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Mrs Murphy the Cleaner Ch. 01

Post #1

Part One The Beginning

As John Clarke came into the room, Mrs Murphy his 52 year old cleaning lady was more than ready. Over the past 4 weeks she had started to recognise her Employer's little mannerisms. She knew his needs so well.

She was a nice lady and didn't want Mr Clarke to do anything that he didn't want to do. He was after all a Senior Teacher and had taught several of her children in the local High School. He deserved respect.

She was quite prepared to carry on dusting the lounge but she could see the way he was looking at her. A little pathetic really. She didn't want to take advantage of him but it had its own rewards.

Mrs Murphy was a quite plain middle aged lady but she murmured softly "Your lovely wife is upstairs putting the children to bed Sir, I think you may like a little comforting."

John struggled with his conscience. He knew it was safe, as Elizabeth would be upstairs for at least an hour. He had given in before to his fetish for this older cleaning lady. She knew him so well.

She brought back nostalgic memories of his own childhood which he had battled all his life.

He had already confessed everything to her. Mrs Murphy knew all his secret desires and needs and that after he had succumbed he would reward her well for her services and more importantly her silence. She was a very respectable church going woman but with her husband being unwell, the additional money was wonderful.

She knew his secrets and despite all her church activities she had started to enjoy it. She asked gently "Do you want me to be your mother John. You can be my little boy. Mummy will always let her little boy see anything he wants."

As Mrs Murphy walked towards a chair positioned right in front of the closed door leading into the hallway John felt his penis stiffen up and throb. He had no chance. He didn't want to resist.

Her cotton frock was quite flared and as she sat on the chair he could see partly up.

Agnus Murphy murmured "You have been watching Mummy all evening Baby Boy. Wondering what colour panties she is wearing haven't you?"

He made one last desperate attempt saying "What if Elizabeth comes down the stairs?"

She smiled at his efforts. "I am sitting in front of the door and can hear anything, but if you don't want Mummy to help you then uşak escort I will get on with my cleaning."

He panicked "Oh Mummy. Please." He was a little pathetic.

Agnus wanted to be sure "Would you like me to stop cleaning for a while Mr Clarke?"

He gave in "Oh yes please Mrs Murphy."

She sat down on the straight backed chair and let her knees swing open. It wasn't an accident that her dress was up around her stocking tops.

She smiled "Now tell me John. What colour are Mummy's panties?"

"White, Mummy."

"And do you like Mummy's white knickers, John?"

"Yes Mummy."

John was a Senior Teacher in a large Comprehensive School. It was ridiculous that he should be behaving in this manner with his middle aged cleaner when his pretty young wife who was also a teacher was upstairs with his children.

Mrs Murphy knew the conflicts raging in her Employers mind. She was very confident of the outcome.

"Lie on the carpet John."

He knew what would happen. He couldn't resist it. As he lay down Mrs Murphy stood astride over his face.

He was looking straight up her clothes.

His penis was tenting his trousers.

Mrs Murphy smiled kindly "Be a good boy and pull your cock out John."

John felt helpless as he lay on his back and undid his trousers front before releasing his excited part.


"Yes Mummy?"

"Play with your cock John. Mummy wants to see her little boy to play with his cock."

John reached down. He couldn't help himself. He felt so guilty and also ashamed of himself to behave this way in front of this middle aged woman.

Mrs Murphy could see his shame and in a perverse way she enjoyed her power.

She had never been important in her life and suddenly she found she could so all sorts of things with this Senior Teacher. It was incredible and she found it exciting to gently embarrass him.

She smiled "Why are you looking so ashamed of yourself Mr Clarke?"

The respectful use of his surname made his embarrassment even worse. He muttered "I am playing with my cock Mrs Murphy."

"But you like showing me your cock, don't you, Mr Clarke?"

He cringed but muttered "Yes Mrs Murphy."

"What is that on the top of your cock John. Is that your knob?"

"Yes Mrs Murphy."

She van escort was enjoying the humiliating conversation.

"Tell Mummy about your knob John. How do you make your knob big?"

He confessed "In the bathroom, I rub my cock and think of my mother."

"And did your mother rub your cock John?"

"Yes Mummy."

He was so excited but confused he didn't know what he was saying.

Mrs Murphy smiled "Would you like Mummy to play with your knob now, John?"

"Oh yes please Mummy."

"Shall I put some oil on it John and make it nice and shiny?"

Mrs Murphy reached down and gripped his penis and spread some oil and then stroked it up and down whispering "A nice big Mushroom knob for my little boy."

He gasped "Oh thank you Mummy."

She intended to take him further now. She could hear his wife Elizabeth moving upstairs so it was still safe as she asked him "Shall Mummy give you a nice spunky knob John?"

"Oh God yes please, Mummy."

His penis was actually leaking cum now. Mrs Murphy was forgetting her church beliefs now and lost in her own power over this Senior Teacher.

His wife Elizabeth was also a teacher and had always been a bit snooty with her and tended to look down her nose.

She started to think about snooty Elizabeth as she stroked him into her power. She was curious and wanted to know personal things and secrets about his posh wife "Do you still fuck Elizabeth, John?"

He was just babbling now "Yes Mummy"

"How often John?"

"Only once a month now Mummy."

She detected something pathetic in the way he had used the word 'only'.

"Do you think someone else is fucking her, Baby Boy?"

"I'm not sure Mummy. She is friendly with the PE teacher Mr Bull."

She was enjoying using her power.

"Do you think Mr Bull takes Elizabeth's knickers off?"

"I don't know Mummy."

Mrs Murphy could see he was ready to spurt so he decided to take him down another path "Are you going to spunk Baby Boy?"

John mumbled something in a daze.

Mrs Murphy knew that his uppity wife would be down in about 20 minutes. She gently knelt on his tummy and really wanked him.

It was inevitable. His semen erupted uncontrollably shooting every where and partly over her stockinged leg as she had intended.

She yalova escort sounded shocked "Mr Clarke, just look at all your spunk. Its everywhere. What will Mrs Clarke say when she sees that you have spunked over me?"

John was shell shocked. He started to make all manner of excuses. Mrs Murphy ignored his pleas and simply sent him to the bathroom to clean up.

When he emerged he knew he only had a few minutes. He hastily apologised and slipped her £50 without saying anything.

Mrs Murphy glanced at the money and then said "I was hoping you would increase my wages Mr Clarke."

He nodded. He could hear is wife upstairs preparing to come down. He had little time.

He whispered urgently "I intend to increase your pay Mrs Murphy but I can do this myself. There is no need for Elizabeth to know."

Mrs Murphy smiled. "As you wish Mr Clarke. You are my Employer. I am the cleaner. I will do as I am told."

He nodded dumbly.

Mrs Murphy realised she still had a few minutes more and told him "You did say that you will need additional cleaning from now on Mr Clarke."

He nodded and Mrs Murphy carried on "My 22 year old daughter Maureen needs a job and she said she would help me with you." John gasped. He knew that Mrs Murphy and referred to him rather than the additional cleaning.

He remembered Maureen when she was in school. When she was in the final year she used to wear ridiculously short clothes. It made him very tense now just to think of her. She was a big girl.

Mrs Murphy made it even clearer when she said "Maureen can help me to dress you up John if we are here without your wife around."

John groaned. She knew all his secret secrets.

Agnus knew she had him "Maureen will let you wear her panties and her shiny high heeled shoes. You would like that John, wouldn't you?"

He groaned "Yes Mrs Murphy."

Agnus smiled. She could hear Elizabeth preparing to come downstairs but still told him "With your pretty clothes John you can be our pretty little girl when your wife is away." John Clarke almost sobbed in humiliated excitement.

A few minutes later Elizabeth entered the lounge. She saw her husband correcting some homework and Mrs Murphy busily dusting around the picture frames.

It was quite peaceful but Elizabeth spoke sharply "I hope you are dusting thoroughly Mrs Murphy. My husband and I pay you good money and we like to think we are having our moneys worth."

Mrs Murphy smiled humbly "I understand completely Mrs Clarke and I really am trying my best to satisfy you and the Master."
08-06-2022, at 09:18 PM

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