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My Pet

Post #1

I know you've heard this before, it seems far too many stories start out this way, but this really is a true story. Only the names have been changed.. This is a story about a man I know, a man who has become very useful to me and one who changed my life in some small way.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Pepper. I am middle aged now but in my younger days I was quite the beauty. I won several beauty contests and graduated high in my university. I have large breasts that seem to attract the kind of men that I really don't care for but I also have a nice body and most of all I have the ability to charm a man.

Most men are very sexual when they are around me, they seem to sense in me the ability to be whatever they wish me to be. Take my second husband, please, he was a real prick. He saw me as a party girl, I became a party girl. He enjoyed watching men fuck me. He brought women home and went into orgasmic utopia when I sucked their pussies. We had threesomes, foursomes and moresome, but in the end he abused and ignored me.

It was during our divorce that I met SJ, he was a private investigator. I had approached him to try and get evidence against my husband for the divorce. He was about 46 at the time, an attractive man but not someone I would normally associate with.

SJ helped me immensely with my divorce. He was always there when I needed him and I became fond of him. I began to see him in a different sort of light. He became my friend and I his. He visited me for no other reason than to chat and keep my spirits up.

At some point I began to realize through his innuendo that he found me sexually desirable. Being the very sexual woman I was I encouraged him to speak more freely about his fantasies. I took his lead and what ever he spoke of I agreed with, where ever his thoughts and fantasizes went, I followed with enthusiasm. I soon began to realize that SJ was very much taken by the act of cunnilingus. I even mentioned it to him once.

"You're very oral aren't you?"

"Yes," he smiled sheepishly, "Very much, in fact sometimes I prefer it to anything else."

"That's very interesting and unusual I think," I said in mock surprise. "And how do you go about getting an orgasm?"

He grinned shyly and almost in a whisper said, "Masturbation, I prefer to masturbate."

I was not surprised . I was titillated and I told him so.

He blushed with excitement, his toothy smile reminded me of a small boy who had been caught looking up a someone's skirt.

"Is that something you do often?" I inquired with a smile.

"You mean masturbate?"

"No," I said demurely. I was asking if you eat pussy very often."

His eyebrows arched in surprise "Wha..." he exclaimed his hand flying to his mouth as though he was afraid the word yes would jump out.

I shook my head slowly and with a smirk said in perfect cadence, "Do, you, eat, pussy, very, often."

I could see he was summoning the courage and finally. "I only wish," he said with a sigh. "Mostly it's just a fantasy."

We spent the rest of the evening together and that evening I allowed his fantasy to come true!

We got a little drunk and started kissing, the kisses turned into deep kisses. We fondled each other. His fingers found my wetness and mine found his hardness. We slowly removed our clothing as we caressed and stroked each other. His passion overwhelmed him and with a little coaxing I soon had him where I needed him, on his knees, his tongue nestled inside me.

He was a good lover. His lips and tongue were as good, if not better, than any I had ever experienced. But it was his enthusiasm that set him apart from all my other lovers. He sucked with an intensity and hunger that I had never before encountered. He could never seem to get enough of me. His tongue was tireless, his mouth a vacuum that drained me each time I had an orgasm. We changed positions many times that night but always with me in control and always with his mouth clinging desperately to my oozing pussy.

I used him that night, used his mouth to wipe out all the abuse I had received from men over the years, I used his mouth to suck away all those memories, I used his mouth the way a man uses a woman's mouth, I fucked it, I came in it, I fed him my cum. I reveled in his servile behavior as I served him the gamy secretions from my fleshy cup, I flooded him and even as I collapsed atop his upturned face he continued to draw at my extended clit like a baby sucking at it's mothers teat. I reveled at my intoxicated of him.

I had never known such power before. Of course I had always had some small amount of power because I was able to use my body to get what I wanted, but always in a submissive way. The power I received from SJ was a totally different animal, it was mind control and I had it. It was a power that I would use over and over throughout our relationship. One that grew and grew until it became what it is today, total control. Having heard me boast of my conquest it to a friend another friend told me that it was cunt power, ankara olgun escort pure cunt power, the wet, smelly, drippy, strong taste of an aroused woman, the kind that washes over and adheres to a mans face and tongue like an oily wet rag

It was late into the night when I finally allowed him to slide his throbbing cock into my thoroughly sucked pussy. It didn't take him long. Within a few seconds he had spent himself totally and deeply inside me. He lay gasping on top of me.

I lay there contemplating what had just happened and what I could do with this new-found power when he began to slowly slide down my body once again

"Pepper, Are you asleep?" he asked, shaking me softly.

I lay still and only opened my eyes enough to peek down at his face.

"Are you asleep Pepper?" he asked again, some what louder. I only mumbled and sighed, pretending I was asleep. I was very curious as to what he intended to do.

When I gave no answer he waited for a few seconds and then, convinced of my slumber, slid down my body until his face was once again at my pussy. Suddenly I felt the heat of his tongue probing the edge of my labia. I held my breath as he gently licked, then softly took one lip into his mouth and began to suck it.

I couldn't believe it, he was sucking his cum from my pussy. No one had ever done that before, not even the queers that my ex-husband had brought home. I felt an excitement and lewdness rise up in me that was beyond all expectation.

I moaned softly in pleasure as he continued to suck. I peered down over my belly into his face as he nuzzled further into my open cunt. His eyes were closed and there was a look of adoration on his face. I moaned softly and mumbled an approval of his behavior.

Slowly as though trying not to wake me he lifted my knee and slid his head underneath. Now I could only see the top of his head so I opened my eyes to better watch this spectacle of obscene lust. I felt his mouth again, or rather his tongue as it probed deeply into my cunt. I moaned restlessly and moved my hips, responding as a sleeping woman might. Encouraged by my drowsy passion he slid his palms under my hips and pulled my cunt to his mouth. I again moaned, and responded by lifting my hip but this time in true yearning and allowed my thighs to open for him.

I gently lifted my leg and slid it over his back, careful to maintain the illusion that I was still in a state of semi-consciousness. I felt my cunt open to him, displaying my flesh in a way that caused me to tremble with lust. I was rewarded by an immediate and powerful suction as his mouth sucked my swollen pubes inside his mouth . I could feel my juices, and his cum, flowing from my cunt to his mouth. I strained and forced more of his cum out of my pussy into his waiting mouth. He groaned loudly and sucked harder.

I knew I had to maintain my little charade, I could not yet let him know that I was aware of what he was doing. He was doing this for himself, not for me, and I wanted him to enjoy it. I knew this was my hook, this was what would enslave him.

As he sucked his cum from my cunt I could tell he was stroking himself. He had raised his hips and I could see his arm moving rapidly in a motion that could only be that of masturbation. It excited me to know that he was so aroused and I knew that arousal came from more than just sucking my cunt, it was so arousing because he was eating his cum. I wanted him to eat all he wanted!

He must have stroked himself to exhaustion because finally in a long groan he raised himself from my pussy and moved his hips forward. I watched in amazement as he shuddered and then directed his hot cum on my waiting pussy. Once again his palms lifted my hips to his mouth and he hungrily lapped my pussy. His cum flowed from me along with my own as I has another orgasm.

Later, much later, after he had removed every trace of his cum from my still throbbing pussy he slowly rose from the bed and dressed. Just before he left he kneeled beside me and gently kissed me. I remember the overpowering aroma of my pussy that clung to his face and I wondered if he would wash it before he went home to his wife.

It was several days before I saw him again. We had both been busy and it was not easy for him to get away from his wife in the evenings. Early one afternoon he arrived while I was washing my car. He said he only ha a few minutes so I offered to make coffee and we sat in the kitchen, drinking coffee and talking.

I kept expecting him to say some thing about our little session but he kept the conversation light and acted as though it had never happened. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I was kind of angry because I though if he would not grovel at my for another taste of my pussy he would at least thank me for a good time.

As he stood and started to leave I decided to humble him.

"Hey!" I said indignantly.

"What?" he said and looked at me innocently.

"Are you just going to walk out, don't I even get a kiss?"

"Oh, oh sure," ankara ucuz escort he said and stooped to kiss me one the mouth.

I put my hand on his chest and shoved him back. He looked surprised and cocked his head to the side.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"It's not my mouth I want you to kiss," I said as I drew my skirt up over my thighs and spread my knees.

He smiled timidly as he suddenly realized his error. "Ah, ah, well, I didn't..."

"You didn't what," I asked angrily. "Are you trying to tell me that you don't want it ."

"No, no!" he exclaimed. "It's just that I can't stay long and I never intended to do anything."

He stared at me, flushed, embarrassed and anxious of my demeanor. I knew he wanted it, I could see it in his eyes as he darted his eyes back and forth between my pussy and my face. His tongue licked nervously at his lips.

"Bullshit," I exclaimed. "You want it!"

His eyes batted nervously as I pulled my skirt all the way to my hips. I spread my legs wider and slid my hips to the edge of the chair.

"You came here hoping for it," I said smugly. "You want it right now. I can see it in your eyes."

His tongue licked feverishly at his lips and he unconsciously began to thrust and flick it as I spread the lips of my pussy for him.

"Come on," I demand. "Admit it."

He hesitated, the desire plain on his face.

"You know, I wasn't totally asleep the other night when you went down on me the second time. His face immediatelty flushed red with embarrasement and lust. "How you like to finish what you started the other night.'

"Yes, I do" he choked out. " I mean I would, very much"

"Somehow I thought you would," I said and made an obscene licking motion with my tongue.

As he slipped to his knees before me I raised my legs and hooked my knees over his shoulders. His palms cupped my ass and I raised hips. His eyes peered up at me and with my tongue I showed him how to start. My fingers clenched in his hair and I pulled his open mouth to my pussy. I shivered with delight as he submitted with a deep moan.

"Don't disappoint me" I warned He didn't.

Two hours later as he was pulling out of my driveway I lay on my bed and chuckled to myself, this was more than just sex, this was lecherous!

We continued to meet about once a week, usually on Sunday afternoon. It was the only time that he could get away from his wife without raising suspicion. He was very adamant about our being discreet and was terrified that his wife might find out what he was doing. It amused me to see him in such a state.

I once asked him why he didn't just suck his wife's pussy. He told me she was very religious and didn't think it was right. I knew he was lying, I never met a woman yet who didn't love having her pussy sucked by their husband. In fact I know quite a few ladies like me who date married men for that one simple reason, married men like to suck pussy but they don't want to suck their wives. Why you ask? Because they are afraid of rejection. They can't show that nasty submissive, groveling side of their sexuality to their wives because they would loose their wives respect. Hah, if they only knew! I suppose it's a good thing though, because without that wide gulf between husband and wife I might not ever get my pussy sucked! Anyway, I'm getting away from my story.

Our weekly meetings had almost become a ritual, almost boring. He would come over, we would drink a little, watch a porn movie that he rented and then he would suck my pussy for the rest of the evening. And like always I would allow him to cum inside me, slide down to my pussy and suck his cum from my pussy. Now me saying it was boring does not mean that I didn't like the sucking part. God knows next to a great big hard cock I like a tongue best. In fact unless a guy's got around eight inches and it's hard as a piece of spring steel I'd rather have a tongue. But it was the ritual of the thing. I knew exactly what was going to happen every time. When things get that way I get bored.

We played little games to keep the boredom from becoming intolerable. Once I used a dildoe and make him suck it after he had throughly used it on me..All the while he was sucking it I made humiliating remarks about his inability to make me cum with his puny cock. I test his willpower by suggesting that he might haave to suck my pussy after someone had fucked me, even that he might have to watch.

I got so bored I finally decided to get what I hadn't been getting, a nice stiff cock. It wasn't hard to do, I've still got a good bod and I know how to turn on the charm and the sexuality.

I fucked several young men over the next few weeks, one of them even sucked my pussy. He certainly was no match for SJ, but one of the younger men had a cock that was to die for. Smooth, thick and long, the head was the size of a silver dollar and when it was deep in my pussy it reached deeper than any cock I had ever fucked. I'll call this young man Chris, he will become important ankara yabancı escort later on.

I also became friends with a man who was about the age of SJ. We'll call him Jerry. Jerry was the kind of immoral person that I liked. He wasn't ashamed of what turned him on, in fact he got off totally telling me what he liked. He's also a guy who I wouldn't fuck if he were the last man on earth. It's not that I despised him, he was just to common, to open, no hang-ups. Nothing was too humiliating or degrading nor did he even feel they were. He just wasn't any fun, except his stories!

Now Jerry wasn't gay but he thought it very sporting to go to one of the local peep shows where there were invariably gay men. At these peep shows there were booths where you could go in, close the door, lock it and then watch porno movies. Also in the booths were holes about three inches across, about crotch level. Jerry would start watching the movies but he would keep an eye on the holes. Sooner or later, he said, he would see some thing at the hole. Some times it would be a finger, rubbing around the hole. At other times it would be a pair of lips or an open mouth.

Jerry, still watching the move would slide up to the hole and feed his cock into the waiting mouth of whom ever was on the other side. He would continue to watch the movie while the anonymous mouth sucked him to orgasm. He would cum in the mouth and then after waiting a few minutes quietly leave the booth and go home.

Jerry's little escapades were amusing and titillating and I began to get ideas. They next time SJ came to the house I made up my mind that afternoon he would go home with his cock still hard.

We started out as usual, a few drinks, a porn movie and a little petting. I could tell that SJ was getting ready to scoot under my dress and take me to heaven with his tongue but I held him off, telling him I wanted to talk. He seemed a little disappointed but was sweetly patient. I told him about my friend Jerry. I told him about the things he had done at the peep show. SJ became a little bit uneasy when I spoke of Jerry letting someone suck his cock. In fact he looked down right embarrassed.

He finally admitted to me that he also visited the peep show on occasion. He tried to kiss me when I asked if he had ever had his cock sucked at the peep show but I moved away and became more serious. I asked again!

He looked at me and I knew he wanted to tell me. "Come on, tell me, you can trust me," I said amiably.

I knew he had! His face was red and he was nervously licking his lips.

"Yes," he said, but some thing was wrong. He became even more nervous, he began sucking his lower lip. There was some thing more, some thing he wasn't telling me.

Thoughts tore through my mind, no, it couldn't be, not SJ.

"You know, Jerry said that one time he got down on his knees and put his mouth to the hole" I said, lying through my teeth. "He said as soon as he did a cock was shoved into his mouth and he sucked on it for a few minutes."

I looked SJ straight in the eyes and I knew! He was really nervous now and as I glanced down I noticed that his crotch was bulging.

"Have you ever done that?" I said with a leer. "Have you ever sucked a cock in those little booths?"

He saw me looking at his crotch. "I'm not a queer!" he exclaimed and stood up to go.

"Okay, okay," I said. "I apologize. I didn't mean to embarrass you. But it would totally turn me on to know you had sucked some ones cock in one of those dark little booths."

He still looked flustered and he still had that nervous lick but he it was obvious that no longer felt threatened.

"You mean it excites you to think of one man sucking another man's cock?"

"Well sure," I chuckled. "Don't men like to see women eat each other's pussies?"

"I guess you're right," he said after a moment of thought.

"And I've had a few pussies in my face from time to time."

"Really?" he said with a strange little smile.

"Yep, and I liked it," I said, lying again. "So if you did suck a cock in the booth it wouldn't bother me, but if you did and you lie about it I'll get angry."

He looked at me, his eyes pleading with me. Slowly his shoulders stooped and he let out the sigh I had been waiting for.

"You did it didn't you," I said, my leer returning. "You sucked some guy's cock."

"Yes," was all he said and then he sat down beside me.

"I want to hear about it, from the beginning to the end. Don't leave out anything."

As it turned out it wasn't much of story... He had been visiting the place every so often but on this one particular day he was feeling extremely horny. He had watched some porn films and one of them was about she-males. He said that one in particular had caught his attention. She was a young blonde and outwardly she looked like a beautiful young woman. She had tits and her body was smooth and curvy. The young woman, or man if you prefer, went to a peep show similar to the one he and Jerry had visited. She would let guys watch her go into a booth and then when she heard the door close on the booth next door she would sidle up to the hole. She would look through the whole until the man bent over to peer through from his side. At that point she would raise her short little mini-skirt and wave her more than ample cock at the hole.
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