had only taken off enough to have sex in his car. For that matter Dan would be the first man to see her nude and that thought made a few doubts race through her. Even as the desire to see him with no clothes on made her focus on him, her brain was wondering what he was thinking seeing her naked? She did a mental check on her appearance -- breasts, thighs, hips, and numerous other body parts. Lucky for her, Dan could tell from the worry on her face what she was thinking.Looking down at her he felt such desire it made it hard to breathe. Dan had gone through that very thing with his wife their first time being naked together. "Carolyn it's natural to have insecurities, but you can stop worrying. My first thought wasn't, boy, she could stand to lose about six pounds. I was thinking that you look even better than I imagined you would." He gave her a wink and watched her face as he took his pants and underwear off. He breathed a sigh of relief at her reaction, she didn't seem disappointed.Carolyn felt her heart skip a beat. Dan had the same look of desire for her that she had seen on Brian, but he also had something else, something that she felt deep inside. He had helped to relieve her own doubts. She was able to sense his own insecurity and tried to not show a reaction. If she were disappointed it would hurt his feelings. She failed miserably. Dan was only semi hard and was already as big as Brian. She was smart enough to realize that size wasn't all that important. Especially, if you had less but knew how to use what you had. Her eyes kept going back and forth from his cock to his face with one thought she couldn't help showing -- why were you worried? He had size and he had already shown her he knew what he was doing.Wrapping her fingers around his cock, she gently squeezed. In truth, she was experiencing a lot of firsts. Even playing with Brian hadn't been like this. There was always the worry that someone would walk up on them. Here she could relax, feeling free to explore, not just get him hard so they could have sex. As his cockhead turned purple, her tongue licked her lips. There was something else she had never done. Brian had wanted her to, but she had always said no. With Dan still standing next to the bed, Carolyn placed her lips on the head of his cock and licked all around, investigating with her lips and tongue. It was nice the way his now hard cock felt in her mouth. She had always thought it would be gross and figured that Brian would not only try to shove it down her throat but hold her head when he got off so she would have to swallow. She didn't feel those things with Dan, and wasn't sure why. Dan watched her face as she was sucking him; her actions were hesitant and unsure. He realized that she doing this for the first time. Reaching down, he trapped her nipples between his thumbs and fingers and rolled them.Carolyn closed her eyes to the pleasure, she could get used to doing things to him and receiving as well. He was making it difficult for her to continue. Feeling something tickle her chin, she opened her eyes to find his pubic hair against her face. She liked taking him down her throat and was proud of herself that she hadn't gagged. She let it out watching the light reflect off of her saliva on his cock. It made her want to experiment, so she did. Taking him in at different depths, sucking at different speeds and varying the pressure, she was having more fun doing it than she thought she would have.Her eyes showed him she was enjoying herself. The problem was he was enjoying it too, a little too much. Besides it feeling remarkable, the sight of his cock disappearing past those pink lips was enough all by itself. He took his cock out of her mouth, "You better stop before you get a mouth full of something else."Carolyn got a mischievous look; she could feel it on her face and couldn't help herself, "Would that be so bad?"Dan kissed her, "Only if that's what you want to do." Carolyn knew the answer before she asked, "What if I wanted to stop?" She figured he would fuss at her for teasing him or something like that, Brian would have. She was actually surprised when he simply moved away from the bed. Dan extended his hand to her, "I would let you leave."Carolyn bit her lip, "And what if I told you to I didn't want you to stop?"Dan got back on the bed and kissed her, "I would hope that I could give to you as good as I'm getting from you." Carolyn pressed her lips to his and her fingers found his hard cock. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as her hand started stroking. She knew she would have never enjoyed herself like this with Brian.Dan had experienced no sex life for a long time, now this. Damn! He pushed the teenager onto her back and busied himself with unsnapping and unzipping her jeans. When he took them off, Carolyn assisted by raising her butt off of the bed and they slid down easily. He soon had her only in her panties. Those soon followed her jeans. He liked the way the light glistened off of her blonde pubic hair.Carolyn felt his fingers brush across her stomach, his gentle touch tickled and caused goose bumps. "Could you be a little rougher?" She saw the same mischievous look on his face that she had gotten earlier"Of course -- unless I do this," and he blew across her stomach. Dan saw her reaction and smiled."Umh," she squealed as she felt his cold breath. "You could have at least warmed your breath up."He chuckled, "Not if I wanted to hear you make that sound."Carolyn sat up and kissed him, "This is not going to be or only time together, and I will make you pay." Feeling him run his hand between her legs she moaned softly, and kissed him again. She would just have to make sure they both enjoyed it." Laying back, she let the pleasure from what he was doing spread through her. Brian usually slid his finger in and out to get her hot. Dan had her way past that point and hadn't even put his finger inside of her yet.Dan rubbed the flat of his hand in a circular motion against her clit. Still not in a hurry, he sometimes trapped her pussy lips between his finger and thumb and rubbed. Judging by the soft moans she was making he guessed that she was enjoying it.Carolyn was all mixed up, Brain would have been fucking her by now, Dan was still playing and the anticipation was making her crazy! She was already way hotter than usually was. She sucked in her breath as she felt his finger slide in. He was still being gentle and she was so wet. She needed another part of him to be inside of her! She couldn't take much more. Being careful not to hurt her with his fingernail, he slid his finger in and out, using his free hand to play with her clit. It had been a long time since he had given pleasure to a woman and he was enjoying hearing the different sounds she was making as she reacted. After a few minutes he placed a second finger inside of her.It was starting to get more difficult to think, and she was muttering a constant stream of moans. Feeling his lips against hers, she somehow returned his kiss."I have something I'd like to do, if it's all right?""Um," she could only nod that it was okay.Dan got between her legs. With two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy he also put his thumb in her butt and did the same to it.Carolyn moaned, "Oh, yes," even as her eyes bulged. She had never had this before and a whole new set of pleasure waves raced through her rushing to her brain.With his hand busy Dan lowered his mouth to her pussy. Using his free hand to hold her pussy lips apart, he started to lick. Her head started moving from side to side. "Damn!" She had never experienced oral or anal sex before and what he was doing felt amazing. The heat had built up until it was almost painful and he still continued. She couldn't take much more; he was running the risk of her attacking him. Dan used his tongue and lips to lick, suck and nibbled everywhere. The teenager was bouncing all over the place in response. Her breathing was coming out in little gasps and he saw her toes curling up as she strained against him. Her fists started pounding the mattress. Dan took his fingers and thumb out of her and attacked her with his tongue and mouth. He was licking everywhere at once and finally he started fucking her with his tongue.Pleasure reverberated through her from her pussy. Carolyn was giving out a steady stream of "yes -- yes -- yes," as her body exploded in an orgasm. There was no thinking anymore, just a shocking pleasure that shot through her, again and again as Dan kept using that tongue of his. She had to make him stop -- "Please -- no more." She felt him end his exquisite torment of her body. Her head was spinning from the intensity of it all as she kept telling herself to just breathe. Slowly her body came back down enough that she could focus on him. She tried to speak and it was useless, so she just smiled at him.Dan climbed on top of her and guided his cock to her pussy. He pushed, sliding in easily. His cock was surrounded by hot silky flesh. Her young body sucked him in making him go deep. The temperature inside of her was scalding and he loved it. Carolyn hadn't come all the way back down when his cock started sliding in and out. The new feelings of pleasure started to send her body back to where it was before. Instinctively she pushed against him, matching him thrust for thrust. Feeling his lips press against hers she wrapped her arms around him even as she returned his kiss. She wanted him to cum so bad. Dan hadn't felt anything for some time and now this. He'd, of course, noticed that Carolyn had gotten to be a pretty girl as he had watched her grow up. He was as proud of her and her accomplishments as if she were his own daughter. He never thought they would wind up like this.Carolyn felt as if her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Dan had gotten gradually rougher and his cock was now slamming into her. She was giving back as best she could. She wanted him go deeper and harder and was trying everything she could think of.Dan was close. Her teenage body was demanding that he get off and he was trying his best. He had enjoyed what they had shared, but it was time for him to concentrate on his own pleasure and not hers. He needed a release. On and on he continued, but his movements were becoming erratic and she knew that he was close to getting off. Her moaning returned as his body took her up again. Her hips moved with him, their rhythm making her whole body one big nerve of pleasure. She was even hotter now than when she had orgasmed and she was quickly growing hotter and getting higher with each second. Each thrust made exquisite waves of pleasure course through her only to collide with the next wave from the next thrust.Dan let out a grown, slammed his cock as deep as he could get it. "I'm cumming!" Shot after shot of hot white cum exploded from him.Carolyn felt his cock jerking deep inside of her and wrapped her legs around him. His shooting his cum in her triggered a second orgasm, even more intense than the first. She moaned a string of barely incoherent "Yes's." Her body had taken over as she reacted. She needed for it to end. Her body needed to calm down but she kept thrusting against him which caused him to keep trying to give more.Dan finally collapsed on the bed next to her. The only sounds in the room were the two trying to catch their breath.After laying there for what seemed like forever, Carolyn looked at him and could finally focus. Her breathing was still ragged but her body had calmed down enough for her brain to start working again. She hoped that she looked better than he did. Totally exhausted, all of her muscles had turned to mush. She pushed her lips against his. If this was what it was like to have sex with an old plow horse, she had every intension of doing it again, and again, and again.
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