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My Gift to Micaela

Post #1

I knew it was wrong.

Micaela passed out at the party. She was only a sophomore and she couldn't handle herself at all. It didn't take much to knock her out - she'd had maybe half a dozen drinks in three hours.

I stuck around because - well, why does anyone stick around at parties? You hope the crowd will thin out and you'll see some gorgeous person across the room. It'll be quiet enough to make charming conversation. Then instead of stumbling home at 3 a.m. you get drunk sex with a stranger. Never works out after that but oh well.

Of course that didn't happen. Connections don't make themselves. I was too shy to talk to anyone I didn't already know. Nice party anyway.

It wasn't quite 3 a.m. but it was close. Chelsea, the hostess, was cleaning her kitchen. It would take her quite a while. There were more bottles at that party than people - full bottles, I mean, hard liquor. Never my stuff.

I had drank myself into a pleasant state with two-thirds of a 12-pack of cheap beer. Good thing about bad beer is after the first few you don't notice the taste anymore. But there are accompanying bathroom pressures and that's how I found Micaela.

Someone had done her the courtesy of laying her out in a spare bedroom. They left the light on, but she wasn't in any state to mind.

Micaela was curvy. She had a tight black dress on and it rode a little above her knees. gaziosmanpaşa escort She was on her stomach, blonde, maybe 5-6 if I had to guess.

Big, full thighs. Very tan. Face sort of like a dinosaur - in a cute way. Everyone looks like some sort of animal and that's what I thought when I saw her. Green eyes wide apart. Wide mouth. Pretty, if my description isn't doing her justice. She'd pass for a farmer's daughter.

All of these details came later to me, because as I drunkenly crashed into what I thought was a bathroom I first locked on her feet. Big, wide, tan feet. Long, too. Must have been size 9, I thought. Gorgeous.

I should have been scared shitless and disgusted with myself but I was too drunk to care. I stepped back outside to make sure we were alone on the second floor, we were. I headed into the room and locked the door.

I spent a few minutes stumbling around, softly calling her name and flicking her ear to see how drunk she was. Very, as it turned out. Breathing, so no worries. But Micaela was out and would be for a while.

So I sat at the foot of the bed. Someone had left her greek sandals next to her, size 9.5s, as a matter of fact. Excellent. I pulled off my pants - off, all the way, just chucked them on the floor - and broke out my aching cock.

I had never done anything like this and I was completely on gölbaşı escort edge. Luckily I was drunk enough to last a little while. I picked up a sandal and held it to my face, sniffing deeply right where Micaela's sole would be when she wore it. That perfect deep, sweaty foot smell.

I moved the sandal back and forth, sniffing the toes, heels and sole again. Jerking off the whole time. After a while I started licking it, imagining Micaela stepping on my face. Pressing her big, sweaty feet into me as I tugged away. Fuck, she was sexy.

My cock started to jump and I felt close to cumming. It was way too soon. I slowed, stroking gently as I put one sandal down and repeated my ritual on the other. Size 9.5 - what I would do to watch this girl get a pedicure.

I knew I probably didn't have much time so I had to move to her feet. They hung off the bed slightly but I wanted a better look, so I stood, grabbed her ankles and tugged her just a bit closer. Micaela didn't stir.

I sat cross-legged on the floor inches away from her big fucking feet. Close enough to see every wrinkle. She took good care of them. I pumped my cock furiously.

Melissa's long toes were painted a deep red, crimson.

I wanted to hold her feet, rub them, but I was too horny to wait. I stuck my face in her soles and breathed deep. Exactly what you'd expect a college girl's feet keçiören escort to smell like after a party. Perfectly rank.

By then I was on my knees, kneeling into her. I dragged my tongue across her soles, imagined her giggling. I wished she was awake, I wanted to tie her up and tickle her until she begged for mercy.

Biting Micaela's heels, kissing her arches. I laid on the floor below her to stick her toes in my mouth. That sealed it for me.

Her toes tasted like sweaty candy. I sucked them hard, tried to pull the paint off them. Practically yanking my cock, breathing so hard I thought I would hyperventilate. I came close to an orgasm and stopped, waited. Picked up again, both big toes now, running my tongue across every inch and burning the contours of her feet into my brain.

I rose and stood over Micaela, pumping hard on my cock. I even whispered to myself. "Look at those fucking feet. Look at those little toes, look at that -"

Bliss. It was happening. I pressed my cock to her and milked a load all over her soles. Reeled, watching the cum slide down to her toes, drip the floor.

Suddenly I wasn't so drunk. I realized I had my dick in my hand. Muttered a couple curse words, found a sock to wipe off on and threw my pants back on.

I had the sense to snap about two dozen pictures of her feet from every angle before leaving. Covered in my cum. I got hard again just thinking of how confused she'd be in the morning, waking up with the stuff caked into her huge soles.

I still have those pictures nearly three years later. I've been with plenty of women since that night, but I've never been able to get Micaela's big feet out of my head.
08-06-2022, at 09:09 PM

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