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Meeting My Mistress

Post #1

It all started so innocently. I had been interested in the dynamics of a D/s relationship for a long time. My wife had a condition that left her in constant pain and unable to have any kind of real relationship, let alone sex. So being a red blooded American male, I set out to find a partner for sex. I tried the typical dating sites, but the women all wanted long term commitments before even talking about sex. On to the sleazier "affair sites", now it was a matter of all they really wanted was to think that someone was still interested.

By chance I hit a fetish site and got a reply from Mistress Nancy that she thought I would make a good slave. I agreed. It turned out that Mistress Nancy was just a con artist after my money. So there I was in the same balls.

While checking out the fetish site one morning, I saw I had a response from another "Mistress". This was Mistress Lizzie. She lived some distance away, but wanted to meet to see if we were compatible. This sounded good to me so we met at a library no less.

After the perfunctory hello's we adjourned to a local pub. I was immediately infatuated with her. She was young, 29 year old eastern European and had the most beautiful steel blue eyes I had ever seen. Mistress was apparently satisfied with me as well. I was somewhat surprised that she would want to take on a 61 year old grandfather, but who was I to argue. We parted and she told me she would get back in touch when she was ready. That was when my life changed.

Two days later I received an email from Mistress. It was a contract of what I was to agree to. I was to sign it, scan it and email it back to her. As I read the contract it was obvious that she would be in charge.

I was not allowed to masturbate or ejaculate unless she gave me permission. I would be required to wear a chastity device at all times. I would be required to basically do whatever Mistress asked whenever she asked it. In return I would be her sex slave. Well, it was certainly better than not having any sex at all so I did as requested and signed, scanned and emailed the agreement.

I was invited to her apartment for an evening of pleasuring my Mistress. When I arrived, Mistress Lizzie answered the door wearing only in a t-shirt. I had expected a leather clad dominatrix, but that was not the case. Immediately Mistress told me to drop to my knees to greet her.

I complied as best I could and then was ordered to start eating her freshly shaved pussy. I thought I was in heaven. After licking on her honeypot and clit, she pushed my head away turned around instructed me to get my tongue busy and make love to her asshole. This was something I had never done but I began to lick hungrily. Mistress was obviously pleased as I could feel her orgasm.

Again, I was pushed away and then instructed to lie down on my back still just inside the front door. Mistress then decided to squat over my face with her pussy just over my lips. I had no idea of şişli escort what was coming next. Then I heard Mistress say, "Open up you slut boy don't miss a drop or you'll be licking it off the floor!" She then pissed in my mouth. I was shocked but drank it down to my own surprise. The taste was not at all what I had anticipated. Fortunately I was able to catch it all without getting any on the floor.

Mistress Lizzie stood over me and smiled a little. I was so glad I had pleased her. She told me to get up and led me into her bedroom. I thought I was going to get lucky for the first time in a long time. Mistress Lizzie had other plans. I was told to strip naked. Mistress Lizzie told me that I would be helping her with her shower.

I stood in awe as she removed her t-shirt revealing the most beautiful body I had ever seen. Mistress then said, "Take a good look because you will soon be blindfolded and not see me this way again." True to her word, she placed a blindfold on me. Once blindfolded Mistress put what feels like a collar around my neck with what must have been a leash attached, and took me into what must be her bathroom.

The next thing I heard was a commanding voice, "Get on your knees with your head on the floor and your ass in the air slave." I felt a small bit of cold lube on my ass, then Mistress inserted an enema bottle and slowly squeezed the liquid in giggling. "Hold it in slave as we need to clean you for later this evening." What the hell did she plan on doing?

After a short time she guided me to the toilet to expel the liquid. I felt a little weak in the legs and wobbled a bit. Mistress offered me a bottle of water which was more than refreshing and started the shower. "We need to shower up to go out for dinner and dancing." Mistress allowed me to clean her entire body and let me lick her perfect large nipples as well as her ass and pussy while I cleaned her.

After our shower is complete I feel Mistress Lizzie's hand pulling on my ball sac. I gasped and then felt her warm wet lips start down my semi-engorged cock. Mistress sucked on my cock for a minute then suddenly quit and said, "Do as I want tonight and you will receive more where that came from."

I was led from the shower to the bed and commanded you to lie down on my back. I heard drawers opening and closing and my heart beat quickened wondering, "What's next?" Mistress then tied my feet and hands with scarves. I can hear Mistress getting herself ready. Once in a while stopping to bite the head of my cock, giggling as she caused me pain and caused my manhood to spring to life. I could smell the sweet perfume she had applied heightening my senses.

Next Mistress squatted over my mouth ordering me to stretch out my tongue to lick her pussy and ass. I complied at once. Suddenly Mistress Lizzie stood on the bed and kicked me in my balls. I audibly gasped. Mistress giggled, then untied me and told me to remove the blindfold sivas escort when I hear her shut the door. "Please get dressed slave, we're running behind schedule!"

I get dressed quickly and I hear Mistress reminding me to not to wear any underwear. Once dressed I open the door and I am overwhelmed at the beauty of my Mistress. I can't wait to please her in every way she wishes. She wears a low cut blouse and short skirt and heels. She slowly hikes my skirt up revealing that she too is not wearing any panties. Mistress tells me that I will be driving.

I open the passenger door and let her in along with reaching over and buckling her seatbelt. God, she smells wonderful. Once we are in and we start down the road Mistress reaches over and squeezes my shaved balls tightly. "You like that slave?"

I answer, "Yes, Mistress" as she eases the pressure.

Then the grip tightens again, "You like the taste of my pussy Slave?"

Of course I answer with a quick, "Oh, yes Mistress!" Mistress says she is pleased and then tells me to unzip my pants and orders me to stroke my cock.

"Slave, you must stroke it all the way to the restaurant. You had better not cum or else because you don't want to know your punishment!"

Dinner is more casual as we get to know each other's wishes in our new relationship. As we sit in a dimly lit restaurant Mistress purposely drop her fork under the table and give that sheepish grin that I are getting to recognize. I don't need further instruction, I know what Mistress wants. I get on my knees and see that Mistress has already hiked up her skirt to give me access to her pretty pussy.

As I lick I can hear Mistress ask the waiter for a new fork. Once the new fork arrives Mistress continues with her meal but orders me to continue. My Mistress' pussy is now soaking my face and I am loving it and I hear quiet moans from Mistress Lizzie. Mistress snaps her legs together and says "I hope you are done with your meal cuz we're leaving soon." I stop and come out under the table and continue eating with a smile on my face. After I finish, Mistress commands me to rise and pulls me towards the door by my belt buckle.

Once back in the car Mistress places my right hand under her skirt and orders me to finger her to an orgasm. Again she squeezes my balls as they and my cock are again exposed. "Stroke your cock slave, but do not cum", she orders. We arrive at the club, it's dimly lit and quiet besides a slow jam that's playing. We find a table and Mistress has me order drinks and tells me that she'll be back.

I follow her instructions and order our drinks and wait. When Mistress returns I notice she has removed her bra, "You like what you see slave?"

"Yes Mistress", I say as I can feel my cock pulse.

A slow dance comes on and I am ordered you to the packed dance floor and led you to the middle. As we engage Mistress Lizzie bites my ear lobe and squeezes my now hard cock. "You aching sıhhiye escort for me slave?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Good, be a good boy and you may just get to cum tonight!"

As we leave the club, Mistress Lizzie asks me if I want to please her all the time. "Oh yes Mistress anything to please you." Once at her apartment her demeanor goes from sweet Mistress to demanding Mistress. She start giving you orders.

"Off with your clothes slave, quicker. Slave I need to pee, bring me your mouth." She pees for what seems like 2 hours, though it was just minutes. "Taste good slave?" She asks you as she grabs my face.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good, now lick me clean." She orders me to lie on the bed again. "If you can make me orgasm with your tongue slave then I'll ride that throbbing hard pole of yours!" I begin licking her pussy hungrily. I can't stop as Mistress soaks my face with her juices. Mistress Lizzie squirts time and again. I gasp for air as her honeypot smothers me.

"Good boy slave, now stroke that cock to make it hard slave." I begin to stroke for a couple of minutes and then Mistress yells to stop! Then Mistress squats on my throbbing cock. I can feel her pussy tighten on my cock, I feel as if I will explode. "Slave do not dare to cum while I am fucking you!" Mistress orgasms three more times, I don't.

Mistress dismounts from my cock and orders me on the floor on my hands and knees. I am blindfolded again. My balls are now aching for release. I hear a drawer open and close, a couple of minutes go by and I can feel cold lube being squirted in my ass. My cock is getting so hard that the veins looks like they'll burst open. "I'll break you in slow Slave" Mistress says as I feel my strap on penetrating my virgin ass.

I moan loudly as Mistress Lizzie slowly inserts the six inch strap on. She increases the pace. This is all so new to me but I am in heaven!! "Slave, you wanna watch me?"

"Yes, I beg you Mistress."

Mistress instructs me to get on the bed on my back with legs up high. She inserts the cock again slowly and increases the pace. I watch as my Mistress fucks me like a girl. I am happy and realize that this is what I wanted all along. Mistress then orders me to stroke my cock, "Quicker slave!" It doesn't take long for me to beg for release, "Not yet slave!" I beg for release again, "Not yet slave. Unless you never want to see or eat this pussy again." I bite your lip hard and try not to think of my aching balls.

Mistress Lizzie reaches over and holds a glass at the end of my cock, she orders me "Cum now you worthless piece of manhood! Slave, I said to cum now!!" I feel the relief rush from my sac through my pulsing cock. Jets of cum start coating the glass and it seem to never stop. I look at my Mistress' face and I see that she is pleased with her slave.

"Such a good slave, you do know what's next, a warm salty drink for you. So yummy in you tummy." Like the obedient slave I drink down every last drop. "Clean yourself up slave you've passed your first test here's a blanket and pillow you'll be sleeping on the floor at the foot of my bed. Get some rest slave you have much to do tomorrow to please your Mistress."

I simply say "Yes Mistress, thank you and goodnight."
08-06-2022, at 08:55 PM

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