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MIchele's Mistake - 6

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MIchele's Mistake - 6Chapter OneAfter a lovely weekend with Everett, it was back to school and work for the rest of the week. As before, he would text me and tell me what to wear each day. In turn, I would text him a picture of what I looked like before leaving. We had fallen into a nice routine. I continued to journal my thoughts and sent them to him for review. Some of the nights at work, he would visit and we?d get to see each other. One of those nights, he told me that he was going to take me to The Pit. He explained that The Pit was a lifestyle club that he was a member of.Everett told me that it would be my ?coming out? party and I would be his special guest. The date was Saturday the 16th of June. ?Daddy, that?s my birthday!? I squealed.?Oh, then we will have to make it that much more special babygirl.?The rest of the week dragged by. The only solace were the tasks that Daddy had me do. One of them was my continued to wear suggestive clothing to school. I was beginning to get some attention for my attire, or rather, what they were revealing. Several of the guys in my classes were stopping me and wanting to talk. Some of them even asked me out. Of course, I politely declined but thanked them for asking. I kept Daddy updated on these conversations. He encouraged me to continue to interact with them.Matt had walked me home a few times. I had helped him with some papers of his several semesters ago. He was always a gentleman, but clearly was interested in something else. I would always catch him staring at my breasts or placing a hand on my behind, if I would stumble in my heels. It was nice, and I became used to his touch. We never did anything that would be called sexual, but it would leave me stimulated. These kinds of interaction made the week go by a little faster.It was my time alone at home that would drag on. My roommates continued to asks questions about Everett. I finally admitted to them that we were ?dating.? They seemed impressed. Both Carol and Jill, would try to get more information out of me all the time. It was interesting, we had hardly spoke much until they had noticed my change in attire, and especially after they met Everett.As the day drew nearer, my imagination was running in overdrive. I kept thinking about what it would be like to go to a lifestyle club. He had describe what the place looked like, and some of the activities that happened there. He told me that there would be submissive?s with their Dom?s or Domme?. Sometimes, there would Dom/Domme?s alone, or submissives alone. That many played, using the equipment. That play was both public and private. There were monitors, people who were paid by the club to keep an eye on all play, to make sure that everything was safe, sane, and consensual.The thought of playing in front of others was a bit scary for me, but yet I would feel aroused when I thought of it. I even had a dream about it one night. I was naked, hung by my hands with a rope. My feet barely touching the ground. Daddy was giving me some lashes with a flogger. I could hear the ?uhs? and ?ahs? from the crowd. The flogger would stripe my front and back. When he had sufficiently reddened my breasts, he came close and lifted my leg. He removed his cock and plunged it into my wet and waiting pussy, his pussy.I woke up that morning with drenched sheets. My chest flushed and nipples hard. I texted him about the dream. He said that it was pretty close to what does go on there. I could not get The Pit out of my mind. I was really looking forward to going. My only resignation was, would I perform well enough to please him, and not be a disappointment.Saturday night finally came. Everett had texted me what to wear. I put on my black corset that left my breasts exposed, but lifted. I wore thigh high stockings with 6? heels. I was instructed to wear a full raincoat to cover me, until we were in the club. When I texted my picture, he sent back his usual warm compliment.My roomies cornered me before I could leave. They were asking what was going on. I told them that Everett was taking me out for my birthday. In their now more curious way, they wanted to know where I was going and why I was wearing a raincoat. I told them, it was a bit cool, so thought I?d wear a jacket to cover my dress. I told them I was going to a club for dancing. It didn?t put them off for a second. When Carol asked to see my dress, I told her it was nothing special.She and Jill pulled back the jacket and revealed my corset and my exposed breasts and pussy, his pussy. Instead of giving me grief, they both looked with lustful eyes at my displayed body. They both gave me compliments on my chosen attire. I explained that Everett chooses my clothing.When they asked again about where I was going dressed like this, I finally told them Everett was taking me to The Pit. They both squealed and said they?d both wanted to go. They had heard wonderfully wicked things happened there. I was finally able to get away from them when the doorbell rang, and I told them that I would ask about them coming at a later date. Everett was at the door and I met him there. Both Carol and Jill, greeted him. He smiled and told them not to expect me back for the rest of the weekend. They giggled and waved goodbye. On the way to the car, I told Daddy that they both had seen my attire and knew where we were going. I told him that they both had heard of The Pit and wanted to come with us sometime. He placed his hand at the small of back and said he would think on it.When we were in the car and heading towards the club, Everett gave me a wrapped box. He told me that it was part of my birthday present. I opened the box. It was a stainless steel collar. It was beautiful. He told me that this would be an official collar, signifying his property. It would provide protection from others at the club. I would only be required to wear it in this kind of situation. I had to remove my choker, but as he placed the collar on my neck, I felt a rush of blood to my face. My sex, while already leaking from anticipation, flooded my folds. This would show everyone that I was his. It had a single O-ring in front and was locked in back. He held the key on a leather around his neck. He leaned in and kissed me sweetly. The rest of the way, he held me in his arms, softly stroking my arm.Chapter TwoAs we enter the club, I felt a tingle go down my spine. There is a very small line of people at the front desk. A cute young woman is sitting and greeting them as they sign in. When we get to the table, she brightens as Everett signs us in. He introduces me and she takes my coat. Her eyes slip to my corset and gives me a warm smile. She places a green wristband on me. She tells me that it will let everyone know this is my first time here, and thus a newbie. I finger my new collar, as she explains this.Daddy places his hand on the small of back again, and guides me into the main room. Its looks just like a regular club at first. Then I notice a few stages. There is one with a St. Andrew?s Cross, one with a chain suspended from the ceiling, like my dream. I flush when I see it. Daddy gives me a tight squeeze. We walk over to a bar in the back and he orders us both a drink. He gets a scotch straight up and I get a virgin pina colada. There only a handful of people here. He explains that it?s still early in the evening. The people who are here, have been invited to my birthday party.He introduces me to a couple at the bar. The woman is dressed in a severe corset. She is holding a leash attached to a lovely older woman who is naked , except for her collar and kneeling at her feet. They are Mistress Stephanie and slave ann. Mistress takes my offered hand and pulls it to her lips and kisses it. I blush. I wonder if I am supposed to be kneeling. Daddy takes me back into his arms, as if answering my unspoken question. Another couple arrives. They are introduced as Master Evan and his wife and submissive Terri. Master Evan kisses my hand too, and makes a comment to Daddy that I look impressive in my corset. My face goes hot again, as they talk about me as if I wasn?t there. Terri is also kneeling and has her head placed against her Master?s thigh. I nervously take a sip of my drink. As everyone sits at the bar chatting, several other couples and singles come to the bar area. When there is a rather growing group, Daddy has Terri and ann help with getting prepared. I?m not sure what I?m being prepared for, but I go with them as instructed.They take me to a back area. I am stripped of everything except my new collar. My hair, which I had taken great effort to fix up nicely, is placed in a tight ponytail. Then I?m led into and great banquet room. The table is set for several people. Terri and ann help me to get on the table. My questioning look must have been obvious. They explain that I am to be my own birthday cake. I lay on my back, near the center of the table. My arms are tied to the sides of the table and my feet to the bottom corners. I am blindfolded and left there. They both tell me I look wonderful and that someone will be in shortly to set the table and turn me into a cake. I hear them giggle as they leave.Time seems to go by slowly, but I?m sure it was only minutes. I hear several people bustling around me. I hear dishes and silverware being placed. I finally hear a rolling cart coming near. I feel something cool being placed around me. I?m assuming that it is slices of cake. When I am fully surrounded by the cool cake, I smell fresh fruit and feel it being placed on me and around me. No one speaks to me. It?s as if I am not there, only a placement for decoration. I finally feel something very cool being placed on my nipples and right above my vulva. I am already greatly aroused, but this is very stimulating. I lay there as everyone seems to leave. I guess that their preparations are done.It doesn?t take long for people to start filing in. I hear chairs moving and people chatting. I hear Daddy?s voice in my ear. He tells me I look scrumptious and that I am making him proud. He tells me to expect people to touch me during dinner. I smile and thank him for his warning and kind words. I smell food being served. Everyone is having polite conversation. It?s a little disconcerting that no one seems to be noticing me. Again, it?s like I?m not there. Occasionally, Daddy will place a morsel in my mouth. The food is very good. I?m not that hungry, as I have been nervous all day. But I thank him with each treat.Towards the end of the meal, I hear more clinking of glasses and toasts to my ?coming out, and Birthday.? I flush with hearing this. Soon a hand touches the bottom of my breast. Another hand slides down my leg. I hear the flick of what sounds like a lighter. Daddy leans in and tells me that candles have been lit for my birthday cake. As the hot wax drips down, I realize that the candles are in the heavy cream on my nipples and right above my vulva. I wiggle a little, as the wax drips on my skin. I bite my lower lips and try to hold still. Soon people are taking some of the cake that has been placed around me. I hear the sounds of a few people getting onto the table with me. They all start to sing ?Happy Birthday? and at the end, several people blow the offending candles out. I thank them.Then the candles are taken out of the cream and several tongues are licking the cream from my body. This is very stimulating and I am squirming again. Some hands take up some cake and spread it all over my body. Hands and tongues seem to be everywhere. A very soft tongue is licking my folds, while two others are at my nipples. I get a mouth full of cake, with some of it getting on my face. Just when I am beginning to get overwhelmed with this stimulation, a hard cock is placed in my hand, then another in my other hand. I gently stroke them. It seems as though my entire body is being licked at the same time. I hear moans and assume that many others are being used at the table. My mind is wondering with the images that I can?t see.Someone places a half of banana in my mouth. I hold it as another mouth slowly eats it until our lips meet. I kiss the unknown lips. They are soft, so I suspect they are another woman, maybe Terri or ann. Our tongues meet, as they swirl around each other. The tongue at my folds is pushing deep into my wet pussy, his pussy. I moan into the mouth of my kisser. I can feel myself getting close to cumming. I whimper with need. I can?t move very much, but my hips are pushing up from the table, to meet the tongue there. I guess someone noticed this, as a small scoop of ice cream is placed there. I scream with the change in temperature. I can feel the cold ice cream melting, and dripping down between the folds of my needy pussy, his pussy. When the tongue begins to lick me again, it?s warmness is soothing.The cocks in my hands are throbbing, but are replaced from time to time with another. When most of the cake has been licked off me, I feel someone crawl over my face. I hear the voice of Mistress Stephanie telling me to lick her. I push my tongue out, as her wet folds are placed on my mouth. She facing towards my feet. I lap at her clit, as she rubs her wetness on my face. I hear her moans and it excites me. Someone is pinching my nipples, which have been hard the entire dinner. I feel fingers entering me, first one, then two. The tongue is still licking the cream from my engorged clitty. The wet sounds of the fingers fucking me is so erotic. With all this stimulation, I am beside myself. My breathing is ragged, my heart beat is banging in my ears. I am so close to the edge, I?m afraid I?m going to cum without permission. I can?t ask for this, as I am servicing Mistress Stephanie.She does finally cum, as my tongue delves into her folds. I lap as much of her juices as I can, but much of it flows down my face. She moves off, tweaking my nipples as she does. Several tongues come and lick her juices from my face. As they finish, I am finally released from my bonds. My blindfold is removed and I see everyone is in various stages of dress. Daddy is smiling down at me. He leans in and kisses me softly on my forehead. Terri and ann, again lead me out of the room. I?m taken to a shower area and cleaned off. Terri is soaping my body, as ann is rinsing my hair. When I am presentable again, they help me put my corset, stockings, and heels back on. Then they place leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and lead me into a one of the private stage areas.Chapter ThreeThe room is barely lit in the audience seating area, but there is a stage that is lit very brightly. Daddy is waiting for me there. I am escorted to the side of the stage. There is a rail like a dance studio. It faces a mirror. Terri and ann take me to the rail, bending me over. My wrists are secured out to the sides and onto the rail. My legs are spread wide, and the cuffs are secured to O-rings in the floor. Daddy comes and places a ball gag in my mouth. He places a small silk cloth in my hand. He tells me that I am about to receive my birthday spanking, and the cloth is my safe sign, as my mouth is gagged. He tells me that if I need to stop, I am to drop the cloth. I nod my understanding. I rest my chin on the bar and look at Daddy through his reflection in the mirror. He moves beside me. His legs straddle one of mine. He softly rubs my upturned ass. Its very soothing. I try to take in some calming breaths. Before I can, his hand comes down and smacks my left cheek. I utter a soft moan. Its stings but I don?t have long to feel it before he comes down on my right cheek too. He rubs my ass again. Then his hand comes down very hard, with rapid smacks in alternating motion. I whimper with each blow, but hold my position. I hear the crowd?s response. Some are gasps, others are moans of pleasure. Daddy begins again with another rapid round of smacks. I can feel the heat building on my behind, as well as, my core. He rubs my quickly reddening ass. His fingers slip down between my splayed folds. He groans when he finds me soaking wet. His large finger press into me. I moan with pleasure, easing the sting of my ass. He works them in and out, slowly at first, then faster. I am on edge, and try to make contact with his eyes. When I am about to whimper again with need, he looks up and catches me looking at him. He stop and wipes my juices on my reddened ass cheeks.Daddy moves away for a minute. I watch him in the mirror. He is bringing back a set of nipple clamps and some weights. First he attaches the clamps to my erect buds. He lets them adjust, before placing weights on each. Daddy gives me a push, and they start rocking. WOW. He begins again with my birthday spanks. Another rapid fire volley, alternating between each cheek. I?m up to 16 now. I am struggling to hold my position. The weights are swinging, causing a steady pull on my tender nipples. When my knees dip, he stops and lets me calm myself. His gentle hand is placed on my belly, lifting my ass. Then on the small of back, to arch my back, presenting a better target. His hand comes down very hard on my right cheek. I?m thinking in my head 17. Then the other cheek. OOhhhh wow, 18. He rubs my burning behind. Its soothing but still the sting is there. He gives me two quick slaps to each cheek. He rubs my ass again. It gives me time to try and calm myself. The weights are still moving, but my nipples are numb now and I just feel the pull on my breasts. He asks if I am ready for the final two and look into his eyes. I see him smiling. I nod. His hand comes down and gives each cheek a very firm smack. They resonate through my body. When I am about to relax, his hands comes down on my splayed pussy, his pussy. Everyone in the crowd yells, ?and one to grow on!?I?m writhing on the rail. The weights are moving, pulling on my breasts. When I hear the zipper of your trousers, I look up. He?s behind me and begins to rub his hard cock against my wet folds. Our eyes meet again, as he pushes his cock inside me, burying himself in my needy pussy, his pussy. I moan with pleasure around the gag, drool is coming off of my lips and dripping down. Daddy?s thrusts are hard, as he take me in front of everyone. My body takes his pounding, as the weights are swaying with my breasts. The pull adds to my sensory overload. Daddy?s eyes never leave mine. He tell me to cum whenever the need arises. I am lost with the first wave. His continued thrust never slow, as he pounds my channel. Juices are oozing down my thighs. My second orgasm take over, and my body is racked with spasms. I am flying. His hard cock stretches my hole. His hands reach and spread my cheeks. Daddy?s cock is not coming out with each stroke, then reenters me with full force. My open and gaping hole waits for each stroke. I press back, as much as I can, meeting his thrusts. I feel his cock swell. I try to squeeze my kegels, to milk Daddy?s shaft. I hear his grunts, as Daddy?s cock erupts inside me. He presses into my depths, holding there. The weights attached to the clamps, slowing stop their swinging. While Daddy is still buried in me, he reaches around and unclamps my nipples. The rush of blood into my nipples, send me over the edge again. My pussy, Daddy?s pussy, clenches around his softening cock. He stays there, letting me calm. His hands softly cup my hanging breasts, soothing my nipples with his touch. When Daddy?s cock slips out, I feel his warm cum mixed with mine, wetly drip from my splayed lips. Terri and ann come back on stage and release me from the rail. Daddy take me in his arms and holds me tight. The room is filled with loud applause, as he lean in to kiss me sweetly.?Happy Birthday babygirl.??Thank you Daddy!??Now let?s get the rest of the party started.?I quickly drop to my knees and take Daddy?s softened cock into my wet mouth. I clean our juices from his shaft, before putting it back inside his trousers and zipping him up again. He leads me to another larger area. The audience follows us.To be continued??..
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