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the rent is due

Post #1

the rent is due'good morning miss wick your rent is overdue and needs to be paid in full or you and your partner need to find somewhere else to live' john says'please come in' miss wick says 'lets talk about it''there really is nothing to talk about the rent is due and needs to be paid''please john come inside please'miss wick steps back john enters the house'there really is nothing to talk about pay or leave ' says john as miss wick closes the door'we are desperate please give us more time is there anything i can do for you anything at all we need more time please' miss wick says'anything what do you mean anything ?''anything you want whatever you want please we just need to stay here we have no-where else to go and no money please' miss wick undoes the buttons on her blouse pulling it open so john can see her bra'wait stop what are you doing ?' john gasps 'you are old enough to be my mother what are you doing''we need a place to stay we just need more time let us stay here please ' miss wick takes off her blouse reaches behind her to undo her bra and pulls it off showing john her small breasts 'could i suck your cock would that give us a few more days please ' miss wick kneels in front of john'but i thought you were a lesbian that you lived here with your lesbian partner ?''i do i am a lesbian believe me the last thing i want to do is take your cock in my mouth and suck on it untilyou cum in my mouth but i just don't know what else i can doplease would that get us a few more days ?''no it wouldn't if you were young and pretty maybe but as i said you are old enough to be my mum i'm 22 years old how old are you ?''i'm 41 but please people still stop and look at me when i walk down the street i still have a good figure don't you think ? my breasts are still firm' she takes of one of johns hands and puts it on her left breast'yeah i guess you are still good looking enough and yes your tits are firm call them tits from now on i like the sound o that better than breasts wht am i doing now ?''you are squeezing my tits ' miss wick gasps 'you used to be my teacher when i was younger i bet you didn't think one day i would be round your house playing with your tits while you beg me to let you suck me off did you ? now beg''please let me suck your cock please let me suck you off please' miss wick begs'ok undo my jeans pull my cock out and start sucking'miss wick undoes johns jeans pulls out his already hard cock hesitates for a few seconds then takes a cock in her mouth for the first time in her life gagging as his hard cock touches the back of her throat'this won't get you a few days ' john says thrusting his cock forwards into her mouth 'i will be back tomorrow'miss wick tries to pull away but john grasps the back of her head and starts fucking her mouth 'wow that feels good you are wasted as a lesbian' john gasps as his cock starts to spurt cum into miss wicks mouth'hold it in your mouth don't spit it out ' john says pulling his cock out and squeezing a few more dollups of cum into miss wicks open mouth'look up at me and open your mouth so i can see my load in there' john grins miss wick tilts her head back looking up at john her mouth open and full of cum'keep looking straight into my eyes and if you agree that this allows you one more day swallow my cum'tear dribble down the side of miss wicks face as she swallows his cum'good then you have got one more day here but the full amount of rent is still owed and tomorrow when i come round you should have payment in full if not then there will be some more fun for me i liked this today i have to admit it but tomorrow i want not just you here but your partner who was also a teacher of mins some years ago miss smith''please i can't she doesn't know anything about this she doesn't even know we are behind on the rent its all my fault theres no need to involve her''thats my condition if you still want to live here i suggest you talk with her as i will be back tomorrow for rent or fun' john smiles 'now i want you to open the door for me so i can leave theres no need for you to cover those tits up open the door wide for me stay at the door until i'm out of sight' john says putting his cock back into his jeans miss wick blushes as she opens her door wide so he can leave john knocks on the door the following morning 'please come in' says miss smithjohn enters'miss wick has filled me in on what happened yesterday and why it happened and i'm sorry but due to her gambling habit we do not have the rent money so she will suck you off again if that is ok and buy us another day ?' miss smith says'she was topless yesterday the slut couldn't wait to show me her tits so today i think she should be nude ' john smiles 'take all your clothes off miss wick'miss wick blushes but stands and strips in front of john and miss smith'so you didn't know anything about this ?' john asks miss smith'no nothing until she told me about it yesterday ''well now you do know and the debt is just as much yours as it is hers so when i come back tomorrow i will want you to suck my cock while miss wick watches ' john grins'please its nothing to do with me please she can suck your cock several times a day if you want but please leave me out of it''nope i don't think so see i allways fancied you so te thought of your mouth round my cock just gets me very horny' john says'if you don't have the rent for me tomorrow i want you both naked when i knock on the door and you let me in if not you can both get out' john smiles'now stand behind miss wick reach around and play with her tits put on a little show for me' miss smith stands behind miss wick reaches round and starts playing with her small tits''i really want to see your tits miss smith they are so much bigger than miss wicks but i guess i can wait until tomorrow for that ' john smiles again ' now reach between her legs get her off with your fingers before she sucks my cock 'miss smiths hand glides down miss wicks body and pushes between her legs her fingers finding miss wicks clit and starts stroking itjohn leans fowards and starts kissing miss wick pushing his tongue into her mouth exploring and probing where his cockwill shortly be miss wicks hips start thrusting forward as she rubs her cunt on miss smiths hand she gasps into johns mouth as she cums on miss smiths expert fingers'good now kneel down take my cock in your mouth and suck me off miss wick when i cum keep it in your mouth don't swallow it'miss wick gets on her knees and starts sucking johns hard cock'how about you miss smith i know miss wick has always liked girls what about you ? have you had cock ? has any lucky guy pushed his hard cock into that hot cunt of yours ? have you had a cock in your mouth ? ''no i have not its allways been girls for me ' says miss smith watching her lesbian girlfriend sucking johns cock john groans as he cums into miss wicks mouth he pulls his cock out so miss smith can watch his cum spurting out of his cock into miss wicks open mouth'oh that was good' john says 'she is a natural mybe she could get the rent money together working the street corners sucking guys off ' he laughs'now miss smith kiss her get your tongue busy in her mouth i want to see you getting a taase for my cum' john smiles at miss smith'oh please no thats disgusting please ' miss smith says'tomorrow you will be sucking my cock and swallowing my cum you may as well get a taste for it now kiss her 'miss smith bends down and starts passionatly kissing miss wick pushing her tongue deep into miss wicks mouth 'oh thats hot carefull you may get my cock hard again and i'm telling you now i'm never leaving this house with a haard cock''miss smith get down on your knees tilt your head back mouth open miss wick stand over her and spit the rest of my cum into her mouth'miss smith kneels and tilts her head back with her mouth open miss wick bends over her and spits all johns cum into miss smiths mouth'good now swallow that and say thank you john' john smilesmiss smith swallows the jizz gagging as it slides down her throat 'thank you john' john puts his cock away its twitching a bit but he's not ready for another round just yet 'okay i have other people to visit people who actually pay their rent so i have to go but i will be back in the morning if you don't have the cash i want you both naked and miss smith i want you to spank miss wicks ass before i get round not just a slap and tickle but a good sound spanking i want to be able to see your hand prints on her bright red ass i willbe here at 8:30 so you should start spanking her at 8:15 and not stop until i knock on the door , miss wick you will answer the door naked and let me in , now miss wick you may open the door for me to leave and stand in the doorway naked until i'm out of sight'miss wick opens the door lets john out then stands naked in the doorway blushing as a car slows down on the way past the driver tooting his horn and leering at her almost mounting the kirb as he tries to get a better look'until tomorrow' john saysjohn knocks on the door the following morning miss wick opens ther door tears streaming down her face and dripping onto her tiny tits 'turn around and bend over let me see your ass 'john says as miss wick closes the doormiss wick turns and bends over'grab your ankles and spread your legs ' john says admiring the bright red ass he can indeed see handprints on the scarlet flesh 'keep still ' john says reaching out and pushing his hand between her legs pushing a finger up her cuntmiss wick gasps but stays still as john fingers her cunt'you wet did you enjoy the spanking ?' john asks pushing a 2nd finger deep into miss wicks cunt'no it hurts ' miss wick gasps as john pulls the fingers out of her cunt holding them in front of her face 'lick your juices off my fingers get them wet as one of these is going up your sore ass next' john smiles 'and you better not move or try to pull away'miss wick takes johns wet fingers in her mouth and sucks on them tasting her cunt on his fingers'thats enough i think my finger is wet enough for your ass now' john pulls his fingers out of miss wicks mouth and walks behind her and pressses his middle finger against her sore asshole 'had anything up here before ?' he asks 'no please don't please no 'miss wick saysjohn pushes his finger tip into her ass 'push back on my finger' he says 'i don't want to force it into you i want you to take it push back until my finger is all the way up your tight ass'miss wick pushes back slowly gasping as his finger violates her tight sore ass'get used to feeling something up your ass if i have to come round again tomorrow my cocks going up your ass' john grins as he pulls his finger out of her ass heholds it in front of her face 'open wide clean my finger''please no thats disgu....' john pushes his finger into her mouthshe gags on it and tries to pull away john grabs herhair and pushes his finger deeper in her mouth'its staying in there until i think its clean 'he says ' so get sucking'miss wick sucks on his finger as the tears still fall down her face'good ' john says pulling his finger out of her mouth now i have been ignoring miss smith and i have been thinking about getting her lips around my cock all night come her let me have a look at you miss smith'miss smith steps forward and stands in front of john with an arm in front of her tits and a hand in front of her cunt'come on no need to hide all the good bits from me i'm going to get to know all of you very intimatly until you have the rent money so put your hands on your head shoulders back push those big tits out towards me'miss smith puts her hands on her head and pushes her tits towards john they are much bigger than miss wicksjohn reaches out and takes hold of her tits in his hands groping and squeezing themmiss smith gasps as he nips her nipples'don't try to cover yourself when i come around in future ' john says 'i see you shave your cunt ' he runs his hand down between her legs pushing a finger in her cunt 'stop shaving it i like the natural look i want to see some hairs on your cunt i want to see if it matches your blonde hair'john pushes a 2nd finger into miss smiths cunt slowly finger fucking her'miss wick get over here get your head between miss smiths legs and lick her cunt get her off make her cum with your tongue while i watch'miss wick kneels between miss smiths legs and starts licking her cunt'miss smith keep your hands on your head look into my eyes as miss wick licks your cunt i bet spanking her ass got you horny so it shouldn't take long for you to cum on her tongue think about sucking my cock in a minute think about my jizz in your mouth sliding down your throat'miss smith groans as she cums on miss wicks tongue'good now miss wick lay down on your back miss smith squat down legs either side of miss wicks head i want her to lick your asshole while you suck my cock miss wick i'm going to say when i'm about to cum when i do push your tongue into miss smiths asshole 'miss wick lays down miss smith squats over her face her asshole poised over miss wicks mouth as john take out his cock and pushes it into miss smiths mouth 'get your tongue busy miss wick start licking that tight asshole ' john starts thrusting his cock into miss smiths mouth 'you are not as good a cocksucker as miss wick which is as shame as i find you to be much better looking but i'm going to cum miss wick push your cock into miss smiths asshole miss smith sit down on her face so her tongue goes deep into your ass as soon as you feel my spunk filling your mouth 'john groans as his cock erupts wad after wad of hot salty cum into miss smiths mouth miss smith groans as miss wicks tongue pushes into her ass 'swallow my cum then both of you stand up and kiss miss wick push your tongue into miss smiths mouth miss smith suck on it get teh taste of your ass help you get rid of the taste of my cum in your mouthmiss wick kisses miss smith pushing her tongue deep into miss smiths mouth as miss smith sucks on it trying not to gag as she tastes her own ass'you ladies put on quite a show looks like you enjoy it' john laughs'i will beback the same time tomorrow same rules miss wick will be spanked for 15 minutes before i get here then answer the door in the nude' john says 'when i get in miss smith will spit on my cock and wank it slowly get it hard and wet and slippery miss wick will bend over spread her legs grab her ankles miss smith will line my cock up with miss wicks ass then miss wick will push back onto my cock until my cock is buried deep in her ass i willfuckher ass until i am about to cum then pull out and push my cock into miss smiths mouth cum in her mouth while she sucks my cock clean , until tomorrow ladies'miss wickopens the door lets john out stands in the dooorway until john is out of sight
04-06-2021, at 10:16 PM

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