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Nightshade becomes Nightslut

Post #1

A beautiful and athletic woman is alone at the top of a building. She is dressed in a superhero uniform. The superhero uniform is black leather and very tight. The woman is blonde and has a black mask. The woman's name is Nightshade and is a famous superhero. The woman is voluptuous and very tempting though it is thirty-eight years. She has big tits with big nipples, beautiful long legs and a big ass.

It is night. The super-heroine is waiting. She received a letter two days ago citing it in this place for a fight with an unknown woman. Nightshade cannot refuse to fight because she is a super-hero and very brave.

Suddenly, the super-heroine hears a noise. She turns and faces her enemy. The enemy of the super-heroine is a young woman .She is a woman of twenty-three years and is dressed in jeans, a white blouse and black boots. She has a beautiful long black hair. She is a young woman thin-skinned, with small breasts and athletic body.

The super-heroine approaches the young woman.

- Why you want to fight me? - Nightshade asked the young woman.

-"Because I'm better than you and I know I can beat you, "replied the girl.

-"I'm a super-heroine and I can beat you easily. However, I do not want to hurt you. You are too young.-

-"Shut up, stupid, "said the girl, I'll give you a beating and then I will humble you. You can run away, if you want. Do not tell anyone you are a cowardly slut.

-"I'm not going to run away, girl. I am a super-heroine, the best super-hero of this city and I will give you a lesson.

Nightshade launches an attack on the girl, but fails. The young woman attacked the super-heroine quickly and gives her a punch in the face.

- Augh! - the super-heroine cries .- Slut! How dare you hit me! -

The super-heroine launched another attack but the girl is too fast and fails again. Then the girl gives her a punch in the stomach.

- Argh! - screams the super-heroine - My belly!

The young woman dances around the super-heroine and gives her a kick in the ass.

- Augh! - shouts the super-heroine. The kick was very strong and the famous masked woman falls to the ground, face down. The super-heroine attempt to rise, but the girl is too fast and gives it another kick in the ass. The beautiful masked woman falls back to the ground face down.

- Do you want more kick for you, stupid? - says the girl, laughing.

The super-heroine stands up and tries to attack again. Again, the girl avoids the blow and gives her a punch in the face.

The masked woman back, sore and scared. The girl strikes again to the super-heroine and gives her four slaps. The masked super-heroine tries to defend, but is useless. The young woman, laughing, gives her more blows. Nightshade tries to cover her face but then the girl hit her in the stomach.

- Augh! - screams the super-heroine, scared.

The girl gives the super-heroine another kick in the ass. The kick is strong and super-heroine flies a few feet before falling on the floor face down.

- Argh! - the masked woman screams.

- "This girl is too strong for me," - thinks Nightshade.

Then, the brave masked woman gets up and starts running. The super-heroine is fleeing. However, the girl is fast. Reaches the super-heroine and grabs her by the hair.

- No, please, please ... let me go, I beg you! - screams the brave super-hero with tears in her eyes. The young woman laughs aloud. The famous super-heroine has been defeated.

- Stupid super-heroine! - cries the girl - I'll give you a beating you will not forget.

- No, please, I surrender! - the super-heroine cries, terrified - You have beaten me. I have lost. I am a famous super-heroine and I am much older than you are and you have beaten me.

"I will not let you go, Nightshade. You have been defeated and now you will pay the price.

- No, please no! - again begs the super-heroine.

The young woman laughs and gives her four slaps. The super-heroine is humiliated. The super-heroine is crying.

- Shut up, idiot! - shouts the young woman - I will give you a beating.

"No, please, I'll do anything, but do not hit me more, I beseech cebeci escort you.-

"Of course you'll do anything, coward. First, I will give you a beating. - says the young woman. Then gives her a few slaps.

- Augh! Augh! - screams the super-heroine - I am defeated. I am humiliated! What more do you want from me? -

- Shut up, stupid! - cries the girl. Then the girl gives her two punches in the face.

- Argh! Please give me no more punches! - shouts the super-heroine.

However, the naked girl laughs and kicks her in the belly. Nightshade falls to the ground, kneeling. The young woman grabs her by the hair and gives her many slaps.

- Please, I beg you! Do not hit me more! Do not hit me! Please, please! - begs the famous super-heroine.

The young woman goes back and gives a strong kick in the face of the super-heroine.

- Argh! -

The heroic super-heroine screams in pain. Nightshade falls down his back, crying with fear. The girl sits on the chests of the super-heroine and gives her many strong blows.

- Augh! Augh! Please! Please do not hit me! Augh! Not slapping me more please! Please, you're gonna tear my face! "You win! You win! I am defeated. I am humiliated! You have given me a terrible beating! Please stop hitting me! -

The super-heroine is afraid. Nightshade cries, overcome. The eyes of the super-hero show terror. The young woman smiles with satisfaction.

The girl stands up.

- Get up, stupid! - orders the young woman laughing with pleasure.

Nightshade, terrified, obeys the order. The super heroine has lost the will to fight. Nightshade had never been defeated. Now, it has suffered a total and utter defeat by an unknown girl. The super-heroine is doubly humiliated. She has been humiliated as a super-heroine because an unknown girl has beaten her. She has been humiliated as a mature woman because a much younger girl has beaten her.

- Does it really do anything else that I order you, Nightshade? -

- Oh, yeah, yeah, I will! I'll do anything. But do not hit me, please. Do not hit me. - Nightshade replied, embarrassed.

"Well, then, Nightshade, I want you naked .- says the young woman, looking coldly at the super-heroine.

- I am a super-heroine. I cannot get naked! - Nightshade replied with dignity.

The young woman comes to the superhero and gives her a brutal slap in the face.

- Argh! - Shouts the famous hunter of criminals. - No, please no more.

- Take your clothes off, slut! - Orders the young woman again- Get naked!

"Yes, I will. I will, but do not hit me more. - says the super-heroine.

"Get naked! - orders the young woman again.

The super-heroine is dominated. Night shadow starts to strip slowly. First, it removes the uniform top, revealing her big tits.

- You are a big titted super-heroine!-

Nightshade continuously stripped and removed the lower part of the uniform. Now, the super-heroine is dressed in a fine black panties and her mask. Embarrassed, the super-heroine covers the enormous breasts with her hands.

-"I'm naked, "- says Nightshade.

- Nude? You are not naked, slut! "Take off your panties! - ordered the girl angrily.

"-No, please, my panties not. I cannot take off my panties! I am a super-heroine and I cannot take off my panties! - says the super-heroine, with dignity, but scared.

-"If you do not remove the panties, stupid slut, I'll give you a terrible beating. - says the girl, moving toward the defeated superheroine.

The brave superheroine, trembling with fear, begins to drop her panties.

-"Okay, but do not hit me, please. Do not hit me. I take off my panties. ? the super-heroine says, crying.

The beautiful blonde super-heroine took off her panties. Now, the famous super-heroine called Nightshade is completely naked. Nightshade is only wearing her mask and nothing else.

-"I'm naked. I have obeyed you. Please do not hit me. I am very humbled. - super-heroine says, tears running down her cheeks.

-"Yes, you're naked. - said the young woman - You are very beautiful and have big boobs. Turn around, Nightshade; çukurambar escort I want to see your ass.

Embarrassed, the brave super-heroine turns around and shows her gorgeous ass to the girl.

-"Yes, you have a great ass, Nightshade. - says the young woman, laughing. - Now, turn around.

Nightshade turns. Embarrassed and humiliated, the super-heroine covers breasts and crotch with his hands.

-"No, Nightshade. I am going to get angry. I want your hands away from your body. I want to see you completely naked. - says the young woman.

The super-heroine obeys and hands away.

-"Well, you have a well-shaved crotch, super-heroine." - says the girl. - Now, come here. Come here crawling with knees and hands, slut.

The superheroine moves across the floor, leaning on her hands and her knees like a dog. Facing it is the young woman, staring with a smile of satisfaction.

-"You have big boobs and a great ass, Nightshade. - says the girl, patting the buttocks of the superheroine.

Then suddenly, the girl gives the superheroine a strong spank on the ass.

- Augh! - screams the superhero - Please, you said you would beat me no more!

"Oh, yes. However, this is not hitting you; this is ... spanking your ass. This is humble yourself. I want you to feel humiliated. Moreover, it is fun to give spanking.

The young woman gives her another slap on the ass. Then another and another. The super heroine's ass is red.

- Argh! Augh! My ass! "You're hurting me!" Please stop hurting me! - begs the superheroine.

The superheroine feels very humiliated. She is there, completely naked, on hands and knees, being spanking in the ass by a woman much younger than she does. Nightshade knows she must fight, but she is afraid. She feels scared to get another big beating. The masked mature woman thinks it is better to obey.

The girl gives her another slap on the ass.

- Augh! Please, it hurts! - screams the super-heroine.

The young woman uses her right hand to spank the buttocks of the superheroine. She continued spanking the ass of the superheroine, despite pain in his right hand. The young woman knows that Nightshade feels humiliated.

- Aurgh! Augh! - Nightshade exclaims, feeling pain in the buttocks - Please, I beg you! Do not give me more spanking! I cannot resist!-

The spankings are becoming stronger and seem to be endless. The big ass of the super-heroine is very red.

- Please! Please! Please! - begs the super-heroine in tears of shame and pain. However, the spankings continue for several more minutes.

-"Well,"- said the girl - will not give you more spanking, if you do one thing.-

- Yeah, yeah, whatever! I'll do anything, please! I cannot stand to receive more spanking; it is too painful and too humiliating for a super-heroine! - Nightshade replied, embarrassed and grateful.

-"Well, stupid super-heroine, "- says the girl - Lick my boots!

-"No, not that, please. I cannot lick your boots, would be too humiliating for me. - says the super-heroine, looking with fear in her eyes.

Night Shade, obey or I will continue to give you spanking. Then when I tired to give you spanking, I'll give you another beating. Do you understand, stupid? - says the young woman, angry.

-"Oh, yes, I understand, "- says the brave super-heroine, with tears in her eyes- but you also have to understand, never before has anyone had beaten me. I had never suffered a humiliation like this. Please just let me go! Let flee from here. I cannot bear such humiliation! - exclaims the super-heroine.

The young woman lost patience and slapped hard at the masked woman.

-¡Augh! - Scream in pain the humiliated super-heroine.-¡No, please, do not give me another beating, I beg you!

-"Lick my boots, harlot. - The girl softly whispers -"If you do not lick my boots, bitch, I swear I'll give you the beating of your life. Do you understand, dirty whore? ?

-¡Yes, yes, I understand you! - Exclaim the nude super-heroine ? I am going to lick your boots. Please, do not give me another slap.

The girl gives her two strong and humiliating demetevler escort slaps in the face.

- Augh! Augh! ? Scream, scared, the beautiful mature woman - Why did you do that. I told you that I would obey!

- I want you to understand one thing, stupid bitch, and it is this: here I command and you obey. I am your mistress and you are my slave. Do you understand? You are my sex slave, cheap whore. Now, you're not a super-heroine, but a sex slave. You're my sex slave. Therefore, things are, stupid. If you do not like, you can fight me ... if you dare, cowardly bitch.

The naked superheroine looked down, whimpering. She knows that is completely defeated, totally humiliated, but becoming the sexual slave of the young woman is too hard for her. On the other hand, she also knows that the girl is stronger and trained than she is. If she dares to fight, is sure she will be defeated and will receive a brutal beating. Besides, she knows that the girl frightens her. Worse, she knows she feels excited. It is horrible, but the super-heroine feels very excited.

- Would it be your sex slave ... forever? - Question scared the super-heroine.

"Oh, no, I think one week I will have enough, super-bitch. Therefore, you have to choose: either retain your dignity, fighting against me and get a terrible beating, or lose all your dignity, you become my sex slave for a week, but do not receive a beating. What do you say, cheap whore? Are you really a cheap whore or you're a super-heroine? -

The super-heroine does not dare to look at the face of his enemy.

"I am ... I am a cheap whore. I'll be your sex slave for a week. However, do not hit me, please. Give me no more slaps, punches and kicks. Please.

- I knew you were a cheap whore, Nightshade. Do not worry; it will hit you no more. Only I will spank you all the days. - says the young woman.

- No, please, "- says the super-heroine - I'll be your sex slave, but please do not give me spankings. That's too humiliating.

-"No, super-bitch, things are not so. I am your mistress and you are my sex slave. I command and you obey. During that week, there will be you always naked, always ready to satisfy all my sexual desires. You just carry over your black mask. Just take that and nothing more. In addition, you will no longer be more of a super-heroine in that week. You'll be a whore, a slut, a nasty bitch to my service. Now, I want you to get to lick my boots, but first I want to hear you say, loudly, who you are. Remember that you are no longer a super-heroine. I will have beaten you easily and well, I've obligated to take off all your clothes. You are now naked and you've given up fighting. You're afraid that I give you another big beating. In addition, for that reason, has agreed to become my sex slave for a week. Therefore, you're not a super-heroine. I want to know who you are now, bitch.

Night Shade does not feel like a brave super-heroine. The defeat was so terrible; the beating has been so complete and definitive, that the beautiful masked woman feels like a mature woman submitted by a girl. Nightshade feels humiliated, and cannot do anything about it. The girl is too strong, too agile, too trained for her. Nightshade is totally and utterly defeated.

-"I'm a whore - super-heroine says - I'm a dirty whore, a stupid bitch. I am a coward. I am now your bitch and my only mission is to give you pleasure, mistress...

- Well, well, my little slut - said the young woman - now I want to finally putting you to lick my boots. Your name, from now, Nightshade will be no more, but will be calling Night slut.

-"Yes, okay. My name is now Night slut. ? says the coward super-heroine.

The young woman laughs, satisfied. The super-heroine is doomed. Night slut knows this and, trembling with fear and humiliation, she starts licking the boots of the girl.

-"Oh, yes, I like this, Night slut. - says the young woman

Night slut licks the boots of the girl.

-"Hey, Night slut, tell me something that makes me horny, please. - ordered the girl.

-"I am Night slut and I'm a bitch. I'm a whore. I am a coward and you've beaten me. Now, naked and humiliated, I will be your sex slave for a week. You have given me my due. I'm not a super-heroine, I am nothing. I am just a stupid cheap whore.

-"Well, Night slut - the girl says, grinning - I think we're going to entertain you and me, bitch, because this is just the beginning.
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