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The Brake Tags

Post #1

I was working when the phone rang. I immediately recognized your number on the caller id and smiled.
"Hey Sweetie!"
"Don't 'sweetie' me. You forgot to put the break tags on my car, didn't you?" Oh shit, I knew I forgot to do something last week.
I apologized but you were not hearing any of it.
"Sorry doesn't get me out of this ticket", you chastised. "I will be home in 5 minutes, get naked, in bed and close your eyes. I am going to make sure you learn to remember what you are supposed to remember." Click.
Well, although I was sorry to have forgotten and caused you to get a ticket, the punishment sounds like it might be fun. I was getting harder by the second as I disrobed and climbed into bed. You have never taken a forceful role like this during our love making before, but I am always surprised by you.
I hear the door shut and I quickly close my eyes. With them closed, my other senses take over. I hear you drop your keys on the counter, put your coat in the closet and shuffle through the mail. You are purposely taking your time and it is having an effect on me. The breeze from the ceiling fan is causing a chill along my skin. I can feel my cock hardening to the point it flops over on to my stomach. Dang, this is really getting me excited.
I jump a bit when you push through the door. You giggle a bit and I open my eyes.
"I said close your eyes and keep them closed!"
"Sorry, I was..."
"I didn't say you can talk," you snap back. Wow, you are serious about this. I wonder if there is anything other than the ticket. I start trying to think through the past few days to see if I did something else wrong. Nothing came to mind before I felt you tying my right hand to the headboard.
"Hey, going a little too far aren't you?" I ask. You lean down and whisper to me that you are just beginning. I feel your tongue trace the outline of my mouth. It feels so nice, warm and wet. I open my mouth wider only to have it stuffed with your wet panties. I was not expecting that! beylikdüzü escort The smell and taste of your sex washes over me, convincing me you are serious. This is going to be a lot of fun!
After all my limbs were secure, you start stroking my body. Head to toes, toes to head you lightly trace your fingers coaxing goose bumps from my skin. I am surprised to feel myself getting even harder. You climb on to the bed with me. You are near me, but not touching. I lift my crotch to try and feel you but you allude me. Straining my bonds, I shift and rise to no avail. You are there, but just out of my reach.
"You promise not to speak?" I nod. The panties are removed from my mouth. You replace them with your hot tongue. Finally, contact again. I kiss you deeply in return. I can feel that you are not totally nude. Your bra has a coarse pattern to it and it feels nice on my sensitive nipples as they rub during our kiss.
I am really enjoying the depravation of senses and control. You own me today.
Your lips pull from mine and I am left wanting more. I don't have to wait long. You lay your bra covered breast on my open mouth. Hmmm...I start chewing and sucking on your fabric covered nipple. It is hard. You pull the cup down and I latch on, sucking hard. I normally like to go slow and soft at first, but the passion is too great today. I alternate between nibbling and sucking. You shift and present me your other nipple.
"That is it. Suck my nipples. They are so sensitive today. Oh...yeah. This is making my pussy so wet!"
Once again, you pull away from me and move. I can smell your other lips just above my face. I drink in your aroma. I want to taste you. You drop yourself on my face and order me to lick your pussy.
"Put your tongue deep in me. Lick me deep and hard."
I make my tongue as long and hard as it can be, reaching deep inside you. My nose rubs your clit. You begin to grind your pussy on my face. Forward and beyoğlu escort back. My tongue goes from your ass to your clit. Back and forth. You climb higher and my tongue falls in between your cheeks. You pull them apart and tell me to lick your asshole. I lick around the rim. I can feel the ripples of your hole as I circle with my tongue. The more I circle, the closer I get to your hole.
"You like that don't you? You like licking my ass. I can see your cock is hard as a rock." I mumble my agreement and stick my tongue into your hole.
Just when I am really getting in, you move back out of my reach. I feel you turning around. The next sensation is your tongue on my cock head. Ooh, that feels good. You grab my cook at its root and swallow me whole.
"Oh, God", I moan only to have my mouth covered with your hot pussy again. You are wetter than I ever remember. I lap up your pussy juice like it's my last meal and can't get enough. You are stroking my cock and sucking the head harder and harder. My tongue finds your clit causing you to moan deeply on my cock vibrating the shaft. I flick your bud back forth with my tongue, my nose nestled between your pussy lips. The smell is intoxicating.
"That is it. Lick my clit. Oh it feels so good."
You are mashing your pussy on my face now. Your focus is on the feelings coming from your pussy as I lick more fervently. I wish I could use my hands, but they are tied. I want to grab your ass and hold you on my tongue forever! Your moaning and breathing increase their pace. You continue to order me to suck your pussy and lick your clit.
After a couple minutes you climb off of me and impale yourself with my cock. There is no playing or teasing. You go deep and straight to the hilt.
"God, that is so amazing! You are filling me up so much."
I want to reply, but you told me not to talk. I am enjoying her taking charge today. You are bouncing up and down, faster and faster. Your moans bizimkent escort are drifting towards squeals as you near a quick orgasm. I rise up to meet you on each thrust. First one leg and then the next are moved to between my legs. You are positioning to come. You rub your clit against my pubic mound and hair as you slide my hard cock in and out. You are getting close. You vary your pace from fast to deliberate. I can feel your pussy walls clamp down on my cock and you shudder to an orgasm.
Nothing is better than when you cum. The shudders and shakes, the moans and whimpers fill me with pleasure and excitement.
You don't miss a beat. You keep moving on me sensing I am getting close. Your legs move back outside of my legs so you can rub my balls and play with my ass. You start talking me towards climax.
"Are you going to come for me? You going to fill me up with your cum? Feel me rubbing your balls? Imagine it is a woman's tongue licking you clean of my juices as I ride your hard cock." The talk and sensations are too much. I am so close to cumming. You know the tell tale signs. Your finger probes my asshole and you bounce even harder on me. It has arrived. I tense up, toes curling. Spurt after spurt leaves me for you. In a short time I am drained. But you are not slowing down.
You are riding me faster and faster. You tell me that you are going to come again. I beg you to come on my face.
"You want my pussy on your face when I cum? You going to suck out both our cum?"
"Yes!" I answer.
That was all it took, you spring from my cock and plant yourself square on my face. Your clit is on my nose rubbing back and forth as I dip my tongue in your sex. The combinations of our mingled juices flow out and into my open mouth. The taste is better than I expected and knowing how it is turning you on is the best. You grab my head and begin fucking my face. You are not thinking of me anymore, it is all about the building flood of sensations. I love it when you are this way. You are close to cumming and I am licking up every drop I can get. Then it hits. The flood washes over both of us.
Exhausted and drained, we lay side by side. I am nuzzling your neck and stroking your nipples.
"I am sorry about the ticket."
"What ticket?"
"The one for the brake tags."
"Silly, I put those on last week."
I love this woman!
03-19-2023, at 05:22 PM

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