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The Dirty Old Man Ch. 01

Post #1

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This is just a fantasy. The material in this story is for adults only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and older.
All characters are over 18, hell, most are over 40.
Ch. 1 - Single again, looking for love....
Well, it's been almost 7 months now since the love of my life, my soul mate passed away. It wasn't a long illness but it certainly was a surprise. Almost a year fighting lung cancer and she was gone. I don't know how many times I asked her to stop smoking. Begged her even. She tried numerous times but was never able to break the habit.
We'd been very sexually active our entire life together.....well, most of the 47 years. Our retirement had been extremely enjoyable with more sex and more orgasms than we'd had in our 40s and 50s. We'd really gotten into more oral sex in the later years. I use to walk up to her and grab parts of her body as I kissed her. She loved that. She used to laugh and tell me I was a 'dirty old man'. I told her that she was right, I'm a dirty old man and I'll be one until I'm a dead old man.
I'm lonely as hell and just as horny. And I am really tired of masturbating; that's lonely as hell too. I'd been without the benefit of a woman for nearly a year now. I decided it was time for another woman in my life. I'd started looking around here but it seems the available women are either older than me (I'm 70) or much younger. The few possibilities I'd checked into had political ideas I wasn't comfortable with and one was a fundamentalist Christian. I'm not all that religious so I'm not ready to get into that. So one date and done basically.
And the available women didn't seems to be all that interested in starting a relationship with a man either. I did have pretty good rapport with a pretty young woman that was in her mid-20s. I saw her uptown a lot. We flirted a lot, talked a lot and use to tell each other jokes. She'd always give me a big smile and rush up to me when I saw her about. I would love to ravish that tight little body but I couldn't see a relationship with her working very well. I'm pretty sure she would have gone out with me but it would be like dating my grand-daughter. Kind of weird although I did consider it for a while. She is pretty hot.
On Facebook I have many single female friends that might be interested. So I finally changed my Facebook status to single. That seemed weird since I'd always had 'married' as my status. I also started to leave statuses complaining how lonely I was.
Nothing happened for over a month but then I received a chat message from a FB friend that I'd had for nearly the entire time I was on Facebook. I was attracted to her mind (her posts were always very intelligent) but only knew a little about her except what she had in her Facebook profile and a couple of photos that didn't show me much.
John, I notice that you've changed your FB status to single. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss. Joyce was a FB friend of mine also as you know. I miss her too although I know not as much as you do. If you are truly back in the world of the single male, I would be very interested in meeting you face to face. I don't know how that can be accomplished though. I can't afford to travel. I'm hoping maybe you can. With sincere hope, Vanessa.
This was the first message from anyone showing any interest in me so I wrote back:
Vanessa, I would love to meet you also. I have a small inheritance from my mother and I think it's high time that I used some of it. I'll let you know the details of my trip as soon as I get them. Look forward to our first touch. John
Now what? Back to the dating life that I have no experience at since I was in my early-20s.
Vanessa is a slim lady from Tacoma, Washington. She is an old hippy with a pretty face and long dark brown hair (probably dyed since she's in her early 70s). She had posted about the commune she lived in during her early adulthood. She still claims free love is the way to go (see big smile on my face). She is 11 months older than me (I'd always thought of her as my slightly older sister) and her political and religious ideas are nearly the match of mine. I knew we'd at least get along.
I had been living in Illinois since my retirement so it was going to be a long trip out to Tacoma for a visit. However, I decided to take a vacation and go see her. I wasn't rich but could afford to travel a bit without using too much of my savings. I had planned my retirement well and I was doing pretty good. Plus Mom had left me an inheritance of a little over $100,000. I hadn't touch it yet. As lonely and horny as I was, I was going to use some of that money in hope that some of that free love would flow my way.
Tacoma, Wa. - Day 1 (June 8th)
Vanessa's diary: "Dear diary, maltepe escort June 8th. Oh, boy, I'm kind of nervous. My Facebook friend John Andrews will be arriving in town today and he's coming here to see me. Kind of been hoping for that for a hell of a long time. He's pretty good looking and I was attracted to him from the day we were friended on Facebook. I know a lot about him but I'm sure there's a lot I don't know. What I do know makes me feel very positive about this meeting. He was married when we first became friends, but now he's a widower. I'm excited. I hope we hit it off in more ways than one."
I arrive at Seattle--Tacoma International Airport on June 8th around 3pm. It's a beautiful day. It takes me a while to get my baggage, rental car and then leave the airport. Vanessa and I had discussed my arrival yesterday and she wants me to come by her apartment for supper. I am pretty tired after that long flight. I drive to a hotel close to her place and check in. I put my bags in the room, take a long, hot shower and put on clean clothes. I really feel a whole lot better after the shower. Still a little tired but not as bad as before. I give her a call and tell her I'd checked into the hotel and I'm ready to drive over to her place. She tells me to hurry up and she can't wait to see me.
On my way to her apartment, I'm getting a little nervous. I'd been with the same woman for nearly all my adult life. I'm hopeful that we'll get along and cross my fingers that maybe it would lead to a renewal of my sex life with a woman. It's been awhile....God, has it been awhile. I'm extremely horny. Just thinking about meeting her has got me hard.
When I arrive at her apartment building, I get out of the car, look up at the building and I'm surprised to see her on her balcony waving at me. I give her a wave and a smile and walk into the entrance. She is waiting at her apartment door for me with a big smile when I walk out of the elevator. When I reach her apartment, we shake hands and I lean over and kiss her on her right cheek. That broadens her smile considerably and she invites me in.
Her apartment is a small one bedroom, basically a big room with a small bathroom and a small bedroom. The living room is pretty good size though and includes a kitchenette. It is all tastefully decorated but she doesn't have a lot of expensive things such as a large screen TV or audio equipment. She tells me that's all she can afford. I know she is retired too and on Social Security. I thought that it definitely fit her past "hippy" lifestyle though. The meal she is cooking smells delicious and I tell her so. We sit down on the couch and talk while the the meal is cooking. She introduces me to her cat which is rubbing on my legs. Joyce and I had cats most of our life together and I have no problem with her cat. It seems to like me. After chatting for about half an hour, she checks the meal and announces that it was ready. It's lasagna which I love.
The meal is great and after we eat we move to the sofa and talk some more. I notice she keeps moving closer and closer until our thighs touch. The touch felt electric to me and, by the look on her face, to her also. As we talk more, I reach over and put my right hand on top of her left hand. That brings another big smile to her face and she leans over and kisses my right cheek.
She gets up to go to the kitchenette. She comes back with two glasses of wine. I'm not much of a wine drinker but I accept the glass and sip on isn't bad. She says it is a blackberry Merlot. Before long we finish the bottle and I am feeling a little tipsy mainly because I'm still kind of tired. As we look at each other, she leans over and gives me a kiss on the lips. I'm very surprised when I feel a tongue rubbing on my lips. I open my mouth and the tongue enters. We play tongue tag for several minutes and then look at each other with big smiles on our faces. I guess we both feel we were definitely on the right track.
After more talking and more hot kisses, she asks me if I would mind watching her favorite mini-series. Surprised, I say "okay" even though I'm sporting a pretty stiff erection already. To be honest, I had started to think we were going too fast. She apologizes and says she didn't want to miss any episodes. Although it seems like bad timing on my part (wrong day to arrive), I am kind of glad we'd slowed down. Plus I don't mind all that much since that show is one of my favorites too. She says she doesn't watch much TV just certain shows.
After an evening of watching TV, holding hands and touching tongues, I tell her I am tired from the trip plus the time zone difference and should be getting back to the hotel for some sleep. It is only 10pm but that is Tacoma time. In Illinois it is midnight. I ask her if she'd be my guide to the Seattle-Tacoma area for the next couple of days and she gladly agrees. At her door, we part with a particularly hot French pendik escort kiss with some roving hands by both of us. She even cups my butt cheeks with her hands. That's a surprise. I tell her "Good night" with a big smile on my face and she returns the farewell with the same big smile. As I am getting into my rental car, I look up at her apartment and she waves at me. I smile and wave back.
Although I'm glad we slowed things down a bit, now I'm really horny. It's probably going to be a rough night. At my hotel, I strip and jump into bed. I still have a partial hard-on. I toss and turn for at least an hour before dropping off.
Tacoma, Wa - Day 2 (June 9th)
Vanessa's diary: "Dear diary, June 9th. Wow, last night was pretty hot with John! I was getting wet (which doesn't happen often these days) especially after that last French kiss goodnight. At one point, I noticed he was a little uncomfortable with an erection. He's pretty hot with a nice body, from what I could see and feel. I knew what he looked like but had no idea about his body. During the goodnight kiss, we groped each other and I grabbed his butt cheeks. They were quite muscular. From what I could see, his body looks like it belongs too much younger man. A lot of muscles in his arms, a flat stomach, a nice masculine ass and not much fat anywhere. Damn!
I wanted to take it a little slow and I'm sure he does too. I wasn't comfortable with sex on the first date although I was certainly tempted. I had to start the excitement by kissing him and trying to slip him the tongue. I don't think he really minded though since he didn't hesitate to open his mouth for my tongue.
I woke up this morning very horny and I'm really looking forward to today. I'm hoping something sexual will happen tonight. I may have to initiate it though. I recalled this morning laying in bed that he is very respectful of women and a strong anti-rape advocate. I have an idea that will get something going and make sure he knows I'm ready for anything. Wow, getting wet again. Doesn't happen that often when you're 71. I haven't gotten laid recently (over fourteen months now) and I think John is in the same boat. The non-masturbatory orgasms are few and far between these days. God I'm horny. I'm rather tired of masturbation and I'm in need of something more, like a hard penis where it can do the most good."
I wake up pretty early with morning wood which I still get occasionally at my age. Since I've been very horny for quite a while, it happens quite a bit now. I used to wake up with wood everyday until I passed 50. I don't masturbate very much because it just isn't satisfying. Only when I can't stand it anymore. I'm so horny I was thinking about masturbating but I'm hoping tonight will bring some relief. Last night with Vanessa didn't help the horniness. A lot of intimate touching and French kissing. I hope we get it on soon, my balls are going to be hurting with much more of the groping and kissing. Not dating for nearly fifty years, I'm kind of in the dark. I'm afraid to push too much. I don't want to seem sexually aggressive even though that's the way I feel.
I'm used to waking between 8 and 8:30am. When you're retired you don't worry about an alarm clock unless you have a doctor's appointment or something. The problem now is with the time zone difference - the hotel alarm clock says 6:25am. I try to go back to sleep but that isn't happening. I keep thinking about her. I finally give up at about 7:30am and I shower, get ready to go out and head down to the cafe in the hotel. After breakfast and the paper, I call Vanessa. She says to come over around 10am.
She is waiting for me in front of her apartment building when I drive up. I stop the car and put it in park. I started to jump out to open the door for her (yeah, I'm a gentleman) but before I could open my door very far, she is already jumping in on the passenger side. She says "Hi!" and slides over and sticks her tongue in my mouth again.
After we disengage, I say "Hi, that was enjoyable! Sleep well?"
She smiles and says "Not really."
"Sorry" I say.
She says, "I had a little problem.....horny!" and laughs. "I couldn't get my mind off sex."
I smile and say, "I know that problem." We both laugh. "Well, where to?" I say. She gives me directions and off we go. She wants to show me a park which has a nice size zoo and an aquarium. She says she goes there a lot. It's good exercise walking around looking at all the exhibits. After yesterday's time spent in the airplane, the exercise feels good.
We have a great day at the zoo and eat lunch at a diner near the zoo. She shows me every exhibit and even makes the tour seem like a guided tour. After about 5 hours we are both tired and ready to leave the zoo. On the way back to her apartment, we discuss plans for supper.
I drop her off at her apartment at 4pm for a shower and a little nap. I head back to the hotel, shower kaynarca escort and take a short nap too. I pick her up again at 6:30pm for supper. We have a very nice supper at a local restaurant. Not only is the food very good but the company and conversation are wonderful. I don't know how she feels about me but I'm really liking this woman. After our meal, we stop at my hotel for a couple of drinks in the bar and spend a couple of hours mainly just talking and drinking. At 10:00pm, a little tipsy, we head back to her apartment.
She invites me up and we talk for a while on the couch mainly about what we are going to do tomorrow, after a half hour she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Four minutes later she walks out in a see-through nightie. My mouth falls open. She looks really hot. She is short, maybe 5' 2" and slim. She got great legs and a hot ass. Her chest isn't real big but it fits the rest of her body nicely. She smiles at me, walks over to me and kneels between my legs. She unzips my pants and takes my half hard cock out. Thank God. It's been at least half hard since she got in my car earlier. It looks like I might get some relief soon.
Making eye contact, she bends towards me and begins running her tongue around the head of my penis. Of course, that causes me to moan. Still looking in my eyes, she begins one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. After several minutes I'm really hard, I pick her up and gently carry her to the bedroom and put her on her twin bed. She's not heavy, probably 100 to 105lbs or so. She has a broad smile on her face. I grab her bottoms and pull them down, nearly ripping them off. I bury my face between her legs and a moan escapes from her mouth. She tastes great. I continue to lick and suck her pussy lips with an occasional lick and suck of her clit which is poking out nicely. She's trimmed but not shaved. I prefer shaved at least on the outer labia. Makes it much sexier to lick. Maybe I can talk her into it if we get serious.
Soon she is breathing heavily and she says "Oh, God" a couple of times. I remove her top and start kissing her from her mouth to her pussy with a long stop at her breasts. She's small breast-wise (probably a small B cup) but has these nipples that are hard now and 1/2" long. It's also quite apparent that her nipples are very sensitive since she started to squirm the longer I lick and suck them. I nibble a little at each nipple and she moans loudly. I continue kissing and licking down to her pubic area and resume my attentions on her entire vulva but this time concentrating on her clit.
She begs for my hard cock which is straining to be free and making me uncomfortable.
I take my clothes off but still make her wait by going down on her until she begins groaning really loud and her hips begin to thrust into my face. I hang in there and soon she's cumming with "Oh God, oh shit, oh, oh, oh, oh.....Yesssssss!" After a few minutes, she starts to calm down a little from her first orgasm although she is still breathing heavily.
"Please John, I need your cock between my legs."
"Not yet," I say. She groans.
I run my hands slowly, gently up and down her torso petting her until she starts breathing somewhat normally again. Then I begin to finger fuck her while flicking her clit with my thumb. Her pussy is very juicy. As she nears orgasm again, I reach up with my left hand and pinch her right nipple. She screams as she cums again with her back arched.
I begin the kisses again and rubbing her from neck to her nicely shaped ass again until she calms down.
"Please, John, your cock.....please....." I offer her my cock for her mouth again and she takes it. After a couple of minutes of her sucking my cock, I crawl between her legs and kiss my way up to her mouth. She begs me for my cock again. "Yes ma'am," I say.
I slip a condom on and enter her very juicy pussy. I start out slowly but soon start to speed up. She's really pushing back into me. We fuck like horny teenagers for ten minutes. She cums several times during that time and then before she cums again, I lean down and lightly bite her right nipple. She cums hard again, so hard she let's out a loud scream and I cum as her vaginal muscles milk my cock. We both collapse together. "Wow!" she says. "That was the best fuck I've had for like 40 years or so, thank you". We cuddle for a few minutes still connected.
Then there's a knock at the door and we hear "Vanessa, are you okay?" It's her neighbor who has heard the screams of pleasure. Vanessa jumps up, puts on her robe and goes to the door.
"Hi, Joan. I'm very sorry but I'm more than okay. I have a new boyfriend who knows what the hell he's doing. We'll try to hold it down. Again, I'm sorry." I hear the neighbor say something I can't make out and Vanessa say "Yes, don't worry. That was a scream of pleasure not pain. I'm really fine, REALLY FINE." When the neighbor is satisfied, Vanessa returns to the bed with a big smile on her blushed face.
"You, sir, are going to get me into trouble with my neighbors." I say, "Well, we can always stop enjoying each other then." She laughs and says "Oh, no. I guess I'll have to just be a little quieter or shove a pillow into my face. I definitely want some more of that, sir."
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