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nurse nikki service patient

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nurse nikki service patientI was on duty at time at the house of hope at 3 o'clock in the morning. There was an old man sitting on the tip of his bed. He was asking me some personal question like what is my name, my age and where do i live. Since he was asking me nicely I answered him too politely. His age is 76. Then at that time it's my turn to served him as my teacher told me to act politely and patiently because they needs more attention. Then at that time schedule for him to take a bath. So i bring him in the shower room. He can walk , talk and hear straight. I start to to take off his clothes, but an old man object and told me to take off mine since we are alone in the shower room. I told to an old man ohhh why? But he answered me if you don't i will shout and told them you steal my gold ring. At that i am shock because i don't know what to do. If i won't agree what an old man says i might drop at school and might be expelled because i ruin the reputation of the school. So at that time i have no choice to accept the fact of what did an old man told me. Then I slowly take off my clothes and he saw me naked. He laugh and start to touch my nipple. He get my hands and want to put it inside of his shorts. There i noticed that his cock was so hard. He told me to take off his clothes so then i did it. Even he is 76 years old i can see it that his looks not like his age. He has good looking and i could consider that he might belong to a good family which is put it in the house of hope because nobody can take care of him. I was so excited by the time that he puts his finger to my pussy. I was up when he was down and let my one leg open wide that he can see my pussy. He open the lips of my pussy and start to rub my clit. I was moaning like ohhh yes, yes. He does all that can make me happy at that time and forget that we are in the shower room. He push his tongue in to my pussy and lick it. I was too excited. Then i hold his cock wanking it up and down, licking his balls and his arse. I can see an old man feel too excited and it makes me more excited upon looking him how he feels. An old man told me ohh girl your so nice, ohh yes , yes good, yes girl ohh yes as he is moaning and don't know what to do' He told me i love it girl c'mon make me happy. I want to flow all my spunk in your face down to your throat and then taste it. So in order for me to make him cum i wank his cock again and again. Pushing my tongue in to his arse as i feel he likes it too much. Licking it again and again. pushing my tongue in to his cock as i wank it. I told an old man ohhh my god i want you to fuck me hard. He push his cock in to my pussy while i rub my clit and he hold my boobs. I told him fuck me hard old man please, ohhh yes fuck me more please. Yes yes that's it, nice work old man, ohhhh yes continue go on fuck me hard. I am wet as i was about to cum. I wank again his cock and suck it. suck it as he feels him moaning. We both moaning, We both excited. Sucking him makes me cum. I suck, suck, suck and licking his balls. His cock was hard and it is about 8 inches long. Too hard and ready to fuck me hard. I was moaning again is yum yum, ohhh yes, good, ohhh yeah, yeah. He was moaning like what i have moaning. He was about to cum when i suck it. He ask me to open my mouth wide. And i told him make me cum first. So he fuck me hard, fucking my arse. He drives too good at that time as he not look to his age. He fingers me again and rub my clit. He push his tongue again to my pussy.I was about to cum and i was shouting. My body was shaking and then i feel that my cum was in his fingers. He taste it and let me see it. Then i wank again his cock. Suck it and open my mouth wide as he is about to cum. He cum loads and loads. I swallow his spunk and taste it. Then after that we both decided to do it again next time when i come back...
04-06-2021, at 10:16 PM

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