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The Swing_(1)

Post #1

It had arrived. After much anticipation a long heavy non descript box had shown up at my door. I rushed inside with it and commenced to opening it. A sex swing. I was getting excited just unpacking it envisioning my lover in it. Black nylon. Padded here and there. It all looked rather complex but i was sure that we could figure it out! I packed it back up as best I could, thinking only of using it later that night. A quick bite to eat and into the shower. My cock was still hard at the thought of Maria in the swing and me having my way with her. I soaped my cock and stroaked it as the steaming hot water ran over my body. I wanted to come but thought better of it as I had big plans for the night. Properly bathed I grabbed the swing and headed off to Marie's house. My cock was still throbbing and I was horny as hell. I could'nt get to her place soon enough!
Upon arriving I grabbed the swing and bounded up the steps. When she answered the door she saw the box and with a bit of excitement in her voice asked "Did it come? ". "Yes " I answered probably a bit too excitedly. Christ. I wanted to do her right there in the hall. Instead I told her I was going to go set the swing up and to meet me in the bedroom. "Oh you know I will " she replied with a very seductive smile. Once upstairs I commenced to hanging the swing on a hook in the ceiling I had installed previously. Maria walked in just as I was finished with it. I turned toward her and asked if she was up for it. "God yes" she replied as she started unbuttoning her jeans.
Just for a little visual for you my dear reader, Maria is a petite woman, about five foot two and and lean with a smoking hot body. She's quite beautiful and turns heads wherever she goes. She also has THE most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. As she stepped out of her jeans I reached over to caress her breasts which are incredibly sensitive. A small gasp escaped her. She was excited and I was hard as a rock and my jeans were bursting. She raised her arms as I pulled her turtleneck bayan escort gaziantep up. She quickly removed her bra and shed her panties as well. As I was pulling my own shirt off she dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my jeans which were begging to be anywhere but on me! As I rarely wear underwear my cock was immediately available as my pants dropped. She heeded the oppurtunity and urgently started licking the head which was already moist with a bit of pre-come. Taking all of my cock in her skilled mouth I was ready to come right then. I finally managed to pull away and motion her to the swing.
It took a bit of adjusting and figuring out but after a few minutes we managed to get her positioned comfortably. Her legs were spread wide and elevated, her head tipped up just a bit. She looked great and I was very excited to see her like this, all laid out and magically suspended in mid air for me. I forced myself to go slowly, as opposed to just fucking her like a madman which is what I truly wanted to do.
As I stood in front of her taking in the sight of this beautiful woman suspended, waiting to be fucked I played with my cock, stroking myself as she watched.Maria loves to watch me jerk off.After a minute or two she told me to stop teasing her.I obliged.
I ran my hands firmly and slowly the length of her legs several times teasing at her crotch as I arrived there.I gripped her beautiful ass in my hands marveling at the position the swing afforded me.Moving around to her head I leaned over and sucked on her hard nipples, paying special attention to her left one, the more sensitive of the two.This position of course led to her once again sucking my throbbing cock as I leaned over her, her head below my crotch.I enjoyed this for a bit,watching her work her mouth over my glistening shaft.I love to watch her perform her oral magic.
Pulling myself away, which I confess was difficult I once again turned my attention to her beautiful glistening pussy which was in such a great position to bury my face in.Getting on my knees between her legs and grasping her ass in my hands I proceeded to lick her soft silky inner thighs,then moved up to tongue her clit as she moaned and we developed a rythym.I absolutely love eating her sweet pussy and tonight I hungered for her.Pulling her forward I buried my tongue inside her and feasted.I was incredibly turned on as was she.She was dripping wet and I was lost in giving her pleasure."Fingers, inside me" she managed to whisper.I Inserted one finger and then two as her pussy welcomed them.I worked them in and out as I licked her clit.I reached for the top of her belly from inside with my fingers as she rocked."Don't Stop, Don't Stop! " she cried as the pace quickened.I could feel her orgasm ripping through her as she writhed in ecstasy.I gently removed my fingers as she was finally unclenching her pussy as her orgasm subsided.
By this time I was about ready to come just watching her.I stood up and went around to her head and kissed her, softly playing with her nipples as I did.I let her relax for a minute or two and then informed her it was my turn to come."Yes, baby yes she replied" as I once again turned my attention to her beautifully spread legs .I adjusted the stirrup strap to lift her legs a bit higher in the air.I entered her soaking wet pussy with my rock hard cock from an angle I never had before thanks to the swing.It was heaven.I grasped her ass swinging her to me effortlessly.She was close to coming again but there was no way I could continue long enough for her to come.I could feel my own orgasm blowing through me like a freight train at a crossing.My legs weakened as I pulled out and squirted loads of hot semen on her belly and breasts.I dropped to my knees, my arms draped over her midsection as I caught my breath.Maria was breathing heavily and catching some breath of her own.
Standing up I once again made my way to the other end of the swing to kiss her.I played with the come on her belly and tits,lubing her nipples with it as she cleaned my cock of our fluids.My hand covered with come I put a finger across her lips which she sucked clean.Just her sucking on my finger had my cock stirring again.I leaned forward and sucked on her come covered nipple, tasting my own come in my mouth.I gently kissed her and as the come went from my mouth to hers I could feel my cock really getting hard again.
Moving up and away from her I went for the top drawer of her lingerie dresser where she keeps her vibrators.Choosing the realistic looking one and grabbing some lube as well I once again headed for her beautifully splayed legs and her beckoning pussy.Easily sliding the vibrator into her soaked pussy I worked it in and out slowly as she started rocking with it."Not again" she moaned.I sucked heavily on her clit as she succumbed to the sensations of the vibrator.After a few minutes of this I put some lube on my free hand and started rubbing her asshole with it.At first she resisted but I kept at it until she relaxed and I slipped a finger inside.I had never heard her make sounds like this before."Fuck my ass" she cried ! Upon hearing those words it didn't take but a moment to withdraw my finger and replace it with my cock,leaving the vibrator in her pussy.I worked my well lubed cock slowly into her ever so tight ass.I could feel the vibrator working it's magic as I slowly swung her in and out on my cock.It didn't take long and she was gasping, as was I.Her orgasm seemed to rise up from deep within her and gripped her like none other that I had seen certainly.Her legs tightened and every muscle in her body clenched as she screamed, letting pretty much the entire neighborhood know that someone was coming!That was all it took for me and my cock exploded buried deep in her ass pumping come into her for what seemed like forever.I damn near collapsed to the floor in the process.
After a bit of wrestling to get her out of the swing and some clean up we collapsed into bed.I vaguely remembered when we made love in a bed as we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.
12-12-2023, at 11:39 PM

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