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Swiss Girls School

Post #1

Swiss Girls SchoolHe is used as practice in a sex-ed lesson for rich girlsJohn had been in Switzerland for six months, after his dad had got him a job with his company, but now the project was coming to an end. He had a week left on his flat, and decided to use the time to relax before heading home to London.He was having breakfast in his favourite little cafe, reading the paper, when he came across a small advert in the classifieds."Male life model required for health class." It gave the name and number of a very exclusive girls' finishing school in the city. John had heard of these Swiss finishing schools - they were where the ultra-rich sent their daughters after high school, where they would learn the skills a wealthy heiress would need in starting her adult life. Things like party planning, instructing staff, how to behave on a yacht, getting in and out of low-slung sports cars without showing their underwear, that kind of thing."Might be interesting, he thought, and called the number. When he finally managed to explain in his poor french what he was calling about, the receptionist transferred him, and soon a woman with a cut-glass english accent answered. He explained himself again."Ah, yes," she said, "Here at La Maison we pride ourselves on preparing our young ladies for their debut into society. These days that includes male anatomy. There's only so much you can learn from a textbook, so I think it would benefit them to see the real thing. I'm looking for a young gentleman who would be willing to be naked in front of a small group of young ladies. Is that something you think you could do?""Absolutely," he replied, "I did some life modeling last year, so I learned to be comfortable naked in front of people.""And how old are you?""Twenty.""Very well. I can tell from your accent that you're English. Can I take it, therefore, that you are uncircumcised?""Yes - is that a problem?""On the contrary - several of my girls are American, so will mostly encounter circumcised men, but I think it's good for them to see an intact penis. Shall we say tomorrow at ten? Come to the main entrance of the school, and ask for Miss Lucy. Oh, and I know I don't need to ask you to be sure to shower before coming.""Of course," said John, "see you then." and hung up.The next morning at ten, the freshly-scrubbed John arrived at the school. He walked from the gate across the quadrangle. There was a group of girls sitting in the grass chatting quietly and studying. They were all in uniform, which surprised him, since this school only catered to eighteen and nineteen year olds. They were pretty in that careless way that rich girls can be.A very attractive woman in her early forties met him in the entrance hall. She was wearing a high-collared white blouse with pearls, a fairly tight black skirt to just below the knee, and moderate-heeled black shoes."Pleased to meet you," she said, "I'm Lucy. Please follow me, class starts very soon."He followed her down a long hallway, taking to opportunity to admire the way her bottom moved.They entered a wood-paneled study. A large mahogany desk sat on one side, with high bookcases behind it, filled with leather-bound volumes. In the center of the room was a large vintage medical exam table, made of dark wood with green leather padding.."This was a clinic before the school moved in, and they left a couple of these," she said, "they come in handy occasionally.""Please disrobe and take a seat." she said. "You can cover yourself with this."She handed him a towel.I'll be back with the girls in about five minutes.John undressed and carefully folded his clothes, then sat back on the exam table with the towel across his lap.In a few minutes, Lucy re-entered the room, with four girls following her. She stood on one side of the exam table, and the girls lined up neatly on the other on the other. Two were blonde, one was brunette, and the last one had beautiful red hair. They were all wearing the school uniform of crisp white shirt, plaid skirt, white socks and dark blue buckled shoes. John recognised two of them from the group sitting outside."Now then, girls," said Lucy, "This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class this morning. Since we've been studying the male reproductive system this week, I though it would be best for you to see it in the flesh, as it were."One of the girls sniggered, but quickly stifled it at a sharp look from Lucy.Lucy indicated the towel covering John's lap."What do we expect to find under here?" she asked, "Madison?""A penis, miss." replied the only brunette of the four."Correct. What else? Charlotte?""Testicles, miss." replied the red-head."Correct again," said Lucy, and removed the towel."As you can see," she said, and waved her hand over John's genitals, "the penis and the testicles."John looked straight ahead, determined not to make eye contact with any of the girls.Lucy took hold of his penis from where it lay on his belly, and lifted it upright."The penis consists of the shaft," she said, squeezing it, "and the head, or glans, in John's case, currently hidden under his foreskin. Kimberly, why is that?""Because he's circumcised , Miss Lucy?""Oh dear," sighed Miss Lucy, "Alicia?""Because he's uncircumcised, Miss." replied the blonde, confidently."Correct." Lucy said, and pulled John's foreskin back. He desperately started thinking about company meetings, football, calculus, anything to try not to get an erection. He hadn't been expecting to be handled like this!"Now you can see the glans, and the exit of the urethra."She released his penis, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, she carefully took hold of his balls."Now here we have the scrotum," she said, gently pulling on the skin, "and inside, the testes."She she rolled the balls around between her fingers, pressing them to the outside of the sac so that the girls could see their shape."You should now be able to see why they are often referred to as 'balls'," she continued.John was losing the battle, and his cock was noticeable beginning to grow."As you can see, manual stimulation has caused some arousal, resulting in the beginnings of an erection."From the corner of his eye, John could see that the girls were fighting as hard against giggling as he was against the erection, with similar lack of success."Kimberley, what is the purpose of an erection in the penis?" asked Miss Lucy."To enable entry into the vagina, Miss." replied the pretty girl."That's right, and what else, besides manual stimulation, could a girl do to encourage an erection? Madison?""Um, she could show him her tits, Miss?" replied the girl."Breasts, dear, tits are a kind of bird," said Miss Lucy, "but yes, that may have the desired effect. Why don't you try it?""What, show him my tits ? I mean, breasts?" asked the girl, surprised."Yes, precisely," came the answer, "let's try a little experiment."Madison unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a white bra with pretty lace trim. She bit her lip nervously as she slid her fingers under the front and lifted the cups clear of her breasts.They were breathtaking. From the graceful way her milky-white skin sloped down to her perky nipples, to the dusty rose colour of her aureolas, to the full underside holding them proud from her slim body, John couldn't imagine more perfect breasts.His cock rose from his belly, and Madison blushed, and quickly covered up."Excellent work, Madison!" exclaimed Miss Lucy, "Alicia, what else could a girl do?""She could let him touch between her legs, Miss?" asked the pretty blonde, shyly."Good idea," said Miss Lucy, "step forward and try it."Alicia came closer to John, then bent down and reached under her skirt and pulled her white cotton panties down to her knees. She stood up straight and looked questioningly at Miss Lucy."Lift your skirt, dear. John, go ahead."Alicia lifter her skirt to reveal her shapely, topped with a trim blonde bush, through which John could plainly see her pussy lips, one slightly lower than the other, and her little bud of a clitoris nestled between them.He reached his hand over and ran his middle finger up between her thighs until it pressed against her, then slowly wriggled it past the hair and into her slick wetness. He pushed further, and probed back and forth, each time a little closer to her entrance, and she moved towards him to allow closer access, her eyes half closed. She softly rolled her hips as he went deeper, then let out an involuntary little whimper. The other girls giggled, snapping Alicia back to reality, and she pulled back. As she did so, John was able to quickly draw his finger across her clit, eliciting a minute shudder from her that only he noticed. She straightened her clothing and Miss Lucy indicated John's cock, now fully, almost painfully, erect."Well done, girls," she said, "we have achieved the desired effect. Now observe how stimulation continues."She took hold of John's cock again and began to expertly stroke him up and down."Notice how I am not rubbing the skin, but rather moving the foreskin up and down over the glans. This technique will be different with a circumcised penis," she continued, "there a girl would require some form of lubrication."She continued to stroke, and took his balls in the other hand."The penis can be handled very firmly, but notice how carefully I am handling the testes. You must imagine that they are a pair of egg yolks that you mustn't break as you manipulate them. Now, each of you try it."One by one, the girls stepped forward and took hold of John's cock. They each stroked him up and down and fondled his balls, alternately looking down at his cock and up at his face to see if they were doing it right. He nodded reassuringly, his goal now having moved from the lost battle against the erection to fighting not to spray his cum on their uniforms.Reluctantly, the last girl relinquished John's genitals back to Miss Lucy's hands."Well, done, all of you," she said, "as you can see, you've been able to maintain the erection, and," - here she squeezed a large drop of pre-cum out of the tip of his cock - "you can see a significant amount of lubrication as emanated from the penis."More giggles."Now, Charlotte, what is the ultimate goal of intercourse on the part of the male?" she asked."Ejaculation, Miss." replied the red-head."Good," said Miss Lucy, "then let's make that the goal in the final few minutes of this lesson."With that, she began to stroke John's cock again, but this time with more purpose. She slid her fingers underneath his balls and massaged him, and her thumb worked the underside of his shaft. He groaned and closed his eyes. He felt the wetness that still remained on his fingertips from Alicia's pussy, and the image of Madison's perfect tits floated into his mind.He imagined what Lucy would look like in her underwear - he pictured stockings and a suspender belt, silky panties and a laced up bustier. He imagined her spreading her legs for him, her shaved lips showing around the flimsy fabric, the taste of her cunt, the feel of her lips on his cock...As he began to ejaculate, Lucy expertly pressed her thumb into the base of his cock, holding the flow back for an ecstatic couple of seconds, then she let go, and a long stream of white cum spurted out onto his belly. She continued to milk him as he gasped and bucked under her hands, until the orgasm finally subsided, and she released her grip.As she stepped back, he heard a bell ring in the distance.She handed him a damp towel."That's it girls, off to lunch, and don't forget what we learned here!"The girls trooped out of the room, but as she passed him with her hands clasped behind her back, Charlotte flicked a little white square of paper into his lap. He quickly covered it before Miss Lucy saw."Thank you, John," smiled Lucy, "I think that was most informative for the girls ? certainly something they won't get from a book. I need to supervise lunch, so I'll let you make your own way out."With that, she turned on her heel and walked out.John cleaned up and dressed. Once he had left the building and was walking across the quad, he unfolded the note."7pm, west entrance."to be continued...This story is a continuation of "Swiss Girls' School, Pt.1"John has been used by the girls' teacher to demonstrate how to arouse and ejaculate a man. After class, one of the girls slips him a note to meet them laterJohn arrived at the school just after 7pm. He approached the west entrance, just as the note had instructed, but all was dark. He waited a few minutes, then turned to leave.Just then, there was a quiet creak from the door, and a soft voice whispered: "this way!"The door was open just wide enough for him to slip inside into the darkness of the building."Take your shoes off," whispered a female voice, "We need to be really quiet. Here, I'll make some light."She turned on her cell phone, and in the dim light he saw it was the red-headed girl from that afternoon. She was still wearing the plaid school uniform skirt, but instead of the crisp white shirt she wore a polo shirt. The nipples on her large breasts showed prominently through it, and it was obvious she had no bra on. He removed his canvas deck shoes, and she led him down the corridor, then up a narrow flight of stairs. At the end of this corridor she opened a door and they stepped into a dark room.As soon as she closed the door, a light was switched on. It was a dorm room ? there were two beds, two wardrobes and two chests of drawers, and on the beds sat the other three girls from the afternoon's class.They introduced themselves. Charlotte was the redhead who had brought him in, tall and voluptuously built. Alicia was the girl he had fingered in class, blonde and very slight. Madison was the girl who had showed him her perfect breasts in class, brunette, slender, but curvier than Alicia. Last was Kimberly, blonde and wearing a baggy t-shirt, so it was hard to see her figure. If he had been forced to choose, he would have said she had the most beautiful face, but they were all stunning.Charlotte and Kimberly were nineteen, the other two eighteen.Charlotte produced a small bottle of vodka and some paper cups and handed out drinks. John quickly knocked a shot back and accepted some more. They had nothing to mix it with.They sat on the beds and chatted awkwardly."So you guys share rooms here, huh?" asked John, "Even at such a fancy school?""They say it 'builds character'," said Charlotte, "I suppose you want to know if we lez out in here?"John smiled."Well, do you?"Charlotte leaned over to Alicia sitting beside her and kissed her full on the lips. Alicia responded, and quickly they were passionately making out, moaning and hands sliding up and down each others bodies. Abruptly, they pulled apart, giggling."Like that?" laughed Charlotte."Does that turn you on?" asked Kimberly, evidently genuinely curious, "Even though they were pretending?""She wasn't pretending," said John, indicating Alicia's protruding nipples, "look at those!"The girls laughed, and Alicia blushed."I'm not a lesbian, though!" she protested."Don't worry," laughed John, "I like kissing girls, and I'm not a lesbian either."Alicia laughed and took another drink."Miss Lucy seemed to think you were all virgins," said John, "is she right?""She might think that," laughed Charlotte, "but she'd be very wrong!""She's not wrong," said Kimberly, "I'm still a virgin.""Any reason?" asked John, "You religious, saving yourself?""No," replied Kimberly, "it just hasn't happened yet..."She offered John another drink, as if to say "that's enough of this line of conversation."Everyone sipped their drinks, and there was silence for a few moments."So can we see your cock again?" asked Madison."Sure," said John, "so long as I get to see all your tits.The girls looked at each other, questioning, and all quickly agreed."Ok," said Madison, "but your cock first ? I want to see it grow."John pulled off his trousers and boxers, then decided to go all the way, and pulled his t-shirt off too.One by one, the girls took their tops off.Madison first, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal the lacy bra he remembered from earlier. This time she unsnapped it at the back and tossed it aside. Once again, the beauty of her breasts took his breath away. He desperately wanted to touch them, but controlled himself. His cock lifted significantly.Next came Kimberly. She pulled off her tan t-shirt to reveal a pale blue bra with a print of small red roses and a little bow in the middle. She reached behind and unsnapped the fastener, then covered her breasts with her left arm as she pulled the bra away. She looked shyly at John and bit her lip. Slowly, she slid her arm across her chest until her right nipple was only just covered by her fingers. John held his breath and his cock swelled more in anticipation. Kimberly saw the movement and smiled, then let her arm fall away to reveal her generous breasts. Her nipples were erect, and her aureolas large and dark. Her body had the lush curves of a Playboy model.Alicia came next, quickly pulling off her t-shirt. Her long blond hair fell to cover her breasts, but she quickly flicked it aside to reveal small, but perky tits. She was thin enough that her ribs were slightly visible.Lastly came Charlotte. She raised herself up on her knees and clearly relished the attention, slowly gyrating her hips as she began to pull up the bottom edge of her polo shirt. It lifted her breasts high, and then they slipped out and dropped, bouncing erotically back into their natural position, large and full. Of course, by now John's cock was fully erect and quickly became the center of attention."Can I touch it again?" asked Kimberly."Of course," said John, offering himself towards her.She reached out and gently took hold of it."You can take a much firmer grip than that," said John."Really?" she asked, "Do men like it that way?""Of course," laughed Charlotte, "Men love a nice tight cunt!""I hate that word!" said Kimberly, letting go of John's cock."What, 'cunt'?" asked Charlotte, "cunt, cunt cunt? I love it! Here, John, what do you think of my cunt?"At this, she flung up her skirt, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy.Kimberly was scandalised."You're not wearing panties! And you're shaved!"Then, more softly, "what does it feel like?""It's amazing," gushed Charlotte, "there's nothing like walking down the street in a short skirt and no knickers, feeling the breeze on your shaved lips, and never knowing if the wind is going to lift your skirt and flash your pussy at a stranger."She turned back to John."Well?" she demanded, "What do you think of my cunt?""It's spectacular!" he said.She unsnapped her skirt and tossed it aside."Come kiss me," she said, forcefully.He climbed up on the bed beside the naked girl, placed his hand on her hip and kissed her full lips. As he did so, the tip of his erect cock brushed against her thigh, leaving a thin trail of pre-cum.She tilted her head back, exposing her long, slender neck."Kiss me here," she said softly, gracefully touching her throat.He did so."And here..." He kissed her shoulder, "and here..." - the outside of one breast, "and here..." - between them, "and here..." - a nipple. He took it between his lips and gently sucked, flicking it with his tongue. The other girls watched, mesmerised."Kiss me here..." she whispered, her hand brushing across her belly. His lips followed her fingers across, and down to the inside of her thigh. The heady aroma of her moist pussy filled his nostrils as she relaxed back onto the bed, raised her knees and let her legs fall open."Now kiss me there..."He moved in and kissed just above her clitoris, then ran his tongue down between her lips. He sucked on them gently, then forcefully pushed his tongue inside her. She moaned as he swirled it around, then slowly moved back up to encircle her clit. He pressed hard on it, and she squirmed in pleasure. He slipped two fingers inside her, first pressing down, then rotating up to find her g-spot."Oh, God, yes!" She exclaimed, "Just like that!"He began rhythmically licking her clit and stroking her g-spot, while his thumb stimulated her labia. He glanced upwards and saw that she had begun massaging her breasts, her fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, tugging them from side to side, and her back arched, thrusting them higher.After only a couple of minutes he felt her breathing intensify, and he sped up his motion on her clitoris. Little gasps began to emanate from her throat, and he thrust his fingers deep inside her.Her pussy clenched his fingers tightly as her orgasm passed the tipping point, and he felt wave after wave shudder through her. He continued furiously licking her clit until she grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth away from her."No more, please," she gasped, "It's too sensitive, I can't take anymore!"She closed her legs, protectively cupping her pussy with one hand. She let her other arm flop onto the bed, and her head lolled to one side, her eyes closed, her chest still heaving.There was a long silence, until Kimberly broke it."Wow," she breathed, "that was intense...""Yes," agreed John, "there's nothing quite like a beautiful girl's pussy.""What does it taste like?" asked Kimberly."Have you never tasted your own?" asked Madison.Kimberly blushed."Yes," she confessed, "but I wondered if all girls taste the same..."John held out his right hand to her."Here," he said, "want to taste Charlotte's?"Kimberly took his hand, and tentatively took two fingers into her mouth, licking them. He pulled himself towards her, slipped his arm around her waist and replaced his fingers with his lips. She kissed him back, and their tongues entwined. He slid his right hand down to her left breast, cupping and lifting, then gently rolling the hard nipple between his fingers. His other hand moved to her silky thigh, then up under her skirt and around to her smooth ass.Her right hand reached down between them and cupped his balls, then stroked up his hard shaft."I want to do it," she whispered, "right now."He lay her back on the bed and kissed her breasts, then kissed down her belly. She unsnapped her skirt and he pulled it off so that her pretty panties were revealed, blue with the rose print to match the bra. He kissed the little red bow, then hooked his fingers under the waistband. She lifted her hips, and he pulled her panties down, kissing her pretty feet as he pulled them all the way off.Kimberly looked questioningly over at Charlotte, and the redhead immediately reached under the mattress and pulled out a packet of condoms. She quickly unwrapped one, then placed it on the tip of John's cock and expertly rolled it down."Thanks, Charlie." whispered Kimberly."You're welcome," smiled Charlotte, "do you want some privacy?""No," said Kimberly, surprised at herself, "actually, I kind of like the idea of my best friends seeing my first time..."John kissed his way up her inner thighs, spreading her legs, until he was slowly licking her pussy. He probed inside her with his tongue, and sucked and nibbled on her labia. He took her clit between his lips and sucked hard.She gasped."Please, get inside me!"He quickly moved his body between her legs and placed the head of his cock against her entrance. They locked eyes intently, and she gave the slightest nod. He slowly pushed inside her, watching for any sign of discomfort, but her smile spread as he went deeper, and she gave a deep sigh of satisfaction as she felt his balls pressing against her."That feels so good!" they both said at the same time. Madison giggled and placed her hand on John's ass, pushing gently to encourage him.He pulled his cock all the way back, and thrust hard in again."Oh yes!" moaned Kimberly, "why did I wait so long?"She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately."Fuck me!" she commanded.He did, plunging in and out of her, his ass rising and falling rhythmically. He stroked up and down her left thigh, then buried his face in her tits, sucking hard on her nipples. She moaned and twisted her hips, changing the angle his cock pressed inside her.He continued to fuck, building a steady stroke."Oh God," he groaned, "you're so tight!"Out of the corner of his eye he caught a flash of red hair, then he felt Charlotte's large breasts brushing against his back, and her hand sliding down his ass and between his legs to take hold of his balls.He moaned again: "I'm going to cum!""Kim," said Madison, "grip him tight with your pussy!"Kimberly clenched her cunt, and that was too much for John. He let out a loud groan and his body convulsed as he held his cock as deep inside her as he could. She held her arms tightly around him and gripped him with her thighs, pressing her feet against the back of his legs, relishing the way his cock felt, milking it with her pussy, her eyes closed tightly.Eventually, he relaxed and rolled off her, exhausted, his chest heaving.She closed her legs and sighed deeply, then remembered the other girls. She looked around at them and gave an embarrassed little grin."Well?" asked Alicia, "How was it?""Wonderful," said Kimberly, "better than I expected for the first time. I thought it might hurt, but it just felt so good.""Too bad you didn't come," said Alicia, "but it's hard the first time. I didn't.""I don't mind," said Kimberly, "it was still amazing!"Only just audibly, Madison said "I'd like to make you come.""What?" said Kimberly, startled."I'd like to make you come," repeated Madison, a little louder, "I'd love to stroke your beautiful pussy...""You should let her," said Alicia softly, "she's amazing.""How do you know?" asked Kimberly, her eyes narrowing.Alicia blushed, saying nothing. Kimberly looked at Madison."Well," she said hesitantly, "ok then...""Great," said Madison, "kneel on the bed with your legs apart."Kimberly did so, and Madison climbed across the bed and knelt behind her, pressing her breasts against the blonde girl's back."Now relax, and just let it happen, ok?Kimberly nodded, and Madison slipped her arms around her, the left hand on her belly, the other cupping her right breast. She slowly began to draw circles around Kimberly's nipple, then rolled it between her fingers."I love your gorgeous tits," she whispered, "I always want to touch them in the changing room showers..."She slipped her hand down between Kimberly's legs, fingers feeling the soft pussy lips, stroking up and down and dipping into the wetness between them.Kimberly moaned softly and leaned her head back to rest on Madison's shoulder, thrusting her tits out further. She put her hands back onto Madison's thighs and massaged them. Madison began to kiss Kimberly's exposed neck, and moved both hands down between her legs, gently tugging the blonde pubes. She opened the lips with one hand, then pushed two fingers of the other into Kimberly's cunt, curling them up against the g-spot. She began to rub it, while the other hand found the girl's clit and started a circular motion, round and round."Oh, God, yes," whispered Kimberly, "just there..."As Madison continued, Alicia smoothly slid up to Kimberly's right side and began to kiss her breasts, squeezing, fondling, sucking the hard nipples. As Kimberly realised another girl was touching her, she gasped in pleasure, and slid her hand down Alicia's bare back, under her skirt and into her panties, feeling the round softness of her ass.From somewhere, Charlotte produced a small vibrator and climbed onto the bed on Kimberly's left side. She switched it on and gently pressed it against the blonde girl's nipple, then slowly slid it down until it touched Madison's hand, still working the clitoris. Madison lifted her hand to allow the vibrator access, then pressed it down firmly on Kimberly's clit.Kimberly groaned loudly. Her left hand found Charlotte's heavy right breast and she began to tug on the nipple. She turned her head toward Madison and their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues probing and exploring excitedly. Charlotte moved the vibrator down, and Madison resumed her circular motion on Kimberly's clit. The vibrator circled Kimberly's cunt entrance, then Charlotte pushed it inside and pressed it up against the g-spot."Oh God!", cried Kimberly, slightly muffled by Madison's mouth against hers, "I'm going to cum!"She tightened her grip on Charlotte's nipple, and pushed her other hand far enough down the back of Alicia's panties that she could feel her wetness. Alicia sucked harder on Kimberly's nipple.Madison picked up the pace of her rubbing, until her hand was just a blur on Kimberly's clit. Her other hand pinched the pussy lips alongside Charlotte's work with the vibrator.Kimberly began to shake as a massive orgasm washed over her. She arched her back as her breath caught in her throat, her senses overwhelmed by the stimulation of three beautiful girls touching her, stroking, her licking her, sucking her, kissing her. Wave after wave pounded through her cunt, her nipples, her entire body. She clutched the vibrator deep inside her and let out a long cry of ecstasy.The orgasm peaked, and her body slumped back against Madison's firm breasts. Madison moved her hands up to softly stroke Kimberly's belly, and Charlotte let the vibrator slip out, and gently pried open Kimberly's vice-like grip on her nipple. Kimberly retrieved her hand from Alicia's panties and pressed her fingers against Madison's lips, and the brunette hungrily licked Alicia's juices from them.John couldn't believe what he had just witnessed ? this was the greatest day of his life.As the girls recovered, John poured more drinks. Kimberly lay back on the bed, naked, her beautiful body glowing from her orgasm, and John looked around at the other girls as they sipped their vodka out of paper cups.Charlotte was still naked, kneeling on the bed, her legs wide and her bare pussy lips hanging seductively down, brushing the blankets. One hand absent-mindedly stroked her right breast.Alicia sat on the edge of the bed, side on to him so he could see the side of her small, pretty breasts. She still wore her plaid skirt.Madison sat cross legged, facing him, so he could see her white cotton panties under her skirt. Her astonishing breasts were still fully bare to him. She caught his eyes looking under her skirt, but made no move to cover herself. Instead she smiled, put aside her drink, and pulled the panties off. She threw them to him."Here," she said, "how does my pussy scent compare to the others?"He pressed the panties against his face and inhaled deeply."A little different," he said, "but just as sexy."She pulled off her skirt so that she was completely naked, then crawled across the bed towards him. She knelt in front of him, took his hands, and firmly placed them on her breasts. They felt as good as they looked, firm and full. He circled the nipples with his thumbs and they stood to attention, even as his cock did. He pinched her nipples and pulled her towards him for a kiss, which she gave, long and passionate. Then she broke the kiss and pushed him firmly onto his back. She bent over him and kissed the tip of his cock. She licked down the shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue. Her hand closed around him, stroking up and down, then she closed her lips around his cock and sucked him into her, running her tongue around the head. She reached one hand out toward Charlotte, who immediately placed an opened condom in it. Madison placed it over the top of John's cock, then slowly, ever so slowly, rolled it down his shaft, never breaking eye contact and licking her lips. It was almost too much, and he had to control himself to not cum right away.Still not breaking eye contact, she straddled him, and slowly impaled herself on his cock, sighing deeply as it filled her, finally closing her eyes. She leaned back, her breasts thrusting outwards, and began to ride him. He put his hands on her waist and helped guide her up and down as she rose and fell on his hard cock. From this angle, her tits looked even better, and he slid his hands up her torso onto them. He took a firm grip on her nipples, and held his hands still, so that her movement caused her to tug on them. She increased the amount her body swayed, to increase the tension, beginning to moan. Her right hand went between her legs and began to finger her clit, slowly building into a regular back and forth motion. He felt her cunt clenching his cock tightly as he watched her perfect body ride him, her head thrown back, her long dark hair swinging from side to side, and he tugged her nipples harder.She cried out in pleasure, then Charlotte reached in with the vibrator and pushed it into Madison's crotch. She grabbed it, and pressed it against her clit, gasping at first contact. She was already beginning to lose it, and John began to thrust his hips up and down, not wanting to be left behind, but that was too much for her, and she came in breathless little moans, her body stiffening, her hands grabbing her tits, then collapsing down on him, gently rocking back and forth, her breasts on his chest as rode out the waves of pleasure, still clenching and unclenching his cock.She rolled off his still hard cock and lay on her side, panting, and he sat up. As he did so, Alicia jumped onto the bed in front of him, on all fours, naked, her bare ass towards him."My turn!" she exclaimed.Quickly, he got to his knees behind her and thrust inside her cunt. She was tight and wet, and pushed her delicious ass back against him. He stroked her cheeks, then leaned forwards, sliding his hands up her back and around to her small tits as he continued to thrust. Then Charlotte was beside them, one hand on John's ass, and the other on Alicia's breasts, stroking and pinching. John straightened up and Charlotte moved her hand from his ass to Alicia's. She stroked it and slipped her hand down to encircle John's cock, pinching Alicia's pussy lips against it so that they tugged back and forth with each stroke. She leaned up and kissed him. He began to feel her heavy tits as he continued fucking Alicia. Charlotte produced the vibrator with her other hand, and reached under Alicia to press it against the blonde girl's clit. Alicia moaned, and buried her face in the pillow, rocking back and forth against John's thrusting hips. He pounded away at Alicia's cunt, his hands gripping Charlotte's gorgeous tits, and her hand around the base of his hard cock. Suddenly, Charlotte pulled back. Slowly and lasciviously, she parted her shaved pussy lips with one hand, and began to run the vibrator up and down between them. John saw it glisten as it became covered in her juices. Then she leaned forward again, and pressed the tip against Alicia's cute little asshole."Yes!" muttered Alicia through the pillow her face was still buried in.Charlotte slowly pushed the slick vibrator into Alicia's tight asshole, and John felt the buzzing along his cock. He groaned loudly, and Charlotte pressed her lips against his again, as if to swallow the sound. She slipped the vibrator in and out, in time to his thrusting, and reached her other hand back underneath Alicia to her clit. She began to rub vigourously, and Alicia lifted her head from the pillow as her breath became faster and faster. She pushed back harder against John and gripped him with her pussy."Oh, God!" he cried out, "Your little cunt is so fucking tight!"Charlotte's arm moved even faster, and Alicia gave out a little series of cries as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, and her pussy tightened so much that John could barely move his cock. He gave one final, forceful thrust, and the orgasm train hit him too. She bucked hard under him, and his cock spurted for the third time that day, and his whole body shuddered as the ripples of her pussy ran up and down.He slowly sat back, pulling Alicia with him onto his lap, his cock and the vibrator still inside her, and he held her tight, gripping her waist and tits as both their orgasms subsided. He kissed her neck, and she turned her head to kiss him back."That was amazing," she whispered, "I love your cock..."Over the next ten minutes, they all got dressed, then they turned out the light so that they could open the door again.Charlotte led John back to the place he'd come in. He took her in his arms and kissed her."Can I see you again?" he whispered."You'd better," she smiled, "remember, I'm the only one that didn't get fucked tonight, so you owe me one!"
04-07-2021, at 11:00 AM

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