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Keeping It in the Family Ch. 01

Post #1

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.
This is my first attempt at writing a story. All characters are over 18. It is a work of total fiction.
"Hurry up, Gran. If we don't leave now, you're going to miss the bus."
Noel shouted up the stairs of the house that he had shared with his grandmother ever since his parents were both killed in a terrible road accident nearly fifteen years ago. Gran was Noel's father's mother, and she had done what she considered her duty when her son and his wife were tragically killed. She had sold her own house and moved into Noel's home, bringing him up to become a thoughtful, well-mannered young man. Noel, who was now nearly twenty two years old, worked in a distribution centre on the outskirts of town. He didn't earn a great deal of money, and was grateful for his grandmother's company, and her financial contribution to the domestic budget.
Gran appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked a bit anxious.
"I can't find my suitcase, love" she called down to Noel, who was standing impatiently at the foot of the stairs.
"I brought it down half an hour ago, gran," he said with a smile. "Your tickets and your passport are all in your handbag, together with your euros and your sunglasses. Now take your time coming down the stairs. We don't want any accidents. You want to get to see the passion play in Oberammergau with all your friends. If you miss this one, there won't be another one for ten years!"
Eventually, Noel got gran and her suitcase into the car he had inherited from his late parents. Carefully, he drove to the town bus station, where he deposited gran, gave her luggage to the coach driver, and helped her onto the bus that was already nearly full of old age pensioners, eager to be off on the trip of a lifetime to see the world famous passion play in Bavaria. He saw gran settled into her seat, kissed her and walked down the aisle of the coach, his heart beating nineteen to the dozen. Ten whole days of living alone! My word, was he going to take advantage of gran's absence. Aunty Olwen was only a phone call away and she was always ready for some kinky play.
His thoughts were interrupted just as he reached the front of the coach. Gran was calling him. He turned around to face her.
"I forgot to mention this," gran said, " but I was worried about how you are going to cope on your own. So I have asked your Aunty Olwen to look in on you from time to time. At least you'll have a hot meal waiting for you when you come home from work."
Noel managed not to laugh out loud. He waved to gran and blew her a kiss. He got off the coach, his mind rapidly re-calculating his plans for the next ten days. What gran didn't know was that Noel and his great-aunt Olwen had been fucking one another ever since Noel's eighteenth birthday.
So Aunty Olwen had kept her 'baby sitting' mission a secret! Noel smirked as he got back into the car. His cock was already as hard as iron. The thought of being able to fuck Aunty Olwen in his own bed was a real turn on. He made up his mind that he was going to fuck her on the kitchen table too. And anywhere and everywhere that took their fancy in the house.
Olwen was totally different to her elder sister. She smoked, she swore, she had a fantastic body for a woman in her late 50s, and Noel, who had a fetish for mature women, had often used Olwen in his fantasies when he wanked as a horny teenager. He remembered vividly the eighteenth birthday present his filthy, kinky great-aunt had given him. It was a blow job, and she'd swallowed his cum too. As he drove home, he planned to get straight on the phone to Aunty Olwen. She was always up for a fuck, and right now, all he wanted to do was to stick his rock hard cock into her warm, sweet cunt, and fuck her deeply.
He was thinking of various scenarios as he parked the car and pushed the front gate open. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a familiar voice greet him.
"There you are. Thank fuck for that. I've been waiting ages for you. Look! I've smoked two cigars already!"
It was Olwen, of course. Noel grinned at her.
"Aunty Olwen," he greeted her, moving in for a kiss and cupping both of her magnificent tits in his hands She smelled heavenly, a mixture of perfume and cigars. As he broke off their clinch, Noel realised his hard-on was very visible. Olwen noticed, and she licked her lips.
"I see you're ready for action, " she grinned. "Did Ursula get away alright?" she asked. "My elder sister is such a fuss pot. I'm surprised she managed to get herself organised enough to get on the coach."
Noel opened the front door and stood aside to let Olwen in. She smiled her thanks.
"Now then young man," she said with a mischievous grin, "how are we going to sort ourselves out whilst your gran is away? I bet you've got a string of pretty girls lined up for every night that your gran is away. I promised her that I'd keep an eye on you, so I hope ostim escort you don't mind an audience while you are fucking!"
Despite himself, Noel blushed.
"Aunty Olwen!" he said in a shocked voice, " gran would have a fit if she heard you saying such things. And anyway," he continued defiantly, "you know that I haven't got a girl friend. I'm really not interested in today's young women. They are so obsessed with triviality. You know I like my women mature, filthy, and with lovely big tits. If they smoke, so much the better. Now, enough talk. I can see that you're desperate to be fucked. Let's get to it, shall we?"
Aunty Olwen looked at him gratefully.
"Yes I want your beautiful cock in me," she admitted, "but first I want a cup of tea. I've been sitting on your doorstep for what feels like hours. I'm bloody parched!"
Olwen opened her voluminous handbag and took out her pink cigar case.
"Go and put the kettle on, young man," she said with a wink. "Ten days together is a long time. You and I need to pace ourselves. By the time Ursula comes home, you are going to have a very sore cock, and my cunt, my arse and my mouth are all going to have been extremely well fucked. I'll be in the sitting room. Milk, no sugar for me. I'm sweet enough already."
Noel stared open mouthed as Olwen sashayed into the front room. Her arse was magnificent, and his cock twitched again as he remembered the number of times they had fucked. Shaking himself back into the present, he hurried off to the kitchen to make the tea. The thought that gran had delivered Aunty Olwen into the house for ten days of sucking and fucking was the best present she could ever have imagined giving him!
Ten minutes later, he was sitting opposite Aunty Olwen in the middle room of the house. He had allowed Aunty Olwen to be mother, and she had poured them both a cup of tea. Now he sat back and looked on as his aunt sipped her tea and smoked her cigar. His cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being, and he wondered how long he'd last when he slid it into her always willing cunt.
"Gran would have a fit if she knew you were smoking in the house," he grinned. "I might have to tell tales on you when she comes back."
Olwen puffed on her cigar and blew a plume of creamy white smoke into the air.
"I imagine that you thought that ten days without my sister fussing over you like a mother hen was a heaven sent opportunity?" she said softly. "I love my sister, of course, but she and I are very different."
Noel nodded in agreement. That much was obvious. Gran didn't drink, didn't smoke, didn't swear. Noel couldn't remember his grandfather, but he doubted that gran and her husband had fucked more than was necessary to get her pregnant with Noel's dad.
"I love your attitude to life, Aunty Olwen," he said, putting his empty cup and saucer back on the tray. "You are so different from gran. Tell me, how come two sisters can grow up so differently?"
Olwen puffed on her cigar. She looked thoughtful, and then she began to speak.
"Your grandmother met your grandfather when they were both young teenagers," she said thoughtfully. "They were both members of the same church, and sang in the choir together. It took your grandfather nearly twenty years to propose to Ursula. They were both in their late thirties by then, and when they got married I was her bridesmaid. I had just turned eighteen, and was the black sheep of the family! Incidentally, at the wedding party that night, I lost my virginity and smoked my first cigar!"
Olwen sipped her tea and put her cigar back into her mouth. She drew heavily on it, and exhaled the smoke through her nose. Noel squirmed in his chair, a movement not unnoticed by his great aunt. She smiled to herself, and continued her story.
"Since then, I've always done what I wanted," Olwen continued. "I became a teacher, outwardly respectable, but in private, I explored the boundaries of so-called sexual perversions with great enthusiasm. I adore all forms of sex, and I've fucked men and women."
Olwen drew heavily on her cigar and exhaled a stream of thick, creamy smoke. Noel grinned.
"Where are we going to fuck?" she asked, mimicking his grin. "In your gran 's bed?"
"If you like," answered Noel. "As you mentioned, we have ten days alone here. I think I'd like to fuck you in every single room in the house!"
They went upstairs to Noel's gran's room. All of a sudden, both of them seemed shy, and not a little nervous. Olwen giggled.
"I don't know about you," she said, "but even though this isn't our first time, we've never fucked here before. Do you want to undress me or shall we both undress ourselves?"
"I want to watch you strip," replied Noel. "I love the way your tits sway when you're naked."
Olwen took her blouse off and unclipped her bra. She slid the straps off her shoulders and her magnificent tits popped into view. Noel sucked his breath in sharply and uttered a groan of ankara otele gelen escort delight.
"Fucking hell! They are gorgeous " he said in a hoarse voice. "Can I feel them now, please?"
"I'll be bloody annoyed if you don't!" answered his aunt. "You know I love having my tits sucked when I'm being fucked. Hurry up. Get your clothes off. I want to see your cock. I've shown you my tits. Fair's fair!"
Noel stripped off his clothes quickly and sat on the side of the bed. Olwen's eyes widened in delight.
"Fucking hell!" she gasped. "That never fails to excite me. Come on big boy. Get that cock in me now!!"
Noel smirked and nodded. "Your wish is my command, Aunty Olwen." They both giggled, remembering Noel's question all those years ago when they were both recovering from their first ever fuck.
"Can I still call you Aunty Olwen?" he'd asked her mischievously.
"Hang on a minute," said Olwen, climbing onto the bed and lying on her back. "I want to taste that cock first, and I want your tongue in my cunt. Let's play sixty-nine for a while before we fuck."
Noel seemed happy with that suggestion. He climbed on board Olwen and gasped as she took his rampant cock into her warm, wet mouth. He lowered his head and licked her puffy lipped cunt. It tasted delicious and he gently pushed his tongue into the succulent slit. Olwen groaned in ecstasy.
They got into their stride, Olwen sucking and Noel licking and nibbling. Soon he could discern a stronger, more tangy flavour, and he realised that Olwen was on the brink of her first orgasm. He sucked her engorged clit into his mouth and gave it a good tongue lashing. He was rewarded with a mouthful of tasty cunt cum and he savoured the flavour as Olwen frantically jiggled under him, her breath coming in gasps which were interspersed with whimpers of delight.
"I know you don't mind if I cum in your mouth," Noel gasped, "but I want to cum in your cunt the first time we fuck here. Can we stop this sixty-nine now? I'm not going to be able to hold off much longer!"
He rolled off Olwen who grinned up at him.
"Doggy fashion?" she asked mischievously. They both loved fucking doggy style. It gave much deeper penetration, and stretched Olwen's cunt beautifully. She got on her knees, spread her legs and raised her arse in the air. Noel rubbed his cock head up and down her dripping slit a few times.
"Don't tease me," she begged. "Put it in and fuck me like the cock-hungry slut I am!"
Noel slid the tip in and Olwen moaned. It felt so good. He slowly pushed his cock all the way in, a movement that brought another moan and a shiver of delight from Olwen. When she felt his heavy balls slap against her distorted cunt lips, she knew he had bottomed out in her. She clenched and this time it was Noel's turn to groan.
"Fuck, I love it when you do that," he muttered. "My cock feels so good in your cunt."
He began to fuck her. reaching around to cup her swinging tits. His strong fingers found her nipples and he used his thumbs to rub them both. In no time at all, they were hard, and Noel began to tweak them gently. Olwen gasped with pleasure.
"Oh fuck, that feels so good," she murmured. "Bang it in hard, sweetie. I'm on the brink already!"
Noel slammed into her, pulling her onto his cock at the same time. He felt her cunt contract around his cock shaft, and then came the by-now familiar cunt spasm as Olwen began to orgasm. He pushed against her arse, and she moaned out loud.
"Oh yes! That's the spot! Fuck! Fuck! FUUUU...CCC..KKK!"
Noel no longer worried when Olwen seemed to have pissed herself. He knew now that she was a squirter. His balls and his thighs were dripping with hot, pungent cunt cum. Slowly he pulled out of her and gently flipped her over onto her back. Olwen immediately spread her legs and put them over Noel's shoulders. He guided himself back into her dripping cunt and began a slow, rhythmic fucking.
Continuing to thumb her nipples, he leant down and kissed his great-aunt, who returned his kiss with interest, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and depositing a not inconsiderable amount of saliva. Noel loved the sweet smokey taste of Olwen.
The sound and feel of Noel's heavy balls slapping against Olwen's arse excited her. For a young man, her great-nephew certainly knew how to fuck a woman. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "I'm ready for you, big boy. Give me a cunt full of cum."
Noel grinned. He had that feeling in his balls that it wouldn't be long now. He increased his pace, thrusting deep into Olwen and pulling out almost all the way. She whimpered in pleasure.
"Oh yes! Ohh! Ye-es! Fuck yes!"
Noel was at the finishing strokes stage. His cock rammed in and out of Olwen like a piston.
"Mmm! Here it comes, Aunty!" he grunted and Olwen felt a spurt of hot cum splash into her. She clenched her cunt muscles, trapping Noel inside her, but his cock continued to pulse another four ankara rus escort or five times, and every pulse was accompanied by a jet of cum.
Sated, Noel collapsed onto Olwen, gasping for breath.
"Fuck me," he said in an awed tone, "I swear you get better every time we fuck. I haven't cum like that in ages.
Noel rolled off Olwen and looked at her. "Ten days!" he said excitedly. "I know gran said you'd be popping in every now and then. Why bother? Why not stay here until she comes home? We can have early morning sex as well!"
Olwen got up from the bed and smiled at her young lover.
"I need to piss," she said. "Don't go anywhere. I quite fancy another attempt at this when I get back. How would you like to put that fuck stick up my arse?"
Sitting on the toilet, Olwen expelled a stream of hot, pungent piss. "What a waste," she thought to herself. "If the submissive was here now, we could have both been cleaned up in bed, and I wouldn't have had to walk all this way to the toilet!"
Making her way back to the bedroom, Olwen made up her mind. She'd tell Noel about her plans to introduce her submissive into their dynamic, and to offer Noel not only the chance to watch Olwen cane her, but to give him the chance to fuck her too.
Olwen got back into bed and looked at Noel.
"I have a suggestion," she began, and Noel grinned.
"Yeah, I heard," he said delightedly. "And the answer's 'yes'. I would love to fuck you up the arse. I've developed almost as much of a liking for anal as I have for cunt fucking!"
"No, you silly boy. Listen to me! And stop doing that! I need to concentrate." She slapped his hand away from her cunt, despite enjoying the sensations that his long, strong fingers were producing in her.
Noel turned onto his side to face her.
"Sorry, Aunty Olwen," he said contritely. "Now what is it you want to tell me?"
"You asked about my lover the other day," Olive began. "Do you remember?"
"Vaguely," replied Noel. "I assumed it was a man, but you didn't confirm that. Is it a woman? Do you fuck her? That's pretty kinky! I'd love to watch that!"
Olwen grinned.
"Is it as kinky as a great-nephew fucking his great-aunty?" she asked, and they both laughed.
"Yes, it is a woman," Olwen continued. "She's very submissive too. She likes pain, and humiliation. I was thinking that maybe you might like to watch me punish her, and then if you like, you could fuck her."
Noel's eyes widened in delight, and he wore the biggest shit-eating grin Olwen had seen in a long time.
"Oh, Aunty Olwen!" he said excitedly, "What a fabulous offer. Thank you."
Then his face fell somewhat.
"Hang on," he said slowly. "What if she doesn't agree to this plan?"
Olwen smiled and kissed her great-nephew.
"You idiot," she said good naturedly. "Your gran phoned me last week. It was only when I sat down and thought about how often we would be able to get together that this idea came to me. I thought it through, spoke to my submissive and asked her what she thought of it. She's well up for it, believe me."
Noel started to ask another question, but Olwen interrupted him.
"Next week is the start of the school summer holidays," she said. "Seeing that we are both teachers, we will be off for six weeks. If you can take a week's holiday next week, the three of us can spend the whole time doing filthy kinky things!"
Noel clapped his hands in excitement.
"That's no problem," he said. "I was planning to take some time off anyway whilst gran is away. It crossed my mind that you might like to spend some time in my company."
He fondled one of Olwen's big tits.
"I'm assuming your submissive is a mature lady?" he asked hopefully.
"She's a few years older than I am," replied Olwen. "She's sixty one, but still in very good condition for her age. All her bits still work, and she's a squirter too. In fact, when I told her about you, she said that she knows you!"
Noel's jaw dropped open, and eventually he managed to gasp,
"Who is she? Will she tell gran about us?"
"Hardly," replied Olwen. "She's the head teacher of a primary school. She doesn't want it known that she likes to be caned and fucked like a bitch by her bi-sexual Dominant Mistress."
"Think back to when you were in primary school," Olwen smiled at Noel. "I joined the staff when you were in year six. Do you remember?"
"Yes, I do," replied Noel. "I was too young to have any sexual feelings. All I remember is being teased by my class mates because my great aunt was in the same school as me!"
"How many of your junior school teachers can you remember?" asked Olwen, deliberately keeping her questions vague. She didn't want Noel pre-judging her submissive.
Noel looked at her in confusion.
"My junior school teachers?" he asked. "That's years three to six, isn't it?"
Olwen nodded and Noel screwed up his face in concentration as he tried to recall his former teachers.
"Year three was Miss Conway," he recalled. "She was young and pretty I seem to remember. We had some great fun with her."
"Mr. Rees taught me in year four. He was the only man on the staff, and if you worked hard, he was ok. But he didn't half shout if you were lazy, or messed about."
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